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"Eldest young master," a maidservant came up beside Lan Mo Xian and whispered.

    "What's the matter?" Lan Mo Xian glanced at this woman whom he recognized as Lan Ya's servant girl and couldn't help asking.  He honestly can't understand what this younger sister of his is about.

    "It's like this.   Third young miss's clothes are dirty, so eldest miss went with the third miss to the inner courtyard to change clothes, but something went wrong.  Eldest miss has this slave come to inform eldest young master!" The maidservant bowed her head down low, so Lan Mo Xian was unable to see the maidservant's expression; he didn't see that maidservant's trembling lips.

    "What?  Did something happen to Nian'er? What happened?"  Lan Mo Xian asked anxiously.  He honestly cared too much about this younger sister.  If it were normally, he will definitely realize there was something unusual going on.  However, he knew today the prime minister manor will make things difficult for his younger sister, so inevitably, he was much more anxious.

    "This slave doesn't know for sure.  It seems third miss fell.  At first, the eldest miss was going to find a doctor but third miss wants the eldest young master to go over," the maidservants muttered incoherently.  She was simply obeying young miss's instructions to deceive eldest young master to the room, but in front of the eldest young master, she was still nervous.

    Lan Mo Xian stood up, "Hurry, lead the way!"  Finished, he followed the maidservant, leaving the banquet, so anxious that he didn't even inform Lan Jian Jun.  Right now, his heart was completely filled with worry if his little sister was being bullied.  How could she fall.  Is it done by Prime Minister manor?  At first, he felt sorry for this little sister, now, he hated he couldn't become the best older brother in the world.  If little sister is injured again, then he was really too incompetent.

   When Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An saw their good friend hurriedly left, their hearts already had some idea.  What else can make Lan Mo Xian so anxious beside that little sister of his, Lan You Nian.  It seems today is a hangmen* banquet ah.  But the two did not move.  After all, when Ming wang left, no one dares to say anything, especially as Ming wang has always been like this.  Now that a General Che Qi left the banquet, if there were any more people leaving, then today will definitely cause tongues to wag.

*(Hongmen banquet–a feast or meeting set up as a trap for the invited)

    Lan Mo Xian followed the maidservant to a small courtyard.  The maidservant bowed, "Eldest young master, third miss is in the room.  You can go in directly!"

    Lan Mo Xian and Lan You Nian were not overly conventional people.  Usually, Lan Mo Xian often enters You Nian Pavilion.  In addition, now worried about younger sister's situation, Lan Mo Xian directly pushed the door to enter the room, but as soon as he entered the room, the outside door was already locked.

    "Nian'er?" Lan Mo Xian searched the room but didn't see his younger sister.  At this time, he was certain he has been tricked and involved in some kind of conspiracy.  Then where is his Nian'er meimei?

    Lan You Nian stood outside the window of the room.   Seeing the servant girl bringing her older brother into the room, what did she not understand?  Sure enough, what a vicious heart.  Not only did they want to ruin her innocence, they even want to ruin the reputation of her older brother.  Although she and Lan Mo Xian were not biological brother and sister, in the eyes of society they were brother and sister.  If brother and sister has an illicit affair, then one can imagine that not only herself even Lan Mo Xian will lose everything.  Lan You Nian's eyes surged with a violent storm.

    "An Yi!" Lan You Nian summoned An Yi who has been following behind her.

    "Miss Lan," An Yi's attitude towards Lan You Nian was very respectful.  Although Lan you Nian didn't understand, she didn't think too much on it.

    "Can you open the window and take my brother away?  After I finish my matters, I will go find older brother," Lan You Nian said.  It wasn't an order but a discussion.  After all, An Yi wasn't her own subordinate.  She had no right to order anything.

    "Of course, but Miss Lan, it's too dangerous all by yourself!" An Yi said.  Master's orders were to take care of Miss Lan.  If anything happens to Miss Lan, his ending will be tragic.

    "No problem.  I can protect myself!" After Lan You Nian finished speaking, she disappeared into the corner.  An Yi considered, true, he has seen Miss Lan's martial arts, there shouldn't be a problem.

    Lan Mo Xian was currently in the room wondering what was going on.  Suddenly the window opened from the outside and An Yi leapt in.

    "An Yi?  How is it you?" Lan Mo Xian was puzzled, the more he felt that something has happened to his little sister, "Nian'er?  Have you seen Nian'er?"

    "Mo Xian, don't worry!  Miss Lan is fine.  Now you come with me!" When An Yi finished, he jumped out.  Lan Mo Xian and An Yi have known each other for a long time, moreover, the two were also friends, so he did not hesitate to follow An Yi, leaving the room.

    Lan You Nian came out from within the shadows.   Looking at the room that had no more scent of aphrodisiac, she turned and flew out.

    "Lan You Nian, you slut!  You deserve to die!  I must destroy you!"  Lan Zhi laid on the bed continuously cursing, her face full of resentment.  Lan You Nian stood outside the room listening to the vicious language, the smile in her eyes was thick but there was no warmth.

    Taking a medicinal pill that was on her body, she crushed it, letting the medical fragrance enter the room with the wind all the while without Lan Zhi knowing.  At this time, An Yi who has already taken Lan Mo Xian and left, quickly arrived at the side of Lan You Nian, respectfully asked, "What are Miss Lan's commands?"

    "Prime Minister manor should have a grandson, right?" Lan You Nian's asked with an unknown tone.

    "Yes!" An Yi answered.  He now knew what the Prime Minister manor wanted to do.  It was absolutely unforgivable.  They not only wanted to destroy their matriarch, but they also wanted to ruin his friend.  Ai Yi felt that although he was a shadow guard, he was still angered he wanted to kill something.

    "Feng Yi Xuan should have a spy in Prime minister's manor.  Help me bring the young master of Prime minister's family here."  Lan You Nian reached out and tucked some strands of her scattered hair behind a snow-white ear, "Since the play has already started, how can it not continue to act out?"

    An Yi's first reaction was that one should never provoke this woman, especially a capable woman like the matriarch.  His second reaction was, aima, this idea was great!  This old prime minister always opposes his master, but we'll see this time him losing all face!

"Why aren't you going yet?" Who knew when Feng Yi Xuan appeared and snapped at An Yi, not understanding what his subordinate was stupidly standing there for.

    An Yi left with a whoosh, his heart was brimming with excitement.  He was happiest doing bad things!  Sure enough, following Miss Lan is much more fun than following the cold and frigid master.

    In fact, as soon as Feng Yi Xuan came, Lan You Nian already sensed him but she didn't hide anything.  She was not an ignorant little girl.  She was a bloom of poisonous spider lily.  No matter how others see her, she was not a good person.  It was simple truth that she seeks revenge for any grievances.

    "Do you want to bring your big sister here too?" Feng Yi Xuan was even more furious towards the things these people wanted to do to his Nian Nian, so angry he wanted to kill people.  But he can't.  The girl in front of him had her own thoughts, had her own ideas; he was learning to respect her.

    Lan You Nian was naturally stupefied.  She believed someone like Feng Yi Xuan would disdain someone like her who seeks revenge for every grievance.  But she didn't expect that when he heard such a vicious strategy of hers, he still stood so calmly beside her, even with a posture of wanting to help.  This feeling of being trusted was really nice.

    "No need, this is enough!" Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan in reply.  That pair of black bright eyes seemed to be fogged with a layer of wetness, like a first-rate glass, radiantly splendid.

    It wasn't that she was kind, nor that she couldn't bear it, but simply because if this matter was made too big, it will inevitably have an impact.  Now that she has accepted the identity of the legitimate daughter of Lan manor, if she fought too fiercely with Prime minister manor, it was bound to alarm the Empress, then afterwards, it will be the second prince.  Then in the future, her troubles will be too much.  If so many people attacked her all at once, she really might be a little overwhelmed.

    "Hmph!" Feng Yi Xuan was still uncomfortable in his heart.  The girl in front of him was too wonderful, so wonderful that he wanted to cradle her in his hands to protect her, but these people actually dared to use such dirty things on her, so infuriating!

    "How about we knock Prime Minister An out and bring him over and toss him in with the girl inside.  Only this will vent anger!" Feng Yi Xuan did not perceive how horrifying his idea was.  He was not a kind-heart person in the first place.  All these years who knows how many people he has killed.  His methods are sometimes cruel and horrifying.

    Lan You Nian didn't expect Feng Yi Xuan to be so savage.  If Prime Minister An and his own granddaughter got together, then…thinking about that picture, Lan You Nian felt completely unable to accept it.  Moreover, if Feng Yi Xuan did this, this was directly declaring war with the Empress. Then in the future, his days won't be very peaceful.  This man seemed to be really good to her.

    "Um, if you do this, do you know if it was found out that you intervened, Feng Yi Xuan, do you know the consequences?" Lan You Nian fixed her gaze on Feng Yi Xuan, seeming very puzzled.  Was her saving his life really that big a deal?  At this time, how could Lan You Nian know, only because the one who saved him was her Lan You Nian, so the cold like ice Feng Yi Xuan will be like this?  If it were anyone else, how could he keep in mind constantly?

    "It doesn't matter.  You don't like so I will definitely have them disappear in front of you!" Feng Yi Xuan's sharp gaze narrowed, the tall and straight body was straight as a sword bursting out of its sheath, the surrounding aura burst out instantly.  The bearing of a powerful person disdainful of everything caused Lan You Nian, for no reason at all, feel reassured.

    "Oh," Lan You Nian didn't know what to say in front of such a Feng Yi Xuan, she could only awkwardly change the topic, "Your body?  Is it fine?""

    "Nian Nian is concerned about me?" Feng Yi Xuan's eyes lit up, listening to the girl's seemingly concerns words, his former dejection from the girl wanting him to find other women dissipated.

    Lan You Nian remained silent.  She honestly didn't know how to answer.  Although she now considers Feng Yi Xuan a friend, in the ancient times, Feng Yi Xuan's status was too high, so that if she says they're friends, it was somewhat ridiculous!

    Feng Yi Xuan didn't care if Lan You Nian didn't say anything, and self-satisfied said, "I just knew Nian Nian cares about me!"  Feng Yi Xuan had a touch of curvature to his lips, within the beautiful and coquettish was an intense pampering.  Then he said, "How can that dirty thing hurt me?  I am not a casual man!"

    The eager explanation in the discourse was like proudly expressing he was very powerful, "This wang's body and heart all belong to the future wangfei!"  Even though he really wanted to say his body and heart all belonged to the girl in front of him, but looking at Nian Nian's petite body and age, Feng Yi Xuan thought twice.  After all, Nian Nian was still young.  She doesn't understand these matters, they can go slow.  Besides, isn't this already getting a little closer?

    "Pu——"  Hearing the clearly 19-year-old seem to have a childish tone Lan You Nian couldn't help burst into laughter.  It seems she hasn't laughed this happily for a long time.

    "Master, Miss Lan, the thing is done!" An Yi appeared behind the two, breaking the somewhat ambiguous atmosphere between them.

    What was left, Lan You Nian did not want to go see so she circulated her qinggong and took off.  Her brother Lan Mo Xian was still waiting there, who knows how worried he is.

"You stand watch.  Nothing is allowed to go wrong!" Feng Yi Xuan instructed An Yi and then left with Lan You Nian, giving off a feeling of wife sings husband follows.

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