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A+ A- Chapter 259: Even The King Has To Die!


The speed of the claw was around six thousand combat power. Although the spirit couldn’t hurt a man physically, its attack can drain a human’s Qi instantly. The person will die within a few seconds. Liu’s Hundred Ghost Formation is not something that can be messed with.

"Master Chen! Be careful! Don’t let the claw touch your body!" Wernyuan shouted. Her heart was jumping up and down non-stop.

It’s almost impossible for a person to rejuvenate Qi once it has been drained from the body. Even if Chen manages to survive after being hit by the claw, his body would be weakened. He will either fall sick, or Liu will take this opportunity to kill him.

"Bastard! Just kneel down and die! The result of this battle was decided before it even began! Nobody asked you to go against such a powerful opponent like me!" Liu was getting really excited as the claw got closer and closer to Chen.

"The Hundred Ghost Formation is really powerful! But, this is an incomplete formation! I have the rest of the evil spirits with me! Thus, this formation will be broken by me easily!"

Che shouted a second before the claw hit him.


Chen’s punch collided against the gigantic evils spirit’s claw. Waves and waves of wind was generated by the force of Chen’s punch. The gigantic evil spirit broke into dozens of smaller evil spirits.

"Ouch!!!! Pain!!! It’s so damn painful!!"

The smaller evil spirits quickly looked for places to hide. Smoke was rising from their bodies. Their agonizing screams pierced through the air.

"This…What the hell…" Liu had his eyes wide opened. He couldn’t believe the scene that had just unfolded in front of him.




Chen did not grant any time for Liu to respond this critical situation. He landed a few more punches on the gigantic evils spirit. More smaller evil spirits broke off from it. The gigantic evil spirit finally dispersed after Chen landed three punches. The eighty evil spirits quickly hid behind Liu, smoke coming out from their bodies.

"This…How is this even possible? How did you get your hands on a pure Yang item?"

Liu was beyond shock. His voice sounded shaken. With his Yin Yang Eye, Liu could clearly see that Chen’s fist was enshrouded by some golden light! That’s the light from the pure Yang item! This is the reason why Chen could defeat the giant evil spirit easily.

"Why can’t I possess a pure Yang item?" Chen laughed mockingly and asked.

"Pure Yang items are really precious! Only group of people with powerful reputations can get their hands on items like these! Ordinary people don’t even have the right to

to take a look at it!" Liu said, shocked.

"Is that right? Then, you are in luck today! Let me show you this pure Yang item!" Chen smiled calmly and opened up his palm. Chen had withdrawn that item when he turned on his cellphone earlier. It was the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant!

"This…This is the Yap Family heirloom! Why is it with you?! God…Am I dreaming?"

Liu’s eyeballs almost fell to the ground.

"Hehe…My relationship with Yap Liangchen is pretty good. Thus, I asked him to lend it to me for a few days. It’s such a coincidence, that I can use it to defeat you! You are such an unlucky bastard! Hahaha…" Chen laughed mockingly.


Liu almost vomited blood. He shouted, "F*cker! Do you really think that I’m an idiot? The Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant is even more precious than that Yap Liangchen’s life! How is it possible for him to lend it to you?!"

"Hehe…It’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not! Now, your Hundred Ghost Formation had been defeated by me! You have seen the pure Yang item as well! Can you die in peace now?" Chen raised his eyebrows and a murderous aura oozed out from his body.


Liu’s heart skipped a beat. He wasn’t really that powerful. His trump card was the Hundred Ghost Formation. So, when Chen defeated his trump card, he had nothing left to offer.

"You…You can’t kill me…I’m a member of the Hundred Beast Faction! We have all the other members gathered here at Green Vine City! If you kill me, my leader will definitely avenge me!" Liu's voice shook uncontrollably. Sweat started to flow down his forehead.

"I told you that you will die today! You are just a member of the Hundred Beast Faction! If I say that I will kill a king today, he will not live until tomorrow!"

Chen put on an ice-cold stare and said dominantly, "But, I will consider letting you have an easy death if you tell me the purpose of Hundred Beast Faction coming to Green Vine City!"

"This… I'm not allowed to tell you about it!"

Liu shook, and the fear grew bigger and bigger inside his heart.

"I’ll take a guess then?"

Chen squinted and started to surmise, "Your spy could not even gauge my current combat power. It’s not logical for so many people to come here just to avenge someone! If your leader is here, that means that he has a bigger target! Only one big thing has happened in Green Vine City, recently!"


Liu gulped unconsciously. Che noticed Lui’s microexpression. Thus, he knew that his deduction was spot on!


Chen charged at Liu.

"What are you trying to do? Please…Don’t hurt me…I beg you…"

Liu could feel the killing aura from Chen. His heart beat faster and faster. It was like a furious beast staring at him. There’s nothing he can do except for begging Chen not to kill him.

Unfortunately, it was too late.


Chen threw a blow at Liu’s neck. His neck broke instantly. After that, Chen let out his Chaos Sword Essence to devour Liu’s Qi. After all, Liu was an elite at the pinnacle stage of the physical phase. It would definitely grow in terms of power.

"Master Chen! Capture those evil spirits! They are trying to escape!" Wenyuan shouted and pointed at those evil spirits.


Chen quickly took out the Spirit Cage from this treasure chest. The Yang item had weakened those evil spirits. Thus, they have no resistance towards the Spirit Cage.

"Now, I have a hundred evil spirits inside my cage! It will be awesome if I can use the Hundred Ghosts Formation as well!" Chen said.

"Master Chen is an idiot! Go and search that fatty’s body! He might carry something related to this formation with him!" Wen Yuan reminded him.

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