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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:50 PM
Chapter 100

100 Visit Brothel

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May 19, 2019
The group of people entered Xiao Jin Pavilion . Standing on the third floor looking down over the large hall below . Red curtains, soft intarsia carpet, green columns surrounding the many tables placed in the center . On the white table cloth, gold, silver, and glass tableware sparkled . On the high platform was a long table, reaching from one end of the hall to the other about one hundred feet long . The rest of the tables formed a right angle with the platform . Two golden dazzling lanterns from the gold and red roof . The numerous frosted glass on the lantern magnified the light . On the walls were gorgeous night lights shining .

“Really beautiful!” Hua Mu Qing looked down at the layout and the dancing women .

“Pity, I heard Miss Bai Lian already left Xiao Jin Pavilion otherwise today we can see the capital’s first beauty!” Yu Liu Li said regrettably, but looked over at Lan you Nian, “But seeing Nian’er meimei, I know what true beauty is”

“Yu Liu Li, you’re looking for a beating!” Lan Mo Xian dissatisfied said, how could his little sister be compared to a courtesan .

“Alright, let’s go in! Yu Liu Li if you want to see beauties, go down and look, I guarantee there is one right for you!” Feng Xia Qi finished and entered the box with everyone .

When everyone entered the box, they noticed Xiao Jin Pavilion’s other rooms were as red as fire but the room they entered was white . This was a clean and elegant room . A large embroidered bed was placed in the middle of the room . It was covered with a white bedspread embroidered with flowers, on the left side an exquisite table, without any chairs, everyone could only sit on the ground . The floor was covered with a thick layer of woolen blankets, on the table there was a set of carved glass cups . The wall in the middle of the room, hung a ink painting…

“This room is truly different . It doesn’t look like a brothel at all!” Jing Wu An praised . He really liked this environment .

“It’s really good . I have never seen a brothel with a room like this!” He Chu Yang wasn’t willing to come to the brothel at first but because everyone was coming and he was afraid cousin-sister will be led astray, so can only force himself to come . Who knew this Xiao Jin Pavilion did not have the powdered scent of a brothel, instead it was elegant, even the women in the brothel were not the kind to sell their body .

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“This environment is good, and the beauties are even better!” Hua Mu Qing teased . It was her first time to come to this kind of place . Because of her identity and because she was a female, she didn’t ever think she would enter a brothel . It was simply amazing!

“Right, today is Mu Qing’s birthday, who’s paying?” Yu Liu Li asked . After all, the expenses of Xiao Jin Pavilion weren’t low, especially as this was the third floor, although he had money, but he was being economical okay?

“It’s on me!” Lan Mo Xian said .

“Of course, I just knew Mo Xian will pay for it, today we can loosen up!” Jing Wu An urged the others .

Everyone sipped on wine congratulating Hua Mu Qing’s birthday . Hua Mu Qing this was the happiest birthday she has ever had .

Because they’re entering a brothel, Lan You Nian and Hua Mu Qing changed into men’s clothing . Lan You Nian dressed as a man, unsurpassed beauty, face like jade, hair combed into a simple style, cascaded down like a waterfall, what a beautiful young man! Because of having drunk some wine, the usually pale face was rosy, making everyone swallow their saliva, in the end, it was Feng Yi Xuan’s cold aura that caused them to come back down to earth .

“Nian’er meimei, if you really are a man, I’m afraid only A’Xuan can compare with you in this world!” Feng Xia Qi looked at Lan You Nian’s stunning face, couldn’t help but sigh . Although each one of them were quite handsome, but the one who was a beautiful as a celestial being was only Feng Yi Xuan, and now adding on Lan You Nian .

“Yeah, fortunately Nian’er meimei isn’t male, otherwise the women of the world will be captivated!” Hua Mu Qing looked at Lan You Nian with wide eyes, no matter how she looked, she was beautiful . Lan You Nian who was in men’s clothing had both a celestial and demonic aura, letting people easily think she was a man .

“Has Mu Qing jiejie been captivated?” Lan You Nian’s thick, curly eyelashes trembled, bright black eyes slightly lidded, a faint smile on her lips, looking beautiful and dangerous .

Hua Mu Qing was dazed by Lan You Nian’s smile, when she sensed Feng Yi Xuan’s chilly gaze, only then did she return her focus, then blushingly shouted, “You can’t do this! Nian’er meimei has become bad!”

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Feng Yi Xuan gazed at Nian Nian who was different than usual . This Nian Nian seemed to have drunk a little too much as her face became red, seemed very cute . He really wanted to pinch her little face . Although he wanted to hide away each different Nian Nian, not allowing anyone to see so only he can cherish her, but seeing Nian Nian was happy with so many friends, he unconditionally pampered her, indulged her, as long as she was happy, he was willing to do anything .

“~knock knock~” There was knocking at the door . Everyone was surprised . Since they entered the room, only a server boy came to bring the wine and snacks and food, there was no need for anyone else . Who could it be?

Lan You Nian seemed to have a guess . She stood up and opened the door . Indeed standing outside was Gui San, her third brother .

Everyone more or more recognized Gui San, knew he was Wu Qing Pavilion’s third master . Since Lan You Nian performed in Zhen Wei Pavilion, it was natural for her to know Gui San . Last time Lan You Nian was sick, they could tell this Gui San was anxious . It seems he was also Lan You Nian’s friend .

“You guys don’t mind one more person do you?” Gui San’s twin eyes smiled, the flashy red robes made him seem particularly bewitching .

“Don’t mind! Sit down!” Hua Mu Qing was today’s lead so of course must abide by her decisions . Fortunately Hua Mu Qing agreed . She was interested in this friend of Nian’er meimei’s . She wanted to know if Nian’er meimei lived well in the past .

Although there was one more person, the atmosphere was still very good but after a while everyone noticed that Gui San was always smiling at everyone and got along with everyone, but only towards Lan Mo Xian was he poisonous . This sincere dislike caused Lan Mo Xian some confusion .

Perhaps because Gui San was too directed against Lan Mo Xian, He Chu Yang stood out and resolved the awkwardness, “How about play something else?”

“Something else? Coming to my Xiao Jin Pavilion what else is there to play? Of course its to find beauties!” Gui San smiled .

“Yeah, since third master is the master of this place, then find a few beauties to let us see!” Yu Liu agreed . He wasn’t that type of casual person but coming to the brothel to look at beauties is still okay . After all Nian’er meimei was so beautiful, he didn’t dare look, his good friend Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze was too cold .

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Gui San clapped his hands, after a while, the prioress led in a few lightly dressed females . These prostitutes’ looks were quite beautiful, standing there was a beautiful scenery but it was a pity, besides Lan You Nian and Hua Mu Qing looking at them, the others didn’t even look .

“What are you doing standing there? Serve!” Gui San said to the several girls .

“Yes, third master!” The women came to the side of Lan You Nian and the others to serve . These girls weren’t people of Wu Qing Pavilion, only ordinary prostitutes so when they saw several of the handsome men, more or less they had other ideas . If one of them took a fancy to them, then they could leave the brothel .

Amongst the group, Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian’s face was especially beautiful . The two’s temperament was also very good . So there were women who set their mind on them .

A woman dressed in purple gossamer dress, showing off her soft chest slowly walked towards Feng Yi Xuan . From first glance, she knew this man was either rich or nobility, as long as she can connect herself with this man, she will definitely enjoy a life of riches .

“Young master?” the woman’s coy voice called Feng Yi Xuan, but before she could get any closer to Feng Yi Xuan, she was thrown out by Feng Yi Xuan’s attack, through all this Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even look at the woman .

Feng Xia Qi and the others were not surprised . This was entirely within their expectations . For so many years, it wasn’t that there weren’t any women who wanted to take down Feng Yi Xuan, but without exception, they were all thrown away . The end result was that the women were either dead or wounded . Slowly, no one dared to approach Feng Yi Xuan .

The other women seeing Feng Yi Xuan’s means, didn’t dare to act rashly, obediently stayed on the side pouring wine for every young master only Feng Yi Xuan did not have a woman beside him because before a woman could reach him, it was the same scene as before .

Everyone started to drink and chat . At this time, a woman apprehensively came to Lan You Nian’s side, deliberately lowered her soft chest, letting Lan You Nian clearly see that patch of snow white, eyes painted with bewitching makeup looked at Lan You Nian in infatuation, “Young master, let Liu’er pick some dishes for young master!”

“Liu’er?” Lan You Nian smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes as she looked at this woman, that demonic look made Liu’er’s face red .

“Come over!” Lan You Nian said . That woman called Liu’er happily walked over to Lan You Nian, looking in infatuation at Lan You Nian’s unparalleled face .

“Young master!” a disgustingly sweet voice, Liu’er wanted to lean into Lan You Nian’s arms, wanted to touch Lan You Nian’s face to seduce Lan You Nian, but when she approached Lan You Nian, Lan You Nian suddenly pushed Liu’er down onto the ground, as if Lan You Nian wanted to do something to Liu’er .

Feng Yi Xuan’s face was frightening . He was about to attack when he noticed choked Liu’er’s neck, making Liu’er’s face pale, trembling as she choked out, “Young master, did Liu’er do something wrong?”

“Done something wrong?” Lan You Nian’s black eyes were a deep abyss, no one could figure out the look in her eyes, then threw away Liu’er, took out her handkerchief to carefully wipe the hands that touched Liu’er .

“I heard you bullied Bai Lian?” Lan You Nian asked . She didn’t care for these women but when she heard this name, she suddenly remembered, a few days before Bai Lian left, she was slapped by one of the brothel women . Although this has passed, but she still remembered .

“Young master! Did young master misunderstand something?” Liu’er said uncertainly . She has always been beautiful but she couldn’t compare to the qingguan Bai Lian so when Bai Lian was about to leave, she deliberately humiliated Bai Lian . She didn’t expect Bai Lian to ignore her so she gave her a slap . Now this young master says this, was Bai Lian bought by this young master? If she served well, then can’t she…

“Young master, if Bai Lian can, then Liu’er also can!” Liu’er said and was going to touch Lan You Nian . This time, this made Feng yi Xuan completely angry . His internal force suppressed Liu’er until her violent death . Even until death, she did not know why .

Feng Yi Xuan looked unhappily at Lan You Nian . He didn’t expect Nian Nian had some kind of connection to a woman named Bai Lian . He felt aggrieved thinking about it .

“I said Nian’er meimei’s charm was too great, I also am a woman dressed a man, why aren’t there women who seduce me?” When Gui San sent away all the prostitutes in the room, Hua Mu Qing said in dissatisfaction .

“Nian’er meimei, you know Bai Lian?” Yu Liu Li asked curiously .

“Have seen her, it a good woman!” Lan You Nian said directly . No one asked anymore . They knew how Lan You Nian looked at people so this Bai Lian was really a good woman .

Because it was Hua Mu Qing’s birthday, she was happy to play in Xiao Jin Pavilion, drank a bit more . It was Lan Mo Xian who sent her back while Lan You Nian was sent by Feng Yi Xuan .

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