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Chapter 475: Lin Xiang’s Beautiful Picture

The next morning…

Chen Xiaobei was not doing anything in particular. He had breakfast with his family as well as Old Wang and Cangjin Gu, with his mother having to wake up earlier to prepare breakfast and clean the house. In a few days, NeZha and Hong Haier would be coming to stay with him – and her workload would increase too!

Chen Xiaobei thought about looking for a woman to help his mother since he is usually away from home. Luo Puti was the first who came to mind since she is quite close to his mother and was really hardworking too. However, he knew she would never agree to it, and there was not a thing he could do about it.

While Song Qincheng is another great candidate, Wenyuan would definitely tag along with her if she came. Things would turn ugly since Wenyuan thirsted for his virginity.

Suddenly, the face of another beautiful woman popped up in his mind.

"I wonder how Xiang Xiang is doing…"

In truth, Chen Xiaobei really missed Lin Xiang, but he refrained from contacting her because of the secret mission. Luo Puti had also told him that he was not allowed to contact her until the government gave both her and her brother Lin Nan new identities.

"Guess I should wait…" Chen Xiaobei took out his cellphone

and hesitated, before suppressing his urge to contact Lin Xiang. Therefore, he logged in to his Weibo to check out his fanbase – which had increased to six hundred and thirty thousand, with most of them being… doctors.

'They must've came after Madam Diana's case,' Chen Xiaobei thought. 'Still, I think my current charm should have attracted more fans. The increase in fans is kind of little, but my newly gained luck was working fine last night. I wonder when my charm would activate?'

After that, he returned to his room and kept started modifying various martial art manuals. He needed the money, which was why he was working harder now.

Last time around, Chen Xiaobei managed to modify two manuals: the Breast-Groping Dragon Claw was changed to the Hearth Gouging Dragon Claw, and the Seventy-Two Ways to Get Laid was changed to Seven-Two Ways to Master Ringen.

This time, he changed The Ultimate Rod Skill of Luohan to Divine Dragon Rod Skill and God Strength King Kong Kick to Ultimate King Kong Kick. He was also smart enough to slip significant weaknesses into the newly modified skills, since there was a chance that opponents might purchase his skill books just to use it against him.

Chen Xiaobei also remembered to post a few lines from the newly modified skill book to Weibo. Soon, a new wave of fans came pouring into his fan base, although the wave is definitely much smaller now.

In other words, his post was not making enough waves. Now, he has to wait for other opportunity to increase his fan base by the ton!


Chen Xiaobei's cellphone rang suddenly when he started to work on the third martial art manual.

"Eh? Xiang Xiang just send me a picture of herself… Seems like she has a new identity now!" His face was all lit-up; he never expected a text from her today. Tapping on the notification, he was then welcomed with a rather sensual photograph.

Lin Xiang was lying in the bathtub in the image; her fair and smooth skin reflecting the bathroom light. There was no doubt that the focus of the image was her voluptuous breasts, as well as the rose petals floating in the bathtub that concealed her naughty bits! It's far more seductive than the naked image of a woman!

Chen Xiaobei received another message right after that.


[The time to deflower the rose iz now – don't wait until the rose petals fall!]

 "Damn! This is no code – it's so straightforward! She's asking me to take her virginity… Well, I guess it's time to lose my virginity as well! Hehehehe…" Without any hesitation, he searched through his contact list and made a call to Lin Nan instead of Lin Xiang.

"Asshole! How dare you use your sister's cellphone to mess with me? Are you looking for a beating?" Chen Xiaobei scolded him with a smile.

"Damn it, you're good! How did you know I was the one that send you the picture?" Lin Nan asked.

"That's easy." Chen Xiaobei said. "My Lin Xiang is a genuine lady! She'll never such lewd imagery to me - she would send a normal selfie at most. Also, there's a spelling mistake in your message, and could tell at once it was you from that!"

"Not bad, brother-in-law. I'm truly impressed by your skills of observation! The amount of respect I have for you is comparable to the amount of water in the seven seas!" Lin Nan said, his boot-licking mode activated.

"Fine, whatever. Just cut the crap. Why are you looking for me?" Chen Xiaobei cut him short – it was going to be a winding conversation if he did not stop Lin Nan's groveling.

"I've already told you. Flocks of men are trying to pursue my beautiful sister since she arrived at Dragon City! You really need to take action before someone pluck the flower!" Lin Nan said seriously.

"What?!" Chen Xiaobei frowned. "Who the hell is trying to pursue my Lin Xiang?! Tell me your location, I'm coming over right now!"

"No rush. I'll send you an address later. There will be a birthday party there tonight, just meet us and give my sister a pleasant surprise!" Lin Nan said mysteriously.

"Whose birthday party is that?" Chen Xiaobei asked. "Today is not Xiang Xiang's birthday…"

"It's the birthday party of our new friend. But that's not important, just prepare yourself!" 

"Prepare? What do you want me to prepare?"

"Don't try to act pure!" Lin Nan giggled evilly. "Groom yourself and dress up nicely. Also, don't forget to put a condom in your pocket!"

"Damn you!" Chen Xiaobei felt a weird sense of defeat.

"I'm not going home tonight, and I won't call my sister as well. What do you think? I'm so nice, right? You don't have to thank me, brother-in-law! It's what I should do!" Lin Nan grinned.

"Bastard. Your sister is going to skin you alive if she heard you!" Chen Xiaobei scolded him albeit with a smile.

"Tut… My sister misses you a lot! She'll never scold me!"

"Fine, let's drop the bullshit. Back to serious business: which brand of condom is the best?" Chen Xiaobei asked seriously.

"I'm the right person to ask… Hehehe…" Lin Nan smirked, and started to describe all his sexual experience vividly.

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