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A+ A- Chapter 266: A Man Can’t Say No

"Who are you?"

Bao’s stare turned vicious. He was staring at Chen furiously for ruining his plans.

"It’s none of your business!" Chen said coldly.

"You…How dare you speak to me like that?! Do you know who I am?" Bao said angrily. As a junior inspector in Six Doors Organization, he always had the privilege of overriding the local authorities. Thus, he was not happy when Chen disrespected him.

"Of course, I know you!! You are a dirty scumbag!" Chen scolded.

"Motherf*cker! How dare you scold me?!" Bao gritted his teeth, and started to emit a strong, murderous aura.

"Hmph! Not only do I want to scold you! I want to kill you tonight as well!" Chen shook his arms and formed them into fists.

"Kill me? Hahaha…"

It was as if Bao had just heard a funny joke. He started to laugh arrogantly, "What a dumbass! I’m an elite in the Jianghu! You can’t even touch me! Let alone kill me!"

"Xiaobei…His cultivation tier is at the early phase of Qi refining stage…Run if you think you can’t defeat him…Don’t lose your life here…"

Luo reminded. She had to tell Chen this vital piece of information before she passed out. She was worried about Chen.

"A real man will not say no to battle! Don’t worry! I will send him to the eunuch team real soon!" Chen raised his eyebrows and threw a wink at Luo.

"Son of a bitch! I’m still here! Don’t you dare start to flirt with my woman! Show me some respect!" Bao shouted at Chen.

"What are you? You are not even qualified for me to look at you in the eyes!" Chen shrugged and said with a commanding tone.

"What a motherf*cker! You asked for it! I will kill you now and skin you alive!" Bao’s eyes spat fire. Chen had utterly messed his mind up before the fight began. He stomped on the ground and charged at Chen with all his strength.

"What? Are you not planning to use all of your combat power to fight me?" One glance, and Chen knew Bao was not completely serious about this combat. He was only using thirty to forty percent of his real power.

"Hmph! I can kill garbage like you as easily as flipping pancakes! You are not worthy of my full strength!" Bao said condescendingly. In his opinion, there would be no Jianghu elites in this small city. Chen was just another small-time punk with zero combat experience.

"Is that right?" Chen put on an evil smile and started to charge at Bao as well. 

"That is fast!!!" Bao and Luo shouted at the same time. They didn’t know that Chen had the strength to come up with such impressive speed! That’s ten time faster than those who are still at the early phase of Qi refining stage!

"Oh my God…" Bao’s heart skipped a beat. His vision went blurry the next second. All he could feel was a heavy punch landing on his right eye.


The punch sent him flying.


Bao landed on the concrete wall, and cracks started to form on the surface of the wall.

"Oh my God…Chen is at the early phase of Qi refining stage as well…He is still really young…His future is going to be so awesome…Finally… Chen can save me from this situation…" Luo stared at Chen. She could feel a sense of security from Chen.

"You f*cking motherf*cker! Such a despicable person! Why did you act weaker than me just now?" Bao was stomping on the floor angrily. He did not suffer any serious injuries. After all, he was an elite with five thousand health! However, his right eye was completely bruised. Blood even started to flow out the corner of his eye. He could barely open his eyes. Earlier on, he was calling Chen a pile of garbage. Now, he’s had a taste of that "garbage’s" punch!

"Dumbass! I did not act weaker than you just now!"

Chen rolled his eyes on Bao and said mockingly, "You are the one who did not come at me with your full strength! There’s no one to blame except for yourself!"


Bao’s face was twisted up. Then, he shouted angrily, "Remember! You are the one that forced me to come at you at full strength! Don’t fell regret later!" Bao charged at Chen again.

Chen is not afraid of him at all. He charged at Bao as well. This time, both of them fought with all their strength. Within a second, both of their punches collided with each other.





Each of their punched contained two thousand pounds of power! The ground shook when their punches collided. Blades of wind started to form around them as the battle got more and more intense. The sound of the wind was pretty terrifying.

Both of their combat powers were pretty similar. Thus, they fought on equal footing for some time.

"I did not expect a punk like you to have such combat power! But, try not to let your guard down! It has been three years since I reach Qi refining stage! I’m still more powerful than you! You will surely lose after three hundred punches!" Bao gritted and used all his strength in this battle. He firmly believed that he would eventually win the battle with his persistence.

"I’m sorry. I’m getting bored here! I won’t wait for another three hundred rounds to defeat you! I want you to die now!" Chen raised his eyebrows, and the Dragon Force inside his body was awakened. He had been suppressing his real power just now. He wanted to get used to the changes of the Qi refining stage. Now, he will fight with his full strength.

"Kill me? You must be kidding me! How the hell are you going to kill me?!"

Bao started to laugh hysterically and said coldly, "We are on the same level when it comes to strength. But, the power of my Qi is definitely bigger than yours! Don’t be silly now! You should just sit there and let me defeat you!"

"Are you sure about that?" Chen gave Bao an evil smile that he will never forget. Chen increased his combat power by thirty percent in the next second. He destroyed Bao’s defense in less than a second. After that, Chen threw a couple of punches with six thousand and five hundred combat power at Bao.




Bao was stunned completely. He couldn’t figure out how Chen’s combat power increased so much, all of a sudden. Chen hit his head, chest, and stomach. His bones started to fall apart as well.

Bao has lost the battle.

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