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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:57 PM
Chapter 96

96 Bai Lian’s Departure

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May 19, 2019
Lan You Nian stood on Xiao Jin Pavilion’s third floor, looking down at the beautiful women blow . No one knows what she was looking at .

“Master?” Bai Lian stood behind Lan You Nian, her voice carried a young girl’s shyness . She never thought she could see master again so quickly . The skin exposed outside of the mask was like snow, delicate and smooth, seemingly easily breakable, a pair of black eyes of excellent craftsmanship that you couldn’t see the bottom to, with a cold chill, letting people know that the moth will burn but still proceeded without hesitation .

“En!” Lan You Nian nodded, returned to the room on the third floor and sat down . She glanced at Bai Lian’s real face . Every time Bai Lian went on stage to dance, she either wore a veil or disguise her face . This was Lan You Nian plans for Bai Lian . If in the future Bai Lian wanted to live a normal life, then she can use her real face to appear in front of people . She can say bye to her past . After all, Bai Lian has stayed in the brothel . Although she was qingguan, but can’t prevent others won’t over think .

“Third brother hasn’t returned yet?” Lan You Nian asked . After all, she came here today to find third brother . Who knows which gentle arms third brother ran off to .

“Third young master probably won’t be back for a while, does master want to eat?” Bai Lian was greedy for every second she spent with master . It was usually very difficult to see master . Master’s whereabouts were mysterious, so she can only stay here to wait for master . When master came, he would be able to see her . She knew master needed intelligence so she as the mainstay of Xiao Jin Pavilion, even pushed the reputation of Xiao Jin Pavilion even further, striving to reach the young courtesans below her to obtain more information for master .

“Not yet!” Lan You Nian looked over Xiao Jin Pavilions accounts, casually replied .

“Then Bai Lian will go make some food for master to taste alright?” Bai Lian looked at Lan You Nian, eyes filled with expectations .

Lan You Nian stopped her current action of slipping the account books, looked up at Bai Lian . That pair of starry gemstone eyes carefully looked over Bai Lian, Bai Lian stood awkwardly under Lan You Nian’s blatant gaze .

“Master?” Bai Lian asked uneasily afraid master hated her and wanted her to leave . She didn’t expect to be favored by master, she only wished to silently watch over master, stay with master .

“Nothing, you can go!” Lan You Nian withdrew her gaze and continued to look at the accounts . Bai Lian released a sigh of relief and left happily, after all master will be eating the food she will she making .

When Bai Lian left, Lan You Nian raised her eyes in thought . Bai Lian was a good woman . She was not trapped by the world, had her own ideas and persistence but she didn’t expect Bai Lian had feelings for her, feelings she can’t possibly return . Her indifference towards Bai Lian did not make this woman jealous or resentful . She still stayed in Xiao Jin Pavilion in her own silent way . Lan You Nian now understood that the biggest reason was probably because of her .

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“What? Our little junior sister finally realizes you’re held up the lady?” Gui San walked into the room grinning, clearly he saw everything .

“Whether or not Nian’er has held up the lady, I don’t know but where has third brother gone to hold up another young lady?” Lan You Nian crossed her arms across her chest, demanded fiercely . Her indifference and alienation towards Bai Lian was gone . Now she clearly looked like a little girl .

“Little junior sister has done third brother injustice . Your third brother has flipped over a new leaf . You must believe third brother!” Gui San even wanted squeeze out a few tear drops but no matter how hard he tried, there wasn’t any tears . Instead it made Lan You Nian shake with laughter .

“Then what were you doing? I’ve been waiting for a long time!” Lan You Nian said in dissatisfaction . In fact she was acting spoiled in front of Gui San .

Of course Gui San knew this . Usually little junior sister will only act spoiled for shifu . Later, after their hardwork, little junior sister will occasionally act spoiled with them . When little junior acts spoiled, it gave them a sense of pride of being an older brother .

“Isn’t it because recently a restaurant opened across from Zhen Wei Pavilion . They are copying our Zhen Wei Pavilion in many ways . But they don’t have Zhen Pavilion’s dishes or zither talents . Although the effects on Zhen Wei Pavilion isn’t big, but I’m afraid this is directed at Wu Qing Pavilion, so I went to take a look!” Gui San said .

“Find out who opened it?” Lan You Nian instinctively knew this wasn’t so simple . A copy-cat restaurant opening across from Zhen Wei Pavilion, isn’t this provocation? It seems there will be something fun to play with .

“Because it just opened, hasn’t debuted yet so still under investigation . But it will be done soon!” Gui San squinted his eyes saying . Their Wu Qing Pavilion’s businesses although haven’t been established very long but their influence was great, no one dared to provoke them so blatantly .

“En, you look into it!” Lan You Nian was reassured handing over all the business matters to Gui San, giving the several brothers work to do, Lan You Nian handed it over easily enough .

Bai Lian walked into the room with a tray of exquisite dishes and placed them on the eight immortal table, curtsied, “Master, third master!”

“Oh, Bai Lian, you’re really biased . This young master has been here for so long yet I have never seen you make a meal for this young master . Now as soon as he comes, you personally cook yourself, really makes this young master jealous!” Gui San sat down starting to eat, but his mouth was unforgiving .

Bai Lian looked shyly at Lan you Nian, when she saw Lan You Nian’s expression didn’t change, she didn’t know whether she was relieved or upset inside, but Bai Lian still smiled, “Third master is teasing, Bai Lian had some time today so made some”

Gui Wu wanted to say more but Lan You Nian interrupted Gui San’s words, “Let’s eat together!” Since she came here, Bai Lian was always beside her . She probably didn’t eat . Looking at her, she probably won’t leave either . So it was best to eat together .

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“Bai Lain will just serve on the side!” Although Bai Lian was very happy but was aware of her current identity . Although she had a very high status before, but in front of master, she always felt inferior, always felt she was not worthy of master .

“Sit down, when have you become like this? I remember when I saw you the first time you weren’t like this!” Lan You Nian smiled . After all, at first glance Bai Lian was not only beautiful but very noble bearing . It was a nobleness that made people feel comfortable without any trace of arrogance .

“I… . ” Bai Lian wanted to say more but was pressed down on the chair, then the three sat down and ate together .

Bai Lian felt like she was in a trance . She was sitting at the same table as master eating the food she made . Thinking back to the words master said, she could no longer remember what she was like in the past . But she would never forget what master was like then . He was her salvation, her sun, the dream she wanted to chase in this life .

“Oh right, did you come here for something?” Gui San asked . Although they were all in the capital but little junior sister rarely came here .

“En, I want you to tell the subordinates to pay attention . I need a medicine, the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, but this is only documented in the books . I have never heard of it in any place . So I need your help to find it!” Lan You Nian said seriously . A few days ago, shifu sent a letter saying that the poison in her body, shifu has already started to study what is needed for the antidote, now it is certain that he needed Heavenly Spirit Fruit, a very rare spirit fruit . After all, Lan You Nian have never seen it, nor has shifu so this medicine was indeed rare .

Bai Lian’s hand paused in picking up the food, eyes flashed with an unknown light .

“Because the poison in your body? If we find the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, will it cure the poison?” Gui San asked anxiously . After he finished asking, he remembered that there was another person in the room . Gui San’s eyes squinted, he cannot allow anyone to become a threat to little junior sister, so this Bai Lian…

“Master? You’re poisoned?” The chopsticks in Bai Lian’s fell onto the ground . Why wasn’t she aware that master has been poisoned for so many years?

“It’s nothing!” Lan You Nian comforted . Then glanced at Gui San . She knew Gui San was afraid Bai Lian will lead to some unknown variables with her knowledge, so Gui San wanted to end Bai Lian . Although he had a good impression of Bai Lian but it can’t compare to little junior sister . Under the mask of Gui San’s smile, it was a cruel heart .

“The Heavenly Spirit Fruit is only one of the medicines in the antidote . I can’t completely cure the poison in my body!” Lan You Nian told Gui San . When she saw Gui San’s disappointment, she knew everyone has spent a lot of effort on the poison in her body .

“I know . I will tell the subordinates to put down the things on hand, find the Heavenly Spirit Fruit first, your body is most important!” Gui San knew since shifu already needed the medicine, then he can definitely develop the antidote .

“I know, master, I know where the Heavenly Spirit Fruit is!” Bai Lian suddenly said . When she heard master was poisoned, she was starting to worry . She must save master .

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“You know? Where is it? Where is it?” Gui San asked, eyes flashed with surprise . After all, they the Medical Valley’s disciples don’t even know where the Heavenly Spirit Fruit was, but Bai Lian knew, this was really lucky .

“Third brother, you leave first, I want to talk with Bai Lian!” Lan You Nian pulled Gui San up . She knew Gui San’s anxiety, but she had her own ideas .

Gui San knew his little junior sister was someone with her own plans, so nodded and left the room . If Bai Lian didn’t tell little junior sister where the Heavenly Spirit Fruit was, then he will definitely pry open Bai Lian’s mouth .

When the room was only left with Lan You Nian and Bai Lian, Lan You Nian stood up, Bai Lian also stood up . Neither of them spoke .

“Master, I haven’t ever told you my true identity . I didn’t mean to deceive . I am actually the third princess of Yue, Yue Bai Lian!” Bai Lian looked at Lan You Nian . She didn’t hide her own name . It would be easy for Lan You Nian to investigate if she wanted to .

“En, the Heavenly Spirit Fruit is in Yue?” Lan You Nian asked . After all, Bai Lian now confessed her identity, then it meant the Heavenly Spirit Fruit was related to Yue .

“Yes, the Heavenly Spirit Fruit is in the imperial palace of Yue . There is only one . And only the Emperor can use it!” Bai Lian said truthfully . The Heavenly Spirit Fruit was in Yue’s imperial palace was not known by anyone . She only knew because she was the imperial princess .

“En, I know, thank you Bai Lian!” Lan You Nian said sincerely . After all, from Bai Lian’s circumstances of these years, she can tell she didn’t like Yue’s imperial palace, didn’t like that memory, but now she can tell this to her, Lan You Nian felt unexpected .

“Master, I want to return to Yue’s imperial palace!” Bai Lian said suddenly, eyes filled with determination .

“Because of the Heavenly Spirit Fruit?” Lan You Nian asked, eyes flashed with emotions, even though this woman had feelings for her that shouldn’t exist .

“Yes, the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, if you aren’t a member of the imperial family, then you can’t get it . And I can get it!” Bai Lian didn’t deny it . She didn’t say this to let master know her own good but because she can’t hide it from master, then she admitted it frankly .

“I don’t agree, since I know where the Heavenly Spirit Fruit is, I can get it myself . I know you don’t want to go back, so don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t want to, do you understand Bai Lian?” Lan You Nian said, her disapproval was obvious .

“No, master, there are some things I cannot evade forever, and some things I need to avenge, master, I need to go back to face my past!” Bai Lian insisted . She was not a delicate female . She was strong enough .

Lan You Nian looked at Bai Lian, knew she was determined . Every person had their own ideas . This Bai Lian was better . After all she couldn’t say in Xiao Jin Pavilion forever . A brothel is not where she belonged .

“Alright, since you have decided, I won’t say more . The Heavenly Spirit Fruit, don’t force it!” Lan You Nian said, then was going to leave the room . She has been gone for a long time . It was time she went back .

“Master… . ” Bai Lian called out Lan You Nian who was going to leave, her voice was small but clear, “Master, Bai Lian admires master!”

Bai Lian seemed to let out a sigh of relief, she finally said it, no matter how master will look at her, she still wanted to express her own heart .

“Sorry” Lan You Nian walked towards Bai Lian, the low and hoarse male voice changed back to the sweet and pleasing female voice . Bai Lian widened her eyes, seemed to hear something inconceivable but Lan You Nian’s next words let her know she didn’t hear wrong,”Bai Lian, I’m a girl!”

“Master?” Bai Lian stared at Lan You Nian . Lan You Nian did not evade . She saw the shock and surprise in Bai Lian’s eyes, and a trace of helpless pain, but she didn’t see her resentful and unwillingness from being deceived .

It took Bai Lian a long time to accept this fact . She thought of every time she saw master, master has never told her his gender, it was she who thought master was a man . After all how could such a carefree, uninhibited, and talented person be a girl? The feelings in Bai Lian’s heart did not change because of master’s identity . Perhaps the heart has fallen from the moment she saw master .

“Master, can Bai Lian see master’s real face? Consider it Bai Lian’s wish!” Bai Lian said softly, seemingly unchanged . From a long time ago, she has fantasized what master looked like . Now that she was leaving, she wished to always remember master .

How would Lan You Nian not understand Bai Lian’s thoughts . Perhaps she was really touched by this stubborn and kind woman, Lan You Nian slowly took down her own mask .

Bai Lian’s eyes looked at Lan You Nian’s real face, watching her master look at her, then her lips tugged upwards, her eyebrows lifted, eyes full of brilliance, revealing a light but sweet smile, a single smile can overthrow the city .

Bai Lian thought she would never forget this unparalleled face, will never forget this girl’s smile .

“It turns out master is smaller than me!” Bai Lian looked at Lan You Nian sillily . She always knew that master was still young, but her aura made people ignore her age but now revealing master’s real face, she knew, she was very young .

“Otherwise, do you think I’m just short?” Lan You Nian smiled .

Bai Lian’s eyes flashed, master without her mask was even more charming, even her face lost all color in front of master… .

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