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Chen drank the Hundred Herbs Potion to rejuvenate his strength and energy. He then drove back to his home and took the rest of the night off, for a good rest.

Finally, Chen reached Green Vine City in the afternoon. However, Chen did not rush back to his home, instead, he went and looked for Xiangyu.

Xiangyu was so excited and happy when he knew that Chen had enough merit points to help him to redeem his soul. He got down to his knees and was thanking Chen repeatedly. Xiangyu would have cried out loud if he had not choked on his tears. Chen's hard-earned merit points would be reduced to zero after helping Xiangyu and Wenyuan to redeem their souls.

Even though Chen was more than willing to spend all his merit points to save Xiangyu, he was still very touched by the brotherly sacrifice made by Chen. Naturally, he remained quiet about it. Needless to say, he had already considered Chen his eternal good brother! From that moment on, he would share all the good things with Chen. He would go through all the hardships together as well. When the time came, he would be more than willing to sacrifice his life for Chen.

On the other hand, Chen decided that he was going to postpone the matter of the soul-redemption. He was thinking of make good use of his luck and charm since it had just increased tremendously not too long ago. Xiangyu indicated that he would support whatever decision that Chen made.

Chen left the school and proceeded to call Wu Junfan to set up a meeting with him.

"Xiaobei! Here!"

Wu was available when Chen called him. Thus, he came and picked up Chen from the school. Chen was staring at Wu with an evil smile once he entered Wu's car.

Wu had goosebumps all over his body. 

"What the hell is wrong with you? What's with that grin?"

"Sigh… I want to mourn for you for three minutes…" Chen shook his head.

"Mourn? What do you mean by that?"

Wu was baffled. He was afraid that Chen might have come up with something evil.

"I have a friend who is coming to Green Vine City soon!" Chen chuckled.

"Your friend coming to Green Vine City has nothing to do with the fact that you are mourning for me!" Wu was puzzled.

"My friend will become the second most handsome in Green Vine City soon! You will be downgraded to the third!"

Wu rolled his eyes.

"Are you trying to say that you are the most handsome man in Green Vine City?"

"Of course! There's no one who can take my position in Green Vine City!" Chen smiled and said.

"Erm… I had not met you for a few days, and your face has grown so much thicker!"

Wu glared at Chen before calming down.

"Actually, I'm pretty curious. Who is your friend?"

"That's is a secret!" Chen grinned again.


Wu almost vomited blood.

"You are the one who brought up this topic! Now, you are telling me it's a secret?"

"Hehe… Don't mind the detail… I will introduce him to you when he comes to Green Vine City!"

Chen smiled.

"Let's get back to business. Actually, I want to check out the ten shop lots that your father promised to pass me earlier."

"Why? Are you worried that we might not stick to our promise?"

Wu smiled.

"I have everything ready for you! You can use it anytime you want! Are you going to sell your First Love Peaches soon? You have to inform me when you do!"

"Don't worry! I will not ditch you!"

"But, I want to check out the shop lots first. Then, I want to contact a reliable logistics company. After that, I will hire some responsible employees as well. I might not be able to sell the First Love Peach to others anytime soon!"

"Those are small problems! I can bring you to check out the shop lots first! Then, you can use our Wu Logistics Company for your business. I will send over twenty employees from Wu Supermarket to help you! Just call me if there's any problem!" Wu tapped his chest and said.

"Damn! You are so nice!"

Chen grinned.

"If that's the case, I should be able to sell my First Love Peach to others in two to three days!

"You do not have to worry when it comes to a matter such as this! I will make sure that I'll get everything done within twenty-four hours!"

Wu was the richest second-generation guy in Green Vine City. He was really confident when he made the promise.

After that, Wu brought Chen to check out those shop lots. It was the shopping district that houses the most expensive goods. In short, the place could have the highest traffic for money. It was the perfect location for Chen to sell his First Love Peach! Chen could also sell other expensive, imported fruits after he finished selling his First Love Peaches! According to Wu, Chen could expect very high profit from it!

"This is the last shop! After this, we should go and look for a place to have dinner!" said Wu.

"No problem! I shall treat you a good meal since you did a huge favor for me today!"

Chen was really in a good mood. 

"Just name whatever you want to eat! My motto is don't look for the right food instead, look for the most expensive food! Please, do not try to help me to save money!"

"Hehe! I'm really curious. Who the hell inherited Wu Family's shop lots! It seems like this guy is some filthy rich f*ck as well! Hehehe…"

All of a sudden, an annoying voice can be heard from far. A dozen gangsters were walking towards Chen and Wu. The one that was taking had blonde hair. A simple glance could tell you that he was the head. 

The blonde guy walked over and glared at Chen. With a smug on his face, he said, "From today onwards, you are going to be the boss here?"


Chen nodded and glared at the blonde guy.

"Do you know the rules around here?" The blonde guy asked arrogantly.


Chen turned cold immediately.

"Spill the beans! Don't stand in front of my shops!"

"Motherf*cker! How dare you speak to me rudely? Do you have a death wish?"

The blonde guy was really mad. He gritted his teeth and said angrily, "This is my territory! I have never seen shop owners having the balls to speak to me so rudely!"

"Blonde hair boss! We intend to resolve this issue peacefully!"

Wu saw that the thing was going to turn sour. He quickly stepped forward and acted as the peacemaker.

"My name is Wu Junfan! I have not done any business in this shop before! But, I'm pretty sure you have heard about me before!"

"Hehe… So, Master Wu is here!"

The blonde guy grinned and changed the way he talked all of a sudden, "So, what if you are Master Wu?! Your family stuck to the rules when they were doing business here a long time ago! I cannot let this kid break the rules!"

"What kind of rules?" Wu asked, puzzledly.

Small shop lots like these were managed by Wu's employees, usually. Thus, he had zero ideas about the rules.

"The rules are pretty simple! All you need to do is pay me twenty thousand every month! I will make sure no one will come and disturb you. Naturally, your business is going to be good!" The blonde guy said arrogantly. It appears that he was not afraid of Wu at all.

"So, basically, you are collecting protection fees?! I heard about this rule before! But, twenty thousand a month is too much!"

"Hehe… I'm only collecting five thousand from other shops! This son of the bitch here disrespected me! Thus, I want him to pay twenty thousand to me every month!" The blonde guy looked at Chen despicably.

"Twenty thousand? I'm not going to pay a single cent to you! What are you going to do about it?" Chen retorted immediately.

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