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"If madam doesn't like it, I won't persist," Uncle Lin merely gave a little shrug after catching Song Qincheng's fury. "Hey! People!" He called out the others who were still in the other cars. "Come over and help carry Madam's luggage!"

The bodyguards quickly alighted and did as they were told, while Uncle Lin pressed on. This time, he aimed a dig at Old Wang.

"What kind of assistant is this?" He glared at the other man haughtily. "He looks like one of those village coolies! That really bothers me!"

Being a jovial and carefree deity, Old Wang scratched his head a little and continued to mind his own business - which appeared to be anything except Uncle Lin.

"You fool! Can't you could at least pretend to be annoyed?" Uncle Lin exclaimed, rolling his eyes. Those security guards around him guffawed, ignoring the unhappy Song Qincheng. It was obvious that there was no one in the Fan Family who cared about or respected her, the most they would grant her was skin-deep respect.

"Hey, old fart! You aren't that young anymore, I think you should learn when to shut up." Chen Xiaobei said calmly.

Uncle Lin's eyes widened, and his tone turned cold. "Who the hell do you think you are?" He seethed. "You weren't even born when I conquered the world with Master Fan! You have no right to tell me what to do!" 

"I'm just giving some advice! Take it or leave it." Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

"What a terrible joke! I'm the third-generation butler in Fan Family; I can make you disappear with a single phone call! I'll be laughing stock if I ever follow to your advice!"

"Uncle Lin, Mr. Chen is an associate of Qincheng Entertainment Agency! You're overstepping your influence!" Song Qincheng clenched her fists; her beautiful face was filled with anger.

Uncle Lin was unfettered, however. His smile never vanished.

"Madam, did you forget that the company belongs to Fan Family?" He sneered. "I think you would lose everything if Master Fan simply decides to shut it down."

"I…" Song Qincheng was rendered speechless. She would have left or rebelled against the Fan Family if it was not for the company that she nurtured with everything she had. There was no need for her to endure the almost inhumane behavior the entire clan leveled against her otherwise.

"Qincheng, you don't have to defend me anymore. Uncle Lin is right! Small fry like me shouldn't tell him what to do!" Chen Xiaobei suddenly said calmly.

"I'm glad you know your place! You should know your place even if you become a star!" Uncle Lin glared at Chen Xiaobei warningly.

"Yes, understood. Oh, but here's another a kind reminder. The gods are always watching," Chen Xiaobei smiled.

"God? The Fan Family is the God of Crimson Cloud City!" Uncle Lin rolled his eyes at Chen and said pridefully.

Their convoy headed straight for the Fan Family mansion after stuffing their luggage into the cars.

The residence was enormous; it was comparable to Lan Family's own mansion in Green Vine City! As the richest and most powerful family in Crimson Cloud City, many women dreamed of marrying into the clan. Only Song Qincheng herself knew of the horrors that lurked behind the notion - the more they approached the mansion, the more her face grew visibly upset.

There was already a crowd was gathered by the front gate, with Fan Tong standing up front. The people standing behind him appeared to be Jianghu figures, while the Fan Family's servants were standing further back.

"Brother Fan, you're such a good husband… No one else would lead such a huge parade to welcome their wife!" A bald man grinned.

"That's for sure!" A muscular man with a mustache exclaimed. "All of us know that Brother Fan and his wife are the ideal couple of Crimson Cloud City! They still appear to be newlyweds, even after years of marriage… We're so envious of you!"

"My relationship with Qincheng is great, but both of you are influential figures in Crimson Cloud City too. Don't tease me too much… Hahaha…" Fan Tong laughed pretentiously.

"Brother Fan, you're the one making fun of us!" The bald man continued. "Your cultivation improved tremendously after you met Old Man Feng - I'm afraid you will become so much more powerful than I am after three years of training!"

"Yeah!" The mustached man joined in. "This young man is taking over the Jianghu. Nobody other than Brother Fan is going to win the upcoming Sanshi Martial Art Competition. We'll just have to wait and watch!"

"I'll do my best for the upcoming Tri City Martial Art Competition," Fan Tong smiled without the slightest effort of acting humble. "I will become the next Tri City Alliance Leader and bring prosperity to the Crimson Cloud Jianghu!"

"Fantastic! Brother Fan is clearly more than we ever could be!" The bald man seemed unable to stop complimenting Fan Tong. "To think that he has his goal set on becoming the Tri City Alliance Leader… I realy don't think I was that competitive when I was his age!"

Not one to admit defeat, the mustached man started grovel at Fan Tong's feet as well. "Brother Fan won't disappoint! The citizens of Crimson Cloud City will be proud to have you as the Tri City Alliance Leader!"

"Fan Alliance Leader the magnificent! Fan Alliance Leader the magnificent! Fan Alliance Leader the magnificent!" The people from Jianghu around Fan Tong started to chant.

"Thank you so much for the support! I won't disappoint! Bahahaha!" Fan Tong absolutely loved the attention that he was showered with, and began to chortle proudly where he stood.

Meanwhile, the three Mercedes arrived at the front gate of Fan Family's mansion. Song Qincheng boiled with anger when she saw Fan Tong standing by the gate, waiting for her return. Her gaze could kill.

"So, that's Fan Tong? Why did he bring so many people for your reception?" Chen Xiaobei asked softly.

"Do you really believe what you see? The whole thing is just a huge façade. How would he hide the fact that he's a eunuch if he doesn't show his love for me in public?" Song Qincheng's cold words caught Chen Xiaobei by surprise. The depth of her torment by the hands of the pathological liar that was Fan Tong finally dawned upon him.

"Hey, gorgeous! Stop sulking, I'll avenge you. Don't worry!" Chen Xiaobei smiled darkly.

"This is Crimson Cloud City!" Song Qincheng frowned. "You can't do whatever you like here - all those people around Fan Tong are Jianghu elites, and not some lowlife street thugs!"

"Hehe… I have elite with me as well…"

"With you?" Song Qincheng asked in surprise, and quickly turned to Old Wang.

'This wimpy uncle is an elite? You have to be kidding me!' She thought, still unable to understand why Chen Xiaobei would bring the old man along with him.

"Old Wang, listen…" Chen Xiaobei leaned over and whispered into Old Wang's ear.

"Okay… Understood…" Old Wang nodded.

Soon, their car parked in front of the gate and everyone alighted. Quickly straightening his suit, Fan Tong put on his brightest smile and walked towards Song Qincheng like a perfect husband.

"Ouch! Shit!" Fan Tong suddenly yelled as he fell in front of Chen Xiaobei.

"Woah, Mr. Fan! You're too polite… You really shouldn't pay your respects by lying prone in front of me… This is embarrassing!" Chen Xiaobei grinned mockingly.

"Master! Are you okay? Ouch…" Uncle Lin quickly ran over to help Fan Tong, but he fell right in front of Chen Xiaobei as well.

"Uncle Lin? You too? And it's the same exact pose as well... There's no need to rush, really! Take a look at yourself… Your front teeth are all gone now…" Chen Xiaobei's grinned broadened.


Song Qincheng had been fuming a while ago. But like magic, her anger vanished instantly when she saw the amazing clowns act.

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