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"Evil spirit?! Why is there an evil spirit here?" Xiangyu was shocked. He became really tensed up as well. Although he was practically undefeatable when it came to human enemies, he would be helpless against an evil spirit! Firstly, he did not possess any Pure Yang Items! Secondly, he did not possess Yin Yang Eyes! It was definitely an awkward moment for him.


All of a sudden, a cold wind breezed through the room. A black shadow emerged from the ground. It started to laugh arrogantly. "Ehehehe… Today is a good day for me… I just earned a huge amount of money from Qiu… Also, I'm going to consume the Qi of an elite at True Nirvana stage… This is awesome…"

No one else in the room could see the evil spirit when it appeared. However, they could feel a stream of cold air slowly invading their bodies from head to toe. All of them were filled with goosebumps. Their hands and feet were ice-cold.

Earlier, they had been freaked out by Xiangyu's combat. They were covered in such a weird and creepy atmosphere. Soon, most of them lost their minds and passed out. On the other hand, Third Elder and the five old core members did not look too good either. They would pass out as well, soon!


[Cultivation: Five-Star Evil Spirit! Health: Five-Star Spirit Form. Combat power: 15000!]

Chen used his Netherspirit Battlescouter to check out the evil spirit and tapped his cellphone in his pocket blindly to withdraw the Duskdawn at the same time.

"Third Elder, I want you to hold on to this ring… Stand close to the rest of them!" Chen handed the Duskdawn to Third Elder. All of them felt better after receiving the protection that they needed from the Pure Yang Spiritual Qi.

At that moment, Chen was on the losing side. Xiangyu did not have Yin Yang Eyes. The Duskdawn was not powerful enough to defeat the evil spirit. Lastly, Chen was still rather weak. It was impossible for him to lay his hands on the evils spirit. Thus, Chen decided to hand over the Duskdawn to Third Elder to defend against the Yin Qi!

"Eh? Pure Yang Spiritual Item?"

The evil spirit noticed the changed of Qi immediately. It flew five meters away from the Pure Yang Spiritual Item and said curiously, "Wow! I did not expect a Pure Yang Spiritual Item here! What a great bonus!"

"You are one weird evil spirit! Why do you care about money? Why do you want the Pure Yang Spiritual Item? Do you think you can take it?" Chen walked closer to the evil spirit. At the same time, he was still tapping on his cellphone in his pocket.

"Eh? Were you born with Yin Yang Eyes? This is interesting!" The evil spirit looked down and checked on Chen. Seeing that Chen was talking to their air, Qiu was pretty sure that the Mr. Ghost that he had hired was here! He got really excited when he saw that Xiangyu was speechless.

"Son of a bitch! Mr. Ghost is here! You are going to die today! Hahaha!"

Qiu started to laugh loudly and said, "I have spent a huge fortune to hire Mr. Ghost to kill you! His ability allows him to inject his own consciousness into any evil spirit! Then, he will have total control of the evil spirit! He is practically invincible with his spirit form! Not even your insanely powerful brother can defeat him! Hahaha…"

Chen was shocked after hearing Qiu's explanation. He did not know that a Shaman could possess such a unique ability. That made him realize that the world was truly vast, and there was a lot of things waiting for him to be discovered!

"Idiot! Why did you tell my biggest secret to my enemy?!" Mr. Ghost shouted angrily. However, Qiu could not hear his shouting at all. Thus, Qiu continued to act like a cocky son of the bitch. Mr. Ghost would have killed Qiu if it was not for the money that Qiu promised to pay him. Actually, a Shaman's ability was his huge secret. No one was supposed to know that, except for the user. By knowing the secret, the enemy would be able to make use of it to defeat the Shaman!

Chen grinned and asked, "In other words, Mr. Ghost will become a vegetable if I kill this evil spirit right now!

"Well. That is totally possible. But, it is impossible for you to defeat Mr. Ghost!"

Qiu grinned and continued to say, "You better tell me the password to access your bank account right now! If not, you are going to face a great deal of suffering!"

"Bank account?"

That caught Mr. Ghost's interest. He perked up when he heard about Chen's bank account. He even lost all his anger. Then, he asked in a low tone, "Hey kid! How much do you have in your bank account?"

"Not much… Only two billion…" Chen shrugged and said calmly.

"What?! Two freaking billion?!" Mr. Ghost was extremely shocked. He did not expect a young kid like Chen to possess so much money in the bank account.

He started to laugh happily and said, "All your money belongs to me now! That Pure Yang Spiritual Item will fall into my possession as well! Finally, I will consume the Qi of that elite with True Nirvana stage! This is so damn awesome! Ehehehe…"

"Do you really think I will hand over all my money to you without putting up a fight?" Chen said calmly.

"What a joke! I can see that you have not achieved True Nirvana Stage like that guy over there! To me, you are just another dead slab of meat on my board! What garbage! I can kill you without lifting up my finger!"

Mr. Ghost started to laugh hysterically, "Actually, I have a hundred ways to make you tell me the password to access your bank account!"

"Hehe… Seems like, you are pretty powerful… However, you will have to ask permission from this sword first!"

Suddenly, Chen took out a three-meter-long wooden sword from his pocket. The wooden sword looked really dull and simple. It was not sharp at all. To be honest, it looked like a piece of toy.

"What is Chen doing? He is talking to the air. He just took out a wooden sword from his pocket! Is there an evil spirit in this room?"

"Mr. Qiu kept on mentioning something about Mr. Ghost… I think there is an evil spirit in this room…"

"Chen's insanely powerful brother is not making any moves… I think you are right…"

"Oh, god… So, evil spirits do exist in our world! But, is it possible for Chen to defeat that evil spirit when his brother couldn't think of a way to defeat it?"

Everyone had their attention on Chen and Xiangyu. They were extremely nervous.

"Asshole Xiaobei… Do you really think you can defeat this evil spirit… I do not have period blood this time…" Xiaoyao pursed her lips and said. She was really nervous as well.

"Don't you worry, sister! My Xiaobei is really smart and powerful! I don't think this is going to be a problem for him!" Wenyuan said proudly.

"God of War buddy… Aren't you going to help Bro Bei?" The Fire Boss gulped and asked.

"There is nothing that I can do to help him in this fight. But, I'm pretty confident that he can defeat this evil spirit!" Xiangyu placed all his trust to Chen and said.


Mr. Ghost looked down at Chen and said mockingly, "Kid! Did the monkeys send you here to make a fool of yourself? Your toy is not going to do anything to me! I'm not afraid of you!"

"Pure Yang Sword of Talisman!"

Chen took the sword with his right hand and used his left hand to swipe his fingers across the body of the wooden sword and said, "Slash!"

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