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"Asshole! Perv! Damn it…I don't…"

"No…Don't even think about it…Erm…No…Please don't do this…"

"Alright…This will be the last time…I will never service you again…No more third time…"

There were some indecent lines coming from the toilet. After that, Demonic Fox left the scene with her face turning red.

"It is essential to balance up my Yin and Yang! I feel so refreshed after releasing myself! Hehehe…"

Chen stretched himself, poured away all the poisoned dishes and went back to sleep. As for training, Chen decided to take a break. After all, Chen is just an ordinary human; a little money minded, a little perverted, and sometimes a little lazy as well.

At the Six Door Organization.

"Mr. Poseidon! I have spread the news about Emperor Yan's tomb to the whole of Jianghu! All the small and big factions in Jianghu are going to arrive in Green Vine City in five days!" The chief inspector said politely on the phone.

"Hahaha…Great! That's great!"

"Five days later, the bloodbath will begin! I wish that all of them will die on that day! All you Chinese people! Die! Hahaha!"

"...…" The chief inspector was speechless. He knew precisely that the death toll of this war was going to reach four figures easily. If all those factions fought in a massive scale war, the death toll would reach five figures or even six figures! By that time, blood will flow like river and bodies will be stacked up like mountains.

The ones who will die in the war are no ordinary people. Those who are in Jianghu possessed certain skill sets that ordinary people wouldn't have. Thus, it's hard to train another group of people like that. Typically, only a few actual elites would rise among tens of thousands of people!

It's going to be destructive to the Chinese Jianghu when the death toll reaches five to six figures. The whole Jianghu might need a couple of hundred years to recover from this catastrophic event! China is going to be crippled when the Jianghu is gone! This is the most terrifying part of it, and this is why Poseidon was so happy about it.

The next morning, Chen woke up early to tidy himself up. Then, he drove to school. The final friendly match; Kendo was going to happen today. Meichuan Neiku and Wong Jianren were planning to assign Lin to fight some Japanese Kendo expert. Lin Xiang is one of the four most beautiful girls in the school. Although her popularity was not as high as the other three most beautiful girls, she still had a bunch of loyal fans.

"Student! You are not allowed to go in! It's fully seated inside!"

Chen was about to enter the arena, but he was stopped by the security guard.

"Uncle, I know you can be more flexible about it. It's me!" Chen took off his sunglasses and said.

"Damn! Bro Bei! It's you! I'm your fan!" The security guard said with a smile on his face. His eyes were filled with idolization towards Chen.

"Since you are my fan, you should really let me in!" Chen said happily.

"I'm afraid that I can't let that happen! Vice principal scolded me just now! He is going to deduct my salary if I let anymore people enter the arena! Also, there are others who want to go in as well. Things will turn really bad if I let you in but not others! Bro Bei…Please understand my current situation…"


Chen was distraught. He would not have dressed up himself if he knew that he couldn't get in the arena. Also, Lin would be really upset if she doesn't see Chen supporting her from the seats. Plus, he was really worried as well. Lin would definitely be hurt by Meichuan if he comes up with other evil plans!

"Hmph! Isn't that Chen Xiaobei? What's wrong? Can't enter the arena?" An annoying voice was heard. It was none other than Meichuan Neiku. A plump man was standing beside him. He was Wong Jianren, the one who was slapped by Chen two days ago.

"Master Meichuan! Let's ignore him and enter the arena!" Wong was really afraid of Chen. He wanted to avoid all possible contact with Chen.

"Get lost! You are not supposed to talk when I'm talking!" Meichuan stared at Wong and shouted.

"Yes…" Wong gulped and retreated to a corner.

The security guards pursed his lips when he saw the vice principal of this school being so damn useless. He was an embarrassment to the school!

"Chen Xiaobei! I can let you in! What do you think about that?" Meichuan smiled evilly.

"Look at your stupid smile! I know that you have something bad planned out!" Chen said.

The security guard gave Chen a thumbs up.

"My Bro Bei is so much better than that useless vice principal! Just slap that Japanese guy's face!" The security guard thought to himself.

"Are you going to enter the arena? Your woman is going to fight today! Don't you want to see how she gets defeated by her opponent?" Meichuan gritted.

"Hehe…My Xiang Xiang has been training hard these few days! I don't think she is going to lose in this competition!" Chen said calmly.

The security guard was shocked when he got to know that Lin was Chen's woman. He thought that Chen was really awesome; even managing to woo the most beautiful teacher in this school!

"Hahaha…You said that Lin Xiang is going to win this competition? Are you trying to make me laugh?"

"I have already checked her out. During her time in school, she scored an excellent result in all academic subjects except for physical education! She is just weak! I don't think she can win this competition, even if she gets two years of training!"

"Let's make a bet since you are so confident about it! Let's bet who will win this competition!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said. A sense of confidence could be seen in his eyes.

With the help of the God Strengthening Pill, Lin had acquired one thousand and five hundred combat power! But, Meichuan Neiku did not know about it at all. Thus, he won't possibly send some elite to fight Lin!

Chen already knew that Lin would win in this competition without entering the arena. Since he had nothing to do, he decided to make Meichuan suffer.

"Alright! We shall bet on it! I'm not afraid of you!" Meichuan did not know that he had fallen into the trap that set by Chen.

"Never mind…Never mind…I think I'll call off the bet…" Chen shook his head and said.

"Why? Afraid of me? I never thought that Chen Xiaobei could be a coward at times! Hahaha…" Meichuan laughed happily.

"I'm not afraid of you…I don't feel like winning you in this bet…"

Chen grinned and said mockingly, "You are so poor to the point that you can't afford a pair of underwear for yourself…I'm afraid that you will have to change to your name to Meichuan Kuzi (not wearing pants) if you lose in this bet. No…You should change your name to Meiku Zichuan (not wearing pants) or Guangdian Xiaocilang (naked butt)."


Meichuan almost vomited blood after hearing Chen make fun of his name.

"Hahaha…Meiku Zichuan….Guangdian Xiaocilang…My Bro Bei is a genius! Haha…"

The security guard was laughing non-stop.


Wong wanted to laugh as well, but he didn't dare to do so. He quickly covered up his mouth.

Meichuan was so angry that he forgot which country he came from.

"Chen Xiaobei! Bet with me if you are a real man! I will bang my head on the wall if you can win this bet!" Meichuan gritted and said.

"Wrong words. You should have said Kamikaze!" Chen laughed mockingly.

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