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Published at 9th of July 2020 10:35:51 PM
Chapter 209
209 JiangNan
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July 6, 2020secretdreamwishes

After seven days of sight-seeing and traveling, Feng Yi Xuan and entourage finally arrived at beautiful JiangNan .

They stopped by the river side which served as the boundary of JiangNan . On the opposite side, the mountains and rivers were like a pair of black and white dragons that were interdependent on one another . In the gentle smoke and mist, a white crane leisurely soared, like a beautiful celestial patrolling the mountains . What delighted Lan You Nian even more was that warm sunlight of JiangNan, and huts along the rivers and lakes giving off a peaceful feeling .

“So beautiful!” Lan Wu jumped off her horse, exclaiming . At this moment, Lan Wu didn’t have any femininity and acted like a crazy girl, but Lan You Nian didn’t show any attempt at stopping her . Standing beside the carriage, An Yi’s eyes were smiling .

Because they’re at JiangNan, everyone changed into some lighter clothing . They disguised as ordinary young masters and misses of merchant background coming out to amuse themselves . That way they won’t be so eye-catching, for a place like JiangNan was the preferred place for many people to go sight-seeing .

Hearing Lan Wu’s exclamation, Lan You Nian couldn’t help ducking out of the carriage . Sure enough, the scent of fresh green intermixed with a flowery fragrance assaulted her nose . From all directions, finely-made winsome pavilion-towers, simple and elegant bamboo lofts, maintaining a harmonious atmosphere with nature . Lan You Nian fell in love with this warm feeling, but she only liked it and didn’t pine for it . No matter how beautiful this place was, without loved ones there, no one would have the desire to stay .

Once Lan You Nian exited the carriage, Feng Yi Xuan did the same . The two’s looks were top-notch . Fortunately, the place their carriage stopped at wasn’t a busy street; otherwise, who knows how many people it will provoke to covet after them . But even so, it still made many of the civilians passing by them were dumbfounded, believing they saw a pair of celestials .

“Young miss, are we to rest at Wu Qing Inn?” Lan Qu was much more self-restrained than Lan Wu . Even with the temptation of this kind of scenery, she still stood by the carriage awaiting Lan You Nian’s orders .

Wu Qing Pavilion had its own property in Jiangnan . There were many places like inns and such . Lan Ren and Lan Feng were already staying at Wu Qing Inn investigating the whereabouts of Heaven’s Tear Heart . Lan You Nian thought they would be going to Wu Qing Inn but it was opposed by Feng Yi Xuan .

When Feng Yi Xuan heard Wu Qing Inn, he felt a faint displeasure, because the words “Wu Qing” made her think of Young Master Wu Qing . Thinking about Nian Nian living at his love rival’s place, Feng Yi Xuan felt the urge to destroy Wu Qing Inn .

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“Nian Nian” Feng Yi Xuan grabbed Lan You Nian’s hand, saying a little urgently, “I’ve already prepared a residence . Everything’s been prepared . Let’s go there?” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t want his woman to live at another man’s place . He did actually had people prepare a residence when they departed . The place was arranged according to Nian Nian’s preference . Feng Yi Xuan hoped they will stay there for the time they’re there .

Lan You Nian didn’t discover Feng Yi Xuan’s petty thoughts, neither did she object . Between the two of them, not only Feng Yi Xuan spoiled her unconditionally, at certain times, Lan You Nian put up with Feng Yi Xuan on everything . They were mutually considerate of one another .

“Alright, we’ll go to A’Xuan’s residence!” Before Lan You Nian could offer her opnion, Yu Liu Li hastily spoke . He had come to Jiangnan in the past and knew Feng Yi Xuan had a property here . At that time, he wanted to stay there but didn’t receive permission . For this, he got into a fight with Feng Yi Xuan; of course, the result was a bloody nose and swollen face .

For once, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t give Yu Liu Li a cold look but looked at Lan You Nian with a smile on his face .

Lan You Nian nodded with a smile, “Alright, it’s even more convenient to live at Xuan’s place!” Though it was her own place, there were many inconveniences to living at the inn, for a lot of people came and went from it . If they were to go to Feng Yi Xuan’s place, it would be much better . Lan You Nian trusted Feng Yi Xuan’s place to be absolutely quiet .

Once they finished their discussion, Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan returned to the carriage . The group followed An Yi to Feng Yi Xuan’s residence in Jiangnan .

Lan You Nian had nothing to do inside the carriage; additionally, due to Jiangnan’s warm climate, Lan You Nian playfully stuffed a candied fruit that was placed in the carriage into Feng Yi Xuan’s mouth . Feng Yi Xuan especially disliked eating these sour and sweet foods, but if Lan You Nian personally fed him, he will gladly accept . Even if it was poison, he wouldn’t bat an eyelash . But the last few days Lan You Nian has been feeding Feng Yi Xuan the candied fruits, Feng Yi Xuan felt his teeth were becoming sour . Looking at the candied fruit at the tip of the fair fingertips, the veins on Feng Yi Xuan’s forehead bulged .

But even if his teeth were unbearably sour, Feng Yi Xuan still expressionlessly opened his mouth and consumed the candied fruit, even closed his mouth around Lan You Nian’s fingers, meticulously licking it .

The sensation that traveled from her fingers were like a electric current leaping into her heart, making Lan You Nian recoil for no reason; then, she shot Feng Yi Xuan a glare . But the glaring big eyes, not only did not have any power, were very seductive, making Feng Yi Xuan want to transform into a wolf .

Lan You Nian saw a purple light floating over Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes and hurriedly snatched her fingers back .

Just as Feng Yi Xuan was about to pull Lan You Nian for a kiss, an arrogant voice drifted in from outside, “You people, this young is demands you to stop!” The voice carried a commanding tone which was obnoxious .

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From the sounds of it, they were blocking the carriage so the already pulled over .   Because the carriage suddenly stopped, Lan You Nian fell into Feng Yi Xuan .   Feng Yi Xuan caught Lan You Nian in his arms with his sharp eyes and nimble hands, a smug smile curling up his lips .

Lan Qu and Lan Wu looked at the woman who was riding a horse and blocking their carriage .   The reins were already put down as the woman’s horsewhip was pointed at Yu Liu Li and Jing Wu An who were riding beside the carriage, meaning the people she demanded to stop was those two .

Yu Liu Li and Jing Wu An pulled back on the reins, stopping their horse and looked at the arrogant and spoiled woman pointing at them .   The two’s face weren’t very good .   The two had a higher status than normal people and have never countered a woman who dared to point at them and command them .

Jing Wu An smiled distantly at the woman, asking, “May I ask what this young lady wants?” They came out to sight-see, so Jing Wu An didn’t want to cause any trouble .   Jing Wu An was someone who always wears a smile on his face; otherwise, he wouldn’t have become a military advisor at such a young age .

The woman slanted her eyes, carefully scanning Jing Wu An and Yu Li Li and then with a charitable tone, she said to the two, “This young miss has taken a liking to you two and allow you to become guards at this young miss’s home .   You won’t have to worry about eat and drink”

With the woman’s words, not only was Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li were stunned, even An Yi and the others were shocked .   The world’s number one villa master and the capital’s well-respected Heir Jing become guards?  In this world, whose’s family had such a great ability to let the two become guards?  This woman really talked big .

Lan You Nian was stunned by this woman’s unwarranted sense of superiority and discreetly lifted the carriage curtain to take a look at her .   Entering into her eyes was a woman wearing a dark red overcoat with embroidered flowers, bright red corset skirt, a hibiscus hairstyle inserted with a pure gold peony buyao (hairpin), a pair of monolid phoenix eyes, red lips and white teeth, wearing an arrogant smirk on her lips, which destroyed the beauty of that petite face .

“Qian manor’s second young miss has taken a liking to them .   These two young masters have a handsome face .   What a waste!” A matron by a stall said .   Though her voice was small, those who had powerful martial arts were able to hear it clearly .   From the looks of it, this Qian manor second young miss often did such a thing .

“Hey, who knows how many times it’s happened this month .   What a sin!” Another matron whispered, looking at Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li compassionately .

An Yi and An Si both rode steeds in front of the carriage .   An Yi said could to the woman, “Move!” In An Yi and the other’s eyes, this woman could be easily killed .   But they couldn’t kill people without reason .   And to do such a thing while on an outing will make the matriarch upset .   Then, it would be a sin .

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The woman glanced at An Yi and said disdainfully, “Your looks can’t enter this young miss’s eyes .   Take the two servant girls and leave .   Leave those two behind .   Otherwise, don’t blame this young miss for doing anything!”

They really didn’t know if the woman really was so ignorant .   Jing Wu An and the others were riding horses .   They were clearly circling a carriage .   Without guessing, normal people will know that the masters were in the carriage but this woman didn’t even mention it, as if she was the master of everything .

Seeing the woman insulting An Yi and An Si, Lan Wu couldn’t sit still; that is to say, she really couldn’t keep quiet; she merely found a chance to stand up right now and looked up and down at the woman, “So ugly yet you still come out to dally with men .   I say this young miss, are you so shameless or do you have no shame at all?  You say other’s looks can’t enter your eyes, why don’t you look at yourself?  Don’t say enter their eyes, just standing there makes people feel disgust!”

Lan Wu ranted without stop as she made the woman completely worthless with her words .   An Yi looked at Lan Wu who was standing up for him, giving her a smile; unfortunately, Lan Wu didn’t see this ugly but sincere smile .

“You, you slut!” The woman shouted at her family servants, “Beat up this slut’s mouth .   To dare speak to this young miss like that, you two bring those two men back .   I want to see who dares to stop this young miss!”

Feng Yi Xuan’s face was already to the freezing point but Lan You Nian  didn’t let him out .   From the woman’s words, that woman liked good-looking men .   With Feng Yi Xuan’s looks, the woman will become dazed from looking .   Lan You Nian didn’t like other people using those kind of eyes to look at Feng Yi Xuan .

Lan You Nian planted a kiss on Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips, “You’re not allowed to go out .   I’ll go take a look!”

Knowing Lan You Nian was afraid of others looking at him, Feng Yi Xuan was elated, hating he couldn’t take out a mask to cover up his face but thinking Lan You Nian didn’t want him to go out, Feng Yi Xuan really laid down in the carriage, taking the tea that Lan You Nian drank from, directly drinking from the lip mark .

“This lady is really daring to touch my people!” Lan You Nian came out from the carriage, her voice cold but couldn’t conceal the fact it was melodious .   Hearing this voice, everyone looked at the carriage .

Lan You Nian stood in front of the carriage, so beautiful it made people stop breathing .   She wore a thin white silk jacket .   On the sides of the placket, the drawstrings were loosely tied into a knot, the remainder string hung down, dancing with the wind .   Her hair was done by Feng Yi Xuan into a three twist bun that slanted slightly towards the right with a hollow carved crystal hairpin inserted in it .   Her temples were decorated with two red spider lilies, two strands of hair hung down from the temples, thin as cicada wings .

At first glance, people only had one word for Lan You Nian: “beautiful” because one didn’t know how to describe such beauty so one couldn’t find any better words to describe her .

The woman was stunned by Lan You Nian’s beauty but after coming to her senses, she was overwhelmed with jealousy .   She disliked any woman who was more beautiful than her, especially as Lan You Nian exceeded her greatly .

“You are their master?” the woman looked at Lan You Nian, “This young miss is Jiangnan Qian family’s second young miss .   This young miss has taken a liking to these two people .   If you’re perceptive, you’ll give these two people to this young miss . ”

With her fingers, Lan You Nian straightened the hair by her ears, saying very leisurely, “Give?  I’m afraid you afford it .   Qian manor’s second young miss?  I’ll remember!” Lan You Nian came out with a purpose .   A few days ago, Lan Ren said Heavenly Tear Heart might be connected to Jiangnan’s Qian family .   She didn’t expect to encounter Qian family as soon as she arrived at Jiangnan .

Qian family was the richest family in Jiangnan .   Not only were they rich, no one in Jiangnan dared to offend them .   They can be considered the highest people in Jiangnan .   Not even the government officials dared to casually offend them .   It can be seen what Qian family’s power was like .   It was no wonder this Qian family’s young miss would be so arrogant .

“Who are you?” a sliver of fear grew in the woman’s heart hearing Lan You Nian’s fearless tone .   Lan You Nian’s aristocratic gestures were a regalness that she couldn’t imitate .   At the very least, she has never seen such a woman, so she couldn’t help being a little afraid .

“Who I am isn’t important .   What’s important is that this young lady please move aside .   We’re in a hurry!” Lan You Nian said and headed back into the carriage .   The coldness emitting from the carriage was too obvious .   Lan You Nian feared Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t hold himself back from coming out .   It wouldn’t be worthwhile for the woman to catch a look .

“Capture those two for this young miss!” the woman shouted angrily .   Lan You Nian’s disregard of her made her feel humiliated .   She must have those two men .

The moment Lan You Nian got back in the carriage, she said, “An Yi, sort out these people .   Don’t cause any deaths!” It wasn’t Lan You Nian was kind by not killing anyone but rather she needed Heavenly Tear Heart’s whereabouts .   This woman might be a very good entry point .

Receiving Lan You Nian’s command, he speedily threw the woman onto the roadside .   Those family retainers were beat onto the ground by An Si .   The crowd only saw An Yi and An Si beat those people down within a blink of an eye .   They didn’t even take out their weapons .

“Let’s go!” Lan Wu jumped onto the carriage and they swiftly disappeared in Jiangnan’s noisy streets .

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