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Chapter 476: A Fight Between Two Love Rivals

 It was 8pm.

Chen Xiaobei drove to a mansion near Xuanwu Lake. He had everything prepared as Lin Nan suggested – he had groomed himself to look more handsome than he usually was, while bringing along a box of Extra Thin Durex.

This may be his first time, but he firmly believed that he would last for seven to eight rounds, and so simply took the whole box along.

"Everything is ready, only… Hmmm…"

He was walking towards the mansion in his handsome outfit, but he was stopped by a security guard.

"Who are you?" He asked, narrowing his eyes and glowering at his car with disdain.

Is that prick making light of his two million-dollar Mercedes Benz?

Chen Xiaobei swept his gaze across mansion and found prestige cars strewn around the parking lot, including many Bentleys and Rolls-Royce. Clearly this security guard was so used to looking at all those supercars he could not care less about Chen Xiaobei and his paltry Benz. And judging from the guard's attitude, the mansion's owner is definitely someone of considerable standing!

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Chen Xiaobei would not have believed that Lin Xiang and Lin Nan have managed to bypass the social ladder and rocketed into this glamorous social circle.

Such an incredible promotion!

"I am Lin Nan's guest." Chen Xiaobei answered coolly.

"Lin Nan? Who is Lin Nan? There's no Lin Nan here!" The guard shot back rudely. "Don't think I don't know you're just trying to sneak in and stick your grimy fingers on the VIPs! I've seen more than my share of smarty-pants like you. Leave! Don't block the entrance!"

"Let me make a call!" Chen Xioabei was incredibly frustrated. He dialed Lin Nan's number immediately and screamed: "Oi, you piece of shit! I'm at the address you sent me but the security guard said he doesn't know you!"

"Hang on, brother-in-law – I'm coming to get you!" Lin Nan quickly hung up.

Soon, two men in suits were running over to them.

The one in front was Lin Nan. It was clear the brat has really changed entirely – sleek hair, expensive suit, and shiny leather shoes, plus his natural good looks and skin that resembled that of Lin Xian's – all of which made him look incredibly dashing!

At the age of sixteen, he was definitely a charming fresh meat to socialites, especially compared to the man running next to him – who looked to be in his forties. Still, Chen Xiaobei could tell that despite his ordinary looks he possessed twenty thousand combat power. There was no question that he was the bodyguard appointed by the government for the siblings!

"Master Nan!" The guard immediately put on a huge smile and greeted him subserviently. "Please be careful!"

"Dumbass! How dare you make my big brother wait outside the gate?! Do you want

want to die?" Lin Nan was curt. Though he has completely transformed in physical appearance, he has not changed in his mannerisms.

"Your… Your big brother?" The guard looked at Chen Xiaobei rather unnervingly.

"That's right, my big brother!" Lin Nan glared at him.

"I… I didn't know your full name is Lin Nan… It's my fault… It's my fault…I'm sorry…" The guard looked absolutely petrified and kept apologizing between bows.

"Fine, forget about it. I'll let this slide since you didn't know." While Lin Nan was bad tempered, he was also still reasonable. He waved the guard away, dismissing him, before walking up to welcome Chen Xiaobei.

"Brother-in-law, it's my fault!" Lin Nan grinned like an idiot as he led Chen Xiaobei into the mansion. "I should have waited for you, but a couple of idiots browbeat me into playing cards with them, and soon I forgot what time it was. Come, please come!"

Looking at them, the guard sweated and recalled how his own master had welcomed Lin Nan in the same way. The strong would always be respected by the weak – that's simply how society works!

"Just… Who the hell is that young man? He only drives a Mercedes… That's way too low key…" The guard swallowed, thankful that Lin Nan did not dwell on the issue – he would have been given the boot otherwise.

"Acting low-key is the best way to gloat!" The twenty-thousand combat power bodyguard said and followed behind the two, leaving the guard to figure things out.

Inside the mansion.

The courtyard is where the party was. Upon neatly arranged tables were a wide assortment of exotic dishes, desserts and alcohol. Every man and woman present must be from the so-called upper-class too; all of them were clad in refined, lavish clothing.

It was quite the debonair event.

"Master Nan! Is that really your friend?" Another young man dressed in a white tuxedo and escorted by a cluster of people came to them.

"Brother Bai!" Lin Nan nodded and smiled. "Let me do the introductions. This is my sister's and my own best friend, Chen Xiaobei!" He said, placing extra emphasis on the word 'best'. 

His words seemed to carry a lot of weight too – especially given his newfound status. When the others heard him, they nodded and smiled at Chen Xiaobei as a gesture of geniality. Only the youth in the white tuxedo watched him with a flash of enmity.

But Lin Nan seemed not to notice. "This is the birthday boy and today's star – Bai Zhunyu! This mansion is his!"

Chen Xiaobei heard him, but could not be bothered to even give the other man a glance. He combed the place, and glanced at every direction other than Bai Zhunyu's as he searched for Lin Xiang.

That, naturally, incensed the owner of the house. He was today's star and yet, Chen Xiaobei glazed over him in front of his own audience. He could feel a heavy slap on his face!

If it were anyone else, Bai Zhunyu would already have thrown a tantrum. However, he calmed himself down, and spared Lin Nan's face 

"I heard that Lady Lin used to date someone. It couldn't be this guy, could it?" He asked

"Oh, I won't hide it since you already know." Lin Nan laughed light-heartedly, "Actually, he is my sister's boyfriend. I always call him my brother-in-law."

The crowd stared blankly, their opinion of Chen Xiaobei quickly turning from companionship to veneration. Lin Nan's brother-in-law, Lin Xiang's boyfriend… That was not someone you want to cross!

On the other hand, the animosity in Bai Zhunyu's eyes only intensified. "Master Nan, you know very well that I am courting Lady Lin Xiang at the moment," he seethed. "It's not right to bring my love rival to my birthday!"

"All is fair in love and war," Lin Nan smirked. "If you two don't fight, how would I know which amongst you is worthy of my sister's hand?"

"Fight? How come I didn't know about this?" Chen Xiaobei asked, baffled.

"Brother-in-law!" Lin Nan hurried to his side and whispered into his ear. "This fly has been harassing my sister for a long time. I invited you here so that you could swat him permanently!"

Chen Xiaobei quickly nodded, catching his drift. "Fly. Annoying. Leave it to me then!"

"Fight? There's no need. My net worth is two billion, I'm the CFO of the Lintian Organization and a close friend of Master Yap. What is your name again? Che… Chan? Damn it, I can't remember. Do you even think you can hold up against me?"

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