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Chapter 1317 - A Pitiful Bunch

Sha Ke was angry!

He was a Demon God of the demon race, revered by the masses. He was an awe-inspiring, reputable expert. Even the gods and yao feared him.

And yet, he just had to run into a star of calamity like Xuan Ji.

She’d even twisted his words repeatedly, acting like he was just running off to play with dogs. And yet, he still didn’t dare argue with her.

That single kick had left too dark a shadow on his heart.

The Yao King took in the Demon God’s ashen face and felt a wave of sympathy. They’d both suffered at Xuan Ji’s hands. They were both angry, but neither of them dared express it. The Yao King understood how this felt.

He sympathized, but that was all he could do.

In comparison to the yao and demons’ indignation, the gods had puffed up their chests in pride.

The Lady Providence was domineering indeed! She let nothing slip past her. In just a few short sentences, she’d forced both a Demon God and a Yao King into submission. Neither of them dared so much as fart anymore! As gods, they naturally felt proud too, and when they looked at the other two races, their gazes contained newfound arrogance.

After rebuking the Demon God and Yao King, Xuan Ji landed on the ground. When the god race elites looked at her, their gazes were full of respect.

“Lady Providence.” The god race rulers bowed in greeting. “Fortunately, you arrived in time. Otherwise, I don’t know what we would have done.”

“Stop your nervous quivering, alright?” Xuan Ji snorted disdainfully. “You’re ruler-level experts too. Why are you freaking out at the slightest problem? Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Lady Providence, you’re right to chastise us.” Qiu Enhuai and the others smiled back apologetically.

“Enough. With me here, not even the two of them will dare make any waves. One of you, go find the God Emperor. All I can do here is intimidate them. We still need him here to oversee the big picture.”

“The God Emperor is in seclusion,” said Liu Wei.

“Seclusion?” Xuan Ji knit her brows. When they saw the look on her face, the surrounding rulers and diviners didn’t dare say anything to disrupt her thought process. After a while, she relaxed her brows and turned at the distant black dog. It was still wagging its tail.

“Fine, let him stay in seclusion, then!” They needed someone to oversee things, and the God Emperor was naturally the best man for the job.

Given the God Emperor’s cultivation, Xuan Ji was certain he’d predicted what would happen today. If he chose to seclude himself nevertheless, he surely had his reasons.

As for that black dog, Xuan Ji had some idea of where it had come from.

She nodded indifferently at the surrounding rulers, then walked into the crowd.

They made way for her, and she soon reached Xue Mo and the others, the first group to have gathered around Ye Zichen.

“Oh? Why are there yao here too?” She exclaimed. Obviously, she was talking about Zhuge Kongming and the others.

“Greetings, Lady Providence.” Little White and Zhuge Kongming bowed in greeting.

“Lady Providence.” Even Su Liu’er, a titled elite of the Fox Clan, greeted Lady Providence with respect.

Yes, she was currently the Queen of the Foxes, but she would never forget how Lady Providence had helped her down in the Lower Realms. Furthermore, after she ascended, she went looking for Lady Providence right away. It was Lady Providence who’d sent her to the Heavenly Fox Clan.

Although they hadn’t spoken in a hundred years, Su Liu’er would never forget that favor.

“It’s you.” When she saw Su Liu’er, a satisfied smile spread across Xuan Ji’s face. “All those years ago, you were just barely a supreme, but you’ve grown this strong. I heard you earned yourself a title. Congratulations.”

“I will never forget what you did for me all those years ago, Lady Providence.” It was rare to see the Fox Queen, the indomitable Su Liu’er, speak to anyone so respectfully.

The other foxes were visibly stunned, but word of Su Liu’er’s connection to Xuan Ji of the god race had long since spread amongst the foxes, especially just before her coronation. In the end, the current empress had to suppress the rumors personally. Only then did things settle down.

But now it seemed that those rumors hadn’t come out of nowhere.

But really, the way most of the fox clan saw it, it didn’t matter at all if Su Liu’er was connected to Xuan Ji.

After all, Xuan Ji’s true body was a fox, too. Most of her clan lived in Heavenly Fox Clan territory. However, she seemed to bear a grudge against the Yao Realm, which is why she worked under the God Emperor as one of his closest, most beloved confidantes.

Even though the Yao and God Realm’s relationship had reached its current state, the God Emperor had never even considered stripping Xuan Ji of her position. In fact, he granted her even more authority over the god race.

Su Liu’er hadn’t forgotten her roots. This pleased Xuan Ji deeply. She said, “Su Qingyan and I chatted a few days ago. She couldn’t stop praising you, and said that, when the time was right, she’d pass on her title as empress to you.”

“The empress is still young, and my talents are unexceptional. It’s best she keeps her position.”

“That’s your business, and has nothing to do with me. The way I see it, it makes no difference which of you is on the throne.” Xuan Ji nodded and smiled at Su Liu’er, then turned to a giggling young woman. Suddenly, Lady Providence sighed, her expression exasperated, yet doting.

“Didn’t I tell you not to meet with him so soon?” Xuan Ji spoke, addressing none other than the reincarnation of Xia Liuli, Xia Keke.

Although one hundred years had passed, Xia Keke’s appearance hadn’t changed. She was still a cute little loli.

If you rewind time….

A hundred years ago, Xia Keke took on golden dragon form and blocked Ye Zichen’s tribulation, then disappeared from heaven and earth. The Lower Realms’ dragon race thought she’d been utterly obliterated. Little did they know, the Dragon God had taken her away.

Fortunately, the Dragon God had intervened just in time. Otherwise, young and pretty as she was, Xia Keke would have been doomed.

Afterward, Xuan Ji had divined her location and saved her from the brink of death. Little did she know, although the lightning had almost killed her, it also strengthened her, granting her a supreme physique.

Xuan Ji sent her to Dragon Race territory, where, because of her golden dragon bloodline, she was seen as a precious treasure.

Throughout these hundred years, Xuan Ji had been in regular contact with her. She’d warned Xia Keke repeatedly to wait a while to see Ye Zichen, but…

Well, it was obvious what had happened.

The second Xia Keke heard news of Ye Zichen, she rushed over to see him.

“I…. I missed him!” Xia Keke stuck out her tongue, but averted her gaze, not daring to look Xuan Ji in the eye. Xuan Ji had warned her repeatedly that meeting Ye Zichen too soon would stain her with too much karma. This would bring her no benefits whatsoever.

But it had already been one hundred years since they’d been together. As soon as she had news of him…

How could she possibly resist her longing for him?

“You two…” Xuan Ji couldn’t help but sigh. She looked over the crowd surrounding Ye Zichen and said, “What, do all you people owe him money?”

She gazed solemnly at Su Yan and the other women. She couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “The Emperor Star lives up to his reputation. He’s gathered his Fated Stars and Auxiliary Stars so quickly. Really… What a pitiful bunch!”

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