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Chapter 1355 - The Great Sage’s Weak Point

Yang Jian still looked just as brazenly arrogant as before. Back in the Heavenly Court, he’d been bullied by this monkey, and repeatedly at that.

He was poor, so he couldn’t afford the pills he needed to increase his cultivation. Even when he was injured, he could only use his spiritual power to heal himself; he couldn’t afford fancy recovery medicines.

As time went on, the former number one War God of the Heavenly Court fell further and further behind the monkey.

In the Jade Emperor’s Palace, Yang Jian had endured more than his fair share of humiliation.

But now...

He was the special emissary of the Outside, a ruler, an absolute expert. The way Yang Jian saw it, the monkey was just a diviner, but his body was brimming with untapped power.

If the Great Sage unlocked his potential, his cultivation would undoubtedly skyrocket.

When that happened, he might lose his chance to bully the monkey. Even Yang Jian lacked the confidence to defeat the Great Sage at the same cultivation. That was why he antagonized the monkey so ruthlessly; he wanted to seize this opportunity, while the monkey’s cultivation was still low, to push him around a little.

Unfortunately, Ye Zichen held him back.

“You’re saying I, Ol’ Sun, can’t beat him?” The Great Sage pointed his thumb to his chest, then sneered at Yang Jian. “Someone like him? I alone could take on ten of him!”

These two bros had fought for half their lifetimes. Ye Zichen didn’t know how to stop them. All he could do was grimace and nod.

Fortunately, Yang Jian had lost interest in bullying the Great Sage.

Tussling was only fun when their cultivations were roughly the same. Relying on an overwhelming gap in cultivation to suppress the Great Sage was both boring and dishonorable.

He’d decided to let the monkey off, but he could at least show off a little.

“Brazen monkey, you’re still not convinced? Open your eyes and take a good look. Can’t you see my cultivation?”


His third eye opened, and his aura instantly peaked. Surging divine power billowed outward, so intense that the onlookers couldn’t look directly at it.

The Great Sage furrowed his brows. A ruler!

When he realized Yang Jian’s current cultivation, the blood drained from the Great Sage’s face. Who would have thought that after just just a hundred years apart, Yang Jian, the man he’d bullied for long, had become a ruler?

“If I hadn’t spent a hundred years sleeping and recovering at Master’s place, I would definitely have become a ruler long ago, and I’d definitely be stronger than this moron.” The Great Sage couldn’t help but complain inwardly.

Yang Jian’s ruler’s aura spread throughout the residence. Everyone present, as well as those nearby, instinctively looked over.

“That stinky hooligan is a ruler?” The young woman Yang Jian had flirted with couldn’t help but mutter to themselves. Their eyes lit up, and their jaws dropped.

This was a world where only the strong were respected.

The young woman had thought Yang Jian flippant, but now that they knew he was a ruler, their impression of him changed dramatically. Quite a few had even started pondering ways to smooth over their awkward initial exchange with Yang Jian and start afresh.

Xiao Hu and Xiao Yan had been chatting together, but when they sensed Yang Jian’s oppressive aura, their expressions grew serious.

Yang Jian just wanted to intimidate the monkey and teach him how big the difference between them was. There was no need to maintain his ruler aura for long.

The surging aura flowed back into his body. He arched his brows and snorted disdainfully, “You scared?” He put his hands on his h.i.p.s. Just looking at him filled others with the urge to beat him up.

Although the Great Sage didn’t want to admit it, he knew he absolutely wasn’t Yang Jian’s opponent. However, even if his cultivation was inferior, he couldn’t lose in terms of demeanor.

Therefore, in the face of Yang Jian’s arrogance, the Great Sage merely sneered. “So, that’s all you’ve got. For our bro, Ye Zichen’s sake, I won’t make trouble for you. Otherwise, even if you’re a ruler, one smack of my staff would be enough to mash you into pulp.”

Yang Jian’s arrogant grin instantly froze. The next moment, he pointed at the Great Sage and let out a thunderous roar, “Come on then, just try and beat me to death. Bro, you don’t need to hold him back. Just let him attack already.”

“Tch.” The Great Sage sneered. His gaze seemed to say, “I’m in no mood to waste time with you.”

“Stop making a fuss, you too.” They were obviously good friends, closer to each other than to anyone else, so why did they have to fight as soon as they bumped into each other? It was difficult for others to handle this situation.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but try and calm them down, but neither showed any signs of relenting.


“Hmph, enough. Hey, look at you, acting tough. And here I wanted to find that Supreme Treasure guy and discuss Zi...whatever her name was. But that doesn’t matter. I’m sure Mister Supreme Treasure isn’t interested.” Yang Jian grinned and looked away. “I’ll be on my way, then.”

The Great Sage’s disdainful sneer instantly froze. Ye Zichen looked over.

He knew that “Supreme Treasure” was the name of one of the Great Sage’s incarnations, and that he’d fallen in love with the Fairy Zixia. By bringing her up, Yang Jian was directly targeting the Great Sage’s weak point.

The Great Sage’s expression shifted continuously. Suddenly, he shot forward and stopped right in front of Yang Jian.

“What are you doing? The Great Sage looked down his nose at the Great Sage.

“Hey hey… Hey….” the Great Sage rubbed his hands together, then smiled appeasingly. “Brother, it’s been so long since we last met. I missed you! How about we pay a visit to the Ripple House, my treat? What do you say?”

The Ripple House was the fanciest restaurant in Skyspan City. Everything they served was an absolute delicacy, however, the cost was enough to make one’s hair stand on end. Ordinary diviners struggled to afford even a single meal there.

They especially couldn’t afford to treat someone like Yang Jian. In the days before joining the Heavenly Court, Yang Jian could single-handedly eat three whole buckets of rice.

Inviting Yang Jian to the Ripple House was an enormous expense; the Great Sage was going all out.

“The Ripple House?” Yang Jian’s nostrils flared, and he arched his brows. He’d heard of the Ripple House too, and he knew it was extremely luxurious.

But Yang Jian didn’t care about that. He’d rather tease the monkey a little longer. “No, wait, that’s not right. What did you just call me? ‘Brother?’”

“Then…. How about Boss Yang?” said the Great Sage Tentatively.

Yang Jian finally nodded and smiled. “That’s right!”

There’s no need to even mention how irritating his complacent, arrogant grin was to the Great Sage.

But there was nothing for it. He needed any information he could get about Fairy Zixia, no matter what.

Ever since Yang Jian had brought up the Supreme Treasure, the Great Sage was convinced that Yang Jian knew about Zixia. That was why he sent Yang Jian so many messages.

Despite his desperate flurry of private messages, the Great Sage hadn’t gotten so much as a single response.

Little did he know, this only made the Great Sage even more convinced that Yang Jian knew something about her.

Just now, he’d lost his temper at Yang Jian, but in truth, most of that was because of self-recrimination. He was infuriated at himself, otherwise, he would never have acted that way. He’d made a promise with Zixia, saying that as soon as he reached the Upper Three Realms, he’d go looking for her. Yet even now, he’d yet to find the slightest news of her.

He was frantic.

Thinking back, he and Zixia had been apart for thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years….

He’d already lost track.

But what he did know was that he loved her far, far too much to move on.

And he knew that she was absolutely still waiting for him, too.

He was so desperate that never mind treating Yang Jian to a luxurious meal at the Ripple House, even if Yang Jian wanted to beat him up, he’d agree without so much as blinking.

So long as he could obtain news of Fairy Zixia, he was willing to pay any price.

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