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The two powerful slaps left Hu Gaoyi and the crowd dumbstruck.

They were just mocking Chen Xiaobei a few seconds ago, and were also quite keen on witnessing the moment Hu Gaoyi crushed Chen Xiaobei like an ant.

None of them expected that he turned the tables with his combat power alone! His two slaps were so loud that it threatened to split the sky, and all those Iron Gut faction members who were all sarcastic moments ago could feel his slaps on their faces.

In that very moment, all of them were petrified - even their leader, Hu Haifeng, was staring with gaping eyes. He was humiliated by how by the fight between his son and Chen Xiaobei had ended up.

Earlier, he was musing how the young man was stupid enough to challenge his son. How wrong he was!

"I'm arrogant. But I can be arrogant because I'm powerful!" Chen Xiaobei roared defiantly.

Murong Tian and Chen Xiaobei's own allies were stunned too. They never dreamt that he could trample all over a formidable foe like Hu Gaoyi.

"Asshole Xiaobei! You're awesome!" Xiaoyao stared in awe and admiration of him with her soulful eyes.

"Xiaobei is so powerful! His speed and strength had surpassed us greatly!"

Murong Tian and Jinliu, too, were extremely shocked and excited at the same time. They were mad at how arrogant and unreasonable Hu Gaoyi acted was acting, but could do nothing to him - which was why Chen Xiaobei's powerful slaps were elixir to their hearts and minds. Feeling relieved, they cheered him on excitedly.

"Son of a bitch… I am going to kill you…" Never one to be humiliated, Hu Gaoyi seethed through his remaining teeth while spitting blood.

"Idiot." Chen Xiaobei's eyes glinted with murder, and quickly raised his hand to land a chain of slaps on Hu Gaoyi's face.

"Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!!"

Gu Gaoyi squealed like a pig again - which was oddly appropriate since his ugly face now resembled one. All his teeth fell out one by one as blood gushed out from his mouth like a fountain. Soon, he looked like he was expiring.

"Damn! He's going to die soon!" The Iron Gut Faction watched, aghast as their jaws dropped to the ground.

"Bastard! Stop right there!"

Hu Haifeng could not simply watch anymore, and was already standing up and glaring at Chen Xiaobei. However, Chen Xiaobei ignored him and merely kept glaring at Hu Gaoyi with his reaper-like stare.

"Do you still want to kill me?" He asked icily.

"I don't want to kill you anymore… Sob… Sob… Please let me go… I beg you…"

There was almost no teeth left in Hu Gaoyi's mouth, and he should already be hospitalized for his sheer loss of blood. He did not dare to threaten Chen Xiaobei anymore, and started to act like a scared little puppy.

"Hehe…" Chen Xiaobei giggled condescendingly. He turned around and looked at Hu Haifeng "What say you? Are we allowed to leave now?"

"Leave? Do you really think you can leave this place after you beat up my son?" Hu Haifeng threatened viciously. "You better let me son go before I ask my disciples to make you four suffer!"

"I don't like threats! Have you forgotten that your son's life is still in my hands?" Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes at him and asked darkly.

"Don't try to put up an act! I am threatening you and there is nothing you can do about it! My son's life is in your hands, but you and your allies' lives are in mine! I dare you to hurt my son again!"

"That's right! My dad is right!" Suddenly, even the dying Hu Gaoyi mustered enough strength to shout. "Son of a bitch, let me go now! You look smart, but I'm going to chop you all into pieces to feed the dogs! Murong Xiaoyao, you bitch! Go and warm my bed now! Hahaha…"

Xiaoyao, Murong Tian and Jinliu despaired. This was the end for them - there was a faction leader and two hundred disciples surrounding them after all, and there was no way Chen Xiaobei could handle all of them despite his power.

However, Chen Xiaobei kept his calm. "Are you sure I have only one life in my hand?" He asked with an evil grin.

"What do you mean?" For once, Hu Haifeng was puzzled.

"Nutbuster Kick!" Chen Xiaobei shouted.

He arched his back. Stretching his right leg far behind like a bow string that was being drawn, he swung it with full strength the moment his leg could not pull back any further, just like shooting an arrow.

It was fast!

It was accurate!

It was brutal!

Hu Gaoyi's crotch exploded as he was sent streaking through the air.

"Ouch!! Argh!!"

A blood-curdling scream echoed while the blood that was bursting out of Hu Gaoyi's crotch painted the sky red. It was quite the scene before he finally landed right in front of Hu Haifeng, and rolled around in excruciating pain. There was no way he could pick himself up.

"Damn! That kid is so brutal… I think… Our young master is finished…"

The disciples of Iron Gut Faction inhaled sharply as they crossed their thighs unconsciously.

Murong Tian and Jinliu were so shocked goosebumps were raised all over their body. They did not expect Chen Xiaobei would hurt Hu Gaoyi under such critical circumstances, and how utterly brutal that 'Nutbuster Kick' was!

It was a joy and surprise for Xiaoyao, too. She was rejoicing that Hu Gaoyi has finally joined the eunuch squad and could not take advantage of women anymore. She was also completely in awe of how utterly fearless and charismatic Chen Xiaobei was despite Hu Haifeng's threat.

"Son of a bitch! How dare… How dare you kick my son's…." Hu Haifeng was so angry that his eyes spat fire!

"I did tell you that I don't like to threats. You have four lives in your hand, right? Now, count how many future grandchildren you've killed!"

"I…" Hu Haifeng was livid. There was no way his son could spread his seeds anymore - that Nutbuster Kick had just destroyed his family!

"Hear me, Iron Gut Faction! Slaughter them! Chop the men to pieces to feed the dogs and strip the girl! You guys can enjoy her however you like!"

"Yes master!"

The two hundred members rallied and prepared to face Chen Xiaobei head-on. These people have started to train themselves in the martial arts at a meager age; they were a force equal to thousands of low-life thugs once they combine their combat power!

There was a saying, one could never fight against numbers no matter how powerful they were. Chen Xiaobei's combat was a lot higher than theirs, but things could get hairy even for him if they all came at him at once. 

And there's Hu Haifeng's watchful eye to take into account.

"Xiaobei… What do we do now?" Murong Tian and the rest were panicking. There was no way they could handle the entire Iron Gut faction.

Chen Xiaobei ignored him, and simply shrugged at the goons who were inching forward. "So, you guys like gang fight, right? Well, I can summon my allies as well!"

Then, a shout suddenly rang across the arena, stunning everyone. 

"Six Doors Organization in action! Everyone, lower your weapons and stand by the wall!"

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