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A+ A- Chapter 258: Hundred Ghosts Formation

"What a pair of jokers! Don’t do this kind of gay shit in front of me!"

Liu continued to say coldly, "Let me cripple you guys first! Then, I will continue to push this batch of product into the market! Then, you, Chen Xiaobei’s reputation will be destroyed!"

"*sshole! How can you sacrifice others’ lives just to get to me? You dragged my brother into this shit storm as well! You will die today!"

Chen was very determined. He has seen a lot of garbage, but people like Liu Duobao are the next level of garbage!

After hearing Chen’s claim. Liu emitted his killing Qi. He said condescendingly, "You are going to kill me today? What a joke! A youngster like you without any experience in real combat shouldn’t even dream of defeating me! You are one funny guy!"

"You will know soon whether I'm serious or funny!"

Chen stared at him and walked towards him at the same time.

"Tell me now. How do you wish to die here?"

"Hahaha! What a fearless moron! Before coming to Green Vine City, I’ve investigated your combat power! I’m definitely ten times more powerful than you!" Liu started to laugh hysterically. He was very confident of his combat power.

Before Liu can finish his sentence, Chen’s punch had already landed on his face. It was way too fast for Liu to make any response.


Liu’s chubby face was completely deformed. Blood and teeth came straight out from his mouth. His body flew some distance away. The power of that punch was definitely more powerful than what Liu expected! A few seconds ago, he had thought that he was stronger and faster than Chen.

Now, there were only five words in his heart; How is this even possible?


The sound of glass shattering could be heard. The strength of Chen’s punch sent Liu flying out the window.

"Oh my God…How is that possible?"

Zhang was completely stunned.

Liu had to at least weigh two hundred pounds! What kind of strength is that? This is unbelievable!

"Second brother, wait here. I will pursue him!"

Chen told Zhang. Then, he jumped out from the window as well. Wenyuan trailed after Chen.

"Stop! This is the second floor! You are going to hurt yourself by jumping down!"

Zhang shouted, but Chen already jumped out from the window. He quickly rushed to the window and checked on Chen. He saw Chen running after Liu. They were running to the jungle behind the factory.

"Oh my God…That is just too powerful! I can’t believe that Chen possessed such immense strength!"

Zhan gulped. He was still trying to recover from the shock that he experienced just now.

"I think I should just stay here! I don’t want to create more trouble for Chen…"

This factory located in the countryside. There were full grown trees around it. Liu ran into the jungle as fast as possible. It was pretty apparent that he is pretty familiar with the pathways of this jungle. He had planned his escape route earlier.

Chen could run faster than Liu, but he slowed down his pace on purpose. He didn’t want to fight near the factory. He was worried that Zhang or the employees from the factory might spot them. After some time of running, Chen finally lost sight of the factory.

Suddenly, Liu stopped running. He turned around and charged at Chen.

"Son of the bitch! You shouldn’t have chased me just now! Now, you’ve run straight into the gates of hell! You are going to die here! Hahaha…"

"Psst!" Wenyuan rolled his eyes and said, "Those retarded evils spirits are the exact things as well! In the end, they were all destroyed by my master!

"Wenyuan! Don’t go near him!"

Chen quickly shouted out to Wenyuan.


Wenyuan was shocked at first. Then, her face went pale when she saw the Yin Qi around Liu. It was like black smoke coming out from the factory. It covered up most of the area of the forest. The source of those Yin Qi came from the four tombstones around Liu. Also, the screams of evil spirits were echoing in the air!

"Son of a bitch! I guess it goes without saying that the twenty evil spirits that I kept in the lab were all captured by you, right?"

Liu laughed arrogantly, "Since you have Yin Yang Eyes, I believe you can see the things that are going on in this area! How do you feel? Frightened? It looks like you are going to wet your pants soon! Hahaha…"

At the same time, Liu put two of his fingers in front of his left eye and pressed on it.

"Yin Yang Eyes! Activate now!" Liu shouted. He could now see Wenyuan and the Yin Qi around him. Also, he could hear the scream from those evils spirits.

"What the hell is going on?" Chen frowned.

"Hmph! I have set up my Hundred Ghosts Formation to deal with a critical situation like this!"

Then, Liu continued to say coldly, "Although your combat power is much stronger compared to the intel that I received from my spy, you will still die when you enter my setup! Even people with at the middle phase middle stage of Qi refining will be defeated by my setup!"




Eighty evil spirits came out from the tombstones like water fountains after Liu finished talking. It was like a huge black wave of ghosts lining up behind Liu.

"This is so scary…Master Chen…There are so many evil so many evil spirits here!" Wenyuan’s voice sounded shaky. She almost scared to death. These evils spirits were not as powerful as Wenyuan. But, a powerful force could be felt when all of them stacked together.

"How is it? Son of a bitch?! Are you still going to act arrogant in front of me?!" Liu laughed evilly. He was pretty confident that he could defeat Chen with his formation.


[Hundred Ghosts Formation! Combat power: 6000!]

It seemed like Liu was not boasting emptily about his Hundred Ghosts Formation. This kind of combat power could definitely defeat an elite at the middle phase of the Qi refining stage. However, Chen was not afraid at all. He took his cellphone out from his pocket slowly.

"Eh? Why are you taking out your phone? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to call for cavalry? Hahaha…Just give up! You will die, no matter what! No one can save you now!"

Liu’s eyes turned vicious. He swung his hands and shouted, "Hundred Ghosts Formation!"



The eighty evil spirits started to charge at Chen. Before they charged at Chen, they combined together to form a giant evil spirit that was three meters tall! This is the true power of the Hundred Ghost Formation!


The giant evil spirit came at Chen’s heart with its giant claw.

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