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Cangjin Gu had 20000 (+5000) combat power, and Shaoba Xingjun only had 5 combat power.

There was absolutely no question as to who would come out on top.

"Geezer, I think we should call this off since you're Bro Bei's friend. I don't want to hurt you," Cangjin Gu said - the Japanese man was clearer doubting the mortal deity's ability. 

"Don't worry. Just give it a try. My Mouth of Curses is at tip-top condition - I'm full of vigor!" Shaoba Xingjun replied.

"Can the Mouth of Curses really defeat a legendary prodigy of Japan?" Being Chinese natives, both Chen Xiaobei and Yap Lianchen had heard their fair share of mythical tales. They were really looking forward to what the God of Misfortune would show them.

"Just go ahead." Chen Xiaobei nodded.

"I'll come at you with full strength since Bro Bei has given me the green light!" Cangjin Gu smiled calmly; he was rather nonchalant about the weakling in front of him.

"Come on!" Shaoba Xingjun nodded and stood his ground, waiting for Cangjin Gu's charge. His body was so thin and frail that a strong gust of wind would have blown him away easily.


Cangjin Gu charged at Shaoba Xingjun as if an arrow.

"So fast!" Yap Liangchen exclaimed in shock - his ten thousand combat power dulled in comparison to Cangjin Gu's combat power.

"You're right, I'm impressed too. It's impossible me for me to catch up to him in the near future…" Chen Xiaobei said, his attention on every movement by Cangjin Gu. There was such a huge gulf in ability between him and the Japanese.

"Big Mouth of Curses, curse him. His left foot shall collide with his right!" Shaoba Xingjun murmured softly.

"What's that supposed to mean? Don't joke around! I'm the prodigy- Oof…" Cangjin Gu was caught before he could finish - his left foot has indeed tangled with his right, making him lose his balance and fall. Due to his inertial speed he slid towards Shaoba Xingjun, stuffing his mouth with mud.

"Woah! Woah! Woah!" Both Chen Xiaobei and Yap Lianchen cried out at the same time.

Cangjin Gu was one of the top elites in Japan, but somehow the prodigy tripped over his own feet! Everyone would definitely laugh at him, if others knew about this embarrassing incident, and the whole of Japan would be ashamed of him too!

One sentence from Shaoba Xingjun, and curse would occur regardless through a series of butterfly effects. It was unbelievable!

"How was it? Now, you guys know that I'm the real dead, huh?" Shaoba Xingjun said smugly as he flicked his messy and dirty hair around.

"Uhm… I'm impressed… I'm truly impressed. The culture of China is truly rich, I was the ignorant one. I would never doubt any Chinese deities or legends anymore." Cangjin Gu muttered in acknowledgment.

"This is extraordinary! No wonder all the other deities were afraid of you!" Chen Xiaobei and Yap Liangchen gaped at Shaoba Xingjun. The geezer had zero cultivation, but his ability could help him beat everyone! They shudder to imagine what his curses would do against powerful opponents.

"Hmmm. Shaobao Xingjun, you mentioned that your curses work best when you've fully recovered, right? Does it take much to drop a curse?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

The God of Misfortune nodded. "Yes. I could only curse three times on a full charge due to my mortal flesh. My curses will be less effective if I'm tired too!"

"Three times isn't bad at all! It could turn the tide around if used at the opportune moment." Chen Xiaobei nodded, before asking: "Do you have a proper name? I can't be calling you Shaobao Xingjun around other people - and you can't go around calling me God Chen either."

"My surname is Wang and my name is Husheng." The old man said softly.

"Wang Husheng…" Chen Xiaobei was left speechless for a while. "Then, I would call you Old Wang from now on! You could call me Xiaobei."

"Aright!" Old Wang seemed to like his new name.

"And remember to stick close to me. I'll definitely help you recruit disciples as soon as possible!" Chen Xiaobei said thoughtfully. "Hmmm. I'll have to make some changes, since I have one more helper with me. So, starting tomorrow, Cangjin Gu will stay here and protect my parents. Old Wang, you are coming with me to Crimson Cloud City!"

"What about me?" Yap Liangchen asked.

"I need you to travel to Dragon City tomorrow and look for a huge plot of land. I need it to plant South Pole Spiritual Jade Fruits."

Yap Liangchen thought about it. "Bro Bei," he said afterwards. "I think the place you need must be hidden but also be suitable for living. And you'll need someone to guard those fruits!"

"Indeed." Chen Xiaobei agreed. "I'm glad you understand what I need. I'll leave it to you since you know Dragon City better than anyone else here,"

After that, everyone went back into the house and had a good night's sleep.

Chen Xiaobei and Old Wang woke up early next morning to meet up with Song Qincheng and board the plane to Crimson Cloud City. The young vixen had planned something naughty for Chen Xiaobei mid-flight, but with Old Wang travelling along she could only do it in her mind.

Crimson Cloud City stood between Green Vine City and Dragon City, and the travel distance was short. There were three S Class Mercedes Benz parked in a single file waiting for Song Qincheng at the airport when they landed. Those cars cost at least a few million alone, which in turn tells anyone not too ignorant that the Fan Family was filthy rich.

"Madam, welcome back!" An elderly man who had the mannerisms of a butler walked towards Song Qincheng and greeted her.

"Uncle Lin." Song Qincheng nodded politely to him. It was clear that the old man was respected in Fan Family.

"And these two are?" Uncle Lin squinted his wrinkled eyelids to stared coldly at both Chen Xiaobei and Old Wang. It seems that observing someone was his forte after long of years of servitude as a butler. To him, a twenty-year old brat who standing alongside a fifty-year old, perverted looking old man was simply unsightly.

"This is Mr. Chen… He is a rising superstar that Qincheng Entertainment Agency had just recruited. The one beside him is Old Wang, Mr. Chen's assistant," Song Qincheng quickly explained.

"Hmph! Young men nowadays are quite something, isn't it? An assistant is absolutely unnecessary since he just started working… Or is he going to have a team tag along with him wherever he goes when he becomes famous?" Uncle Lin said sarcastically.

"Uncle Lin, could you please stop talking?" Song Qincheng frowned, clearly unhappy with the old man's attitude towards Chen Xiaobei.

"Madam, I'm doing it for your sake. He would trample all over you when he gains even a little fame in the future!" Uncle Lin said confidently, as if he knew what would happen in the future.

"For me? That, is absolutely unnecessary!" Song Qincheng snapped.

'I don't think even you have the power to bring him down. This brat is Bro Bei of Green Vine City, who can summon thousands of gangsters with one call. A butler like you to bringing him down?! That's just stupid!' She thought.

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