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Chen Xiaobei inhaled deeply as he completed his second training at the holy land.

"Five days passed in no time... I should leave, or the abbot of Golden Dragon Temple will come looking for me!"

The Spiritual Qi in the cave calmed again after Chen Xiaobei stopped his absorption. This time, however, the amount of Spiritual Qi in the cave visibly thinned - he must have consumed seventy to eighty percent of the energies for his training. If he used it all up, the abbot would definitely kill him.

Nevertheless, his results were as spectacular as before!


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 13000. Combat power: 9000!]

Within five days, Chen Xiaobei raised his combat power through full utilization of the Scripture of Heaven and Earth that improves the concentration of his True Qi. He also remembered to train with the Body Enhancement Skill of the Indestructible Eternal King to improve his health.

That being said, the Scripture of Heaven and Earth would have allowed Chen Xiaobei to raise his combat power up to twelve thousand, although he would need a body strong enough to support it.

Either way, Chen Xiaobei managed use the time he was given efficiently - his upgrades would allow him to fight enemies at the later phase of the Qi refining stage.

This is going to be great!

Yanhong was waiting when Chen Xiaobei left the holy land. Just like before, he was much politer and was cautious enough to not challenge him. 

"Mr. Chen, Sifu asked me to take you to Yanfa Shidi." Yanhong said.

"Alright, please lead the way."

As he followed the monk, Chen Xiaobei whipped out his cellphone to check out his Weibo. It turned out that he had gained around twenty thousand new fans, with most of them hailing from the Jianghu of the three cities. Now, his fans numbered at six hundred and twenty thousand!

Meanwhile, his post containing phrases of his modified martial art manual had also went viral, with tons of people pressing him for prices and the date of the auction.

'Such high demand!' Chen Xiaobei thought. 'I think I need to spend more time modifying more martial art manuals now...'

His treasure chest contained many more manuals, all of which could be sold at a handsome price some slight adjustments.

His bank balance had also increased to three billion after Fan Tong had transferred one billion into his bank account. This meant that his net worth was four billion once more, counting in the properties and businesses that he owned in Green Vine City.

There was no question that he would become richer if the auction turned out to be a huge success. He counted the days he would travel to Dragon City and finally organize his auction. If he did make a killing, he might even move his with parents to Dragon City.

Eventually, Chen Xiaobei and Yanhong arrived at the arena of the Golden Dragon Temple. It was early in the morning, but a lot of monks were already training in their daily routine.

"Yanfa!" Yanhong called.

Somehow, his sudden call did not disturb the other monks. They continued training as Murong Tian ran towards them in his monk attire. He was covered with sweat and his skin was completely tanned - besides having hair, he was no different than the other monks. His boss aura had also completely vanished.

"Xiaobei?! Why are you here?!" Murong Tian asked in surprise as soon as he saw him; he thought that he was hallucinating.

Elder Fa Ming had previously predicted that Chen Xiaobei would need to train for at least five years before coming to rescue him, which was why he really couldn't imagine why he would be standing in front of him right now.

"I'm here to bring Uncle Murong out of this place." Chen Xiaobei smiled.

"What? How would you do that? Didn't Xiaoyao tell you about the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies?" Murong Tian exclaimed.

"Yes, but it won't stop me from saving you!" Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

Murong Tian gaped at him, while some monks who were within earshot grew furious hearing him belittling the ultimate test of their temple.

"Young man, you need to learn some humility! The Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies is the ultimate challenge of the Golden Dragon Temple, how dare you derogate it?"

"All of us are here, training hard just to survive the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies! What you're doing is blasphemy!"

"That's right! Not even Yanhong Shixiong would dare to say something like that! Your pride would soon consume you!"

"Calm down everyone! Xiaobei is still at a meager age - he doesn't mean harm... Please don't be offended by his words…" Murong Tian quickly tried to calm things down.

The other monks tried to argue, but Yanhong suddenly shouted.

"Shut up! Back to your training!"

His tone left no room for argument. The younger monks did as they were told.

"Mr. Chen… My Shidi are a bunch of hicks. They tend to speak bluntly, so I hope you weren't offended…" Yanhong turned and apologized to him politely.

Every monks around them were stunned by how Yanhong spoke. They could not fathom why the hot-tempered monk would act so well-mannered towards Chen Xiaobei.

"It's fine…" Chen Xiaobei replied evenly. "May I solve the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies now?"

"There's no need. Sifu said that you don't have to solve it anymore, and you could just leave with Yanfa without going through any tests. He also told me to convey his deepest regrets that he couldn't see you off personally; he hopes that you wouldn't mind."

"That's too kind of Elder Fa Ming. Please help me bid him farewell!" Chen Xiaobei replied courteously too.

"Certainly!" Yanhong nodded.

Chen Xiaobei was beaming as he led Murong Tian out of the temple. The monks around them were left baffled.

"Shixiong! What was that? Why didn't you let that kid solve the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies? He was so damn cocky! We should have used our prided challenge to give him a slap!" The monks were furious.

"Shut up!" Yanhong shouted angrily. With Chen Xiaobei gone, he was his usual self once more. "We embarrass ourselves if we ask Mr. Chen to solve the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies!"


"None of us here are powerful enough to solve the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies," Yanchong explained. "It's complete humiliation for the temple if an outsider manages to solve it before us!"

"Are you saying that the brat just now could have solved our Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies easily? How is that even possible? Not even you can solve it!"

"Me? I can't hold a candle to Mr. Chem, and there's no way I would catch up at all…" Yanhong calmly replied, shaking his head.

Everyone fell silent again after Yanhong told them the indisputable truth.

Outside the temple.

The guards couldn't hold their laughter at the ridiculous taunts of the two ladies who popped out of nowhere.

"Hubby Xiaobei, come out quick or I'll burn this temple down!" Wenyuan was throwing punches all around. She would really have done it too if Xiaoyao did not stop her.

"Asshole Xiaobei! You are being an idiot! Come out now! I will leave you if you get yourself crippled by the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies!" While Xiaoyao did not dare to enter the temple, but she was extremely worried about Chen Xiaobei too.

"I'm here. Aren't you going to save your dad?" A laugh rang from behind the door.

"Xiaobei hubby!" Wenyuan squealed excitedly.

"Asshole Xiaobei! I didn't ask you to save my dad and I don't want you to die here! Just come back with me, we can save my dad later!" Xiaoyao barked, but was really relieved to find him unharmed.

"Sigh… Well, daughters leave their fathers eventually. But to think that you would really abandon me for Xiaobei!" Murong Tian teased as he stepped through the temple door.

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