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"Motherf*cker! I'm so angry right now!"

Meichuan wanted to vomit blood right now. The number of times of Chen had upset him is more than the number of times of him being upset in his entire life.

"Calm down…Calm down…The thing that will make you angry has not even started yet! We are not going on to bet with money today. Let's bet with something more exciting!" Chen smiled and said.

"Okay! What do you want to bet with? Just name it!" Meichuan roared.

"Let's bet with PIAK PIAK PIAK! Winner get to slap the loser for three times! What do you think about that?" Chen raised his eyebrows and said.

"Three slaps are not enough at all! At least thirty slaps! The one who acts like coward here is a dog!" Meichuan said strongly.

"Hehe…I shall agree with you since you insist on it!" Chen shrugged and put on an I-couldn't-care-less face.

"Don't f*cking act tough in front of me right now! You are going to cry later!" Meichuan said coldly and proceeded to enter the arena. Chen and Wong were following him closely.

"Bro Bei! Gambateh! Slap that son of the bitch!" The security guards made a supportive gesture. Then, Chen raised his hands and made an okay gesture.

First, Wong said a bunch of crap again before the competition started. After that, the contestants entered the arena. Both of them held a wooden sword. One of them was wearing black Dojo clothes, while the other was wearing white Dojo clothes. Also, both of them had protective headgears as well. It was really hard to spot which one was Lin Xiang.

But, if you really paid attention to them, you will know the one in white Dojo clothes with the sensuous chest is Lin Xiang! Then, Lin took a look at the VIP seat, she saw Chen looking at her as well. This was one of those fated connection moments. She felt nervous and happy at the same time. That wonderful feeling was sweeter than eating honey. Lin couldn't help but giggle out loud.

"Girl! Why are you laughing? Are you turned on by my muscular body? Hehe…You should just surrender now. Then, I will bring you to the nearest hotel to let you have a taste of my sword!"

The guy with black Dojo clothes laughed disgustingly. He was staring at Lin's body since the moment she stepped into the arena.

"Excuse me…You Chinese is really bad…I couldn't understand a single word you said…Can you please repeat it?" Lin asked.

"I want you to surrender! Surrender! Do you understand that? The Japanese guy rolled his eyes at Lin and shouted angrily.

"I see…Now, I can finally understand what you said…"

Lin nodded and continued to say, "I won't surrender to you because my boyfriend is watching this competition!"

"Idiot! Do you really think you can defeat me in kendo? Stupid woman! I will torture you if you don't surrender right now! I will make sure that I embarrass your boyfriend as well!" The Japanese guy shouted arrogantly. It was as if he had just taken a shot of adrenaline. He couldn't wait for the competition to begin. All he wanted to do right now was to defeat Lin Xiang.

"Excuse me…Your Chinese sucks…Can you try to speak slower and simpler?" Lin asked softly.

"Blarrgghhh…" The Japanese guy almost spat blood at the ceiling.

He was so hyped up, but Lin couldn't understand a single word from him at all. He felt as if he had just wasted his own time.

At the VIP seat.

Wong grinned and laughed, "Look at that! Lin Xiang is so terrified by her opponent! Look at her weak ass face! Hahaha…The Japanese will definitely win this competition! Master Meichuan will be the big winner!"

"Wong Jianren! Are you interested in joining the bet since you are so confident that the Japanese team will win the competition? It's only thirty slaps! A small bet like this is going to be entertaining!" Chen said calmly.

"Alright! I will join the bet as well! I know exactly how weak Lin Xiang is! There is no way that she can win this competition!"

"Also, I will be able to have my revenge! I want to destroy your face this time!" Wong smiled evilly.

"Cut the shit! Kickstart the competition now! My hands are waiting to slap Chen Xiaobei!" Meichuan rubbed his palms against each other. He was preparing himself to slap Chen.


Wong stood up and announced with the mic, "The Kendo competition is going to start now!"


Thousands of students were cheering for Lin.

"Haha! I can finally watch my goddess fight! I never expect that the adorable and gorgeous Ms. Lin knew how to swordfight!"

"I'm really looking forward to it as well. Honestly speaking, I don't think Ms Lin can win in this competition…Her opponent is the president of the kendo club of Japan University!"

"Win or lose, it doesn't really matter anymore! We have won in Taekwondo and football! We are still leading even if Ms. Lin loses this kendo competition! Let's not give her any unnecessary pressure!"

"I don't mind her losing this competition! I'm worried that the Japanese guy will hurt our Ms. Lin!"

"We will beat him up if he hurt our Ms. Lin!"

People were commenting from the audience seats. Most of them were very protective of Lin but they did not think Lin would stand a chance in this competition. After all, to them, Lin was just a weak lady.

"Woman! Die now!"

The Japanese guy shouted on the stage and charged at Lin.

"You must be really good at kendo." Lin gripped her wooden sword tight.

"Of course! I'm the president of Kendo club at the Japanese University! Also, I was the champion of Japan Teenager Kendo Competition! There's still time for you to surrender if you are afraid of me!" The Japanese guy shouted arrogantly.

"I'm not afraid of you at all!"

Lin continued to say bravely, "I shouldn't save any of my strength if you are really that good! I don't want to lose to you!"

"Saving strength? You? Please don't make me laugh! Hahaha…"

The Japanese guy laughed hysterically and said proudly, "I beg of you! Please don't save any strength! I don't want others to say that I'm bullying a weak woman!"

"Here I come!"

Lin had zero combat experience. She shouted like a child and swung the wooden sword with all her strength.


A one thousand and five hundred combat power swing! That was equivalent to six hundred pounds of force! The Japanese guy was speechless.



The wooden sword landed on the Japanese guy's helmet. That protective gear deformed instantly. He was sent flying ten meters away like a meteor! Then, he landed on the ground, hard! After that, he went into a coma.


Thousands of audiences were stunned. Even Lin was shocked by her own strength. She said softly, "Is that guy an idiot? Why was he acting tough when he is so damn weak…I shouldn't have used all my strength to defeat him…It would be really troublesome if I hurt him seriously.,."

"Nice hit! We won!"

Chen stood up and cheered for Lin. The next second, everyone went crazy.

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