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Chapter 168
168 Farewell Feast (2)
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“Xuan, have you noticed something not right about Feng Guan Lian?” Lan You Nian watched Feng Guan Lian leave with suspicion .   Although Feng Guan Lian concealed it very well, Lan You Nian still noticed the momentary hatred and then smugness after having thought of something .

“Em, that’s indeed true!” Feng Yi Xuan nodded .   Besides being a little dumb concerning Nian Nian’s matters, in other things, he was incredibly astute .

“It seems like besides a plot against Bai Lian, there is also a plot against us!” Lan You Nian’s voice was chilly, her eyes inundated with a black eddy that seems to suck people in .

Lan You Nian considered the Feng Guan Lian in the distance who seemed to be in a good mood .   What she heard that night with Feng Yi Xuan was that today Feng Shao Chu was going to ruin Bai Lian’s innocence .   That way, Bai Lian had no choice but to marry Feng Shao Chu .   A woman who’s lost her innocence had no right to speak .   However Lan You Nian noticed Feng Shao Chu and his people seemed to have planned something .   From the looks of it, it was targeting Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan’s hand that gripped Lan You Nian’s hand twitched, reassuring her, “Nian Nian don’t worry, I will protect you!” Feng Yi Xuan gently gazed upon the girl by his side .   In the past, he didn’t care about those plots and schemes so he’s never taken it to heart but now that he had a girl he loved, he won’t allow others to harm Nian Nian, nor would he allow himself to be hurt .

Emperor Feng Xuan sat down with the Empress .   Everyone started to exchange pleasantries with the delegates of the foreign empires, wishing them a good journey .   The Emperor was the monarch of an empire after all, after walking the formalities, he left with Eunuch Lu .

Yue Bai Lian apprised Emperor Feng Xuan that she will stay in Feng Empire for a while to experience Feng Empire’s local customs, especially to get to know some of Feng Empire’s young masters to pick a husband of mutual affection .   Yue Empire’s peace marriage card was also handed over to Feng Empire .   Yue Bai Lian’s marriage alliance was a certainty, simply the person hasn’t been selected .   This gave Yue Bai Lian some time and space to pick a husband according to her wishes .

During this time, Yue Bai Lian drank some of the imperial wine on the low table .   Yue Bai Lian took a sip of the fine wine, her lips curled upwards .   If master didn’t inform her, she feared she really would have fallen into their plot .   After all, she never thought Lin daren who was sitting beside her and Feng Empire’s second wangye were somehow connected .

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Yue Bai Lian glanced at Lin daren .   This cup of wine was offered to her by Lin daren .   If she didn’t eat the detoxification pill given to her beforehand by master, she really will lose her innocence today, allowing these people to manipulate her .

Yue Bai Lian’s expression seemed a little fatigued and tired .   Lin daren smugly revealed an inconspicuous grin, then with much concern he said to Yue Bai Lian, “Princess what’s wrong?  You don’t look well!”

Yue Bai Lian touched her forehead, her eyes a little misty, “This princess doesn’t know why but I feel tired .   I’m afraid I haven’t rested well these few days .   Thank you Lin daren for your concern . ”

“Caring for princess is this subject’s duty .   It wouldn’t be suitable for princess to continue attending the banquet .   How about you follow the palace maid to find a place to rest first!” Lin daren said worriedly then gave a look to the palace maids who were pouring the wine .

Yue Bai Lian tried hard to keep her eyes open but there wasn’t any effect, gratefully smiled saying to Lin daren, “This princess will go down to rest and won’t send off Lin daren .   Wish Lin daren a good journey!” Yue Bai Lian then allowed the two palace maids to help her leave the palace hall .

Lan You Nian saw Yue Bai Lian leave then to Feng Yi Xuan said, “Xuan, I will go look!” There can’t be any error in this matter .   If any accidents happened, Lan You Nian knew exactly what awaits Yue Bai Lian so she must personally deal with it for her heart to ease .

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan nodded .

Lan You Nian was a little poor on words .   Her little fingers hooked onto Feng Yi Xuan’s slightly rough palms, fluttering her watery eyes, “Xuan, then you let go of your hand ah!  Otherwise how can I go?” Lan You Nian fingers lightly scratched Feng Yi Xuan’s palm .

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Feng Yi Xuan was unwilling to release the hand in his grasp .   He actually wanted to hug Nian Nian however on such an occasion, though he wasn’t afraid of the gossip, he didn’t want other people speak badly of Nian Nian so he only held Nian Nian’s hand .   Now the little fingers were fiddling in his palm, the small fingers hitched to his palm seemed to be scratching his heart .   Feng Yi Xuan pursed his lips .   The longer he was with Nian Nian, the more he couldn’t control himself .   He was really afraid one day he will be overcome by his feelings and possess this tormenting little sprite .

Feng Yi Xuan feared Lan you Nian would continue to scratch and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from kissing her so he can only reluctantly release the small hand in his palms, then instructed, “Come back soon, and, don’t walk too close to that woman!”

Lan You Nian shrank back her fingers, then nodded, “I know!  I promise!”

Though Feng Yi Xuan was a little jealous, he didn’t like Nian Nian concerned about other people, but Feng Yi Xuan knew no matter what kind of Nian Nian, he loves each and every one .   So he only grumbled about it, not preventing Nian Nian from doing the things she wants to do .

Lan You Nian quietly left the feast .   As soon as Lan You Nian left, Feng Yi Xuan’s entire presence cooled down .   If Feng Xia Qi wasn’t sitting beside him, if it were any other people, they wouldn’t be able to stand such a freezing aura .

Yue Bai Lian was helped by the two palace maids into a palace hall .   The two palace maids jostled Yue Bai Lian, softly calling, “Princess Bai Lian?  Princess Bai Lian?”  Seeing Yue Bai Lian seemed to be deeply asleep, the two palace maids released a sigh of relief and withdrew from the room .

When the two palace maids retreated from the room, Yue Bai Lian’s eyes snapped open .   At this moment, someone jumped in front the window outside .

“Nian’er?” Yue Bai Lian exclaimed in surprise seeing Lan You Nian appear in the room, “Why are you here?”  Lan You Nian told her everything that was to happen today and she was already prepared so what happens next will go according to Lan You Nian’s plans .

“I wasn’t reassured so I came to look!” Lan You Nian said, then detained Yue Bai Lian’s wrist to take her pulse .   After a while, she sighed in relief, “You’re fine .   They only gave you ordinary softening muscle powder .   Because you ingested the detoxification pill beforehand, you’re fine!”

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“En!” Yue Bai Lian’s heart was moved by Lan You Nian’s concern and thought perhaps being considered a friend was the best ending .   As a friend, she can hold a space in her heart, much better than being a stranger .   Yue Bai Lian comforted herself inside .

“Have you picked your choice?” Lan You Nian asked .   Since Feng Shao Chu wants to copulate so much, why don’t she grant his wish?  Simply the person he will be sleeping with will be a different person .   Lan You Nian thought she was kind-hearted .

“En!  Chosen!  One of my handmaidens .   She is sent by Imperial Father to keep tabs on me!” Yue Bai Lian’s eyes chilled .   Since Imperial Father sent her for the marriage allow, how can he not be prepared?  Imperial Father probably wanted her to become his chess piece in Feng Empire .   Her Imperial Father didn’t know that she never considered Yue Empire her own motherland .   She will not allow her Imperial Father to continue manipulating her .

“The person?” Lan You Nian asked .   Lan You Nian was pleased by Yue Bai Lian’s maneuver .   Being someone taught by Wu Qing Pavilion, she was indeed ruthless .   If Bai Lian was as frail as she appeared on the surface, LAn you Nian wouldn’t let Bai Lian take charge of Xiao Jin Pavilion .

Yue Bai Lian told Lan You Nian where her handmaiden was .   Lan You Nian left for a moment then carried in an unconscious woman into the room .   The palace maids outside were already lured away by Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian tossed this maid in the ground, very disdainfully took out a handkerchief to wipe her fingers .   She thought if Feng Yi Xuan knew she carried a woman over such a long distance, he will definitely throw her into a bathing pool to wash several times .

Yue Bai Lian poured a cup of water for Lan You Nian then dragged her handmaiden onto the bed, tucked her in then breathlessly sat down to drink some water, thinking that she seemed to like doing bad things more and more .

The two’s eyes met .   Two peerlessly beautiful women’s face hung a mischievous smile .   If people saw, they will definitely be enraptured by these two .   Lan You Nian felt being friends with Bai Lian was a happy event .   Because Bai Lian’s personality was well suited with her own .   In the past, she and Hua Mu Qing were good friends, and now Hua Mu Qing has become her saozi (older brother’s wife) .   Bai Lian gave Lan You Nian the feeling of a friend or girlfriend .

Yue Bai Lian was currently thinking she was already very happy to be able to stay beside Lan You Nian like this .   If she wanted to continue to stay by her side, she must either let go of the feelings in her heart or hide these feelings very deeply .   Yue Bai Lian already decided to stay with Lan You Nian as her friend .   Seeing Ming wang’s doting on Lan You Nian, Yue Bai Lian wholeheartedly gave her blessings…

Lan You Nian handed over a cut of spice to Yue Bai Lian .   Yue Bai Lian didn’t ask what Lan You Nian wanted to do, picked up the spice and put it in the incense burner in the room .   Finished with this, Lan You Nian tugged Yue Bai Lian out of the room .

When Lan You Nian returned to the grand hall, she noticed Feng Yi Xuan was no longer present .   Lan You Nian swept over the entire hall and noticed Feng Shao Chu wasn’t there either .   This was normal for Lan You Nian knew what Feng Shao Chu went to do .   But the fact Feng Guan Lian wasn’t there either was unexpected .   Especially as Lan You Nian noticed the Empress’s eyes flashed with malice and excitement .

“Brother Xia Qi, where’s Xuan?” Lan You Nian lowered her voice asking Feng Xia Qi who was sitting above FEng Yi Xuan .

Feng Xia Qi frowned, “I don’t know .   But there was a palace maid who said something to Xuan, then A’Xuan left!” Feng Xia Qi looked at the anxious Lan You Nian comforting her, “You don’t need to worry too much .   A’Xuan is smart, he won’t fall into their trap .   All these years, they haven’t been able to do anything to A’Xuan!”

Lan You Nian despite knowing Feng Xia Qi was right, and being aware of Feng Yi Xuan’s abilities, but perhaps because loving a person was like this, Lan You Nian knew all this but couldn’t help worry .   Lan You Nian sat for a while and when Feng Yi Xuan didn’t return yet, she stood up, said something to Feng Xia Qi then left the grand hall .

Feng Shao Chu wore a smile as he walked into one wing behind the grand hall, thinking of Yue Bai Lian’s beautiful face and luscious figure, Feng Shao Chu couldn’t bear it any longer .   As a prince, he’s seen plenty of beauties .   The most beautiful he saw was Lan manor’s Lan You Nian .   It’s a pity that she’s been taken by that Feng Yi Xuan .   However this Yue Bai Lian is a rare beauty, as well as a princess .   Feng Shao Chu thought he can use Yue Bai Lian to obtain many advantages, feeling pleased inside .

Feng Shao Chu approached the previously arranged room and didn’t see any of the palace maids from Empress Mother’s palace however Feng Shao Chu knew there was only one chance .   Their plot this time was seamless, no one could have known .   Feng Shao Chu walked into the room having set his mind to rest .

As soon as he walked into the room, Feng Shao Chu seemed to have caught a waft of some fragrance .   Feng Shao Chu has lived in the imperial palace for many years and was instantly vigilant .   However, how can Medical Valley’s drug allow Feng Shao Chu a chance wake up?

Feng Shao Chu felt his body become hot then saw the woman lying in bed with her back to him .   Feng Shao Chu’s remaining morsel of reason told him that was Yue Bai Lian, the woman he wanted to possess today .   Feng Shao Chu submitted to his body’s desire and walked over to the bed… .

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