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Published at 9th of July 2020 10:35:51 PM
Chapter 208
208 You’re Most Important
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July 2, 2020secretdreamwishes

After several hours have passed, Feng Xia Qi woke up and found himself stark naked, while sleeping beside him was Yue Bai Lian who fainted from being tormented by him .

Feng Xia Qi entire body gave off a murderous air .   He didn’t expect to be caught in a woman’s scheme .   This Qiao Yan Ran deserved to die!  Feng Xia Qi gently picked up Yue Bai Lian and helped put on her clothes .   This matter today took Feng Xia Qi by surprise .   For many years, besides touching that tongfang* maid that one time, he didn’t touch another woman .   Today was the first time touching a woman in many years .   Feng Yi Xuan’s heart filled with guilt towards Yue Bai Lian .

(T/N: tongfang maid is a maid specifically reserved for a man to learn bed matters with) 

Feng Xia Qi held Yue Bai Lian in his arms, sitting motionlessly as he waited .   After some time has passed, Yue Bai Lian finally woke up .

As Yue Bai Lian stirred, she felt an intense pain in her body .   It wasn’t that Feng Xia Qi didn’t know to have a tender heart for women, but because Feng Yi Xuan was under the control of the aphrodisiac, he couldn’t control himself so he relentlessly tormented Yue Bai Lian, making her faint .

Yue Bai Lian opened her eyes to an attractive face .   That pair of fox-like eyes were filled with guilt and regret as they gazed at her .   Yue Bai Lian shifted her body, noticing she was being held in Feng Xia Qi’s arms .   She knew she couldn’t move so she didn’t act bashful .

“You’re awake?” Feng Xia Qi carried a cup of already cold tea to Yue Bai Lian’s lips and watched as she finished before saying, “Bai Lian, sorry!” Feng Xia Qi had never apologized to a woman before .   Towards Yue Bai Lian, he was filled with apology .

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Yue Bai Lian smiled .   Actually, the moment when Feng Xia Qi took her, she cried, not only because of her pain but also because of her hopeless love .   But now looking at Feng Xia Qi, Yue Bai Lian didn’t feel like it was so hard to accept .

“I’m fine!” Yue Bai Lian cracked a smile and pulled on Feng Xia Qi’s hand, saying, “We’re bound to have to pass this stage .   This is good; otherwise, without today, who knows when we will step out of this .   Xia Qi, you don’t need to feel guilty or ill at ease, neither of us does .   We already talked it over didn’t we?”

Feng Xia Qi hugged Yue Bai Lian .   Though he didn’t feel love for her, she gave him a feeling of family .   Such a woman was difficult not to like .   If he didn’t meet Lan You Nian, Feng Xia Qi felt he would fall in love with Yue Bai Lian .   But there wasn’t “what if” in this world .   He still doesn’t love Yue Bai Lian .   Perhaps in this life he won’t fall in love with Yue Bai Lian, just like Yue Bai Lian won’t fall in love with him .   But he was certain his feelings for Yue Bai Lian was much more intimate than friends, more like a family .

“Bai Lian, from now on, you’re my, Feng Yi Xuan’s, wife!” Feng Xia Qi said seriously, “There isn’t any consorts in fourth wangye manor, neither will there be in the future .   This is my respect for you, not because of guilt, but because I can’t give you love, nor can you give me love .   We will mutually respect and care for one another .   That way, we can mutually support one another till the end of our lives!”

Yue Bai Lian was a little shocked by Feng Xia Qi’s words .   She already prepared for the appearance of a lot of women in the manor after she married Feng Xia Qi .   Because it wasn’t love, she could accept it .   But hearing Feng Xia Qi’s vow, it meant they were family, family that cared for each other, partners who stood side by side-this was very good .

“I, Yue Bai Lian, will become you, Feng Yi Xuan’s, main consort .   We will finish walking this lifetime .   We will protect the one we want to protect!” For the first time, Yue Bai Lian’s smile was without any pressure, like a blooming white lotus, unusually beautiful and charming .

“Since I compromised you today, let’s have our wedding much earlier!” Feng Xia Qi set Yue Bai Lian who was feeling much better on the soft couch .   After all, he’s possessed Yue Bai Lian’s body before marriage, so the vermillion virginity mark was now gone .   If they didn’t marry early and someone was to know of it, who knows how they will slander Yue Bai Lian .

“Alright, we’ll just have simple wedding!” Yue Bai Lian said .   It’s not because she didn’t value this marriage but that she really didn’t like such spectacles .   For Yue Bai Lian, marriage was only a formality .   She nor Feng Xia Qi cared for these meaningless things .

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This “alright” became an affection in history which people praised, an emperor and an empress’s sincere affection…


Under the reluctant gaze of Lan Jian Jun and others, Lan You Nian mounted Ming wang manor’s carriage that was heading out to Jiangnan . Though this carriage belonged to Ming wang manor, it didn’t have Ming wang manor’s insignia . Feng Yi Xuan had it made last month, just so he could go out with Nian Nian without exposing their identities, when they had time on their hands .

There weren’t many people in the entourage heading for Jiangnan . Lan You Nian brought Lan Qu and Lan Wu . Much earlier, Lan Ren and Lan Feng already departed for Jiangnan to search for the specific whereabouts of Heaven’s Tears Heart . As for Feng Yi Xuan, he only brought An Yi and An Si . But this was only on the surface . Feng Yi Xuan’s forces were immense, so there was nothing to worry about .

Following behind them were two more people . Riding on their steeds were Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li . Speaking of which, Jing Wu An had snuck out, for once Feng Yi Xuan left the capital, Feng Xia Qi would become even busier . If Jing Wu An were to leave too, he would be so busy it’d give him a headache . At first, Jing Wu An didn’t plan to go to Jiangnan, but he couldn’t hold back Yu Liu Li from wanting to go together with Lan You Nian them . So, Jing Wu An, this black-bellied man, bolted with Yu Liu Li .

Amongst the group of people, there was only one carriage . Lan Qu and Lan Wu drove the carriage . The other people rode on horses . Originally, Lan You Nian wanted to ride on a horse, but it can’t be helped Feng Yi Xuan thought it was too cold outside in winter and objected . Lan You Nian could only sorrowfully take a sink in the carriage .

Because of how they played around as they traveled to Jiangnan, it will most likely take six to seven days to arrive at their destination . However, none of them were in a hurry as they traveled at a leisurely pace . Though Lan You Nian was on this trip for Heaven’s Tears Heart, at the same time, she really wanted to go to Jiangnan to have some fun, admiring the scenery along the way . From a certain viewpoint, Lan You Nian was a girl who loved her freedom .

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Lan You Nian lifted the curtains of the carriage to take a look at the scenery outside, but Feng Yi Xuan dragged her back into his arms and meticulously pulled the curtains back . He looked at Lan You Nian with disapproval, “It’s cold outside . Once we cross the boundary, it will become warmer . At that time we can ride on horses alright?”

Lan You Nian felt sometimes Feng Yi Xuan was even more fussy than a mother hen . But this fussiness gave Lan You Nian the feeling of being valued . She liked this feeling of Feng Yi Xuan always being so considerate of her .

Lan You Nian nodded, smiling, without a hint of displeasure . With nothing to do, Lan You Nian observed Ming wang manor’s new carriage . Lan You Nian noticed that any random cushion inside was made by the most prestigious seamstresses of the recent two years . Not only was it the cushions, all the embroidery in the carriage were so . The fabrics used were the rare embroidered silk brocade . It’s unknown how many young misses and noble matrons of wealthy and influential families racked their brains to get their hands on one small bolt of the cloth . Even the ladies and princesses of the imperial family, such woman with a noble statuses, might not even obtain one small bolt . But as Lan You Nian scanned the carriage, in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, they were practically worthless . If it weren’t for the fact Lan You Nian knew her stuff, she probably won’t believe these to be embroidered silk brocade .

Another thing Lan You Nian noticed was that there were a lot of secret compartments in the carriage . Out of boredom, Lan You Nian opened a few of the hidden compartments and found inside were all her favorite dried fruit snacks and her favorite tea leaves .

“Xuan, were these all prepared by you?” Lan You Nian asked in disbelief because she unwrapped the luggage bundle in the carriage and found menses pad inside, the type made by Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan’s making of the menses pad went from the unsightliness at the beginning to the present fineness can be said to have gone through a lot of effort . Lan You Nian didn’t pay attention to when her monthlies came, but Feng Yi Xuan remembered it clearly .

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan put the things away . In the past, he has never done such things . Many of his matters were handled by his hidden guards, but now he had Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan’s possessiveness was overpowering . He wished everything of Nian Nian’s was done by him .

If it were any ordinary woman, they would probably tell Feng Yi Xuan not to do this anymore, but Lan You Nian didn’t . She knew Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel bothered by doing these things . Since it was so, she wasn’t worried at all . After all, they were the most intimate people . Lan You Nian luxuriated in this pampering and care, as well as this abnormal possessiveness .

“Xuan, why are you so wonderful?” Lan You Nian beamed as she fell onto the soft carpet of the carriage .

Feng Yi Xuan chuckled, tapping Lan You Nian’s nose, saying dotingly, “I will always be good to you . I will treat you even better!”

Lan You Nian suddenly thought of an absurd question . Naturally, she voiced it out, “Xuan, if one day your mother and I fell into the river, neither of us can swim, who will you save first?”

Once she said it out loud, Lan You Nian regretted it . Feng Yi Xuan’s mother seemed very important to him . For her to mention it, it seemed very impolite . As Lan You Nian was going to apologize, she found Feng Yi Xuan didn’t show any upset . He didn’t seem averse to this question .

In the past, Feng Yi Xuan wouldn’t allow others to mention his Imperial Mother, but currently in his life, he already had a very important person . His life was brimming with sunlight and warmth, so he could frankly accept those questions . And the one to ask the question was Nian Nian, so Feng Yi Xuan didn’t have any unhappiness .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t give it much thought before answering, “Save you!”

Lan You Nian was surprised, for this question was difficult to answer . She thought someone like Feng Yi Xuan would ask her why she would ask such a nonsensical question . But if she were to answer this question, she would, without hesitation, choose Feng Yi Xuan .

“Hey, why?” Lan You Nian was like a real curious girl as she peered wide-eyed at Feng Yi Xuan, making Feng Yi Xuan’s heart itch .

Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t hold himself back from kissing Lan You Nian’s slightly pursed, red lips . It was just a short peck, not that he didn’t want to deepen the kiss, but he was afraid his nonexistent control, when facing Lan You Nian, will make him do more . He didn’t want the people outside to hear anything, so he could only restrain himself to a kiss .

Kissing the red lips he desired, Feng Yi Xuan sighed in pleasure, “No reason . Just because Nian Nian you are my most important person!” So important that you’re more important than any other person, so important than you’re even more important than my life .

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