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Chapter 1356 - Leaving in searChapter of Zixia

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile bitterly and shake his head.

From the Great Sage’s obsequious expression, it was obvious that Yang Jian had seized advantage of his weak point. He’d never seen the Great Sage act like this before.

Based on the Great Sage’s toadyish behavior, Yang Jian had seized his weak point. He’d never seen the Great Sage act anything like this before.

Hearing the Great Sage call him “Boss Yang” made Yang Jian so happy, he couldn’t repress his grin. He then took things a step further past the line by patting the Great Sage on the head. “Not bad, not bad, monkey, you sure know to play flunky.”

Little did he know, the Great Sage was already reaching the limits of his patience. Yang Jian patting his head, as well as those words…

He instantly summoned the Ruyi Jingu Bang and slammed Yang Jian to the ground. He then held the staff directly over Yang Jian’s privates.

So long as he willed it, Yang Jian would have to kiss the second half of his life goodbye.

“Little Monkey, is that any way to treat your boss?” It seemed Yang Jian hadn’t realized his situation. His nostrils flared as he continued, “Hurry and let me up, or else…. Hm?”

Before he finished his sentence, he noticed that his lower half was in baril. He instantly looked up, his eyes wide. “Bro, don’t be hasty!”

The Ruyi Jinbang was so dangerously close to his sensitive parts that even if Yang Jian wanted to run, he couldn’t. Even if he escaped, the Great Sage would have time to deliver a swift blow to his…..

That would be an utter, irreversible loss.

Yang Jian was keenly aware of this, so he didn’t dare show off any more. He simply grinned. “Bro, look at you! What are you doing? I was just joking! Hurry and let me up. It’s cold down here; I might come down with something. Wouldn’t that make you feel bad?”

The Great Sage said nothing. He simply glanced coolly at him.

Yang Jian felt the pressure on his lower half increase. “Enough, let me up. I’ll tell you.”

Between showing off and keeping that staff away from his balls, Yang Jian chose the latter.

The Great Sage still looked somewhat suspicious, so Yang Jian put three fingers to his forehead and made a solemn oath. Only then did the Great Sage put away his weapon and help Yang Jian up.

“Filthy monkey. You have no scruples at all, huh?” Yang Jian cursed and rolled his eyes.

“Hurry up and say it.” The Great Sage couldn’t bear to wait even a second longer. He wanted to return to Zixia’s side as fast as possible, then say the words he’d longed to say for so long…

“I’m here!”

Yang Jian was not pleased to have his “balls” threatened, so he glowered at the Great Sage, then turned to Ye Zichen. “Bro, you coming with us?”

Of course he had to ask. He’d come back to the Divine Mountains primarily to ensure Ye Zichen’s safety. That meant sticking with him at all times to protect him. He couldn’t tolerate any threats to Ye Zichen’s safety at all.

To ensure Ye Zichen’s safety, he wanted to take Ye Zichen with them in search of Zixia?

Should I go, or not? Ye Zichen wanted to go.

His primary motivation was seeing if Fairy Zixia was as good natured as the movies made her seem. He also wanted to help the Great Sage out. According to Yang Jian, Zixia had left because her family took her away, and they looked down on the Great Sage.

As his good bro, he ought to go lend a hand.

But he had so many other matters to attend to. He had to return to the Central Divine Mountain’s Battle of Geniuses and find some way to put pressure on the Xaio Family.

“I’m afraid I can’t go right now. I have business to take care of on the Central Divine Mountain. Great Sage, you look like you’re in a hurry, so don’t wait for me. How about this? You go on ahead, then send me the address. Once I have my situation under control, I’ll go join you.”

“Will that really work?” Yang Jian furrowed his brows. “Your situation isn’t as safe as you seem to think. What will you do without me here? If I leave, then someone tries to seize your….”

“Just give me the address, and I’ll go on my own,” said the Great Sage.

“Let Yang Jian go with you,” said Ye Zichen. “You haven’t forgotten how or why Fairy Zixia left all those years ago, have you? The way I see it, her family clan must be considerably powerful. If you were a ruler, it’d be one thing, but you’re still just a diviner. Let Yang Jian go with you. Whatever else you can say about him, he’s a ruler, and a special emissary of the outside. He can back you up and help keep the situation under control.”

Ye Zichen then turned to Yang Jian. “Relax and go with him. Even without you, there are twenty other rulers, and Pu Jingwan, too. What is there to worry about?”

Yang Jian wanted to object, but Ye Zichen beat him to the punch. “It’s settled. You go with the Great Sage. Send me the address, and once I have things under control, I’ll go join you.”

Although Yang Jian teased the Great Sage, don’t be fooled; he did want to help. Zixia had been a source of torment to the Great Sage for tens of thousands of years. As his bro, he naturally had to help out. Otherwise, why would he have wasted time looking for Zixia in the first place? He’d learned about her to help the monkey.

When he heard Ye Zichen’s orders, Yang Jian hesitated, then agreed. He took out his phone and sent Ye Zichen an image with a clear, purple circle drawn on it. When he saw it on the map, Ye Zichen was briefly stunned.

The Yao Realm.

The Fairy Zixia was a yao?

Ye Zichen silently put his phone back into his pocket, then nodded. “I’ve got the location, so you two can be on your way.”

“Then the Ripple House…” Yang Jian trailed off.

“I’ll treat you when we get back.” The Great Sage rolled his eyes. All he wanted was to hurry to Zixia’s side as quickly as possible. Nothing else mattered.

“You said it yourself.” Yang Jian gave him a thumbs up, then turned to the others. “Everyone, you heard it too, right? When we get back, he’ll treat me to a meal at the Ripple House.”

“Hurry up! Let’s go already!” The Great Sage urged him on, so Yang Jian didn’t hesitate. He took the Great Sage by the shoulder, then the pair blurred into a streak of light and disappeared from view.

Xiao Yumei, who’d come over with Ye Zichen, couldn’t help but chime in. “So, the Fairy Zixia really exists. And here I thought she was nothing but fiction. It’s really strange. All these movie characters really exist!”

“It is strange, isn’t it?” Ye Zichen smiled, but he also let out a deep sigh.

Xiao Yumei suddenly recalled what he’d said to the Great Sage and Yang Jian. “You have to leave too?”

Ye Zichen nodded. “I have to. Between the Xiao Family and the Battle of Geniuses, I have no time to waste, and no time left for myself. My friends just left, so I might as well go ahead and leave too.”

Xiao Yumei’s expression suddenly grew despondent. They’d only spent six hours together since reuniting after a hundred years apart.

But she’d always been the understanding type, even back in the Modern Realm. Furthermore, after a hundred years of trials and tribulations, she’d grown stronger. She was keenly aware of what she ought to do now. “Leave things here to me. Go, and don’t worry about a thing. I’ll… wait for you to come back.”

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