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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:52 PM
Chapter 99

99 Miss Miao Yin’s Identity Revealed

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May 19, 2019
Perhaps because of Lan You Nian’s frank rejection, the eyes of many people at the banquet would be cast towards Lan You Nian’s table from time to time . The people at this table were no ordinary people . They still continued with what they were doing, not at all affected . At Noble Consort Lin’s table, something was obviously wrong . You could feel the dark aura around their table .

When Lan You Nian returned to her seat, Feng Yi Xuan grabbed onto Lan You Nian’s small hands under the table . Although he wanted to openly hold Nian Nian’s small hands, but looking at Nian Nian, he knew she wasn’t willing . Feng Yi Xuan’s heart seemed to be applied with sweet honey . His Nian Nian heartlessly rejected other unscrupulous men . Nian Nian never said those words to him . Doesn’t that mean Nian Nian liked him?

“Nian’er meimei did well!” He Chu Yang praised . Did third wangye think Nian’er meimei didn’t have a backbone?

“Nian’er meimei, mighty!” Hua Mu Qing said excitedly as if the one who did the rejecting was her .

“Third wangye will bear a grudge . Mo Xian, in the future you must pay more attention . One Empress faction is already a headache, now there’s a third wangye faction, Nian’er meimei’s safety is most important!” Jing Wu An said sensibly .

“I understand, I will protect little sister!” Lan Mo Xian said seriously . No matter what happens, he was his little sister’s support . So many people want to steal the position of brother, he felt stuffy inside thinking about it . Just wait until the future when Lan Mo Xian meets Gui Yi and the others, he would be speechless . Having such a good little sister, he didn’t have any status as the older brother .

Noble Consort Lin shot second princess a look . Second princess quietly nodded, then looked at Lan You Nian who sat there, was still able to attract people without an exquisite face .

Noble Consort Lin triumphantly looked at Lan You Nian . A small general’s daughter dared to look down on her son . In this case, she’ll make her shame herself . Make her unable to marry in the future . Only this way can she vent her resentment .

“Imperial Father, erchen has admired Miss Lan since hearing her poem . Miss Lan must be talented . Imperial Father knows erchen likes to play the zither and dance the most . Today, erchen wants to ask Miss Lan to offer pointers . Will Imperial Father allow it?” second princess Feng Yi Shuang stood there looking very eager .

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“Nian’er meimei, trouble is here!” Jing Wu An smiled . If it was anything else, they will worry but if it was comparing talents, who can compare to Nian’er meimei? She was the Miss Miao Yin who has shaken every kingdom . Whether it was her zither or her song, if she claimed number 2 in the world, who would claim they are number one?

“Tsk tsk, second imperial sister will lose face!” Feng Xia Qi gloated . This was exactly the other people’s thoughts .

“Oh? Zhen heard Lan girl’s poem was really good . Since Shuang’er says this, you two can compare talents . Can Lan girl play the zither?” Ever since the Emperor knew his sixth son liked this girl, he felt some protectiveness towards this Lan You Nian . The girl, the Emperor felt, wasn’t bad . She was Imperial Tutor’s granddaughter and was General Lan’s daughter .

Before Lan You Nian could reply, Lan Yin stood up and said, “Answering the Emperor, third sister is very clever . Playing the zither is nothing difficult!” Lan Yin said while throwing a gloating look at Lan You Nian . He has never seen this third sister play the zither . It was difficult enough that a girl can create poems, how could she know to play the zither too? Lan You Nian, just wait to lose face .

“Imperial father, you see? How can Miss Lan not know these . Please agree to it!” The second princess acted spoiled . .

“Alright, alright!” The Emperor agreed . After all, it was just a talent competition . It wasn’t anything bad . Every time there was a banquet, there were too many of these things .

“Is Miss Lan willing?” The second princess looked at Lan You Nian who simply sat there, her eyes filled with arrogance . Since young she learned to dance and play the zither, these female talents . In this entire Feng, probably only that Miss Miao Yin’s zither was better than hers . No one else can compare to her . Since Noble Consort Lin wanted her to give Lan You Nian a blow, she will definitely step on this girl’s pride .

“Second princess first please!” Lan You Nian finally looked up at the second princess, without any change in expression .

The second princess although angry at Lan You Nian’s careless attitude, still took up the zither and slowly sat down to play . Lan You Nian observed this second princess from far away . The second princess started to sing and play . Long hair raised high, combed into a high-profile shooting star chasing moon hairstyle, paired with some luxurious gold hairpins . A few golden earrings hung down the ears . Dressed in a gold and red exquisite dress, face beautiful, very delicate, like a blooming peony flower, absolutely enchanting . But such a conceited person, Lan You Nian wasn’t fond of . Her zither did not have any soul, only technique; it was hollow splendor .

After playing a song, the second princess looked proudly at Lan You Nian . She seemed to be able to see Lan You Nian’s defeated expression . The surrounding praise made the second princess even more confident . Shehe was the most beautiful .

“Second princess is really talented . Her dance is already beautiful . Even her zither is so good!”

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“Yeah, probably none of the girls here can compare to second princess!”

“Second princess has beautiful talents, beautiful appearance, really worth of being an imperial princess!”

The noise of the surrounding praise was not small . Not only the second princess heard this, Lan You Nian and the others heard this, even Emperor heard . True, the second princess did play well but that was if Lan You Nian wasn’t there .

“Miss Lan, please!” the second princess said . Finished, she left the zither table at the center of the banquet and returned to her seat .

Lan You Nian didn’t hurry as she headed towards the zither . Although this zither wasn’t as good as Qing Shui Zither, she could manage .

Lan You Nian’s white slender hands fiddled with the zither strings . Bright zither music gently sounded, gradually overflowing like tide, filling every space in the banquet . The zither seemed to have a white sprite dancing with the wind . The dance was elegant and noble . There seemed like there was an eye-catching rose blooming, elegantly emitting the fragrance of the music .

When Lan You Nian’s zither played, the entire banquet quieted . Everyone was immersed in the sound of Lan You Nian’s zither, even the Emperor wasn’t no exception . Noble Consort Lin and second princess who were waiting to see Lan You Nian’s humiliation were stunned and furious . Noble Consort Lin glared at second princess .

Lan You Nian opened her lips, the beautiful song seemed to awaken flowers, blowing away the haze . The music was flowing like clouds and water . The song seemed to be the cries of the nightingale .

(On the Water Side)在水一方 by Deng Li Jun 鄧麗君
“Green grass is dark green, white mist is foggy, there is a beautiful woman, on the water side .

Green grass is luxuriant, white mist is blurry, there is a beautiful woman, living by the water .

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I am willing to go upstream, snuggle up beside her . Helpless against the rapids in front, the road is far and long .

I am willing to go downstream, searching for her direction . Instead it vaguely seemed, she was in the middle of the water .

I am willing to go upstream, to whisper sweet-nothings to her . Helpless against the rapids in front, the road endlessly twisting .

I am willing to go downstream, to find her footsteps . Instead it vaguely seemed, she in the middle of the water .

Green grass is dark green, white mist is foggy, there is a beautiful woman, on the water side . ”

When Lan You Nian finished singing, she curtsied to the Emperor then returned to her seat . But everyone remembered her singing voice . The song was sometimes moving, like trickling water lightly humming with its own unique charm . Sometimes it was beautiful, as if the tinkling of the drew drops on bamboo leaves .

The Emperor suddenly announced, “Good! Indeed talented! General Lan has a good son and even has a such a bright daughter!”

Such a familiar zither, such a beautiful song, everyone couldn’t help but praise, but many people felt this sound was so familiar .

“Ah, Miss Miao Yin!” Suddenly a young master shouted at Lan You Nian . He was Miss Miao Yin’s loyal listener . Every time Miss Miao Yin went to Zhen Wei Pavilion he will always be there . Not only him, many people were the same .

After this young master’s reminder, everyone gaped in surprised at Lan You Nian . Then they felt it was possible the more they thought about it . Then many men looked in worship at Lan You Nian . Even the Emperor, although living in the imperial palace, has heard of Miss Miao Yin’s reputation . It was a pity he has never heard it before but to hear it now, it was truly the most beautiful sound in the world .

Second princess glared resentfully at Lan You Nian . In her heart, she always minded that this Miss Miao Yin was better than her in playing the zither . However, because the two did not interreact, this Miss Miao Yin did not steal her own limelight, she would not do anything to her . But she didn’t expect Miss Miao Yin to be Lan You Nian . In the future who will remember her talent? How can the capital’s number one talented woman still belong her? This Lan You Nian, she’ll rememer her!

“Miss Lan is Miss Miao Yin?” second wangye Feng Shao Chu asked . After all Miss Miao Yin’s name was well-known .

“How can third sister be Miss Miao Yin? Third sister, the Emperor is here . You can’t lie!” Lan Ya said in concern but on the inside, she was hateful . The last time Lan You Nian was in the limelight . This time she was once again in the limelight . She was Miss Miao Yin! How was it possible!? Lan You Nian-that pitiful worm that they could beat-how can she become so dazzling!

Many people were certain that Lan You Nian was Miss Miao Yin . Afterall besides Miss Miao Yin who can play such a beautiful music? Besides Miss Miao Yin, who can sing such novel and elegant songs? But many people were suspicious . Miss Miao Yin was very famous, but no one dared to pretend because Wu Qing Pavilion was protective of Miss Miao Yin . If you dared to pretend then it won’t be long before you will appear in Xiao Jin Pavilion’s brothel selling your body .

“How is Nian’er meimei lying? What did Nian’er meimei say? You’re really funny! You just can’t see Nian’er meimei good!” Hua Mu Qing distained Lan Ya so couldn’t help mocking her . If the Emperor wasn’t here, she will definitely quarrel .

“How can I mean that? I’m only afraid third sister would lie for fame!” Lan Ya’s eyes filled with tears .

“Nian’er meimei didn’t say anything . How is it lying? Bedsides, Nian’er meimei is Miss Miao Yin!” Hua Mu Qing declared proudly . When everyone heard this, they started discussing . They didn’t expect Lan You Nian to be Miss Miao Yin .

“Lan girl, is Mu Qing telling the truth? You really are Miss Miao Yin?” Emperor asked curiously .

Lan You Nian’s twin eyes as dark as night, calm like pools of water, replied to Emperor,” Answering Your Majesty, this girl is Miss Miao Yin!” When she stood up to perform, she already decided not to deny her identity . Miss Miao Yin’s identity will not bring her any danger .

Admitted, actually admitted! Lan You Nian really was Miss Miao Yin! No one was suspicious . After all, in this world who dared to pretend to be Miss Miao Yin? Besides they heard with their own ears Lan You Nian’s zither, this can’t be denied .

The banquet ended with everyone’s shock . Many people before leaving took a peek at Lan You Nian . After today, the entire capital will boil over . Their goddess Miss Miao Yin was Lan manor’s third young miss! Now everyone knew why Miss Miao Yin didn’t show her face . It turned out Miss Miao Yin was disfigured . Although many people felt it was a pity but it didn’t stop them from admiring Lan You Nian . After all they liked her voice and zither, not her face .

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