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A+ A- Chapter 270: The Evolution Of A Football Newbie

"Damn! That is just too damn scary! Too spooky! They were a bunch of cowards a moment ago! Why did they become tigers and lions when Chen came? This is just so unbelievable!"

Meichuan was still feeling afraid, after running out of the stadium. His football team was still in shock as well. For a moment, they thought that their opponents were going to beat them up.

"Master Meichuan, don’t you worry! I will definitely defeat them tomorrow! They are just a bunch of inexperienced university students!"

Xiaoniao thumped his chest and said confidently, "I’m the king of football in Japan! A professional football player! I shall kill myself if I can’t defeat a bunch of newbies!"

"Alright. Of course, I believe in you!"

Meichuan nodded and continued to say, "But, in case there are any changes, I’ll have to prepare another trump card!" Then, he took out his cellphone and called Wong Xiaoquan.

"Xiaoquan! Is Mr. Guijiao (Ghost leg) there?" Meichuan asked in a deep voice.

"Yes! He is here! His flight just touched down! I will pick him up real soon!" Wong reported back.

"Great! Bring him to the designated hotel right away! I want to meet up with him!" Meihcuan ordered.

Then, he said, "Is Mr. Yamada there?"

"No. Mr. Yamada is still waiting to get his hands on a Space Volley. But, he promised me that he would

reach Green Vine City in five days! By that time, Chen Xiaobei can start to dig his own grave!" Wong said in a deep voice.

"Great! Fantastic! As long as Mr. Yamada is here, we will be able to erase our worst enemy from this earth! This is so exciting! Hahaha!"

Meichuan started to laugh excitedly, "Brothers! Better perform well tomorrow! When you guys win the match tomorrow, I will bring you guys to the best brothel here! You guys can do 3P or even 4P! Just do whatever you guys like!"

"Then, we shall thank Master Meichuan in advance! Well, it is impossible for us to lose the match anyway! Hahaha…"

"That’s right! I will kill myself if they manage to defeat us tomorrow!"

"We must win tomorrow! We will win tomorrow!"

The Japan Team started to cheer with confidence.

On the other hand, Chen had some quick chit-chat with his team to know them more. Then, Chen told them something about himsel to the team.

Then, Li started to scream. "What? Bro Bei! You are a complete newbie to football?! How can you not know anything about football?"

"No way! Bro Bei! We were expecting you lead our team to victory tomorrow! Now, you are telling us that you are just a newbie to football…" Everyone around Chen was shocked.

"Haha…Don’t mind me. I can learn! Plus, I’m a quick learner!" Chen smiled and said.

"We are going to have our competition tomorrow! You are to learn how to play football now?! Are you pulling our legs?" Li said.

"Just teach me! Trust me!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said.

Li sighed and said, "The most important about winning a football match is kicking the ball into the goal! You need to have great control over your legs to send the ball into the goal! Shooting and legwork must work together!"

"I know how to kick the ball into the goal! All I need to do is kick the ball when I’m close to the goal!"

Chen continued to say, "Tell me more about legwork!"

"Damn it! This guy doesn’t even know what legwork is!" Li thought.

He almost cried. Then, he said, "A good legwork allows you to maneuver the ball past your opponent! Also, it can be used to confuse your opponent! Then, you look for a good opportunity and a good angle to kick the ball into the goal!"

"Damn! I like this! It makes me feel like I’m leading the victory!" Chen grinned and said.

"It’s useless if you just like it!"

Li sighed and continued to say, "We need a player that can serve as a shooter with excellent legwork…If we can’t break their defense…We might just end up in a draw…"

Everyone around Chen started to get worried as well. From their looks, Chen knew that they were not

were not even confident enough to end the game, even as a draw.

"Everyone! Come on! Cheer up! I know to play football! I will lead you guys to victory tomorrow!" Chen said happily.

"How is this even possible? This is not a video game…"

"One night of training and you can lead us to victory? Then, everyone can be a legendary football player!"

"Bro Bei…I think you might have overplayed yourself this time…We will be criticized for weeks, or even months if we lose the match tomorrow!"

All the negative energy started to spread around.

"Cut the crap! Since when did I disappoint you guys?" Chen raised his eyebrows and asked.

"That is true! Bro Bei has never disappointed us!"

"I think we should just trust him with this! Also, we don’t have any other options either!"

"Right! Right! Right! Quit talking shit! Trust our Bro Bei! Let’s f*ck them up tomorrow!"

All of them had no idea how is Chen going to improve hit skill overnight. But, the name Bro Bei is enough for them to put their trust on Chen. Everything is possible with Chen! possible with Chen! Chen did not talk anymore after that. He headed home quickly. Then, he locked himself up in the room to prepare for the football match tomorrow.

"Since I need excellent legwork to score a goal, I think I need to start with my legwork first! Chen grinned. Then, he took out the manual called Lightning Steps from his treasure chest.

This is a set of unique legworks, courtesy of the Xiaoyao Clan! This skill was written based on the pattern of the Eight Diagrams. One will move according to the design of it after the person master this skill. The person can come up with thousands of movement patterns at lightning speed. The enemies will be confused by it easily. If this skill is used in a football match, Chen would be practically undefeatable.

Chen started his training without any second thought. This was a five-star martial art skill. Thus, Chen needed two hours to master this skill.

"After this, I should focus on shooting!"

Chen rubbed his hands and took out the manual called, God Strength King Kong Kick from his treasure chest.

He said excitedly, "I will be able to turn the football field upside down if this skill is similar to the one in the movie! Wahahaha!"

He opened up the book and started to dwell on it. It turned out that this skill was actually pretty similar to the one that he saw in the movie! It was an excellent kicking skill! It allowed the person to control every single tiny part of the legs. The superb accuracy comes with the immense strength.

God Chejiao did modify it slightly. Now, the user can use his/her Qi to harden the legs. Not even bullets would go through it! 

"Hmph! With this skill, I will be able to destroy those *ssholes!"

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