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The crowd of people locked eyes with each other in askance.  The sound that made ears blush and hearts race still continued inside.  The married women already covered up the ears of their unmarried daughters.  The men also looked embarrassed.  Meanwhile, Prime Minister An's face can no longer use ugly to describe.

    Feng Yi Xuan's eyes implicitly glanced at Lan You Nian.  Her ears were being covered by Hua Mu Qing.  Her eyes were bright and clear, as if not even a little shy.  Feng Yi Xuan couldn't help lament, his family's Nian Nian really is too young, now she only knows about being drugged, but probably doesn't know anything about the matters between men and women.  It seems that he will have to slowly teach it to her in the future.

    "Drag out the people who are inside!  I want to see who dares to be so shameless in the prime minister's manor!" Feng Xia Qi shouted furiously as if he was someone from the prime minister manor.  Lan You Nian couldn't bear to look at it.

    Feng Yi Xuan shot him a look, his eyes glaringly said, "It's too fake!"

    Feng Xia Qi ignored the twitching eyes of his friends and continued to yell, "What are you still standing here for!  Now the atmosphere of this capital is so filthy!", Feng Xia Qi acted one segment after another.  Prime Minister An who wanted to stop him had no way to stop him.  After all, if he insisted on not letting others in, what would everyone think?  The prestige that Prime Minister manor has accumulated over the years will probably be destroyed!

    There was already a guard opening the door.  The strong scent of sex inside still made everyone's faces red, but this isn't the most important thing.  The most important is the two who were suddenly interrupted and hiding in the quilt, wasn't it Lan Zhi who has been carried down and Prime Minister An's most beloved grandson An Ping?

    "Ah——" Lan Zhi's scream made Lan You Nian's, who planned all of this, eyes flash with a bright smile.  Can't even bear this little matter?  Indeed, too weak!  Feng Yi Xuan who has been silently watching Lan You Nian saw the mischievous look on Lan You Nian of a child who has done bad things, don't know why but his heart felt itchy, as if as long as she reveals such a look, he can do anything, regardless if it is right or wrong, it didn't matter.

    Meanwhile, An Ping who has sobered, waking up to so many people's eyes of the contempt, felt embarrassed.  He recalled being called over by this younger cousin-sister.  After he came, this cousin-sister started to tease him.  He was not a gentleman in the first place, how can he not eat the meat that serves itself to him?  Besides, cousin-sister's looks were uncommonly good.  Half-declining half-accepting, the two rolled together, but he didn't expect this thing will be discovered by so many people.

    "Bastard!" An Gong Jing came to his son before his father could fly into a rage and ruthlessly gave his son a slap, while using a tone of hating iron for not turning to steel as he called him a bastard.   Lan Zhi who shrank herself into the quilt was stupefied by the sudden event.  The pain on her body made her aware that she was finished, she was really finished!  Her pure body was ruined by her cousin-brother.  Moreover, so many people knew of it, she was unmarried yet fools around with men, how can she bear such a reputation?

    "It's you, it's you, how can you do this?  You are a rogue!"  In the chaos, Lan Zhi pushed all the blame onto cousin-brother An Ping.  She only knew that she was resting in her room and in a blink of an eye her innocence was ruined.  Her cousin-brother has always been lascivious.  Lan Zhi's eyes were full of hate as they glared at An Ping, her two hands constantly clawing towards An Ping.

    An Ping wasn't going to do anything from the start.  After all, he was a man so he didn't suffer any losses from this kind of thing.  Since he took cousin-sister, he will simply marry her, but he didn't think that his cousin-sister would be so insensible.  Not only did she seduce him, she even deliberately placed all the fault on him.  This clawing and beating with a shrewish look caused An Ping's pity for Lan Zhi to disappear.

    "Grandfather, father, it is cousin-sister who invited son here.  But as soon as I entered the room, cousin-sister seduced me.  It is this son's fault for not resisting the temptation and in a moment of weakness made a mistake.  Beg grandfather, father for punishment!"  An Ping didn't even get to put on clothes before he knelt down on the ground to plead with Prime Minister An and An Gong Jing.

    Lan You Nian didn't even see the naked body before having her eyes covered by Hua Mu Qing, who kept on saying, "Nian'er meimei, don't look.  Careful lest it leads you astray!"

    "Then Mu Qing jiejie are you looking?" Lan You Nian laughed, not caring if her eyes were covered.  This feeling of having a sister wasn't bad.

    "I, I, I, of course, I didn't look!"  Hua Mu Qing stuttered.  Just as she finished saying, her eyes were covered by a pair of wide palms.

    "Junzhu, you are also a female.  How can you be so shameless?  I said you will lead Nian'er meimei astray didn't I?  You clearly saw it but still lied," Lan Mo Xian likewise covered up Hua Mu Qing's eyes, but the words pouring from his mouth weren't nice.

    "Hey, Lan Mo Xian, do you have enmity with me?  Don't ruin my image in front of Nian'er meimei!"  Hua Mu Qing withdrew her hands that were covering up Lan You Nian's eyes, ruthlessly slapping away Lan Mo Xian's palm.

    "Junzhu still has an image?  How come I don't know?" Lan Mo Xian said naturally.

    "You are vicious!"  Hua Mu Qing was forced without anything to say.  She, a woman, being friends with several men, there were a lot of embarrassing things.  She really has no image left.

    Lan You Nian looked between the two people who refused to be one-upped by the other.  For some reason, no matter how you looked at it, there was love in the air.  Moreover, what was this visual of quarrelsome lovers?  If Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing got together, en, Lan You Nian nodded, she felt it would be wonderful.

    The maids helped An Ping and Lan Zhi into clothes.  Both of them were kneeling at the feet of Prime Minister An.  Lan Zhi listlessly looked at the people whispering around her.  Even her mother and older sister didn't speak for her.  Her father didn't even give her a glance.  Lan Zhi's heart was filled with hatred, hated she couldn't kill everyone!

    "You tell me just what is going on here?" Prime Minister An pointed at the page-boy who followed beside An Ping, but the threat behind the words made the page-boy understand, Prime Minister's meaning was to protect the young master, then all the responsibility will be pushed onto Second Miss Lan to shoulder.

    "Second Miss Lan sent someone to find young master.  When young master came over, second miss Lan started to seduce young master.  By then, this slave already withdrew.  What happened next is unknown," the page boy knelt on the ground saying.

    "You lie!" Lan Zhi wanted to beat up the page boy but was held down by the guards around her, "He is lying!  I didn't!  Grandpa, I didn't ah!  It was cousin who forced me!"

    For Lan Zhi's insensibility, Prime Minister An and An Gong Jing both hardened their face.  Losing a young miss who didn't even count as An family's was nothing, but they can't lose An family's young master.  Moreover, after today, Lan Zhi was already the abandoned chess piece.  For a discarded chess piece, An family never shows any pity, let alone a sacrificial piece that didn't know its place.

    An yiniang looked at her wailing second daughter.  She felt unbearably upset in her heart but not only was she Lan Zhi's mother, she was also An family's daughter.  The backing behind her was An family, without An family, she wasn't anything.  In the future, not only her but her children will have nowhere to go.  So at this moment, An yiniang could only pinch Lan Ya's arm but didn't say any words of pleading.

    "No?  Cousin-sister's words are really strange.  This is obviously the room you rest in.  I was at the banquet when someone passed the message that you were looking for me.  It was heard by others.   What is cousin-sister's meaning?" An Ping, seeing grandfather and father acting such, knew nothing will happen him today, his courage grew bigger.

    "I…" Lan Zhi still wanted to deny something but didn't know how to deny it.  Her brain was muddled.

    "Since you and Ping'er already have the relations between husband and wife, choose an auspicious day to marry to Ping'er.  We were already prepared for you to marry you to Ping'er, only, you girl, are too eager," With one word, Prime Minister An already determined the matter.  After all, if Lan Zhi married An Ping, this matter can be considered over with.  This thing happening between husband and wife was normal though it was before marriage, people will just blame Lan Zhi for being shameless, that's all.

    "Congratulations grandfather.  Second Miss Lan and eldest young master An are well-matched.  This is also a fine marriage!" Second wangye Feng Shao Chu stood up to resolve this awkward situation.

    After Feng Shao Chu said this, everyone also offered congratulations.  Clearly they came to celebrate a birthday now it's turned into congratulations for a marriage, but no one exposed this matter.  Even Feng Xia Qi sincerely congratulated Prime Minister An, but the words that were said, tsk tsk, made Prime Minister An's old face red.  One can only imagine how poisonous this fox's mouth is.

    With a birthday banquet becoming like this, everyone found a reason to take leave, but Lan You Nian when passing in front of Lan Zhi, slightly lowered near Lan Zhi's ear, "Aren't you happy?  What you have done to Lan You Nian, I will return one by one!" It was a clearly soft tone but it was like a ghost whisper in Lan Zhi's ears.

    Looking at the intact Lan You Nian, Lan Zhi knew that she has been plotted against.  Opening her mouth ready to abuse but was stopped by An Ping beside her.  Sullen and sinister eyes fell on Lan Zhi, "You shut up!"  Then looking at Lan You Nian, his eyes were like a snake hissing his tongue.

    Prime Minister An brooded as he looked at the back of Lan You Nian.  Today's matter was originally aimed at Lan You Nian and Lan Mo Xian, but now it's fell on their own hands.  This girl wasn't simple.  Since it's not simple, then…

    An yiniang looked at her husband who didn't even look at her nor at her daughter.  He just simply left like this.  An yiniang felt her heart become absolutely painful.  How can this man be so cold-blooded?

Lan You Nian remained silent with a delicate smile as she followed Lan Jian Jun and others, leaving Prime Minister Manor, leaving behind the fury of the people of An manor.   

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