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Chapter 180: 180

Chapter 180 Entering the Medical Valley

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After all of them ate, they pressed on towards the Medical Valley, not for any other reason except Feng Yi Xuan felt Lan You Nian’s condition was getting worse . There was nothing to play during such a journey so they might as well get to the Medical Valley as soon as possible to rest .

Using a speed that was neither fast nor slow, on the afternoon of the third day, the four of them arrived at the outer forest of the Medical Valley .

Surrounding the entrance of the Medical Valley were several verdant green trees climbing with flower vines . Its dense green leaves complemented the purplish-red flowers, delicate and bright . From afar, they looked like beautiful satin . Sunlight streamed down through the gaps in the branches, embellishing the ancient wood linden branches and old bark, making it seem like a heart-moving painting .

Gui Yi and Gui Si waited at the entrance of the Medical Valley, but didn’t allow Feng Yi Xuan and the others to enter . This was the rule of the Medical Valley, which is why Lan Wu and the others have never entered the Medical Valley all these years . It wasn’t because Lan You Nian didn’t trust them but because, in Lan You Nian’s eyes, Gui Yi Zi was like her own grandfather, so she listened as any obedient granddaughter, not wanting Gui Yi Zi to get angry .

This was the first time Lan You Nian brought someone to the entrance of the Medical Valley . Feng Yi Xuan and the others couldn’t help feeling that no wonder so many people came to beg for treatment, yet they weren’t able to find anyone; just one entrance required so many twists and turns for so long, much less for the fact it was centered deep into the mountains and forest .

Gui Yi and Gui Si, dressed in blue robes, stood upright and tall in front of of the entrance . They observed their little junior sister who’s face appeared rosier than before and felt reassured somewhat . Towards the man who stole away their little junior sister, they felt slightly better though they haven’t accepted this man becoming their little junior sister’s man .

“Big brother, fourth brother!” Lan You Nian’s lips curved upwards as she sprint over to them . Hair whipped behind her as the girl smiled cleanly; it was dazzling . That was Lan You Nian who turned back into a little child’s disposition in front of family . Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan eyed his empty arms and felt the stirrings of jealousy in his heart .

Gui Yi and Gui Si revealed their smiles as they gazed upon Lan You Nian who just ran over . Gui Si didn’t forget to throw Feng Yi Xuan a look . Just because little junior sister became your fiancee, it doesn’t mean little junior sister is yours! Look, little junior sister still cares for us very much!

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Feng Yi Xuan stared coldly at Gui Si’s smug look, hating he couldn’t grab his sword for a battle, but one glance at Nian Nian’s joy like that of a little bird returning home, how could Feng Yi Xuan bear it? Fine, fine, just let them be smug for a while . In any case, Nian Nian will be his .

“How are you feeling?” Gui Yi worried with concern . After all, several days before the poison surfaced every time, little junior sister’s condition was always very poor . With little junior sister not being by their side, they were extremely worried .

“Xuan takes good care of me!” Lan You Nian grinned in reply, the dazzling smile couldn’t hide its warmth . She hoped shifu and her senior brothers can accept Xuan, for family and Xuan both meant a lot to her .

Gui Yi nodded with a smile . He can tell Ming wang took great care of little junior sister . The affection Ming wang gave little junior sister was something they as family couldn’t give her, so that was why he gave up so easily and watched as the girl who monopolized his heart enter the arms of another .

“Many thanks to Ming wang for sending little junior sister back . The Medical Valley doesn’t welcome outsiders!” Gui Si went straight to the point; the meaning was very clearly: that is, chasing the other off .

Lan You Nian blanked for a second . She hoped Feng Yi Xuan could return to the Medical Valley with her . She wanted him to see the place where she lived previously; she wanted him to see her home . But seeing how fourth brother is, Lan You Nian knew this was shifu’s will .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t spare Gui Si a look . Instead, he walked over to Lan You Nian’s side, dragging the girl over to him, “Wherever Nian Nian is, that’s where I’ll be!” He wasn’t unaware of the Medical Valley’s rules . If it was any other time, he could wait outside, but this time Nian Nian was going to use the Heavenly Spirit Fruit . His heart wouldn’t settle; he wanted to accompany Nian Nian .

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The three people stood opposite one another; not one of them was willing to stand down . The gentlemanly Gui Yi stood there like a light breeze . His little junior sister was taken by this man without a fight . All of them senior brothers were angry . Even shifu was so angered that he vented his anger on them countless times .

Feng yi Xuan’s vision fell on the two men, but there was not a thread of timidness . Noble as any king, his posture, languid and casual, his bearing disclosed an invisible lofty imposing manner, as if no one can stop him .

Meanwhile, Lan You Nian, who was seized in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, was dressed in white . Skin as white as congealed fat, posture leisurely, like a blooming lotus flower in high summer, elegant and demure, which was completely out of place with her panic because she knew they were all her most important people . They, on the other hand, wouldn’t do anything that would make her upset .

“Big brother, fourth brother, Xuan isn’t an outsider!” Lan You Nian said smiling . She knew very well that shifu and her senior brothers were probably annoyed by her sudden engagement, so they purposely made things difficult for Feng Yi Xuan; however, Lan You Nian couldn’t bear for them to bully Feng Yi Xuan .

“Hmph! Shifu hasn’t agreed to let little junior to marry this Ming wang . How isn’t he considered an outsider?” Gui Si huffed, then made a move to drag Lan You Nian over . After all, since they haven’t married yet, how was it appropriate for Ming wang to embrace little junior so? However, before Gui Si had the chance to touch Lan You Nian’s arm, Feng Yi Xuan blocked him . The two instantly tangled up in a fight .

Every one of Gui Si’s moves were aimed at Feng Yi Xuan’s most fatal spots . However, with one hand wrapped around Lan You Nian, the other hand fought with Gui Si . The two haven’t touched their internal strength, purely using their fists and feet . Lan You Nian was towed along by Feng Yi Xuan but didn’t suffer any of the affects . This man’s hands held up her entire sky .

Gui Si’s hand to hand fighting was already very powerful . In addition, Lan You Nian gave him some modern kick-boxing and such techniques, so it was rare to meet a challenging opponent . However, simply like this, comparing Gui Si and Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Yi Xuan single-handedly locked Gui Si into a draw . Gui Si had no choice but to admire .

The two of them withdrew at the same time . Feng Yi Xuan’s arm that wrapped around Lan You Nian remains unmoved . He gazed at Gui Si with admiration . In fact, no only he didn’t use his entire strength, Gui Si didn’t go all out either . After all, Nian Nian was still beside him . If they weren’t careful and hurt Nian Nian, they would regret to death .

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“Fourth brother?” Lan You Nian’s eyes curved, acting a little spoiled . Beyond the surface, while Gui Si might seem to be the most cold-hearted of all the senior brothers, but as soon as Lan You Nian acted spoiled, Gui Si was powerless . And see, Lan You Nian just started to act spoilt, Gui Si’s face began to soften .

“Little junior sister, this is shifu’s will . Senior brother is powerless!” Gui Yi said, at the same time blocking Gui Si’s chance to yield .

Lan You Nian’s little mouth pouted . She was really powerless against this childish shifu, nor did she bear to anger shifu . Lan You Nian wanted to say more but she was stopped by Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan looked at Gui Yi and Gui Si saying, “You can’t stop me!”

Gui Yi and Gui Si knew if Feng Yi Xuan wanted to force his way into the Medical Valley, it wouldn’t be an impossibility . However, Feng Yi Xuan liked little junior sister very much, then he wouldn’t do anything to make things difficult for litlte junior sister, nor would he destroy little junior sister’s home .

“Xuan!” Lan You Nian tightly gripped Feng Yi Xuan’s hand, then said, “Wait for me!” Lan You Nian was determined to enter the Medical Valley . She knew shifu loved her much much . If she went in to plead with him, shifu will definitely agree . If she simply allowed Feng Yi Xuan to be shut out, then how is she worthy of Feng Yi Xuan’s love?

How could Gui Yi and Gui Si not understand Lan You Nian’s intention? The two of them thought if little junior sister went to shifu and acted spoilt, shifu will definitely agree to anything . Gui Yi mulled over it for a moment, then said, “Little junior sister, it would be inconvenient to go back and forth, much less for the fact that your body is still frail, let’s just let Ming wang go in together!”

Lan You Nian looked back at Feng Yi Xuan, mischeviously blinking her eyes . Feng Yi Xuan smiled dotingly . He’s already discerned the little chit was merely pretending in front of Gui Yi and Gui Si, all just to have them take the initiative to let him enter the Medical Valley . His little woman stood on his side, just thinking this made Feng Yi Xuan happy .

Feng Yi Xuan shot An Yi a look . An Yi instantly understood his master’s will . Lan You Nian, too, glanced at Lan Wu, wanting to ask Lan Wu if she wanted to enter the Medical Valley . Lan Wu directly waved her hand, “Young miss, I’m going to play with An Yi . I haven’t played for a long time!”

Lan Wu knew the rules of the Medical Valley and didn’t want to create difficulties for her young miss . As long as she knew young miss thought of her as a friend, a sister, in heart heart, then it was enough . As for whether to go into the Medical Valley, Lan Wu didn’t care . After all, there’s people inside who will take good care of young miss .

“An Yi” Lan You Nian faced An Yi, “This girl is troublesome; you look after her!” Perhaps because in Lan Wu and the other’s eyes, their young miss was a child, but in Lan You Nian’s eyes, the others were also children .

“Yes, matriarch!” An Yi said . After all, it wasn’t appropriate to call wangfei in front of outsiders outside, so while on the road, An Yi called Lan You Nian matriarch most of the time .

“Young miss, am I so bad? How come you can’t be reassured about me?” Lan Wu muttered with dissatisfaction, managing to find the time to shoot a glare at An Yi . Letting such a cold person watch over her, how can she play ah!? Young miss was becoming more naughty .

“Not satisfied?” Lan You Nian demanded, her tone a little dangerous . Lan Wu immediately rocked her head . While most of the time young miss seemed like a celestial fairy, if young miss wanted to play, then no one was her opponent . The outcome was definitely neither able to laugh or cry .

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