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Chapter 1318 - Isn’t That Background a Bit Too Impressive?

Why did she say they were pitiful?

There was no need to explain why the Fated Stars were pitiful; they were born to shield the Emperor Star from calamity. When the Emperor Star was in peril, they’d use their own lives to protect him from harm.

As for the Auxiliary Stars….

Establishing a new dynasty meant treading over thousands of corpses. The Auxiliary Stars existed to help the Emperor Star become emperor.

Based on the current state of the world, if the Emperor Star wanted to take the throne, they’d have to pay an enormous price.

Most of these people’s lives were deeply intertwined with Ye Zichen, the new Emperor Star. Of course they were pitiful.

Of course, Xuan Ji hadn’t divined their fates.

She’d already been tainted with far too many karmic ties. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life fleeing from karmic consequences.

But even without divining their hates, as someone who’d seen far too many dynasties rise and fall…. She already knew what was coming.

The Emperor Star had illuminated. The world was going to change.

The relationship between humans, yao, and demons was now tense and ambiguous. This was undoubtedly related to the Emperor Star’s illumination.

They had a few more years of peace at most!

Xuan Ji took another glance at those gathered around Ye Zichen. Whether they were yao or god, her gaze contained a hint of melancholy.

Finally, her expression returned to normal. She turned to Ye Zichen and shouted, “You saw your aunt arrive, didn’t you? Why didn’t you come out to greet me? You brat, are you in need of a good beating?”


Everyone was dumbfounded.

They’d never heard of Xuan Ji having brothers or sisters, so why was she calling herself someone’s aunt?

The onlookers instinctively glanced into the crowd around Ye Zichen. They all wanted to see just which one of them was Xuan Ji’s nephew.

Whoever it was, they’d have to take note and make sure not to offend him.

Before long, Ye Zichen sheepishly stepped forth, scratched his head, and laughed drily. “Lady Providence.”

“Hm?” Xuan Ji glared at him.

“Auntie.” Ye Zichen laughed.

Everyone was instantly dumbfounded.

“I’m not hearing things, am I? I didn’t just hear Platoon Leader Ye call Lady Providence ‘Auntie,’ did I?” The rest of Anti-Upheaval gulped. They’d never heard any news of this, not in all the time Ye Zichen had been in their ranks.

Pang Zheng of the Grizzly bears knit his brows.

He’d always thought Ye Zichen was just some punk with no background to speak of, and that his current strength was due to luck. Pang Zheng had always thought that, when it came to family background, he had reason to be proud of himself.

But now it seemed that….

Xuan Ji was his aunt! Compared to the Profound Pavilion, wasn’t his Pang Family nothing but dog farts?

The Profound Pavilion was a faction even the nine Divine Mountains’ holy lands had to treat with a certain degree of reverence. To think that such a mighty figure stood behind Ye Zichen. Also, who else did he have standing beside him? The Sea of Innocence’s Xue Family, as well as the Murong and Jiang families. Add them all up…

Pang Zheng was starting to lose his cool. He felt the need to reevaluate his relationship with Ye Zichen.

The other gods, demons, and yao were stunned too.

Lady Providence’s nephew!

With a background like that, who cared about the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda? Even if you added the Eastern Emperor’s Bell and the Grand Preceptor’s Umbrella to the mix, they dared not covet his possessions in the slightest.

Who dared touch Xuan Ji’s family?

There were people who might, but they were inevitably Divine Generals or figures at that level. No one else would so much as consider it!

At least, that’s what they thought. In truth, no one at the Divine General level would dare provoke Xuan Ji either.

Little did they know, when the Yao King Xuan Ji had chastised earlier learned of Ye Zichen’s status, he subconsciously widened his eyes and gasped.

Fortunately, he’d just watched earlier. If he’d actually attacked…

He would have been kicked back to the Yao Realm, just like he was a thousand years ago!

“That’s a good boy. That’s my good little nephew.” She pinched Ye Zichen’s cheeks. Watching her dote on him, the others held their breath.

Ye Zichen could only grimace. She was pinching his cheeks in front of so many people!

But he knew she was doing this for his sake. She’d revealed their relationship to protect him. This would alleviate the damage done by the Holy Maiden revealing his status.

But his connection with the Profound Pavilion might not be enough to dissuade the truly determined from trying for the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda.

Xuan Ji also knew that she alone wouldn’t be enough to make them give up.

“That’s right, your mom, the Lord of Seven Stars, went back. She asked me to tell you she’d be back to see you in a few days.”

The Lord of Seven Stars?

In the God Realm, there was only one person with that title. Her appearance had shaken all three Upper Realms. Countless peak-level factions, in an effort to recruit her, went all out, but in the end, she wound up in the Society of Saints.

At the time, Ye Rong already had the title of Lord of Seven Stars, but she lacked the strength of seven stars to back it up. Those clans and factions had sought her out, not for her strength, but for her saint-level talent.

But years had passed since then. Ye Rong hadn’t just grasped the profound mysteries of the seven stars; she’d become the strongest member of the Society of Saints save for Emperor Chao Feng himself. Every other member of the Society of Saints had to obey her; she was the unifying ruler of the starry sky.

To the people of the Upper Three Realms, she was even more intimidating than Xuan Ji, but she was actually….

Ye Zichen’s mother?

“The Lord of Seven Stars’ son, Xuan Ji of the Profound Pavilion’s nephew…. Jeez, Platoon Leader Ye’s background is a bit too terrifying, isn’t it?” Even the scholarly Luo Zi couldn’t help but curse.

“My heavens, compared to Brother Ye, can we even be considered scions of powerful clans? Xue Mo, only you, the second daughter of the Sea of Innocence, can compare with him,” said Jiang Yong.

“What? Society Head Xue, you’re the second daughter of the Sea of Innocence? What’s going on?!” Li Hu’s eyes widened. He’d had no idea at all.

When he heard that, Jiang Yong realized he’d misspoken, but it was too late to take it back. Xue Mo could only go with the flow and nod. “I really am a direct descendant of the Sea of Innocence, but compared to Ye Zichen, that’s nothing, is it?”

“Your Anti-Upheaval is now a fully qualified member of the top five, isn’t it? It has both the second daughter of the Sea of Innocence and a major figure like Ye Zichen! Momo, is your society still accepting recruits? How about we merge our Appearance Association with Anti-Upheaval and join up?” Murong Xue giggled.

“Our Aspirations Society too!” Jiang Yong burst into laughter. “We can’t let such a powerful backer slip through our fingers!”

Xue Mo knew they were joking. Their student societies were the product of their blood, sweat, and tears. How could they merge just like that?

They laughed and shook their heads, immersed in the shock of finding out about Ye Zichen’s background. Meanwhile, off in the distance, the Grizzly Bear Society….

“Society Head.” The Grizzly Bears were stunned. Ye Zichen’s background was no joke. They’d be foolish to go up against him.

Pang Zheng and Di Long froze in shock. Before long, their eyes met. “From now on, we cannot provoke Ye Zichen!”

Everyone in the arena fell into a stunned daze. It was so quiet, you could hear crickets chirp. They stared at Ye Zichen in slack-jawed astonishment, but Ye Zichen, who was right smack dab in the middle of it, was just as bewildered.

The Lord of Seven Stars?

My mom?

Isn’t my background just a bit too intimidating?

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