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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:55 PM
Chapter 97

97 Souring Birthday Banquet

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May 19, 2019
When Lan You Nian and the others arrived at junzhu manor, there were already many people there . Today was Hua Mu Qing’s birthday . Based on Hua Mu Qing’s personality, she wouldn’t usually hold such a grand birthday banquet and invite so many sons and young misses of officials . Even a few imperial consorts have come . Lan You Nian heard this was the Emperor’s will .

Several of the wangye did not have an official consort . Although the Emperor wanted to intervene in Feng Xia Qi and Feng Yi Xuan’s marriage, he knew these two sons wouldn’t listen to his arrangement . So he took advantage of Hua Mu Qing’s birthday to hold this banquet for everyone to interact more and allow several wangye see if they have a girl they favored . To speak frankly it was a blind date .

When Lan Mo Xian and Lan you Nian arrived at junzhu manor, Hua Mu Qing ran gaily to Lan You Nian’s side complaining, “You guys are finally here! Otherwise I can’t stay a minute longer!”

“Happy birthday!” Lan You Nian hugged Hua Mu Qing then took out a beautifully packaged box, “Birthday present!”

“Nian’er meimei gives the best gift!” Hua Mu Qing did not give it to the housekeeper like she did with the other gifts . Instead she personally placed Lan You Nian’s gift back in her room .

“This isn’t only little sister’s credit; I have a part in it too!” Lan Mo Xian blurted out . Hua Mu Qing’s face suddenly reddened, and did not bicker like usual .

Lan You Nian detected there was something going on between the two . Without her noticing, these two have started to have feelings for each other . She was truly optimistic about older brother and Hua Mu Qing . The two were not only well-matched, both of their personalities were forthright and daring, and the two were already old enough to marry . For Hua Mu Qing’s personality to enter Lan manor, it would be most fitting .

“Thanks!” Hua Mu Qing thanked . Lan Mo Xian awkwardly waved his hand and saw Lan You Nian suddenly laugh .

“Nian’er meimei, what are you laughing at?” Hua Mu Qing became even more red, uneasily shook Lan You Nian to try to prevent Lan You Nian from laughing .

Suddenly a blast of internal force blew by . Lan Mo Xian hurriedly wretched Hua Mu Qing away . If he were any slower, Hua Mu Qing would definitely have gotten hurt, though it wouldn’t be anything serious .

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Hua Mu Qing was frightened . The hand that was pulled by Lan Mo Xian trembled . She turned back to see who dared to touch her in her own manor but when she looked back and saw Feng Xia Qi, Feng Yi Xuan and Jing Wu An, it was obvious the one who made the attack was Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan coldly glared at Hua Mu Qing’s hand, the hand that was just shaking Lan You Nian .

The anger Hua Mu Qing was going let out instantly vanished . She even hid behind Lan Mo Xian . She can clearly sense Ming wang was going to cut off her hand . Every time Ming wang was there, whether it was male or female, he didn’t allow any to get close to Nian’er meimei . Really strange!

“Enough A’Xuan, you can’t treat junzhu so roughly . After all, today is junzhu’s birthday!” Feng Xia Qi was shocked by his brother’s sudden move . He wanted to stop him but it was already too late .

Feng Yi Xuan shot Hua Mu Qing a warning look . Hua Mu Qing shrank her neck, and distanced herself from Lan You Nian . Only then did Feng Yi Xuan retract his cold gaze .

“Junzhu, who has come today?” He Chu Yang asked seeing the coming and going young masters and young ladies .

“Those who could come, all came . I heard the Emperor will come today too . It seems today there will definitely be some marriages gifted down!” Hua Mu Qing said with dissatisfaction . Her birthday mood was totally ruined by some people . Looking at those pretentious young ladies, she felt irritated .

Feng Xia Qi and Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed . It seemed imperial father really wanted to gift marriage to some people but they knew imperial father wouldn’t gift them marriage . That night, they made things perfectly clear . If father was determined, then don’t blame them for rebelling .

“I say, you guys can’t run anymore!” Yu Liu Li suddenly appeared and teased the others . The imperial family was like this, without any freedom at all . Even marriage was like this . Luckily, he was in the pugilistic world, “Amongst you, robably only Nian’er meimei can escape . After all, Nian’er meimei is still young!”

Everyone nodded reassured . Lan You Nian was only thirteen . Girls would be arranged marriages when they were usually fifteen or sixteen . Emperor Feng Xuan was a relatively enlightened emperor wouldn’t make things difficult for others . Most of the time, many young masters and ladies had someone they liked so they would ask for marriage .

“Mu Qing jiejie don’t be angry . How about after the banquet, we go sit at Xiao Jin Pavilion?” Lan You Nian cajoled Hua Mu Qing’s angry little face .

“Really?” Hua Mu Qing and Yu Liu Li cried gleefully . Hua Mu Qing was simply curious while Yu Liu Li goes wherever it was lively .

“No!” Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, He Chu Yang, Lan Mo Xian five refused . Although Xiao Jin Pavilion wasn’t as licentious as other brothels, but it was still a brothel . What woman goes to brothels? If Lan You Nian was led astray, what were they to do? Everyone looked at disapproval at Lan You Nian .

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“Nian’er already arranged a box . Even it if it’s not allowed, we’re still going . This is settled!” Lan You Nian ignored several of the other’s looks and said to Hua Mu Qing, “Mu Qing jiejie, spending your birthday like this will definitely be different!”

“Nian’er meimei you are too good! You know, I have wanted to go to a brothel to see what it looks like for a long time . Today I finally can go!” Hua Mu Qing said happily only for Lan Mo Xian look at Hua Mu Qing unhappily .

“The last time I went with Feng Xia Qi to Xiao Jin Pavilion, the ladies there were really . . tsk tsk!” Yu Liu Li reflected back on the memory .

“Hey, Yu Liu Li, I didn’t do anything . You were the one who dragged me there!” Feng Xia Qi instantly cleared all connection, with an expression of I am innocent .

“I didn’t do anything either . I just went to take a look . What are you panicking about!” Yu Liu Li looked down at Feng Xia Qi then to Lan You Nian, he said charmingly, “Nian’er meimei, you picked the box on the third floor right?”

“What? Not willing?” Lan You Nian deliberately pretended to be angry . Every time she went to visit Wu Qing Pavilion’s businesses, she always took the third floor . This was a force of habit .

“Willing!” Yu Liu Li and Hua Mu Qing said in unison .

“Not allowed!” Feng Yi Xuan eyes were full of deep light . Whether male or female, they cannot take away Nian Nian’s attention .

“Alright, we’re only going to sit and check it out . Why talk as if we’re going to do something there . If you don’t agree then I’ll just go with Mu Qing jiejie and Liu Li gege!” Lan You Nian huffed deliberately .

When everyone heard this, what more could they say? Afraid that Yu Liu Li led Lan You Nian astray, although not willing, they finally agreed . Feng Yi Xuan seeing such a slippery Nian Nian, his eyes were full of doting and helplessness . He couldn’t do anything against her .

The housekeeper came and reported that all the guests were almost there . Hua Mu Qing led everyone into the inner courtyard, not afraid that she would cause tongues to wag because she the host of the banquet did not greet the guests . She was by herself . What rumors was she afraid of?

Upon entering junzhu’s inner courtyard, welcoming them were three large characters, “Mu Qing Pavilion” . Several cycad trees and several other well-known trees were planted in front of the doorway . Green leaves were everywhere . Under the sunlight, they were fresh and bright . Crossing the stone arch, a ten meter high fake mountain stood tall and straight in magnificence . Beneath the mountain was a winding lotus pond, with a small bridge over flowing water, the “ding dong, ding dong” sounds mixed with bursts of laughter, intertwining into a moving piece of music . At the top of the mountain peak, with twists and turns, the tree of heaven and flowers of first spring intermixed with yellows and greens, a particularly moving sight . Green mountains and green waters, pavilion and towers, a picturesque scenery .

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“Nian’er meimei, is sister’s inner courtyard pretty?” Hua Mu Qing asked proudly . The arrangements of this inner courtyard took up a lot of her time . When building this junzhu manor, she spent a lot of thought on this inner courtyard .

“The scenery is really nice!” Lan you Nian praised . She didn’t expect Hua Mu Qing’s junzhu manor to be so beautiful .

“Since Nian’er meimei likes, then come more often . Otherwise, living alone in such a big junzhu manor is boring!” Hua Mu Qing lamented .

“Since Mu Qing jiejie feels lonely, how about go to Nian’er’s place instead? If you come with a different identity, it will be even better!” Lan You Nian said, eyes drifting between Hua Mu Qing and Lan Mo Xian . Everyone understood Lan You Nian’s meaning and smiled ambiguiously .

“You, Nian’er meimei, when have you become so talkative!” Hua Mu Qing cried with embarrassment .

“Junzhu has become angry from embarrassment,” Jing Wu . An interjected .

“It looks like it to me!” He Chu Yang looked grave as he nodded . Now Lan Mo Xian couldn’t keep silent .

“Let’s go to the banquet . Otherwise if the host isn’t there, who knows what they’ll gossip about!” Finished, he dragged Hua Mu Qing away .

When they arrived at the banquet, each wangye, princess, young master and young lady were already seated in their arranged seats . Hua Mu Qing and the others were seated at the same table . Although the status of each person was different, and the co-gender group did not conform to the rules but who dared to provoke the people of this table?

“Announcing His Mahesty!” Eunuch Lu’s sharp voice rang and everyone stand up in salutation . Wearing a yellow dragon robe, Feng Xuan and Noble Consort Lin walked into the banquet . As soon as Noble Consort entered, her eyes landed on Lan You Nian, provoking Feng Yi Xuan’s cold aura .

“Alright, rise . Today is Mu Qing’s birthday . Zhen specially came to take a look . You young people continue to play yourselves . ” The Emperor sat with Noble Consort Lin at the very top . He checked to see if there were any outstanding women at the banquet . However when he saw his sixth son, fourth son, and Hua Mu Qing sitting at the same table as a girl he didn’t recognize, he couldn’t help his curiosity .

“Mu Qing ah, what do you want for your birthday?” The Emperor said kindly to Hua Mu Qing . Although his mien was stern, his tone was much kinder . After all Hua Mu Qing was a pitiful child . Otherwise Emperor wouldn’t give her the title of junzhu .

“Thanks Your Majesty . Mu Qing is already very happy that Your Majesty can come!” Hua Mu Qing said endearingly . Although she was usually very fierce but in front of the emperor, she put away much of her temper . After all this person controlled their life and death and honor .

“Haha, Mu Qing, when have you learned to speak like this? Eunuch Lu, give the things to Mu Qing!” The Emperor seemed to be overjoyed by Hua Mu Qing’s words . Eunuch Lu had a eunuch who came with him to gift down tray after tray, each with various kinds of jewelry .

“Many thanks Your Majesty!” Hua Mu Qing curtsied . Though her face showed her happiness, there was not a trace of fondness for the objects rewarded . Hua Mu Qing didn’t care for these materialistic things . It was the same every year . She no longer had any interest .

“Mu Qing ah, the little girl beside you belongs to which family? How come zhen hasn’t seen her before?” Emperor seemingly unintentionally asked . In fact, when he noticed this young girl with a veil covering her face, sitting with his sons, Jing Wu An, and the others, he knew she wasn’t a normal young miss from an official’s family . The Emperor was curious .

Lan You Nian was thinking about other things when the Emperor said her name . She pushed her thoughts into the back of her mind, stood up lithely and gently curtsied, “This girl is General Lan, Lan Jian Jun’s daughter-Lan You Nian!”

“Oh? You are General Lan’s daughter . Zhen has heard about you from the imperial tutor before!” The Emperor carefully inspected her . What was so different about this girl that made so many people want to protect her?

“It is this girl!” Toda, Lan You Nian still wore a veil so you could only see a pair of pure eyes . A face without any makeup, clothed in a pure white dress, a freshly picked white hibiscus tucked into her hair, besides this, there was only an exquisite jasper seven treasure hairpin . Simply standing there, she was a picturesque image . Meeting the Emperor’s gaze, she did not evade as if nothing made her afraid .

When the Emperor realized this, he knew this girl was indeed different . What lady of the boudoir would be so unhurried when meeting the Emperor for the first time . She even dared to meet his gaze . Although this girl was young, but the aura she possessed was one the Emperor has never seen before, noble and heavenly aura, unattainable by mere mortals .

“En, indeed a good child!” The Emperor nodded allowing Lan You Nian to sit back down . Not everyone had the same thoughts . They have all seen Lan You Nian’s talent, and the fact she was little sister to several people with high status, in addition with the Emperor’s praise, most women looked jealously at Lan You Nian . Although the men were captivated by Lan You Nian, however not only was she still young, she was also disfigured, so more or less it blocked their desires .

“Che’er, see a woman you like? If you ask for marriage today, it will definitely succeed !” Noble Consort Lin said to Feng Lin Che sitting beside her . Attending this banquet for the most part was because her son needed to marry an official consort, an official consort who can help her son .

“Mother Consort, what do you think of her?” Feng Lin Che’s finger pointed at a woman .

“Her?” Noble Consort Lin followed his gaze to look at the woman, asked her son in confusion .

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