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Pure Yang Sword of Talisman was the new item that Chen had acquired recently. Chen had no idea how powerful the item was. It had been given out by Jiang Ziya and it had Pure Yang attributes as well. Thus, it should not be too hard to kill an evil spirit.


That wooden sword wailed like a metal sword. Then, a stream of seven colored flames covered the wooden sword completely! It was like a phoenix rising from its ashes. That dull and simple looking wooden transformed into a Seven Coloured Divine Sword! All the Yin Qi in the air was eliminated completely by the glow of the sword. Everyone in the room felt relieved after the gentle and warm feeling embraced them. However, they were still really shocked by what they saw!

"Oh, god! Is that Chen Xiaobei some kind of God? How did he transform that wooden sword into a Divine Sword?"

"He is a God! Chen Xiaobei is a God! Now I know the reason behind our failure!"

"God Chen! We know we are at fault!"

Everyone from Black Gang came to a realization that they had have offended a God. All of them started to kneel down and worship Chen. At the same time, Mr. Ghost knelt down as well.

"Ouch… Young man… Mercy… Big brother… Boss… Please let me go…" Mr. Ghost was lying on the floor and screaming agonizingly. The seven colored light from the sword was enough to render him powerless. A few seconds later, smoke started to come out from his spirit body. He will be destroyed eventually, even if Chen decided not to slash him with the sword.

"Hehe… We could talk about it if you had begged for your life earlier… It's too late now!" Chen shrugged and said coldly. Chen lifted up his hand, and the seven colored light made its way back into the Divine Sword. Then, Chen slashed at Mr. Ghost's spirit body at extreme speed, like a meteor plummeting to earth.


A sharp noise penetrated everyone's ears. Then, everything went back to normal.

The Divine Sword disappeared!

The lights in the casino did not flicker anymore!

Mr. Ghost has been erased from this world!

"Disappeared! The Divine Sword had disappeared… The creepy feeling is gone as well…"

"Did God Chen manage to kill that evil spirit?"

"Great! Great! We are saved! God Chen is almighty!"

"God Chen! Please forgive us… We shouldn't go against you… Forgive us please…"

Everyone had some ideas about what just happened in front of them. All of them started to worship Chen one by one. Besides that, they kept on confessing their sins. They knew better than anyone, that going against Chen was equivalent to go against a god!

"All of you! Shut up! I'm no god!"

Chen felt odd after seeing those gang members starting to worship him. However, he still needed to explain the existence of that Divine Sword to the crowd. He said, "I'm just a man that practiced some Taoism! That Divine Sword was a gift from someone really powerful! You guys are going to get me into trouble if you guys keep on talking shit!"

"Yes... Yes… Yes… We will not do that anymore…"Everyone nodded. None of them had the guts to disobey Chen.

"Xiaobei is so awesome…" Xiaoyao and Wenyuan were holding hands like sisters. Both of them were looking at Chen with their beautiful eyes like crazy fans.

"My Bro Bei is damn awesome!!!" The Fire Boss was extremely hyped up.

"Xiaobei is a godlike human being! Boss Tian has chosen the right person to take over his position!"

Third Elder and the five old core members said. At that moment, Chen was the beacon of hope for their faction. They were really looking forward to what Chen could offer to the future of the faction. On the other hand, Xiangyu did not say anything at all, but his tensed up look was gone, and a genuinely warm smile replaced it.

Only one person in the room started to shout hysterically like a crazy person.

"Mr. Ghost… Where are you??!! Come out! Kill this Chen Xiaobei for me!!! He is still alive! You can't walk away with an unfinished job! Mr. Ghost! Kill him!"

Qiu had lost his mind. He could not accept the fact that his perfect plan had been completely ruined. Initially, he placed all his hope on Mr. Ghost but Chen had still managed to defeat Mr. Ghost easily! Anyone would have gone crazy if the person had been in Qiu's shoes.

"Chen Xiaobei! I'm going to kill you!" Qiu had been taken over by his anger. He charged at Chen without thinking straight. 


Chen gave him a tight slap without saying a single word. The immense force from the slap sent him flying, and he landed beside Gu.


Qiu turned his head, and he puked out a mouthful of blood and a couple of teeth. Soon, a red palm print started to surface on his face. It was really swollen.

"Mr. Chen… Mercy…"

Gu saw that all hope was lost. He quickly knelt down on the floor and begged for forgiveness. The man was completely freaked out. He dared not to act cocky anymore even if someone lent him ten thousand balls.

"Shut your stinky hole! I'm going to count all the bad things that two of you have done!" Chen glared at them coldly. Gu quickly covered his mouth. He dared not breath another word. 

"Those who used to work for Boss Tian! Please come forward!" Chen shouted with his ice-cold face. Then, Third Elder and the five old core members walked forward and stood behind Chen. Those people that used to work for Boss Tian could feel that something bad was going to happen to them really soon. However, they dared not disobey Chen's order. Soon, around two hundred people stepped forward and stood behind Gu and Qiu.

"I think you guys should know what I am about to say!"

Chen continued to say seriously, "Our earth is covered by the light of the sun and the moon. We should always stay loyal to the people who look after us! You guys had forgotten how Boss Tian took care of you guys when you first joined the faction! What's more, you guys started to gather together to come up with an evil plan to betray Boss Tian! There will be consequences! All of you here will receive the punishment that you guys deserve! Lastly, you guys will serve as a warning to the people who are going to join our faction! Third Elder, please!" Chen opened up his arms and retreated to the back.

The third Elder nodded, took out a paper from his pocket and announced, "Fuqiang, betrayal, according to the house rule, you need to cut off three of your own fingers! Hu Dingang, being convinced by others to betray the faction, cut off one of your own fingers! Huang Boshan, convinced a group of people to betray the faction, cut off your left arm…"

All those traitors received the punishment that they deserved.

"Do you want me to do it? Or, do you guys want to do it by yourself?" Chen narrowed his eyes after seeing that those traitors had not carried out their own punishments. Right after that, a cold and strong authority took over their doubts.

"No… Mr. Chen… We can do it ourselves…"

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