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Chapter 181
181 Heavens' Tears Heart
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Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan held hands as they walked over to one of the buildings in the Medical Valley . This building seemed very ordinary and broken-down, but this place was was filled with all kinds of priceless poisons and antidotes . This place was where Gui Yi Zi usually hung around the longest especially since it was the place where Gui Yi Zi researched all kinds of medical herbs .

Lan You Nian didn’t enter the room . She really wasn’t that interested in these bottles and jars . Especially since in the past, she went in before and knocked over many of shifu’s treasures, so for shifu’s sake, it was best if Lan You Nian didn’t go in .

Feng Yi Xuan sat on the cotton-soft grassy area, then settled Lan You Nian onto his lap . The two faced each other with their foreheads pressed against each other . Each other’s vision only contained the other, as if it could no longer tolerate anything in this world .

Gui Yi Zi saw this scene as soon as he stepped out of the room . The tall and handsome man sat on the grass which didn’t take away from his cold aura, but the man’s eyes were extremely warm and gentle as they gazed on the girl sitting on his lap . The girl was docile and peaceful as the smile on her lips spread like warm sunlight, making one hate they couldn’t instantly coddle such a wonderful girl in their palms .

“Shifu?” Lan You Nian saw Gui Yi Zi walk out, immediately leapt out of Feng Yi Xuan’s lap and ran over to Gui Yi Zi’s side, pulling at Gui Yi Zi’s arm as she charmingly called him . As for Feng Yi Xuan, who stood up by himself in the same spot, he felt stuffy inside his heart . Clearly, he had the beauty in his arms, but as soon as the old man came out, he stole away Nian Nian’s attention . Sure enough, all his love rivals weren’t as big a threat as shifu .

“Shifu!” Feng Yi Xuan stood up and walked over to Gui Yi Zi, calling him . Though his voice was still cold, it contained a rare politeness . But this wasn’t the most important . The most important was that Feng Yi Xuan dragged the little woman back to his side, making his heart feel a little better .

Gui Yi Zi could only watch as his obedient disciple was so easily stolen . Previously the backlogged fury that was due to Lan You Nian’s abrupt engagement instantly exploded as he pointed at Feng Yi Xuan, roaring, “Let go! Have you not heard of keeping distance between man and woman?” As he was saying this, Gui Yi Zi wretched Lan You Nian behind him, a picture of a mother hen protecting her little chick .

Feng Yi Xuan pursed his lips . Across from him was Nian Nian’s shifu, not senior brothers, so he can’t touch him . Feng Yi Xuan clenched the hands that wanted to make a move, then he hardened his voice saying, “Nian Nian is my wife, my wangfei!” So it can’t be considered inappropriate between man and woman .

Hearing Feng Yi Xuan say this, Gui Yi totally blew up; his pure white little beard trembled with his anger, nearly jumping off as he despised he couldn’t throw Feng Yi Xuan out of the Medical Valley, “Has this old man agreed? I haven’t agreed! How can Xiao Nian Nian marry you?”

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Actually, Gui Yi Zi was quite satisfied with Feng Yi Xuan, but there was barrier in his heart that he couldn’t cross over . The obedient disciple he watched grow up as if his own granddaughter was suddenly snatched away by a wolf while he wasn’t even aware . The more Gui Yi Zi thought of this, the more upset he felt .

“She will marry me!” Feng Yi Xuan answered firmly .

“Enough!” Lan You Nian held back Gui Yi Zi who was going to throw a fit, saying helplessly . How come shifu seemed like a child? Especially since Lan You Nian can tell shifu’s temper would become poor when he encountered Feng Yi Xuan . It wasn’t any dislike towards Feng Yi Xuan, only a kind of psychological influence .

“It’s rare for me to come back, isn’t shifu happy?” Lan You Nian pouted .

“Who said so? Shifu has waited for Xiao Nian Nian for a long time . This old man is so terribly lonely . Those stinky brats don’t know a thing about taking care of me . If Xiao Nian Nian hasn’t come back by now, I fear you wouldn’t be able to see shifu!” Gui Yi Zi immediately started to complain, not forgetting to slander his other disciples, not at all feeling embarrassed .

“Nian’er will come back often to see shifu . If shifu is bored, you can come find Nian’er!” Lan You Nian’s eyes creased as she grinned . She knew the more shifu aged, he seemed to become more like a small child . Once one becomes old, they always fear loneliness . Lan You Nian hoped shifu wouldn’t be so lonely in the future .

Feng Yi Xuan watched as Gui Yi Zi and Nian Nian walked as they chatted . The thick affection between the two made Feng Yi Xuan unable to feel jealousy, as if just seeing Nian Nian by his side, watching her laugh happily, Feng Yi Xuan felt everything was worth it .

Because she hasn’t returned to the Medical Valley for a long time, it was a rare occasion that Lan You Nian cooked which endured Feng Yi Xuan’s heavy objection, but he couldn’t win over Lan You Nian’s persistence . Feng Yi Xuan could only accompany Lan You Nian into the kitchen as he watched Lan You Nian bustle about . As for making meals and dishes, Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t familiar with it, neither did Lan You Nian want Feng Yi xuan to learn these .

Gui Yi Zi, Gui Yi, Gui Si, as well as Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan formed a full table as everyone happily and harmoniously ate dinner . At the time, Gui Yi Zi asked, “Xiao Nian Nian, did you bring the Heavenly Spirit Fruit?” After all, the most important matter of this moment was to assist Lan You Nian in using the Heavenly Spirit Fruit .

“Mhm, brought it!” Lan You Nian swallowed the food Feng Yi Xuan picked for her before replying, then saw Feng Yi Xuan bring out a box and handed it over to Gui Yi Zi . Gui Yi Zi already finished eating, so he wiped his hands and retrieved the box .

“Next, I’m going to use the Heavenly Spirit Fruit to formulate the cure, that way Xiao Nian Nian’s relapses won’t be so painful!” Gui Yi Zi sighed . In regards to that kind of pain, though they couldn’t feel it, but their hearts were never at ease, especially their hearts ached helplessly . To be able to finally remove the pain from the poison relapse, Gui Yi Zi had spent a lot of effort to develop it .

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“You follow me to the medicine room!” Gui Yi Zi said to Feng Yi Xuan, then headed towards the medicine room .

However, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t follow him . Instead, he said coldly, “After Nian Nian rests, I will come!” When Gui Yi Zi heard this, it was rare that this time he didn’t refute anything . Instead, he nodded . He could tell his little disciple’s complexion was much better, which meant her sleeping at night was much more smooth . It was probably all credited to this man .

Feng Yi Xuan waited as Lan You Nian ate then pulled Lan You Nian back to the room since it was already getting late . Feng Yi Xuan fetched some hot water and was about to take off Lan You Nian’s socks, Lan You Nian awkwardly recoiled her feet, then said, “I’ll do it myself!” Then looked at Feng Yi Xuan, “Soak feet together?”

The two already took a bath that afternoon . Feng Yi Xuan simply considered the cold constitution of Lan You Nian’s body, so he wanted her to soak her feet . Hearing Lan You Nian’s words, Feng Yi Xuan smiled, then took off Lan You Nian’s socks, putting them into the warm water while he also took off his socks . The two people’s two pairs of feet soaked in one basin, appearing like a loving old husband and wife .

Once the two washed up, Feng Yi Xuan cradled Lan You Nian sleeping peacefully on the small bed in the room . This little bed was enough for Lan You Nian to sleep on but with the addition of Feng Yi Xuan, it became bafflingly not enough room . After all, Feng Yi Xuan’s height and frame was comparatively taller and bigger, it really was a little small but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t care for it, as long the girl in his arms was with him, it was enough .

After Lan You Nian’s breathing had smoothed out, Feng Yi Xuan quietly left the room and headed towards Gui Yi Zi’s medicine room . Outside the medicine room, there hung several lovely lanterns . In this pitch black forest in the mountains, it appeared like a dazzling warm light .

Feng Yi Xuan knocked on the door of the medicine room . To speak the truth, he really rarely knocked on the door . Most of the time, he simply walked in directly, but Gui Yi Zi wasn’t those other people . He was Nian Nian’s respected shifu . He was also the elder he wanted to thank .

“Enter!” Gui Yi Zi’s voice drifted from the medicine room but for some reason, one could hear there was a hint of melancholy .

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed as he walked into the medicine room . The walls of the room were embedded with several glow in the dark night pearls, so the entire medicine room was very bright . Gui Yi Zi, dressed in blue, lowered his head as he currently held the Heavenly Spirit Fruit carefully preparing the antidote . Feng Yi Xuan didn’t utter a word as he quietly sat on a clean chair in the room, silently waiting .

It was after several hours have passed that Gui Yi finally put down the medicinal things in his hand, then came over to the chair beside Feng Yi Xuan and sat down, grim and scrutinizing as he looked at Feng Yi Xuan, those eyes contained a hint of aggression, but didn’t contain any malice .

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“Do you know why this old man let you come alone?” After studying him for a while, Gui Yi Zi noted this man was a rarely seen sovereign of the world .   He can tell Feng Yi Xuan’s deep care for his family’s little Nian Nian, but as the guardian, Gui Yi Zi was still very worried .   This was the meaning of so called phrase ‘raising a child to ninety-nine but worry to one hundred’ .

“It’s about Nian Nian isn’t it?” Feng Yi Xuan said .   Simply just sitting in a plain bamboo chair, it gave viewers the same feeling as if he was sitting at that lofty sovereign’s throne .

“Yes!” Gui Yi Zi nodded gravely .

Feng Yi Xuan suddenly asked, startled “Is it Nian Nian’s poison?” Feng Yi Xuan was unaware that his voice carried a hint of trembling and fear, as well as heartache .   Though he knew no matter where Nian Nian was, he will accompany her, for not even Death can separate them, but if one could live, who would choose to die?

“You must know the Heavenly Spirit Fruit can only relieve little Nian Nian of the pain from the poison, but it has no effect on the poison in the body” Gui Yi Zi sighed, then continued “Last time little Nian Nian’s poison couldn’t be suppressed, the Fragrant Lotus was obtained, so she was unable to hold on for so long, but little Nian Nian’s poison can no longer be suppressed .   If we can’t find the antidote, I’m afraid…”

Gui Yi Zi’s worried voice reverberated in Feng Yi Xuan’s ears, like a basin of cold water pouring down from his head, instantly chilling to the bone .   Even though the medicine room was as warm as spring, it couldn’t disperse the coldness surrounding Feng Yi Xuan .   Feng Yi Xuan’s previously emotionless eyes instantly became sharp as a blade, so sharp it could cut through air .

“No one can take away Nian Nian, no one!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was indifferent as icicles hanging from an iceberg .   Entering the ears, it was chilling .   It contained a solemn conviction that was irrefutable .

Gui Yi Zi laid his eyes on Feng Yi Xuan who was filled with darkness and killing intent, knowing inside that if anything happened to little Nian Nian, this man probably won’t be able to live .   The resentment towards the two’s abrupt engagement dispersed with Feng Yi Xuan’s agitated expression .   He was reassured that little Nian Nian had such a man who loved her so much .

“How much of the antidote has been developed?” Feng Yi Xuan stabilized his emotions .   He won’t allow anything to happen to Nian Nian .   No matter what price he had to pay, he will make Nian Nian get better .   They haven’t married yet, he hasn’t given Nian Nian a wedding, he hasn’t grown old with her, so how can he let anything happen to Nian Nian?

“I’ve already developed more than half of it .   There is still a few that haven’t been developed .   I can’t promise to develop it before little Nian Nian dies from the poison” Gui Yi Zi sighed with guilt .   People of the world all say Gui Yi Zi can steal away someone from Lord Yama, but they don’t know he had to watch the disciple he was most fond of tortured by poison and remain powerless to do anything .   Most of Gui Yi Zi’s time was spent in the medicine room, tirelessly experimenting on the poison in Lan You Nian’s body .   But this poison wasn’t really person-it originates from poison, never seen or heard of before .   If it wasn’t Gui Yi Zi, an normal person would have died many years ago .

Feng Yi Xuan suddenly felt his heart was weighed down by a massive stone, making him unable to breathe .   His eyes were a deep black that mingled with a purple radiance, like the sky of a silent night and like tidal waves of an inky night, undulating .

“If the cure can’t be developed, Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice shuddered as he asked “How long can Nian Nian hold on?”

Seeing Feng Yi Xuan like this, Gui Yi Zi couldn’t bear it, but he knew some things must be said, “This old man doesn’t know .   Maybe it will be the next relapse, or perhaps next year’s relapse, or even decades later… . ”

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes gradually froze over, into blades of ice .   Those eyes were much more than just glacial, for they were intermixed with a predatory, blood-thirsty darkness, as if they contained the urge to destroy the heavens and earth .   Gui Yi Zi, noting this, was perturbed, for he had never seen such an expression .

“However, this old man can definitely develop a cure .   Currently, little Nian Nian’s medicine requires an herb, so this old man came to find you!” Gui Yi Zi stated .   Little Nian Nian was blessed, so she definitely can hold on for a few more days; he definitely can save little Nian Nian .

“Talk!” Feng Yi Xuan commanded plainly .   No matter what was needed, he will obtain it .

“Nian Nian’s antidote contains one Heavens’ Tears Heart, and it is a purple Heavens’ Tears Heart .   You should know how rare a purple Heavens’ Tears Heart is, so rare that it is hard to come by in centuries, but it is necessary .   This old man knows you have the ability, so tonight I sought you out to inform you of this!” Gui Yi Zi paused, then continued “Additionally, I wanted to see if little Nian Nian picked the right person .   I have to say you really are little Nian Nian’s perfect match!”

Heavens’ Tears Heart is a type of herb .   Ordinary Heavens’ Tears Heart, though uncommon, wasn’t difficult to find, but purple Heavens’ Tears Heart was extremely difficult to find .   Tonight, Gui Yi Zi had Feng Yi Xuan come over: firstly, to talk about the poison in little Nian Nian’s body so he would have some warning; secondly, he wanted to see what was so great about this man to make the ice-hearted little Nian’er fall in love; however, after attentively studying, Gui Yi Zi accepted accepted Feng Yi Xuan, more or less, but he wouldn’t spare Feng Yi Xuan with his words; after all, stealing his beloved disciple, it was unforgivable .

“I know!” Feng Yi Xuan stated, then left the medicine room .   Nian Nian was still in the room by herself; he wasn’t reassured .

Hearing Gui Yi Zi’s words, Feng Yi Xuan, not for the lack of worrying, wouldn’t show it on his face no matter how worried he was .   He knew the situation hasn’t reached a point where it can’t be saved .   If Nian Nian’s poison required anything, he will obtain it .   If Nian Nian can’t pull through, he wouldn’t survive alone!

Deep asleep, Lan You Nian wasn’t aware that the man beside her bore the conviction of not separating in life or death, this night, and this man didn’t sleep a wink the entire just as he simply gazed upon Lan You Nian’s sleeping face, as if no matter how much he looked, it wasn’t enough… .

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