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Chapter 193
193 An Apple, A Touched Heart
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In the morning, when Lan Qu and Lan Wu came to serve their young miss, before they could step into the pavilion, they heard a masculine voice reverberate from within, “”Withdraw . ”

Lan Qu and Lan Wu’s made eye-contact, knowing Ming wang was back .   They two of them can be reassured .   Though they never felt otherwise in the past, they can tell young miss was happy with Ming wang by her side .

An San saw An Yi and the others standing guard in the courtyard of You Nian Pavilion and nearly skipped over to them, chattering about all the stuff that happened to everyone .   Having nothing to do, Lan Wu and Lan Wu joined in conversation .   They clearly belonged to two different masters, yet they were all chattered together like good friends .   The atmosphere was strangely harmonious .   

Though Feng Yi Xuan covered up Lan You Nian’s ears when he spoke, Lan You Nian still blearily opened her eyes and climbed out from Feng Yi Xuan’s chest .   She didn’t know whether it was because she didn’t sleep enough or because of Feng Yi Xuan’s presence that she didn’t feel awake .   Her eyes were misty .   Her palm-sized face appeared adorably dopey .   Her hair was a mess as it cascaded over her shoulders .   In Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, she was absolutely adorable .

Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t hold himself back from stroking Lan You Nian’s messy hair .   His voice was soft, “Do you want to sleep some more?” By the time they finished last night’s activity, it was already past midnight .   Nian Nian was tired out .   Feng Yi Xuan felt it was best if she slept some more .

Lan You Nian blinked her eyes a few times to wake herself .   Though she didn’t have much rest last night, it was the most restful sleep she’s had in a while .   Lan You Nian shook her head .

Feng Yi Xuan, seeing this, picked up Lan You Nian’s clothes to help her dress .   Whether it was due to last night’s venting of lust or because he’s back by Lan You Nian’s side, Feng Yi Xuan was in a very good mood this morning .

After the two finished washing up and walked out of the inner chamber, as Lan Qu and the others served the morning meal, they noticed Ming wang’s eyes were brimming with tenderness and attentiveness as he gingerly carried the petite and peerless Lan You Nian in his arms, incomparably cherished, as if even the slightest force can break that world’s greatest treasure .

Meanwhile, An San carried the daily bowl of medicine over .   Lan You Nian’s overjoyed countenance instantly became miserable .   Actually, when Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t there, Lan You Nian obediently drank the medicine, but since he was with her, Lan You Nian became a little fussy .

Feng Yi Xuan waved his hand at the others .   They knowingly left the room .   With Ming wang here, he wouldn’t let young miss act willful, so they were all reassured .   Besides, they’ve been separated for so long .   They best not stay there to suffer the cold shoulder .

“So bitter!” Lan You Nian perched on Feng Yi Xuan’s thigh, muttering in vexation, “I don’t want to drink it!”

Feng Yi Xuan sniffed the medicine and knew it was bitter but he won’t relent on this matter .   Feng Yi Xuan said sympathetically, “Behave, good medicine is bitter to the taste .   You’ll get better after drinking it!”

Lan You Nian pouted and prepared to drink .   She’s not really refusing to drink .   She only wanted to act spoiled with this man because she liked seeing this man spoiling and pampering her .

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Feng Yi Xuan indulgently flicked Lan You Nian’s nose .   Picking up the still warm medicine, he drank it; then, he locked down Lan You Nian’s head as he locked lips with her, transferring the medicine in his mouth into hers .   Maybe because of the kiss, Lan You Nian didn’t feel the medicine was so bitter anymore .

After finishing the medicine, Feng Yi Xuan stuffed the candied fruit An Yi left behind into Lan You Nian’s mouth .   Lan You Nian obediently chewed on it, her eyes shuttered with a smile .   The candied fruit was not only sweet, it carried a slight fragrance, making it even more delicious .

Seeing Lan You Nian’s enjoyment, Feng Yi Xuan knew Lan You Nian liked this candied fruit and felt he made the right decision .   Though he sent the quickest and best assassins in Ghost Realm to Jiangnan, but for Nian Nian, it was all worth it .

Feng Yi Xuan hasn’t been back in the capital for some time, so there were many matters in the manor that required his judgement .   But Feng Yi Xuan was reluctant to part with Lan You Nian, after the meal, causing An Yi’s and the other shadow guards’ eyebrows to twitch .   It it really alright for their master to be so clingy?

Lan You Nian felt helpless and decided to return to Ming wang manor with Feng Yi Xuan .   Sure enough, Feng Yi Xuan was overjoyed hearing this .   He grabbed a white cloak to wrap Lan You Nian up into a little bear before he carried Lan You Nian into the carriage heading to Ming wangfu .

Arriving at Ming wang manor, Lan You Nian suddenly asked the steward,”Uncle Feng, what day is it today?” Actually, Ming wang manor’s steward didn’t actually surnamed Feng .   Feng was the national surname of Feng country .   Those who were not members of the royal family were forbidden from possessing the Feng surname .   However, because steward Feng looked after Feng Yi Xuan and oversaw Ming wang manor, the Emperor gifted him the surname Feng .

Upon hearing wangfei’s words, Uncle Feng’s weathered face smiled as he answered .   He really wanted to have wangye to marry in wangfei as early as possible .   Ming wang manor has been desolate all these years .   Only when wangfei came, it would gain some sense of life .

Lan You Nian was taken by surprise and her steps faltered, slowing down Feng Yi Xuan’s pace .   It turns out tonight was Christmas Eve, a western tradition .   If she didn’t happen to ask what day it was, Lan You Nian wouldn’t have remembered . Lan You Nian thought of those people who cared about her, those she loved and those who loved her . It seems she’s obtained many sincere friends and this lover of hers . Then, shouldn’t she do something this Christmas Eve?

“What’s wrong, Nian Nian?” Feng Yi Xuan tightened the outer coat around Lan You Nian .   He noticed Nian Nian was pondering on something after she asked what day it was .

Lan You Nian suddenly halted, pulling on Feng Yi Xuan’s hand, “Xuan, I have some things to take care of, so I can’t accompany you!”  Lan You Nian’s voice contained guilt and uneasiness .   She wanted to give everyone a surprise .

Feng Yi Xuan felt his heart ache seeing Lan You Nian act spoiled and uneasy .   No matter what his Nian Nian did, she didn’t need to have any concerns, not even him .   So, Feng Yi Xuan pecked Lan You Nian’s forehead, murmuring, “I accompany you?”

Lan You Nian shook her head, saying “I’ll come back tonight okay?  Have Uncle Feng make something tasty!”

Feng Yi Xuan nodded his head dotingly .   Though he hated he couldn’t have Nian Nian by his side every moment of the day, Feng Yi Xuan understood his Nian Nian wasn’t a canary (caged bird) .   She was an eagle that can soar shoulder to shoulder with him .   And now that Feng Yi Xuan knew Nian Nian had him in her heart, he didn’t feel so uneasy, so he can give Nian Nian her own space .

“En, then I’ll leave now!” Lan You Nian then left Ming wang manor .   Behind her, Feng Yi Xuan watched her departing figure with a gentle expression, until she left Ming wang manor .   Feng Yi Xuan turned to An Er, “Buy out Jiangnan’s shop that makes candied fruits . ”

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An Er affirmed in reply; then, he had the underlings handle this .   There weren’t many shops in Jiangnan that made candied fruits, neither could it be bought, but since Feng Yi Xuan was set on it, there wouldn’t be any problems .   If the soft approach didn’t work, assassins loved to use force .

So, in the future, when Ming wang manor and Lan manor used the candied fruits that were locally produced in Jiangnan, many people were envious .   Once the shop that made Jiangnan’s specialty candied fruits were bought by Ming wang manor, even the candied fruits used by the palace wasn’t as good as Ming wang manor’s .

Lan You Nian took Lan Wu and Lan Qu to Zhen Wei Pavilion, even summoning over Lan Ren and Lan Feng who were busy with some other matters .   The four people thought their young miss had some important matter, but they could never have guessed…

“Lan Feng, you and Lan Wu go buy some pretty colored paper .   Buy a lot!” Lan You Nian said .   “Lan Ren, you and Lan Qu go help me buy some apples, also, buy a lot .   You must pick the good looking ones . ”

“Eh?” Lan Wu and the others looked at their young miss in bewilderment, “Young miss, there are plenty of fruits in the manor . ”  With Feng Yi Xuan handling the food and clothing aspects of Lan You Nian’s life, Lan manor had a continual supply of all types of fruits .

Lan You Nian rubbed her forehead, speechless .   If she wanted to eat fruit, why would it need to be apples?  And would she need to buy so many?  Lan You Nian was deeply disheartened by having such a naive Lan Wu by her side .   She could only shoot her a glare as she huffed, “Why aren’t you going yet!?  Have it done by this afternoon!”

Hearing Lan You Nian say this, the four of them hurried to do what they were told .   It wasn’t the first time their young miss made some strange new thing .   A lot of times the things young miss did confused them, but afterwards, after it was all done, it was novel and awe-inspiring for them .

When boxes of apples were transported into Zhen Wei Pavilion, Zhen Wei Pavilion’s steward’s face was stiff, wondering what new dish Miss Miao Yin was creating .

When the four of them have assembled the things and Lan You Nian checked to make sure everything was perfect and after she hastily had a meal at Zhen Wei Pavilion, Lan You Nian and the four of them gathered in the room packaging every apple .

“Wow!” Lan Wu picked up the adorable multi-colored apple that Lan You Nian wrapped up, exclaiming, “Young miss, it’s so pretty!”

Lan You Nian didn’t say anything, only teaching the three other girls how to package the apples .   Meanwhile, the only man, Lan Ren, acted as an assistant .   Such feelings, such interactions was how it was like all these years .   They weren’t family but they surpassed family .

As night gradually fell, Lan You Nian shoved open the window of the suite in Zhen Wei Pavilion .   The snow at dusk, deeply, seemed to have thousands of emotions, at the same time, tumultuous as the sea that could drown everything .   It seemed to uncovering something concealed, exposing it to the world .   The snowflakes were all shapes and sizes, crystal clear, as if warriors on a campaign, donning silver armor, and like white war sails on a voyage…

Lan You Nian chose four apples that she packaged and gave it to the people with her, saying, “Tonight is Christmas Eve .   If you eat an apple this night, may you have a good and peaceful life next year!”

{T/N: Christmas Eve is 平安夜 in chinese, which directly translates to Peaceful Night .   It’s a play on words here, since apples is 苹果, which shares the homophone “ping”}

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The four of them didn’t know there was such a saying .   Holding the apple in their hands, they slowly unwrapped the recently packaged apples in front of Lan You Nian; then, they were red-eyed as they devoured the apple, bite after bite .   This was their young miss’s hopes for them, as well as her care for them .

By the time the four of them left Zhen Wei Pavilion, it was already dark out .   Lan You Nian had the four of them deliver those apples to those people…

When Lan You Nian returned to Ming wang manor, lanterns were already hung up on Ming wang manor’s gates .   In the heavy snow, under the hazy light, the man donned in black robes, whose face was as handsome as a god’s and his bearing was so noble that people couldn’t bear to profane, yet his gaze was tender, for those faintly purple eyes were as gentle as water .

Lan You Nian’s lips couldn’t help curling up as she saw Feng Yi Xuan; then, hurrying her pace, she walked over to his side and naturally dove into his open arms, savoring the warmth of his body .

“Why are you waiting for me outside?  Aren’t you cold?” Lan You Nian scolded, but her voice was filled with concern .

Feng Yi Xuan shoved the girl into his wide outer robes, walking as he talked, “I wanted to see you as soon as possible!”  Even though it just a short distance from the entrance of the manor to his study, he still wanted to see her as soon as possible .

Ming wang manor’s front hall was lit up with a burner .   As soon as they entered the hall, Lan You Nian felt the warm air rushing at her .   The table was full of delicious dishes on it .

The two of them sat across from one another .   Lan You Nian took out an exquisitely wrapped apple from her outer robe and handed it to Feng Yi Xuan .   Her big eyes were curved like crescents and her twinkling eyes were like the sparkling stars at night, especially beautiful .   The corners of her cherry lips were curled upwards, having hints of a child-like cuteness .

Feng Yi Xuan very naturally took it from her .   Seeing Nian Nian so happy, his heart was nearly reverent with joy .   He liked her childishness, he liked her spoiled temper, he really really liked the girl before him .

Lan You Nian tilted her head saying, “Xuan, do you know, tonight is Christmas Eve .   If you eat an apple on Christmas Eve, you will have a safe and peaceful life, so…” Lan You Nian looked into Feng Yi Xuan’s no longer concealed purple eyes, “I want Xuan to be safe and sound, always safe and sound!”

Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze was as gentle and intimate as it always has, making people couldn’t help but immerse themselves in it, not wishing to wake up .   Gingerly, he unwrapped the apple in his hand .   Though he really wanted to hide this apple away, he couldn’t bear to disappoint Nian Nian .   He wants a safe and peaceful life; even more, he wanted Nian Nian to have a safe and peaceful life .

Feng Yi Xuan took a bite of the apple; then, he nudged the apple to Lan You Nian’s lips, “I want to have a safe and peaceful life with Nian Nian!”  Feng Yi Xuan even started to wish, if he ate the apple, Nian Nian’s poison will be cured and they could be well .   He didn’t know, but he was certain, he won’t let Nian Nian be alone .   He will be with her wherever she goes .

Lan You Nian took a bite of the apple from Feng Yi Xuan’s hand, her brows lit up with a warm and gentle smile .   Her exquisite face was filled with a moonlight softness .   (Xuan, do you know, the current me wishes to live .   More than anyone, I wish to live, because I love you .   I can’t bear to leave you!)

Like a painting, the two of them sat there, one taking a bite after the other as they finished this apple that represented peacefulness, their hearts getting closer as always .

Meanwhile, many people in the capital received their own apple that represented peacefulness .

Lan manor, Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian looked at the apple in their hands .   In the father and son’s hearts, they felt the same pride .   Lan You Nian finally accepted them as family in her heart .   She finally no longer rejected them .   They finally have become a real family .   You Nian Pavilion’s guards all received an apple .   They all felt they followed a good master .   Not only capable, she also cared for them .   With this apple, Zhang Lin and the other guards became even more loyal .

Jing manor, Jing Leng looked at his son, Jing Wu An and “daughter-in-law” Yu Liu Li .   All three of them held an exquisite apple .   Thinking of Lan You Nian’s consideration, their hearts were moved .   Jing Leng especially lamented why wasn’t such a child his own family’s?

Fourth wangye’s manor, Feng Xia Qi held the apple Lan Feng delivered, a smile lit up with happiness .   Though he couldn’t confess his feelings, but wasn’t this enough?  Using the position of friend and older brother, taking up a place in her heart, it was already very good .

Junzhu manor, Hua Mu Qing looked at the cute looking apple .   Turning it over in her hands, she couldn’t bear to eat it .   She didn’t have any family, so this feeling of being cared for was very nice . Hua Mu Qing felt Lan You Nian will be her little sister for a lifetime, always be her friend .

The guest palace, when Yue Bai Lian received the apple, she was surprised .   She didn’t expect Lan You Nian to remember her at this time .   Thinking that she will use another identity to live in Feng country, it was fine as long as she got to see her .

Xiao Jin Pavilion, after Gui San took care of business and returned to the suite, he received the apple .   Gui San smiled indulgently at the apple .   Only little junior could have thought of these quirky things .   Gui San criticized mentally but he still devoured the apple, for little junior sister’s thoughtfulness .

Ming army’s army camp, Gui Wu held the apple in his hands, chuckling, making a group of rough old man envious from admiration upon hearing Lan Feng’s words .   How come they didn’t have someone caring for them?  Then, everyone started to fighting over this humble apple .

Meanwhile, in Ming wang manor, after Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian finished their dinner, Lan Feng and Lan Ren carried box after box of apples into Ming wang manor .   Lan You Nian had the shadow guards all gathered in the hall .   Though none of them knew what wangfei wanted to do, but they all liked this little wangfei very much, so they all stood there respectfully .

Though Lan You Nian hated explaining herself, but facing these subordinates who’ve been following Feng Yi Xuan all these years, Lan You Nian felt gratitude towards them, so Lan You Nian told everyone of eating apples on Christmas Eve; then, under their burning gazes, she gave everyone an apple .

Whether it was steward Uncle Feng or An Yi and the other shadow guards, or Ming wang manor’s manservant and the cooks in the kitchen .   No one was left out .   She knew many of the people in Ming wang manor seemed ordinary, but all of them had their own talents .   It wasn’t her intention to draw them to her side or anything .   She wanted Ming wang manor to seem more like a home, so her Xuan won’t be so lonely .

Those who received the apple all felt gratitude .   They felt they were being respected and valued .   Though wangye was a very good master, wangfei gave them a warmth wangye wasn’t capable of giving .   This kind of Ming wang manor seemed more like a home .

What Lan You Nian didn’t know is, Ming wang manor’s shadow guards were all people from the Ghost Realm, so when Ghost Realm’s assassin’s learned of this, they all asked to change shifts and guard Ming wang manor .   For this, all the men in Ghost Realm’s fought over it for a long time .

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Nian Nian who was standing beside him, smiling at his subordinates .   He too smiled .   His Nian Nian was like an elf in the night or like a celestial maiden from the ninth heaven, beautiful, enchanting, pure, clean, her entire body permeated with a captivating aura and perfection .   Feng Yi Xuan felt he would be addicted as soon as he encountered her, unable to extricate himself .   If he couldn’t meet this girl in this life, he will live his life alone until the end and continue to wait in the next life .

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