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    The spacious, elegantly decorated courtyard of You Nian Pavilion was filled with many maids and slaves kneeling. Lan Jian Jun sat in the pavilion, his gaze that was filled with bloodthirstiness he used on the battlefield was leveled on the servants kneeling on the ground. Meanwhile, Lan You Nian merely took a glance before withdrawing her gaze.

These people were merely cannon fodder but likewise, they didn't put her in their eye. She has left the manor for so many years; the manor has long been controlled by An yiniang. More than half of the servants kneeling on the ground were all An yiniang's people. It would be good to use these people to make an example of. Otherwise, they really think this You Nian Pavilion was easy to bully.

"Who ordered the kitchen to make such unsightly meals for the young miss?" Uncle Lan stood beside Lan Jian Jun and began to interrogate these servants.

Although the people kneeling below were trembling all over, not one person stepped out to confess. After all, in their eyes, Lan Jian Jun is An yiniang's husband. Moreover, the manor only has An yiniang this one woman. It can be seen the means An yiniang has. Not to mention, this matter was ordered by the old Madame. No matter how much Master favors third young miss, he will not go against the old Madame.

"Zhang Lin," Lan You Nian looked at the maids and slaves below. Her eyes slashed with a smile, but that smile was too cold. Lan Qu and Lan Qu knew that someone would be out of luck.

"Young miss," Zhang Lin who has already returned from his morning exercise came to Lan You Nian's side. Lan Jian Jun seeing the respect in his eyes was satisfied.

White, nearly transparent finger pointed in the direction of a corner at a maid in her 20s. Lan You Nian remembered her. Not only remembered her, but also remembered every single one of the people who bullied her predecessor. Zhang Lin, understanding, went over, seized the maid, and brought her over to kneel in front of Lan You Nian.

"Third young miss," The maid knelt in front of Lan You Nian's feet; her eyes flashed with contempt. This legitimate young miss was merely a disfigured, ugly girl. She was always timid like a mouse. Even when she was young, when she would always push her into the pond, she has never seen this young miss angry. She only knew to cry.

"Who ordered you to let the kitchen do this?" Lan You Nian lazily leaned against the stone pillar of the pavilion.

"What is third young miss saying? This slave doesn't understand," The maid's forehead touched the ground, seemingly respectful but refused to say anything.

"Zhang Lin, since she doesn't understand, give her 20 flogs," As soon as Lan You Nian finished, Zhang Lin ordered two of You Nian Pavilion's guards to press the maid to the ground. The paddle ceaselessly struck the backside of the maid.

The strength of the guards was great to begin with. Concerning the matter that their young miss being bullied, they already had a stifled fire in their belly, so now this flogging was really tearing the skin with the flesh gaping open.

"Ah——third young miss, this slave is wrong, this slave will confess! Beg third young miss to spare this slave!" After only five flogs, the maid couldn't take it anymore and asked for mercy.

Lan You Nian sent a look over. The guards stopped the paddle in their hands.

"It is the old Madame who gave the orders. She said third young miss is sick so had to eat something light. This slave was only acting according to the instructions of the old Madame! ” The maid dragged her bloody lower body to crawl up, continuously kowtowing.

"Oh? Since old Madame instructed only to make these light things? But aren't these a little too light, en?" Lan You Nian nudged the broken pieces with her foot. You could still see that unsightly vegetarian dishes and simple congee.

The maid stuttered, not daring to say, but Lan You Nian did not give her another chance, "Resume flogging!"

This time, Zhang Ling actually personally flogged her, "Third young miss, spare this slave! It is An yiniang who gave the orders ah! It is An yiniang who gave the orders ah!" The maid wailed. But this time, Lan You Nian did not give any signs, only unfeelingly watched Zhang Lin's paddle slamming down one at a time until the maid took her last breath.

All the maids and family retainers kneeling on the ground helplessly watched a living maid beat to death just like this. This scene let all the people feel this third young miss's cruelty and decisiveness. Thinking back to their own performance, they all buried their heads, afraid that the next one would be them.

"Zhang Lin, there isn't enough strength in your hands. It took too long," Lan You Nan watched the guards drag the corpse of the maid out and said to Zhang Lin.

"This subordinate is at fault. Next time, this subordinate will certainly be faster!" Zhang Lin's words made the people kneeling on the ground tremble even more. Next time? Who will it be next time? Will it be one of them?

"Master, third young miss, this slave will confess, this slave will confess all of it!" A maid immediately said. She was really afraid that the next one will be her. The death of that maid still played in front of her eyes. She didn't want to die! "It was ordered by An yiniang. The simple congee made for young miss was last years rice dustings. The vegetables were made from the thrown away greens that grew worms. These were all ordered by An yiniang!"

With the first person confessing, one after the other followed; they all started to confess. As Lan You Nian expected, this was indeed An yiniang's doing. However, after not having seen this An yiniang after for so many years, how can she become so eager? After all, in the predecessor's memory, this An yiniang could really endure. She even had quite the means. But now, tsk tsk, it was really disappointing.

In reality, Lan You Nian didn't know that An yiniang was so eager was because she was frightened by Lan You Nian's resurrection. Now Lan You Nian had the protection of Lan Jian Jun. Lan Mo Xian also had the ability to protect Lan You Nian. An yiniang's three children, however, have become the Lan You Nian of the past. They did not receive any of Lan Jian Jun's attention, although they have never received any attention. So An yiniang was afraid, so afraid that her efforts of so many years were wasted. Doing such things due to fear was quite idiotic.

"Tie up An yiniang and bring her over to me!" Lan Jian Jun was even more angry hearing this.

"There's no need," Lan You Nian interrupted Lan Jian Jun's words, making everyone stunned. They didn't expect third young miss to be so daring. She just received favor, yet she dared to interrupt the master's words. This time she will certainly return to the same as before, being neglected by the master in You Nian Pavilion.

"What's wrong, Nian'er? Don't be afraid. This An yiniang is too daring. You can do whatever you want!" Lan Jian Jun did not have any dissatisfaction with Lan You Nian's actions. Right now, he felt as long as his daughter was willing to speak with him, it was good, who cares what they are talking about.

"Uncle Lan, give the orders. Since An yiniang is so considerate of Nian'er, then how can Nian'er waste An yiniang's good intentions?" Lan You Nian said softly. It is nothing but the actions of a young lady of a noble family, but…"In the future, An yiniang's every meal will be made according to this. I think An yiniang's body isn't very good. It's good to eat light."

"Yes, young miss is right. This old slave will arrange for it and will definitely have An yiniang enjoy these." Uncle Lan bowed and affirmed. With Uncle Lan's monitoring in the future, An yiniang will most certainly be having simple congee and vegetables every day.

"Uncle Lan, vegetarian dishes aren't necessary. It's enough to just send simple congee to An yiniang every day." Looking at his daughter's naughty expression, Lan Jian Jun immediately followed, seeming like a little puppy dog. If it wasn't because of An yiniang's background, he would have already taken his sword and stabbed her to death with one stroke. But if his daughter wanted to kill An yiniang, he will definitely help. In fact, without knowing it, Lan Jian Jun has slowly grown a daughter complex. His good towards Lan You Nian was not only because of guilt but because he really loved this daughter.

Lan You Nian hearing Lan Jian Jun's words, the corner of her mouth under the veil curled into a sliver of a smile. This father was really quite interesting….unfortunately….

"Qiu'er!" An yiniang looked at the bowl of clear congee and shouted for her own personal maid.

"Madame, what's the matter?" Qiu'er ran into the room immediately.

"How did this happen? How come this Madame's meal has become like this? Who has such courage!" An yiniang just looking at the clear porridge on the table, a fire rose in her belly. She managed the Lan manor for so many years, what she ate and used were all good, when has she seen such a simple congee?

"Madame, this, this is what Uncle Lan personally had people send over. It is what the master ordered!" Qiu'er replied delicately. "Uncle Lan even said that the master has ordered that all of Madame's meals will be these in the future."

An yiniang clenching the chopsticks in her hands shaking, "It must be that little whore's doing, it definitely is!"

"Madame…" Qiu'er, seeing An yiniang's clearly abnormal attitude, was prepared to comfort, but was snarled at by An yiniang, "Get out, send a letter to Prime Minister's manor!"

An yiniang looked at the congee in her hands. Viciousness flashed across her eyes. Since you are so unperceptive, then don't blame me for being merciless!


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