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The moonlight of early summer was quiet and cool, so faint, so soft, like flowing water, quietly rushing through the window into the room, embellishing the floor with a variegated appearance.  Lan You Nian stood in front of the window with her bare feet, like many nights in the past, gazed at the bright moon in the sky

"Young miss," Lan Feng sighed as she picked up the cloak left on the side, carefully tucked Lan you Nian under the cloak. Inside, her heart hurt for this master who was much smaller than her.

"How are you back?" Lan You Nian asked. After all, Lan Feng actually needed a little more than half a month to return. It was incredibly rare for her to come back so early. Lan Feng was not as clingy as Lan Wu; Lan Feng was more self-reliant. Despite being a woman, she, like Lan Ren, could easily handle many matters.

"Young miss is still so muddled," Lan Feng frowned, puzzled. It can be said that her family's young miss was so smart that it wasn't human but still can be as muddled as a child, "Young miss has forgotten. That day of this month is coming soon!"

Lan You Nian suddenly understood. Every month, it wasn't her monthlies that will arrive. After all, with her current age, that thing hasn't arrived yet. Lan Feng was talking about the day the poison activates every month. Every month, the day the poison activates would always be between the 15-19. Every time the poison activates, she will not have any capability of self-defense. In the past, when the poison activated, either it was in the Medical Valley, or it was in Wu Qing Pavilion; both were safe. But now in the capital, it seems Lan Feng wasn't at ease.

"En, don't worry!" Lan You Nian advised. In fact, every time the poison activated, although she was in pain, those who stayed with her was equally miserable. Every time after the poison activated, she will notice these silly girls had red-rimmed eyes as they stood at the door entrance. Because their hearts ached for her, so a lot of times, when it was nearly time for the poison to activate, she will always return to the Medical Valley but now, in such circumstances, she definitely cannot return to the Medical Valley.

"Lan Feng, these two pills, place one in Lan Zhi's tea water and watch her drink it. As for the other, give it to the young master of Prime Minister's manor, An Ping," Lan You Nian took out two pills, the smirk hanging on the corner of her lips was like that of a rich playboy's.

Lan Feng already has an understanding of the wicked ploys of her master, so at this moment was very sympathetic of Lan Zhi and An Ping. After all, these drugs that young miss used were developed by third young master. The poison developed by third young master were truly shocking the entire world and moving ghosts and gods.

Seeing Lan Feng leave, just as Lan You Nian was prepared to rest, she was suddenly picked up from behind. Her entire body was surrounded by a fresh mint flavor that made people want to sink into it.

"Feng Yi Xuan!" Lan You Nian hissed. One day, she will be scared out of her wits by this man. Seeing as now even in her own room, she couldn't take off her veil, you can tell how much she dreaded him. And this man, sure enough, unabashedly broke into her boudoir in the middle of the night.

"Call Xuan!" Feng Yi Xuan said earnestly then sat Lan You Nian on the bed. That aloof man whose smiles and words were usually so stingy, crouched down and with gentle movements picked up the socks and shoes beside the bed. Then, with tender eyes, he picked up the shoes and gently placed them on the small white tender feet of Lan You Nian, moving back and forth twice. With of face of inquiry, he asked, "Is it cold?"

She wouldn't know how angry he was when he entered the room and saw the girl, he thought of constantly standing in front of the window with her small bare white feet. After all, a woman's feet can't be casually exposed but what made him angry the most was that this girl didn't know how to take care of herself. The early summer's night was still a little cool, but this girl seemed unaware. When his palm touched the girl's little feet, only then did Feng Yi Xuan notice how small the girl's feet were, just like her hands, delicately small and white, but he cared most about the ice-cold temperature of the foot in his hands. In this weather, it was not normal at all. Recalling that Nian Nian's body temperature seemed to always be so low, he thought it was a problem with Lan You Nian's body itself, but how could he knot that it was because Lan You Nian's poison was going to trigger very soon.

Lan You Nian dazedly gaped at Feng Yi Xuan putting on the shoes for her. In her memory, no one took care of her like this. In her past life, she was too independent. No matter what matter it was, she always did it by herself, with self-strength and self-reliance, really a veritable tough woman. In this life, her heart was already sealed up, and as she is without a mother, so this is, since she could remember, the first time someone put on shoes for her. The one who put shoes on her was a nation's wangye, a war god on the battlefield, but now, he did these things with gentleness and indulgence.

"Hn, remember to wear socks and shoes in the future," At first, Feng Yi Xuan had a pit of anger in his belly but when he helped Nian Nian put on the shoes, seeing the girl staring at him as if stupefied, that pair of eyes that were black and white in sharp contrast glimmered with bright lights, like starlight falling down to earth, infinitely beautiful. Just like that, he didn't have any anger anymore, only sighed in his heart. If his girl doesn't know how to care for herself, he will take care of her. If she forgot to wear shoes, he will help her put them on. He will always be by her side safe-guarding her.

"I know." Lan You Nian retracted the foot that Feng Yi Xuan held in the palm of his hands, but this feeling of being concerned about very distinctly lingered in Lan You Nian's heart.

Looking at Lan You Nian who didn't seem to have any awareness at all, Feng Yi Xuan only felt that he has never said so many words in all these years as much as he spoke to Nian Nian, "Women's feet can only be seen by the future husband. Today I saw your feet, so in the future, you can only marry me!"

"Marry you?" Lan You Nian's feet shifted ready to give Feng Yi Xuan a kick, but she knew very well that with Feng Yi Xuan's skill, he can escape. But she didn't expect her kick to actually land on Feng Yi Xuan's half-bent chest. However, Feng Yi Xuan, who was kicked, didn't move an inch, but Lan You Nian who gave the kick only thought how could this man's chest be so hard?

Feng Yi Xuan slowly stood up. There wasn't any displeasure with the Lan You Nian's rude behavior. Based on his skill, he could easily dodge but no matter what Nian Nian wanted to do, he will spoil her, let alone a few kicks, even if she held a dagger, he will not even flinch.

"I will never marry!" Lan You Nian said resolutely, though it's difficult to say if it was spoken to Feng Yi Xuan, or to herself. In this life, she never considered matters of love. She only hoped in this life to cure her poison and live a carefree life, wandering amongst the mountains and rivers. That poisonous emotions of love, she didn't want to touch nor dare to touch.

"Not marry?" Feng Yi Xuan frowned. Even in his dreams, all he dreamed about was that when Nian Nian grew up, he will marry her into his manor. This way, he would be perfectly justified to pamper her, and exhaust all means to treat her well, but this moment Nian Nian resolutely said she won't marry? Feng Yi Xuan felt that this problem was very serious, even more serious than the emergency reports on the battlefield.

"Why should I marry?" Lan You Nian seeing at such a solemn Feng Yi Xuan, don't know why but she had a desire to tease him. It seems that when she was with Feng Yi Xuan, she was always relaxed. Clearly the two didn't know each other that long, but there was a feeling, a feeling that in front of him she could act without restraint, without fear.

"Hmm——" Feng Yi Xuan considered the matter very seriously then very passionately said, "Because someone will take care of you, protect you, and will be good to you!"

The little person inside Lan You Nian's heart fell over in giggles seeing Feng Yi Xuan's all too serious face but her face remained unmoved, "I still won't marry. I can take care of myself. I can protect myself. I can be good to myself. And I will not betray myself!"

Lan You Nian's last sentence was the fact of the matter. In the past, she was betrayed by her mother, betrayed by her older sister, betrayed by her lover. In fact, from beginning to end, only she will not betray herself. If so, why did she need someone else?

"I won't betray you," Feng Yi Xuan gazed at Lan You Nian, said passionately but softly. Instantly, Lan You Nian felt this man was very tolerant, so tolerant that it made her feel warm like the spring breeze of the third month. It was hard to imagine, a man with such an indifferent temperament would have such warm gaze like spring breeze.

Suddenly, she didn't want to continue this topic. At first, she only wanted to tease this man, but now seeing Feng Yi Xuan's seriousness, she was unable to say anything. Moreover, it was already the middle of the night, Lan You Nian's eyes sluggishly steeped with fatigue.

"Sleep!" Feng Yi Xuan pressed Lan You Nian back onto the bed, and just like last time, covered Lan You Nian with the blanket. Then he stood at her bedside like a most loyal prince guarding Lan You Nian.

"You go back!" Lan You Nian said. She knew that this man had guarded her for an entire night. That night, she didn't have any nightmares, sleeping peacefully. But now, seeing this man standing guard here, don't know why she felt a hint of heartache.

Feng Yi Xuan pursed his lips remaining silent but still very stubbornly stood in front of La You Nian's bed gazing at Lan You Nian. Such an earnest burning gaze, how can Lan You Nian sleep? Feng Yi Xuan bent down, outstretched his hand covering up Lan You Nian's eyes and said in a pampering tone, "Sleep!"

In the absence of vision, Lan You Nian can clearly feel the palm covering her eyes was wide and warm. The thin callouses on his fingers made this palm feel even more secure, as Lan You Nian kept thinking about this, she fell into peaceful slumber.

Feng Yi Xuan gazed at the girl whose entire face wasn't even as big as the palm of his hand. The eyelashes covered by his hand brushed against the palm of his hand. At first, it was still fluttering like a butterfly. The eyelashes caressing the palm of his hand was ticklish, but Feng Yi Xuan was reluctant to remove it. Until the lashes under his hand quieted and the girl lying on the bed fell asleep, only then did Feng Yi Xuan gingerly take off his hand. At this time, he really wanted to take off the veil covering Nian Nian's face, but he resisted the temptation. He hoped that one day this girl will reveal her true face in front of his own eyes without any wariness infinitely trusting him. Regardless of what that face truly was like, it will always be the face he will cherish most.

T/N: The beginning of the semester is always hectic and it will only get worse, especially the weather.  😔But this chapter just warmed my heart as I translated it and I just had to share it with you guys!  Stay warm and drive safely.😘, with much love.

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