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In the silent night, even the moon was hidden behind dark clouds, not wanting to look upon this dirty world.

Lan You Nian, clothed in white sleepwear, stood in front of the window. A cold gust of night wind blew up the long hair scattered on her back giving off a kind of indifferent immortal bearing.


Lan Qu retrieved a white cloak from the wardrobe and placed it on Lan You Nian's shoulders. She studied her family's young miss who wasn't even as tall as her but she had to worry about so many things, and perhaps she felt heartache for her. Outsiders only saw Wu Qing gongzi's mysteriousness and power. Only the people at Lan You Nian's side knew that those power were exchanged with blood and painstaking effort.

"Young miss, the night is cold, you better rest early," Lan Qu was always been afraid young miss felt cold because, in the past, young miss has been frozen for so long in the snow, so as soon as she got cold, she would get sick.

"Lan Qu, guess if we'll see blood tonight?" Lan You Nian tucked in the collar of her clothes and gazed at the dark sky.

"This will depend on that An yiniang's tolerance level," Lan Qu was unconcerned about those matters, neither was she afraid because Lan Feng has already returned. She was only concerned about young miss's body.

"Hmph! It seems that An yiniang's tolerance isn't so good after all!" Lan You Nian put on the veil. Pitch black eyes permeated with ice as they leveled on the people in black integrating themselves into the night and one by one enter You Nian Pavilion.

After Lan Wu finished making the bed, she also stood behind Lan You Nian and looked at the people in black who entered You Nian Pavilion one by one. She said very succinctly, "Carrying such gleaming blades, are they afraid others will not recognize them?"

Lan You Nian originally had a bit of rage but didn't know whether to laugh or cry after what Lan Wu said. After all, Lan Wu was very right. In You Nian Pavilion's courtyard, the lanterns in the corridors were brightly lit in the night. The blades in the assassins' hands were very glaring to the eye under the reflection of the light. This way, anyone will notice them!

"It seems that An yiniang underestimates me. That Prime Minister An also underestimates me!" Lan You Nian knew that these people weren't sought out by An yiniang. They were sent by Feng nation's left prime minister, Prime Minister An. It seems that An yiniang couldn't bear it anymore and had her family help out. Lan You Nian self-reflected for a moment, has she recently been too annoying?

When those people in black appeared in You Nian Pavilion, Lan Feng appeared. You Nian Pavilion's guards also appeared. They uniformly blocked off the men in black in the courtyard as to not allow the assassins to disturb young miss's rest.

Maybe the men in black didn't think that they would be discovered so soon. After all, the prime minister said that it was just a delicate and incompetent young miss of the manor. But the surrounding guards that appeared at this moment and that woman standing in the distance, how could this be the subordinates of a young miss of the boudoir.

Once face to face, the guards of You Nian Pavilion charged forward. However, Lan Feng just stood there watching but did not make a move. The guards of You Nian Pavilion may not be as good at martial arts, but after all, they were all men who have been on the battlefield with Lan Jian Jun. Their strikes were fast and ruthless. Every move had the stance of exerting their utmost strength. Looking at those men in black, the martial arts wasn't very good and had unsteady hearts. After receiving one hit after the other, already more than half of them were injured while You Nian Pavilion's guards became more energetic the more they fought.

Perhaps it was because such a meaningless fight made Lan You Nian bored, she elegantly yawned, "Lan Feng, end this quickly! Also, don't break the courtyard!"

When Lan Feng heard her family's young miss's instructions, she jumped into the middle of the fight in an instant. The sword brandished through the air with sparks flying. Everywhere it went laid a dead body. Zhang Lin and others were dazed looking at Lan Feng, or to say, looking at Lan Feng's skill at killing. Then they were emitting worship!

"Too weak!" After finishing the last person, Lan Feng wiped off the blood on her sword and said with contempt. In fact, these people's martial arts was too incompetent. They cannot be compared to them shadow guards. If it were not young miss's instructions, she would be too lazy to make a move.

Zhang Lin and others were ashamed as they watched Lan You Nian slowly coming down from the pavilion tower. Lan Feng's comment of too weak made this group of men distressed. After all, they were older than Lan Feng. More so, they were men, but their martial arts were not as good as a woman's. There was indeed a bit of embarrassed panic.

"Good martial arts and skills are earned mainly due to hard work and practice. You are already very good!" Lan You Nian discerned these fifteen people's self-inferiority. Since they were her own guards, Lan You Nian gave some words of consolation. She didn't lie. These people were much better than the usual guards of official families.

"Zhang Lin, pick out an ugly head and cut it off. Give it to An yiniang. Remember to make it pretty!" Lan You Nian glanced over the bodies in the courtyard, then seemed to think of something. Her eyes flashed with a flash with interest and gave orders.

When Lan You Nian had already fallen asleep, the guards in the courtyard, half of them cleaned up the bodies, the other half were looking for the ugliest assassin. After searching for a long time, they finally found an assassin who couldn't bear to be looked at. Zhang Lin cut down the assassin's head with one swipe of his sword. Then remembering young miss said to make it pretty, it's already like this, how can it be made pretty? Zhang Lin was very troubled.

"I know what to do," Lan Wu came to Zhang Lin's side and twittered on saying. Meanwhile, the mouths of the surrounding guards twitched, hey, you are a girl ok?

Because An yiniang ate congee for two days, the entire person was a little listless. There was no strength in doing things. Uncle Lan also cut off all the pastries she had here. Even if she wanted to eat something else to satisfy her craving, it was very hard. At first, she was not willing to eat this simple congee that was difficult to swallow, but in the end, she was really too hungry and could only force herself and drank the simple congee. But what could just drinking simple congee do?

In the middle of the night, An yiniang's sleep was not very peaceful in the first place, for some reason, she felt that she had something right beside her. An yiniang stretched out her hand to feel and actually felt a cold object. This instantly woke An yiniang up. But when An yiniang saw what was in bed with her, a scream tore through her entire body and she hid in the innermost part of the bed.

Lying in the delicately, exquisite quilt was a headless male body. The body was already cold. The blood flowing down the neck dyed the whole bed red. However, that black clothing An yiniang was very familiar with. That was night uniform of the guards from her maternal family.

When Qiu'er heard the Madame's scream, she immediately rushed into the inner room. Seeing the corpse on the bed, she was also terrified, and her entire body trembled.

"Madame, this slave will go call for someone!" Qiu'er's body shivered and was prepared to go support An yiniang.

"Don't go. Go call the housekeeper over! Quickly! Don't let others know about this, you hear?" Although An yiniang was afraid but still had some brains. If people knew that there was a male corpse sleeping in her bed, not only will her reputation be ruined, if investigated, she's afraid she couldn't take it.

As An yiniang stared at the corpse in the bed with horror, she realized that there was water on her face. Reaching out and touching the water drop on her face, studying it under the light of candlelight, An yiniang realized it was blood. Even more horrifying was that there was still constant drops of blood dripping down onto her face.

Looking up, An yiniang saw, at the head of her bed, there hung a head. A bloody head hung on An yiniang's bed. That incomparably grotesque face directly faced An yiniang. That pair of wide eyes seemed to stare directly at An yiniang. All of this made An yiniang faint over. 

{picture}-that’s what the sleepwear LYN has on, technically it’s called inside clothing because you wear it underneath the rest of your morning clothing but whatever, it’s my translation :)>

T/N: Hi sorry guys for the late update, it was finals week.  It was rough but I got it done.  YAY!  I just got done Thursday and I drove home today.  Hope you guys enjoy.  P.S. There will be one more chapter either tomorrow or Sunday.


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