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A+ A- Chapter 271: One Big, Embarrassing Moment!

The second morning, all ten thousand seats in Green Vine Stadium were completely filled. The audience was even more hyped up today. Chen had won the Taekwondo friendly match with flying colors. Everyone was looking forward to Chen’s performance today.

Wong was still the same old same shit, repeating the same shit at the VIP seat. Meichuan was sitting beside him, watching with his binoculars. Today, there was someone new sitting beside him. This person was bald, and his skin was bronze. He looked kind of sharp.

He was wearing a pair of soccer pants. Two pillars of his stone-like, muscular legs could be seen.

"Master! Do you think that I will have chance to perform on the field today?" The bald guy licked his lips and said.

"It depends! You don’t have to go down the field if our team takes this match easily."

Meichuan continued on to say, "After all, you are one of the three mid-level ninjas in our Meichuan Family! Your status is high and mighty! You shouldn’t taint your status with this kind of mess!"

"In other words, I won’t have the opportunity to perform on the field…"

He dug his ears and said condescendingly, "Even my grandma can defeat this Chinese Team at football!"

Meichuan shook his head and said, "No, we can’t be relaxed right now! You will be my final trump card if Chen Xiaobei manages to turn the match around!"

"Chen Xiaobei? Who the hell is that? How did he make you so fearful of him?" The bald guy asked curiously.

Usually, Meichuan Neiku is not afraid of anyone. It was rare for him to actually be so fearful of someone from the bottom of his heart.

"That one! The one in the number thirty-three jersey!" Meichuan pointed and said. The football players of both teams started to march into the field after Wong finished with his bull crap. Chen walked at the front of the Green Vine Team. He was wearing a jersey with the number thirty-three on it. The way he walked made him look like an influential leader.

"Ah!! Bro Bei! Bro Bei!"

Ninety percent of the audience was Chen fans. They started to cheer like there was no tomorrow.

"Master! Are you kidding me? He’s just a punk ass teenager! He’s not worthy to be my opponent!" The bald guy said in shock.

After all, he is a mid-level ninja with five thousand combat power! Also, he’s an expert of Ninjitsu! In his eyes, Chen is so much weaker than him.

"No! You must not underestimate him!"

Meichuan said gravely, "Daxiong’s balls were destroyed by Chen because he underestimated him! Now, he’s still in a deep coma!"


Guijiao was shocked after hearing Meichuan, "That…Can that kid KO Daxiong with one kick? That is not possible…Daxiong is our best Genin!"

"I’m telling you the truth! If not, I wouldn’t even ask you to come here to deal with that *sshole!"

Meichuan sighed and said coldly, "Other than you, I have asked Mr. Yamada to come here as well! I need to kill him at all costs!"

"What? Mr. Yamada is coming as well?"

Guijiao was even more shocked this time. He frowned and said, "I think you overestimated that punk ass kid! I will kill him before Mr. Yamada comes here!"

"Let’s watch the match first! We can’t kill him here in front of so many people, anyway!" Meichuan swung his hands.

"My legs are getting really itchy now! I need to look for something to kick! I want to get down to the field to fight him!" Guijiao licked his lips and smiled evilly.

"You may go down if Green Vine Team manages to score a goal!" Meichuan said in an evil tone.

"Sigh…I don’t think that I’ll have the chance to go down the field at all…"

Guijiao sighed and continued to say condescendingly, "I shall go to the toilet and put some shit in my mouth if Green Vine Team manages to score even one goal!"

"Hehe…I will go with you as well!" Meichuan shrugged and said calmly.

At the same time, both of the teams had completed all the official presentations that they needed to perform before the match started. They have already taken their positions.

As the offense of the team, Chen and Li stood at the frontline. On the other hand, Xiaoniao and the other guy with tiny eyes played as offense, holding at the frontline as well. The Japan Team will serve first.

"Xiaoniao, do you think that we can score a goal within five minutes?" The guy with small eyes asked.

"That’s a must! Look at their garbage formation! As long as everything goes according to my plan, we should be able to score a goal within five minutes!" Xiaoniao said confidently.

The guy with small eyes started to laugh evilly. Then, he spoke in Chinese to mock his opponents, "Garbage! Tremble in front of us! We will score a goal within five minutes! We will score eleven goals in the end! We will let you know the true meaning of football!"

Li sighed and said, "Bro Bei, let’s do well in our defense later! We need to stop them from scoring any goals! Also, I will replace you with another player if you can’t perform. After all, you are still quite new to football."

Chen was not affected by the mocking from his opponent team and negativity from Li. He even felt like laughing.


The sound of the whistle officially marked the start of this friendly football match. The guy with small eyes passed the ball to Xiaoniao casually.


He was stunned before he could finish his words. At the same time, Li and the guy with small eyes were petrified as well. A shadow had taken the ball away at lightning speed the moment the guy with small eyes passed the ball to Xiaoniao.

None of the players could respond to that in time. The judge was still blowing the whistle. That shadow had already reached the front of the goal!

"Defense! Don’t just stun there! Defense! Quick!" Xiaoniao found that something was not right. He quickly shouted.

"Defense? Hehe…"

The shadow laughed and threw a kick at the ball.


The ball flew into the goal in a perfectly straight line!


The audiences were cheering like maniacs! All of them started to shout, "Bro Bei! Bro Bei!"

Waves and waves of sound made everyone’s blood boil! On the other hand, Guijiao and Meichuan were silent. A moment ago, both of them had agreed that they would go to the toilet to eat shit together, if Green Vine Team manages to score a goal.

This was a really embarrassing moment for them!

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