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Published at 2nd of April 2020 09:45:56 PM
Chapter 192
192 First Time
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April 2, 2020secretdreamwishes

Winter’s first snow fall blew in quietly . This year’s New Year’s Eve was almost here . Lan You Nian stood in front of the window overlooking everything . Suddenly, she felt everything was quiet . The only restless heart was longing for the faraway Feng Yi Xuan .

When Lan You Nian woke up at dawn, she found it was snowing . These heart-warming snowflakes didn’t stir Lan You Nian’s heart . She was nestled in the pavilion all day without leaving, simply watching the drifting snow outside, so quiet it made people’s heart ache .

After washing up, Lan You Nian had Lan Wu and the others go rest . Lan You Nian didn’t feel a sliver of drowsiness . She couldn’t help reaching out a hand to capture an icy snowflake . The snowflakes were very playful . Lan You Nian wanted to catch it with her hand but it seeped through the seam between Lan You Nian’s fingers .   Only when Lan You Nian had given up, it tried desperately to fall into Lan You Nian’s hand .   The pleasant coolness tickled her hand .   Lan You Nian released a warmth breath and the snowflake melted into a crystalline bead .   Lan You Nian lifted her hand to gaze up at the snowflakes fluttering from the sky, as if she too would float up into the air .   

Suddenly, Lan You Nian’s eyes widened, for she saw a man standing in the heavy snow of her courtyard .   The expression in his eyes was indulgent as he looked upon her .   His lips were curled upwards, seemingly smiling as his eyes were filled with a tenderness that could drown someone in them, making Lan You Nian feel like she wanted to drown in those eyes .

“Xuan?” Lan You Nian gaped at Feng Yi Xuan, as if in disbelief .

Feng Yi Xuan stood as tall and straight as before he left, uncommonly handsome .   His trimmed sharp brows were tightly furrowed .   Everywhere those dazzling purple eyes landed on, a storm raged .   His flawless features seemed to have been frozen by glaciers as he looked over Lan You Nian’s thin outfit, his face was an everlasting frost and worry .

Before Lan You Nian could get down from the pavilion, Feng Yi Xuan flew into the pavilion, pulling Lan You Nina into his arms, as if the many days of emptiness was finally filled up .

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“Xuan?” Lan You Nian murmured .

“Nian Nian, I missed you so much!” His voice was especially gentle, so unlike the usual Feng Yi Xuan’s mechanized coldness, carrying a warm gentleness like the sunshine at the start of spring, addicting and and indolent .

Lan You Nian wasn’t able to utter a word before Feng Yi Xuan impatiently kissed her, his tongue swiftly darted inside her mouth, repeatedly sucking, from gently and softly to a heady tempest within a blink of an eye .

As Feng Yi Xuan kissed the lips of the girl in his arms, she tasted as sweet as he imagined .   Every day and night, he longed to kiss these lips while he was at the borders .   Nian Nian’s lips were like a sweet and mellow spring, making him uncontrollably want to taste more of it, becoming addicted without any inhibition .

Feng Yi Xuan repeatedly ravished her lips, over and over again .   A ripple of gentle and dazzling light lingered in his brows .   Under the moonlight, he was brimming over with love and pampering .   His slender hands traveled down from her graceful shoulder, unable to restrain himself .

Lan You Nian was light-headed from Feng Yi Xuan’s kiss .   Because of her longing for Feng Yi Xuan that’s been building up over the days, Lan You Nian boldly responded to Feng Yi Xuan’s kiss .   Lan You Nian shy response was undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire for Feng Yi Xuan .   Even without Lan You Nian doing anything, Feng Yi Xuan would feel both an emotional and physical excitement, much less now he has the beauty in his arms, Lan You Nian’s fragrant tongue responded to him, Feng Yi Xuan felt he was about to explode .

Feng Yi Xuan already desired Nian Nian very much, not only a physical desire but also an emotional desire .   He wanted to be together with Nian Nian .

Lan You Nian was startled when Feng Yi Xuan’s hand stroked all over her body, but she merely giggled, allowing Feng Yi Xuan free rein .   Even if she really gave in to Feng Yi Xuan, she wouldn’t regret it, but based on Lan You Nian’s understanding of Feng Yi Xuan, this man wouldn’t take her like this .   Because he loved her, he wasn’t willing to take her while she was still so young .

Lan You Nian guessed correctly .   Though Feng Yi Xuan desired Lan You Nian, he knew Nian Nian was still young .   If he took her, it would only harm her female root .   Feng Yi Xuan wanted to marry Nian Nian grandly before taking her .   However, Feng Yi Xuan considered there was still two years before Lan You Nian came of age, he wanted to eat meat; he wanted to collect his interest!

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Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian’s petite body as his hands became a little frisky…

“Mm…” When Lan You Nian realized such a sultry sound came from her, she bit down on her lips in embarrassment .   She felt she’s become so strange .

When Feng Yi Xuan heard Lan You Nian’s lustful moan, his body tightened and his breathing became harsher .   He felt Nian Nian’s moans were more powerful than any aphrodisiac .   He loved such sounds to death .

Feng Yi Xuan stopped Lan You Nian from biting her lips by continuing to kiss her .   He felt he will go mad if he continued to endure this!  Definitely fall into madness!

Feng Yi Xuan used his internal force to slam all the windows in the pavilion close as he carried the girl in his arms over to the wood-carved bed .   Before Lan You Nian could react, Feng Yi Xuan’s entire body hovered over Lan You Nian’s delicate body .   Lan You Nian could even feel Feng Yi Xuan’s body was burning hot and taunt .   Lan You Nian felt a little bad for Feng Yi Xuan’s forebearance .

Feng Yi Xuan let go of Lan You Nian’s bright red lips .   He was kissing the girl he loved .   The girl in his arms was his one desire-his life!

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice has became even more sensual and hoarse from lust .

Lan You Nian was feeling a little shy .   Though she understood these matters, she didn’t know how to put it into action .   Seeing such an amorous Feng Yi Xuan becoming even more tempting , Lan You Nian felt she has been bewitched .

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“Nian Nian, help me…” Feng Yi Xuan’s forehead pressed against Lan You Nian’s forehead .   The fire in his body transferred to Lan You Nian from the two’s touching bodies, making Lan You Nian feel her own temperature raising .

“How?” Lan You Nian’s voice was so tender and delicate, giving people the feeling they were chewing on sweet and soft cotton candy, pleasant to the ears .   Lan You Nian can’t be blamed for being muddle-headed, for Lan You Nian has always been this muddle-headed around Feng Yi Xuan .   Besides, Lan You Nian really didn’t understand .

Feng Yi Xuan’s entire body was pouring down sweat .   His forehead was already to pop with veins from restraining himself .   Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t bear it any longer as he grabbed Lan You Nian’s petite hand in his .

Lan You Nian, like a frightened kitty, wanted to snatch her hand back, but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t let her, his voice pitiful, “Nian Nian, it hurts, help me!”

Though Lan You Nian wanted to cower, when she looked at Feng Yi Xuan, she felt her heart ache, so…

When it was over, Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan who was massaging her hand, grievously glaring at at Feng Yi Xuan .   Why did this man take so long!

Feng Yi Xuan was satisfied as he held Nian Nian .   Though he didn’t really eat Nian Nian, he still felt happy inside, because this meant Nian Nian didn’t object to him .   He wouldn’t really eat Nian Nian, for he wanted to leave the best the the day they marry .   Most importantly, Feng Yi Xuan knew Nian Nian was still too young and her body couldn’t bear such things .   Nian Nian’s body was more important than anything or anything .   Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian over to the screen panel and wiped off Lan You Nian’s body, as well as his own body; then, they changed into clean clothes and laid on the bed together .   Lan You Nian stared in horror at Feng Yi Xuan whose eyes were shining, “I’m really tired . No more!”  Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were already starting to burn and Lan You Nian was really afraid .   Feng Yi Xuan chuckled in amusement .   Lan You Nian was leaning against Feng Yi Xuan’s chest so she could feel the tremors and the delighted laughter .

Though Feng Yi Xuan wanted to continue, he knew Nian Nian’s hand were sore, so he couldn’t bear for her to suffer .   Speaking of which, it was his first time .   That kind of feeling was still in Feng Yi Xuan’s mind .   Feng Yi Xuan really longed for when he can really possess Nian Nian .

Lan You Nian reached out her hand, pinching at Feng Yi Xuan’s handsome face, saying fiercely “Talk!  How did you know?” He actually let her use her hand to help him take care of it, honestly…

Feng Yi Xuan’s ears were a little red, and said with some embarrassment, “I learned of this from  reading some smut illustrations while I was at the border . ” Feng Yi Xuan wouldn’t hide anything from Ln You Nian, but feared Lan You Nian will get mad, “It’s my first time .   Really!  Nian Nian, you must take responsibility!”

Lan You Nian gazed suspiciously at Feng Yi Xuan .   Many men, if they kept their bodies clean, will use their right and left hand to take care of the problem .   Lan You Nian believed Feng Yi Xuan didn’t have any other woman .   With Feng Yi Xuan’s temper, he wouldn’t allow any woman to approach him .   Lan You Nian was certain of this .

“You haven’t done this yourself?” Lan You Nian hadn’t taken off her small hand from Feng Yi Xuan’s handsome face .

Feng Yi Xuan saw the air outside the blanket was colder so he pulled Lan You Nian’s hand back into the blankets .   He hugged Lan You Nian, stating seriously but slightly awkwardly, “I haven’t felt any lust before .   I only feel desire for Nian Nian!  Really!  So never!”

Lan You Nian believed Feng Yi Xuan, for Feng Yi Xuan wouldn’t lie to her .

“You can only feel lust for me in the future!” Lan You Nian shut her eyes, declaring imperiously .

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan patted Lan You Nian’s back, coaxing her to sleep, however he was still excited over what happened, so he couldn’t fall asleep .   After being separated for so many days, they’re finally together again; Feng Yi Xuan felt fulfilled .   It was because he missed Nian Nian too much so he was so impulsive .   Though he was a little impulsive, he wouldn’t really take Nian Nian . He wanted to leave the best for the wedding night .   But recalling Nian Nian’s jade-like skin on her hand, Feng Yi Xuan realized he wanted it again .

Helplessly, he could only use his internal force to suppress the impulse of his body .   Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t bear to let Nian Nian tire herself again…

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