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"Hmph! Bastard! How dare you charge at us first? Do you how to spell the word; death?" The Iron Hand said coldly. He was apparently looking down on Chen.

He curled his right hand into a fist and aimed it at Chen's face.


The iron-like, unstoppable punch broke through the wind. Its speed brought out a vortex that sucked in all the air around it as it travelled to Chen's face.

"I have trained myself since I was a kid! My health is close to those at the Qi refining stage! Plus, my Mountain Breaking Iron Punch is invincible! Just prepare to dig your own grave!"

The Iron Hand was mocking Chen while charging at him. He knew deep in his heart that he could definitely defeat Chen! However, he was stunned before he can finish his words.


Chen opened his palm wide and grabbed hold of his Mountain Breaking Iron Punch! His health was actually pretty strong, but there's a huge gap regarding the combat power between him and Chen.

Three thousand combat power is equivalent to one thousand and two hundred pounds of force. Five thousand combat power is equivalent to two thousand pounds of force! Clearly, Chen was in another class.

Chen's hand was like an iron clamp. He pushed, pulled and twisted Iron Hand's fist. It may have looked simple, but Chen was actually using the Muscle and Bone Shifting Technique on him.


The crispy sounds of bones crackling filled the air. Then, an extremely bizarre thing happened to Iron Hand. His entire right arm now protruded out of his right chest! All his muscle and bones had been completely twisted. A single twitch of a single finger would send his entire body wracked in pain.



Before Iron Hand can react to the bizarre changes of his body, his left hand had appeared on his left chest as well. Two freaking arms now grew out of his nipples. This is some scary and bizarre shit!

"Ah!!! Ah…"

Iron Hand and the remaining six muscular men were screaming hysterically like a group of scared women. Some of them even wet themselves. Iron Hand was the most shaken of all, that pair of arms that he was so proud of could no longer even function properly, after Chen shifted his muscles and bones. Chen had completely crippled him. They flopped uselessly off his nipples, now. Iron Hand wanted to look for a tofu and headbutt to his death.




Chen did not intend to let him go easily. He raised up his palm and slammed it on Iron Hand's face as hard as possible. The sound of it was like firecrackers blowing up during Chinese New Year.

"Why?! There are so many things for you to do in this world! Why did you have to be Yap Liangcheng's dog? Now, you are following his orders to come and bite me, right? You thought I could be bullied easily, right? Motherf*cker! I would have slapped your boss to death if my woman did not stop me earlier!"

Chen slapped and scolded him at the same time, "Small-time trash like you should just stay at home and do what trash should do! Don't come out here and show off in front of me! You are Iron Hand, right?! Trained since you were a kid, right?! Just keep on showing off to me! I like to slap people who show off in front of me!"



Slap after slap, Chen finally managed to vent out all his anger and frustration on someone.



Tears streamed down the face of Iron Hand. Initially, he had thought he would be able to take down Chen and receive a reward from his boss. On the contrary, everything changed, he had ended up as a sandbag for Chen to vent his anger. After dozens of continuous slaps, Iron Hand's face was completely swollen. His teeth clattered to the ground as well. Blood was gushing out from his mouth.

However, the person that he hated the most is not Chen but his boss; Yap Liangcheng. If Yap had informed him that Chen is at the Qi refining stage, he would not have taken this task! If he did not accept this task, he wouldn't show off in front of Chen. If he did not show off in front of Chen, he would not get slapped by Chen! Also, if Yap did not offend Chen in the beginning, he would not be beaten into such a bad shape. In the end, it was all Yap's fault!

"What now? Do you like it? Are you feeling high? Do you want another wave of slapping?" Chen decided to stop slapping him after he felt satisfied.

"Sob…Sob…I wouldn't dare to show off in front of you anymore…Please show some mercy …!" Iron Hand was crying and begging Chen at the same time.

"Get lost now! All of you!" Chen shouted, and his powerful presence scared off every single one of them.

"Oh my God…"

The six muscular guys couldn't wait to get the hell out of here. Four of them ran away like nobody's business. Two of them dragged Iron Hand along and fled the scene quickly.

"Fuuhhh…That was so satisfying!"

Chen exhaled, and he was in a good mood again. But, Chen had not forgotten about what Yap did to him earlier. He will look for a good opportunity to carry out his revenge plan! But, today is definitely not the day.


[Monkey King has just sent you a message!]

Chen received a message when he got into his car. He opened the message and saw that Monkey King just informed him about NeZha is going to give out Red Envelopes in 30 minutes.

"Damn!I have to go home quickly! I cannot miss this golden opportunity to snatch one or two pieces of dragon meat for myself! I will boil a pot of dragon soup for my parents to nourish their bodies! Wahahaha…."

Chen rubbed his hands together and drove home quickly.

Chen rushed into his room the moment he got home. He closed the door, opened the group chat and prepared his hands to snatch Red Envelopes. It looks like he was early, the group was really crowded, but the Red Envelopes were nowhere to be found.

Yanwang: I have not eaten dragon meat for a long, long time! All thanks to the Third Prince! I have the opportunity to taste dragon meat once again! Hahaha… (Three salivating emojis)

God Chejiao: I want the dragon drumsticks! Those are my favorite! Hehehe… (Licks his lips)

Qianli Yan: I call dibs on the dragon eye! I would like to make something out of it!

God Erlang: I want the dragon scale! I want to make a set of dragonscale armor! It's going to be so cool!

Monkey King: The dragon scale belongs to me! Kids like you should just sit aside and watch us!

God Erlang: F*ck you! Are you looking for a fight?! (Staring intensified)

Monkey King: Come on! I'm afraid of you at all! In the end, I'm going to be the one that manages to snatch the dragon's scale successfully! (Rolling eyes)

Bull Demon King: Haha…Both of you just keep going at each other's throats for no reason! There's no point arguing over the things that is not here yet! After all, it's all about luck!

Spider Demon: That's right! Everything single part of a dragon is extremely precious! All the members of this group are standing by to snatch at least one Red Envelope from the Third Prince! Speed is going to be useless! It's all about luck now!"

Wei Xiaobao: Small time spirits like us have no chance at snatching Red Envelopes at all! All we can do is sit tight and watch all these deities snatch Red Envelopes! (Envy)

Duan Yu: Which deities had the most luck recently? (Curious)

Change'r: It's tough to tell. Recently, all of us are just languishing about in the group. Thus, some of us might have their luck increasing by a notch. 

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King: Save your time guessing! NeZha is back! Soon, we will know who has the most luck!

NeZha: Everyone! I'm back!

Everyone: Welcome home! We want Red Envelopes! (Clapping hands, pressing likes, cheering)

"Haha! Finally, it begins! Everything from dragons is so precious! Thus, it will be awesome if I can have one part of this dragon!"

Chen held his cellphone in his hand and put on an impatient look, "The most important thing is that, my luck has increased tremendously recently! Hehehe…"


[NeZha just sent a Red Envelope in the group!]

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