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"Six... Six Doors Organization?"

All two hundred disciples of Iron Gut Faction cowered in fear, and quickly dropped their weapons before retreating to the side of the arena and line up properly.

Around ten men with black suits marched into the arena and stood in front of the disciples of Iron Gut Faction. All of them looked to be in their thirties, and appeared both powerful as well as vibrant. They were all undoubtedly super elites from the law enforcer wing of the Six Doors Organization!

The relationship between the innumerable factions in Jianghu and Six Doors Organization was akin to that of street thugs and policemen. Any ordinary faction would never dare to ignore the arrival of Six Doors Organization. 

"Inspector Luo! Brother Luo! Fancy meeting you here… To what do I owe the pleasure?" Seconds ago, Hu Haifeng was filled with murderous intent; now, he was all smiles the moment he saw the Six Doors Organization inspector step foot inside his own headquarters.

The leader of the law enforcer team was an intermediate inspector of Six Door Organization. He was two meters tall, and possessed bulky muscle that resembled a strong bull.

His name was Luo Han!

"Wipe that smirk off your face. I'm here on business!" He replied Hu Haifeng curtly.

"Yes… Yes… Yes…" The faction leader nodded immediately and repeatedly. "I have a favor to ask actually!" He suddenly added.

"What kind of favor?" Luo Han frowned.

"I want to sue Murong Tian!" Hu Haifeng cried pitifully. "He worked with some outsiders to hurt my son! He came to me, asking to join my faction a few days ago. I agreed, and took him and his daughter in out of kindness. Then, he suddenly asked for a fight with my son because of some small misunderstanding! So, I told them to hold back, but he ignored it and hurt my son badly! Brother Luo, you must make sure that justice will be served!"

Luo Han took a look at Hu Gaoyi's crotch and was taken aback instantly. "Who the hell did this?!" He asked. "That's too brutal!"

"That bastard did it!" Hu Haifeng pointed at Chen Xiaobei. "He is just an outsider, but came to my place and made a mess while breaking every rule of my faction… In other words, he just slapped the face of Iron Gut Faction and the whole Jianghu in Dragon City! Brother Luo, don't let him get off the hook!"

"You old f*ck! You're lying!" Xiaoyao shot back albeit nervously. "Inspector, don't listen to him. That asshole is accusing the victim! And don't try to bend facts, old fart - your ancient face is thicker than the Great Wall of China!"

There was no question that Chen Xiaobei would become the criminal here if the inspector bought Hu Haifeng's words. If he was not jailed, he would be punished by the rule of an eye for an eye - in short, Hu Haifeng would have the chance to castrate him.

"Are you Chen Xiaobei?"

Luo Han narrowed his eyes as he surveyed him carefully. All the other Six Doors Organization Law Enforcers had tuned around and looked at him too.

"Inspector Luo! Do not believe in Luo Haifeng, let me tell you the truth!" Murong Tian and Jinliu were also panicking.

Normally, law enforcers would regard citizens as their priority. Things were different in Dragon City, however.

A case in point is for outfits such as the Six Doors Organization, whose members tend to side with the factions around Dragon City before all else. Things could get really bad indeed if Chen Xiaobei's faction could not explain the whole thing properly.

"I'm not asking you!" Luo Han glared at Murong Tian to cut him short. 

"Yes, I'm Chen Xiaobei." Chen Xiaobei nodded calmly, untroubled despite Luo Han's dominating presence.

Luo Han's expression changed immediately after Chen Xiaobei acknowledged his own identity. He strode towards the youth with the other elites following closely behind him. Hu Haifeng quickly guessed that the inspectors would be bringing the pain on the young man. 

"Hehe! Son of a bitch. Die!"

"Haha… That kid is so dead!"

The disciples of Iron Gut Faction were laughing and mocking Chen Xiaobei too. All of them were waiting to see what manner of punishment the inspector had in store for him.

"Shit…" Murong Tian, Xiaoyao, and Jinliu were beside themselves with worry.

And then came the plot twist that shocked everyone to the core - the moment Luo Han was closed enough to Chen Xiaobei, he took his hand and shook it enthusiastically!

"Bro Bei, greetings! I'm Little Luo. I've always longed to meet you - you are a legendary young hero!"

Bro Bei?

Little Luo? 

Hu Haifeng and the rest of the Iron Gut Faction were giggling when they heard that, and almost choked themselves to death by their own spit.

Meanwhile, Xiaoyao, Murong Tian and Jinliu just gaped at them, their brains having short circuited. The well-respected intermediate inspector of the Six Doors Organization just introduced himself as Little Luo in front of Chen Xiaobei, and called him Bro Bei!

It did not make sense at all - and yet, that was just the beginning, for every other enforcer started taking turns to shake his hand and thank him.

"I am Little Zhang…"

"I am Little Lee…"

"I am Little Wang…"

It was almost too terrific to watch. Some of the Iron Gut members started pinching themselves or each other in the face to make sure that they were not dreaming.

Chen Xiaobei himself was baffled too.

"Why are you calling me bro?" He asked the officers.

Luo Han quickly whispered to him. "We all know about the Poseidon incident! You're the one who cracked the case, eliminating Huangfu Lengshan while destroying Japan's intelligence network. However, it's still a national secret that we aren't allowed to tell anyone so we're keeping it low-key. By the way, Shixiong Wu told us everything about you… As the husband of Chief Inspector Luo, it's only right that we call you bro!"

"I see!" Chen Xiaobei nodded and grinned - so that was how he earned the 'bro' title amongst an entity as influential as the Six Doors Organization!

On the other hand, Xiaoyao and the rest could not catch a single word from Luo Han's soft voice despite stretching their ears the best they could.

Meanwhile, Hu Haifeng gritted his teeth. "Brother Luo!" He exclaimed. "It is not right for you to side with that kid even if you have special relationship with him!"

"Hu Haifeng, think of this as a favor. Let it go, or don't call me brother anymore!" Luo Han said coldly. Clearly, he was siding with Chen Xiaobei.

Hu Haifeng was stunned. Normally, he would have simply obeyed, but, his son's most precious treasure was completely wrecked by the arrogant brat. It was not possible for him to reproduce now, and he decided to avenge his son whatever happens!

"Inspector Luo, I'm not giving in this time. I have to avenge my son, and it shall be eye for an eye! I won't give up until justice is served - I'm prepared to tell everyone that you're a corrupt inspector who took sides with that asshole!"

"Hmmm…" Luo Han frowned; he was suddenly at a loss. It would be really bad for both Chen Xiaobei and the Six Doors Organization if the news spread out that an officer of Six Doors Organization was being partial to others.

"Inspector Luo, I have a question," Chen Xiaobei suddenly asked. "Telling lies to an officer of Six Doors Organization and interfering with your investigation should be a big offense, right? What are the consequences?"

"If that's the case, the person will be whipped for three hundred times and remanded for seven days and seven nights!" Luo Han said gravely.

"Alright! Then take that old fuck into custody right now!" Chen Xiaobei shrugged and took his cellphone out.

"Who do you think you are? Do you really think they will take me away? Dream on!" Hu Haifeng laughed mockingly. "That's right, they will listen to me only!"

Chen Xiaobei ignored the old fart's taunts, and simply clicked a button to play a voice clip he recorded before his fight against Hu Gaoyi started.

[No line shall be drawn…]

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