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Chapter 167: 167
167 Farewell Feast (1)

Time flew by as it fell on the day of the farewell feast .   Second wangye Feng Shao Chu was especially excited .   With Princess Yue Bai Lian’s looks, it’s rare for men not to be moved by such a beautiful woman, not to mention Yue Bai Lian also possessed the status of a princess .

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“Imperial son!” The Empress permitted several of the palace maids to incessantly do her makeup and dress her to cover up her fading beauty, “There must be no chance of this matter failing under any circumstance, do you understand?” What happened last time was a tremendous blow to them .   Their money was nearly depleted .   To bribe those personages, it required money . At this critical juncture, only by marrying Yue Empire’s princess, they would be able to obtain a part of Yue Empire’s support .

“Rest assured Empress Mother .   We’ve handled this matter with extreme caution .   There won’t be any accidents!” Feng Shao Chu gestured with his hand for the Empress’s trusted palace maid to leave, then continued to say, “Not only can we attain Princess Lian from this scheme, we can also frame Feng Yi Xuan!  Let’s see how Imperial Father will make excuses for that person!”

“Hn!” The Empress lightly patted Feng Shao Chu’s arm, affectionately gazing on her only son .   Her daughter was already fixed to marry into another empire .   She only has to boost her son onto the throne, only then she can remain unshakeable in her own position .   Later, she can summon back her own daughter .

“Imperial son, you can marry Princess Bai Lian, but only as a side consort, not as official consort!” The Empress fixed her gaze sternly on her son .   She feared her son will be captivated by beauty .   She’s seen Princess Bai Lian’s beauty for herself .   She was a rare beauty .   There is a likely chance for such a woman to become a calamitous beauty .

“Subject son knows .   This Princess Bai Lian is Yue Empire’s princess .   Benwang needs her support, so is marrying her .   Rest assured Empress Mother, subject son won’t breach propriety for a woman!” Feng Shao Chu said .   Although he admires Yue Bai Lian and wants to possess such a beautiful woman, Feng Shao Chu was even more aware of what he wanted .   If he married Yue Bai Lian, not only will he obtain a prodigal amount of dowry, the people in court will be able to see who has the greater influence behind them .   That way, he will have more chance to obtain that position .

“Hn, imperial son didn’t disappoint Empress Mother!” The Empress was pleased with her son .   Such a child who was skilled in plotting was her, An Qian Mei’s son .   Since His Majesty can’t see them, mother and child, then she will make His Majesty regret .

An Qian Mei and Feng Shao Chu, the two mother and son, was exhilarated over tonight’s plan, not knowing that their plan was already known by others… .

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At this moment, Lan You Nian and the gang have already arrived in the imperial palace .   Lan You Nian’s seat was arranged to be beside Feng Yi Xuan .   An unmarried girl in Feng Empire did not have the privilege of sitting beside a wangye but it can’t be helped that Feng Yi Xuan dotes on Lan You Nian .   The Emperor was also pleased with Lan You Nian, in addition, with those people protecting Lan You Nian, no one dared to stand up and object .   If the old stick in the mud Tutor He doesn’t even question it, how would they dare to utter a word?

Lan You Nian’s full head of jade-black hair was casually tied up into a simple hairstyle .   There was a pair of spider lily buyao assembled in her hair, very dainty and lofty, but not wanting in opulence .   This was specifically made for her by Feng Yi Xuan .   With a nephrite jade bangle on her wrist, translucent and luminous,  contrasting against her snow-white skin, truly a flawless inherent beauty that can be discarded .

As for Feng Yi Xuan who was sitting beside her, his unfathomable black eyes were frigid pools .   Just once glance made one’s heart tremble and give birth to a strand of fear .   The man’s solid intimidating aura can only make others hold him in awe and veneration .   A piercing gaze, and chilly air made people fixate on his dignified and powerful bearing, the formidable air of looking down on the world, thus those who ogled that exquisite face declined .   But towards the girl beside him, he was affectionate and indulging, making people hate they couldn’t replace the girl sitting beside him .

Lan Jian Jun eyed the daughter who was arranged to sit beside Feng Yi Xuan, his heart resentful .   His relationship with his daughter was already starting to mend .   He can sense his daughter was starting to accept this father of hers .   But once Ming wang appeared, his daughter won’t be able to see him, her vision completely occupied by Ming wang .   But Lan Jian Jun couldn’t do anything, afraid he would do something that would make his daughter angry .

Today’s true leading role is Yue Bai Lian who was just sitting there .   The news that Yue Bai Lian came to Feng Empire for a marriage alliance was known by all .   Many young masters wanted to marry home this sweet-tempered and alluring princess Yue Bai Lian .   So the moment when Yue Bai Lian took her seat, many men exchanged pleasantries with Yue Bai Lian .   Yue Bai Lian’s etiquette was above reproach, always softly answering each young master’s question .   Her approach to the situation made many of the men besotted with her .

Again brushing off several men, Yue Bai Lian slightly released a sigh and looked towards Lan You Nian .   Coincidentally, Lan You Nian was also looking in her direction .   The two’s eyes met and they smiled at each other .

Lan You Nian contemplated Yue Bai Lian .   She couldn’t help muse that she indeed had the bearing of an imperial family’s princess .   Even Feng Empire’s several princesses couldn’t compare to Yue Bai Lian .   Yue Bai Lian wore a light blue wide-sleeved long dress that cinched at the waist, each layer was embroidered with large peony flowers .   The flowers shimmered with a dazzling glow, very noble and lofty .   A moonlight white waistband girdled her waist, tied into a butterfly knot in the back, making her willow waist seem slim, all that is lovely and dainty .   Hair that was loose fell to her waist was still slightly beading with water droplets .   Following the figure’s gentle swaying, transluscent and glimmering .   Calmly and unhurried, she simply stood there, graceful and refined, elegant and lofty, absolutely blinding!

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Suddenly, Lan You Nian felt her hand being tightly gripped by Feng Yi Xuan under the table a little painfully .   Lan You Nian broke off her gaze from Yue Bai Lian and looking confusedly at Feng Yi Xuan, asking, “Xuan, what’s wrong?”

Feng Yi Xuan realized that he probably didn’t control his strength and frantically massaged Lan You Nian’s little hand .   Watching the red marks on Lan You Nian’s small hand disappearing, he finally looked at Lan You Nian with displeasure, “You said I am very good looking!”

“Right!” Lan You Nian nodded .   What she said was the total truth .   Because Feng Yi Xuan was normally apathetic, he seemed to be austere but when he was gentle towards her, he was like a bewitching demon .   Lan You Nian thought if Feng Yi Xuan wanted to bewitch people, there probably wasn’t any person who can escape it .

“You said I had a great body!” Feng Yi Xuan continued but didn’t cross the line .   The two’s voice were low, others won’t be able to hear, otherwise Lan You Nian would be so embarrassed she won’t be able to face people .

Lan You Nian rolled her eyes .   It was an uncouth action yet being enacted by Lan You Nian, it was cute and straightforward .   Then those people in the palace hall who were focused on her all knowingly revealed a grin .   It was this side of Lan You Nian that made others so fond of her .

“Right!” Lan You Nian nodded .   Then, finally understanding what this was about, she scowled at Feng Yi Xuan, “Don’t eat vinegar for no reason!” Only now does she realize what Feng Yi Xuan meant .   He was saying he was good looking and had a great body, so she shouldn’t even look at other people, really too overbearing, but at the same time, it was cutely overbearing!

Feng Yi Xuan coughed, bashfully grinning .   He was only eating vinegar .   Sometimes he couldn’t control his possessiveness over Nian Nian .   What he can be certain of is that as long as Nian Nian still loved him, still accompanied him, he wouldn’t do anything outrageous and unreasonable .

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“Sixth imperial brother and Miss Lan’s relationship is very good .   Don’t know if you will continue to pamper Miss Lan in the future?” a cute voice drifted over, causing Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian to both frown and face the approaching person .

Feng Guan Lian, like the younger sister next door, stood in front of Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian, gazing at Lan You Nian with admiration .   From all angles, she was a cute girl .   Who would have imagined that such a girl would be so lewd behind people’s back!

Feng Yi Xuan, originally, didn’t bother with answering .   Lan You Nian gazed at Feng Guan Lian who was portraying herself to be extremely naive and faintly smiled, but that smile didn’t possess any warmth, “Who can determine the future?  Third princess worries too much!”

Feng Guan Lian seemed not to hear the meaning behind Lan You Nian’s words .   She looked at Feng Yi Xuan, “Sixth brother, is Miss Lan your official consort?” On the second day, the imperial decree only said it was decreeing an engagement .   It didn’t state explicitly whether Lan You Nian was the official consort or side consort .

How can Lan You Nian not understand what Feng Guan Lian meant?  But she believed in Feng Yi Xuan .   Such provocation couldn’t cause her any upset .   However towards these people who wanted to incite disharmony in their relationship, Lan You Nian won’t be forgiving .

Just as everyone thought how Feng Yi Xuan will answer, whether Lan You Nian was official consort or side consort, Feng Yi Xuan stood up, tugging on Lan You Nian’s hands declaring, “I Feng Yi Xuan, whether it is in the past or in the future, will only have one woman, Lan You Nian .   Ming wangfu will only have one mistress!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice emitted a sinister frost, an air of arrogance was awe-inspiring, making people unable to look at it directly, as if him just standing there, was born to be revered by others .

Hearing this, everyone was stunned .   What did they hear?  Ming wang will only have one woman?  That is to say, Ming wang will not accept any other woman, nor will he allow any woman to enter Ming wangfu .   How great of an honor was this!  Many women stared enviously at Lan You Nian .   In their life, what does a woman long for?  They only wish for a constant lover .   But there are too many heartless men in the world .   Yet Feng Yi Xuan was able to say such words, more or less it made many of the ladies envious .

Lan You Nian, upon hearing Feng Yi Xuan’s words, suddenly felt as if her heart was injected with a warm current .   Looking at the man standing beside her like a heavenly god, Lan You Nian thought no matter how this love ended, she will have no regrets!

Hua Xiu Yi felt some admiration for Feng Yi Xuan for saying such words .   He suddenly understood a bit why such a wonderful girl will stand beside Feng Yi Xuan .   But just because he understood doesn’t mean he will give up .

Feng Xia Qi saw his younger brother pledge his love and suddenly felt gratified and melancholy .   Let it be like this .   His younger brother can attain happiness .   Only A’Xuan can give Nian’er meimei such joy .   They were a pair matched by Heaven!

Feng Yi Xuan, finished his pledge, pulled Lan You Nian back to their seats .   Concerning these words, Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t at all surprised .   From the very start of him meeting Nian Nian, he has never thought of having another woman .   Him admitting it out loud was only because he didn’t want Nian Nian to be aggrieved hearing other people’s idle chatter .   He wanted his Nian Nian to become the most happiest woman .

In private, everyone quietly debated Feng Yi Xuan’s words .   Many people thought only a woman such a Lan You Nian deserved Ming wang’s treatment .   However, there were many more people who thought Feng Yi Xuan did a bold thing .   But then everyone recalled Ming wang was never fond of women before, and so the debate cooled .   Many people believed Ming wang wasn’t fond of women because he has never encountered such a peerless woman like Lan You Nian .

Meanwhile, Feng Guan Lian who was standing in front of Feng Yi Xuan wore an expression that couldn’t be described as good .   Originally, she couldn’t get used to Feng Yi Xuan’s pampering of Lan You Nian so she wanted to stir disharmony between the two .   She didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan would straightforwardly slap her face .   Recalling tonight’s plan, Feng Guan Lian’s face recovered a lot .   After tonight, Feng Yi Xuan will become the man everyone spat on!  Don’t blame her for scheming against her imperial brother .   It’s all because Feng Yi Xuan has never cared about her, his imperial sister!

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