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A+ A- Chapter 267: Blood On The Bed

How did Chen become so mighty all of a sudden? The Qi that flowed around them showed that he was still in the early phase of Qi refining stage. However, his combat power shot up like nobody business. What the hell is happening? That is not logical at all! Luo and Bao’s heads were full of questions marks. They just couldn’t figure out what that had happened to Chen.

Bao thought he was crazy. Earlier, he felt that he could definitely defeat Chen when he unleashed his full combat power. However, he couldn’t even defend himself when Chen unleashed the beast inside him. He couldn’t do anything about it!


Chan landed a hefty slap on Bao’s left face.


His face was twisted to the left. Blood and teeth flew out from his mouth.

"Show your right cheek to me now!"

Chen put on an ice-cold look and ordered Bao.


Bao turned his right cheek to Chen unconsciously.


Another slap landed on Bao’s right face. Next, Chen embedded all his six thousand and

five hundred combat power into his leg. A two thousand and six hundred-pound ultimate Nutbuster kick landed in between Bao’s legs. He was thrown ten meters up the sky. The blood that came out from his crotch painted the starry sky crimson red. And, thus, one more member has joined the eunuch team!

"Good…What a nice kick…"

Luo cheered when she saw the asshole being defeated by Chen. Finally, she felt relieved. Then, her last straw of conscious was taken over by the drug that she took earlier. Her head was getting hotter and hotter. Her vision was getting blurry as well. The carnal nature of a human being had taken her over.

In her eyes, Chen was still the hero who came and saved her just now. The only difference was that Chen is naked now. Well, this is definitely a hallucination. Luo wanted to strip naked and have some great fun with her hero in bed.

Seeing that Luo was in an unconscious state, Chen stomped on Bao’s throat to take his life. Then, he used the body dissolving poison to make his body disappear. There was no trace left at all. A Six Doors Organization junior inspector had been erased from this world.

After that, Chen walked over to Luo and carried her.


Luo’s body shook. She put her arms around Chen and landed her sweet and moist kisses on Chen’s lips. Then, Luo couldn’t remember anything else after that.


The next morning.

Chen was woken rudely up by Luo’s scream. He turned around and looked at Luo, "My sista…Why the hell are you screaming so loudly in this early morning…? You have screamed enough last night!"

"Why are you sleeping in my bed?"

Luo used the blanket to cover her body. Her eyes were filled with anger. Chen was in Luo’s bedroom. Technically speaking, Chen was lying on her bed as well. The floor was a mess. There were socks, underwear, socks, and shoes scattered around. Also, a fuzzy and warm atmosphere lingered in the room.

"Listen to what you just said…You were the one who insisted on having me sleep with you last night! Why are you asking the obvious?" Chen rubbed his eyes and asked.

"What?! I…I wanted you to sleep with me?"

Luo was shocked. Then, she tried her best to recall the events of last night. She remembered that meeting up with Bao. After that, Bao drugged her!!!

She was petrified once again. Then, she pulled up the blanket unconsciously. She found that her clothes, bras, and underwear were all missing!

"Chen Xiaobei! You animal! How dare you take off my clothes! You…What did you do to me last night?!" Luo’s eyes turned red.

"Sista…Please think harder! I did not take off your clothes! You are the one who took off your clothes last night! You stripped yourself when you pulled off some sexual dance moves!" Chen sighed.

"I danced?" Luo looked at Chen, shocked.

"Yes! You went full crazy mode last night! You were dancing and singing! Then, you jumped on me all of a sudden! Please

sudden! Please think again!" Chen reminded her.

This time, Luo’s face turned red. She gritted, "I don’t remember anything! Tell me honestly! What have you done to me?!"

"Look into my innocent eyes right now! Do I look like that kind of person that takes advantage of a lady when the lady is unconscious?" Chen asked seriously.

"Yes! You do look like one of those *ssholes!"

Then, she continued to say, "No! You don’t just look like those *ssholes! You are the *sshole!"

Her elegant sapphire liked eyes became teary.

"Sista…Please don’t cry! I did not do anything filthy to you last night! I swear!" Chen quickly explained. He really did not want to see a woman cry in front of him.


Luo lifted her blanket up unconsciously. Then, she screamed, "Liar! What’s with those blood markings on my bed if you didn’t do anything to me?!"

"Err…That was the blood from my nose! You were stripping last night! I’m a straight man! How can I not bleed?!"

Chen pouted, "I can show you some pictures that I took last night as proof!"

"Me? Pictures?" Luo frowned. Then, she took a look at the cellphone beside her pillow. She was stunned when she saw her gallery. There were a lot of steamy pictures stored on her cellphone. Photos of forced kissing, hugging, ripping clothes and swinging bras around could be found inside the gallery. What’s the gallery. What’s worse was, those pictures were selfies!

Luo’s face was as red as overriped tomato. Then, she asked sheepishly, "I was unconscious! I didn’t even know that I did all those stupid stuff! Why didn’t you stop me?!"

"I did try to stop you! Don’t you remember biting me when I tried to stop you?" Chen pointed at his neck and arms. There were a few bite marks on it.


Luo was completely speechless. She never thought that she would do something like this! Now, she just wanted to dig a hole and hide inside it.



The sound of a cellphone ringing broke the awkward moment between them. Luo was shocked. Then, she realized that it wasn’t her ringtone

"Why did you take Bao’s cellphone with you?"

Luo looked at Chen in shock and said, concerned, "Shit! My superior is calling him! I will be put on death sentence if they find out that I have betrayed the organization! They will hunt me down until the end of my life!"

"Hello?" Chen picked up the call without any hesitation.

"Don’t answer the call! Do you want to be hunted down as well?!" Luo said nervously.

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