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Chapter 164
164 Shy Lan You Nian
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After bathing, Lan You Nian laid in bed about to rest .   As for Feng Yi Xuan, he was behind the windscreen bathing as well .   Lan You Nian thought Feng Yi Xuan will sleep on the couch tonight .   Most of the time, the two of them slept separately .   Firstly, Feng Yi Xuan feared he would act impulsively and violate her .   Secondly, most of the time, Feng Yi Xuan came back very late so he couldn’t bear to disturb her .

As Lan You Nian was halfway into falling asleep, she sensed Feng Yi Xuan lifting the blanket away to lay down .   Lan You Nian didn’t overthink it .   As usual, she snuggled into Feng Yi Xuan’s arms .   But Lan You Nian felt something strange, suddenly snapping her eyes open .

Because Lan You Nian was touching Feng Yi Xuan’s skin .   Lan You Nian gaped with wide eyes in alarm at Feng Yi Xuan .   Just one look nearly made Lan You Nian scramble down from the bed .   She was caught by Feng Yi Xuan .

“Xuan, you…you…” Lan You Nian’s face was flushed red looking at Feng Yi Xuan’s naked body .   She didn’t know whether she should have her eyes open or close them .   Because there was glow in the dark pearls, Lan You Nian can clearly see Feng Yi Xuan’s naked body .

Lan You Nian didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan who usually seemed pretty lean, just from this one look, it turns out Feng Yi Xuan was the type of person who looked skinny in clothes but had muscles once clothes were removed .   Feng Yi Xuan’s skin was very fine, very white, but that muscular chest and abs made Lan You Nian nearly have a nose bleed .   In the previous lifetime, Lan You Nian has seen plenty of various types of model hot guys but in comparison with Feng Yi Xuan’s physique, they were all trash .   With just Feng Yi Xuan’s physique, if it were seen by other women, who knew how many young women will want to jump him .

“Ah–!” Lan You Nian slapped a hand over her hand screaming .   She thought she’s reached the limit of her extreme but when Lan You Nian trailed her eyes down Feng Yi Xuan’s flesh, there was a sexy v-line, as well as an entire naked body .   She thought Feng Yi Xuan was only bare on the top half but now she knew Feng Yi Xuan didn’t wear even a slip of clothing .   He was completely naked embracing her .

Lan You Nian already saw all of the naked Feng Yi Xuan, feeling extremely embarrassed inside .   Maybe due to the feelings in her heart, she was even more uncomfortable .

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“Why aren’t you putting on clothes yet!” Lan You Nian, completely flushed, forced herself to look at Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, working hard to make her brain to forget what she just saw .   But Lan You Nian realized no matter what she did, she couldn’t forget Feng Yi Xuan’s bare body .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t listen to Lan You Nian’s words .   Instead, he gently shifted LAn You Nian’s little head to make Lan You Nian continue to look at his body .   Lan You Nian had the feeling that Feng Yi Xuan was an exhibitionist .

Lan You Nian breathed in and out to make herself calm her heart then with shy eyes said, “Xuan, what’s wrong?” Lan You Nian was honestly a little afraid .   She’s afraid if she continued to look, she will pounce on him .   Not only beauty leads astray, male beauty also leads astray .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Nian Nian didn’t seem to be dissatisfied with his physique .   Feng Yi Xuan also saw a rare moment of Nian Nian being bashful .   Feng Yi Xuan smiled, as if the dark clouds finally retreated, sunlight flooded the entire room, in an instant making the scenery lose all color, no light between heaven and earth .   He whispered, “Nian Nian, you aren’t allowed to look at other men’s bodies .   IF you want to look, then look at mine!”

“When did I look at another man?” Lan You Nian retorted .   She suddenly remembered the words Feng Yi Xuan said above the rooftop of the visitor’s palace .   Lan You Nian felt like vomiting blood .   How can this man be so serious concerning her matters?

“I don’t care, you’re not allowed!  Even if you loo, it’s not as good looking as my body!” Feng Yi Xuan declared proudly .   In regards to his own figure, Feng Yi Xuan had self-confidence .   She spent many years practicing martial arts as well as fighting on the battlefield .   His physique was excellent .

“I know .   Your body’s the best!” Lan You Nian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry then hastily got off the bed to pick up Feng Yi Xuan’s clothes and throw it at him, rushing to say, “Now can you get dressed?”

However not only didn’t Feng Yi Xuan get dressed, just like that, he walked down from the bed naked and carried Lan You Nian back to bed then very sincerely said, “Nian’er, you didn’t take a good look at my body!”

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“I looked!” Lan You Nian shoved the outfit at Feng Yi Xuan, saying sincerely, “I really looked!”

Feng Yi Xuan studied Lan you Nian, ascertaining if Lan you Nian was stating the truth, then very carefully and cautiously asked, “Then…is my body good?”  Feng Yi Xuan wanted to know that he was the best in Nian Nian’s eyes, then Nian Nian will only look at him in the future .

Lan You Nian wanted to know where the pure-hearted Feng Yi Xuan went .   Now when did Feng Yi Xuan, who’s naked as the day he was born, blacken?  She can’t withstand it ah!

“Very, very good!” Lan You Nian’s tone was sincere, “Now can you get dressed?  Xuan, the weather is getting colder .   What if you get sick?” Lan You Nian revealed a pitiful worried expression .

Sure enough after hearing this, Feng Yi Xuan hastily put on his clothes afraid he will make Lan You Nian upset .   On the contrary, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel cold at all .   Because when Nian Nian was looking at his body, Feng Yi Xuan shamefully felt his body’s change and impulse .   Not only didn’t he feel cold, he felt hot .   Only Nian Nian’s one gaze can make him stir with desire .   He in this lifetime was destined to be defeated by her but he was wholeheartedly willing .

Feng Yi Xuan in a leisurely manner reclothed himself .   Lan You Nian had her back facing Feng Yi Xuan as she slept .   There was no way she was able to face Feng Yi Xuan right now .   The shock to her was too much .   It was the first time Lan You Nian slept so far away from feng Yi Xuan on the same bed .

Feng Yi Xuan, after properly putting on his clothes, boldly jerked Lan You Nian out from inside the bed and into his own arms .   His big hands patted her back as if coaxing Lan You Nian into sleep like a child .   Lan You Nian couldn’t sleep at all .   Because with their bodies sticking to each other, Lan You Nian can feel the abnormality in Feng Yi Xuan’s bottom half .

Feng Yi Xuan believed the girl in his arms to be shy so she couldn’t fall asleep .   Feng Yi Xuan thought about it for a while and felt since Nian Nian already praised his body, Yu Liu Li has said before girls all liked to hear compliments, so Feng Yi Xuan scooted near Lan You Nian’s ear .

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“Actually, Nian Nian’s figure is also very good!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was low and hoarse, containing an indescribable magnetism that rung in Lan You Nian’s ears .

“Feng Yi Xuan!” Lan You Nian got up hissing, “Get off my bed!” Lan You Nian’s chest rose and fell heavily .   Only Feng Yi Xuan could provoke ripples from her heart .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan widened his dazzling purple eyes, pitifully peering at Lan You Nian .   He didn’t understand that he clearly complimented Nian Nian’s figure to be good, why did Nian Nian still seem angry?  If Nian Nian complimented him his figure was very good, he would be very happy .

“Get off!” Lan You Nian kicked out her small feet and stuck Feng Yi Xuan .   She actually wasn’t willing to use any force but she was still feeling angry and annoyed .   She really didn’t understand how Feng Yi Xuan could say such things .   It made her feel extremely shy .

Feng Yi Xuan allowed Lan You Nian’s small feet to kick him .   In any case, that little bit of force was like a tickle .   It was no use against him .   Feng Yi Xuan wondered why didn’t Nian Nian kiss him in joy after his rare compliment?  Feng Yi Xuan showed his unhappiness, certain in his heart that Yu Liu Li’s little bit of wooing girls tricks were all wrong .   Next time he sees Yu Liu Li, he must give him some good punches, really thinks up of rotten ideas!

Meanwhile, Yu Liu Li who was in his room sleeping sneezed, not understanding who’s badmouthing him in their thoughts .   Why did he feel a cold shiver down his spine?  How could Yu Liu Li have known that Feng Yi Xuan held a grudge against him, so much so that the next time they meet, he really was beaten up, beaten up for no reason at all!  Yu Liu Li couldn’t understand it at all .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan used his hand to catch Lan You Nian’s small feet, smooth white small feet appeared extremely delicate in Feng Yi Xuan’s big hands, even the toenails were pink and lovely .   Feng Yi Xuan feared Lan You Nian would get cold so enveloped Lan you Nian’s little feet in his palm but didn’t get off the bed .

“Get off!” Lan You Nian was determined to not allow Feng Yi Xuan to sleep beside her .   In any case, as long as he was in the room, she will sleep peacefully .   Lan You Nian can guarantee Feng Yi Xuan won’t leave .

“Don’t want to!” Feng Yi Xuan played with the tiny foot in his palm, answering resolutely .

Lan You Nian glared with her big eyes, then her eyes narrowed as if recalling something, hanging her little head, her eyelashes trembling, her voice a little shaky, “You said you would listen to me but you’re already bulling me…”

Feng Yi Xuan saw this stance and instantly panicked .   It wasn’t that he wasn’t aware that Nian Nian was deliberately acting pitiful, but even if it just an act, Feng Yi Xuan was unwilling to bear seeing Nian Nian looking like this .   It made his heart ache and not know what to do .

“Nian Nian, I’m not, I’ll get off right now alright?” Feng Yi Xuan after saying this immediately got off the bed and tucked Lan You Nian in afraid Lan you Nian would be chilled and afraid Lan You Nian will be unhappy with him .

Lan You Nian raised her head .   Where is there any aggrieved look?  That pair of eyes was full of craftiness and laughter .   Feng Yi Xuan knew she was acting .   Seeing her look up, he poked her forehead with his forefinger, “You ah!” His tone was indulgent .

“Rest early!” Seeing that it was already pretty late, Feng Yi Xuan restrained the desire to tease Nian Nian, planted a kiss on Lan You Nian’s forehead then coaxed her .

“You sleep too!” Lan You Nian pointed at the couch that was as big as a bed .   Though she was annoyed with Feng Yi Xuan saying such improper words, but her heart still ached for Feng Yi Xuan’s enduring .   He let her become spoiled and different or that is to say he let her express the little willfulness hidden deep in her bones .

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan though he wanted to stand by Nian Nian’s bedside to watch over her but seeing the distress and concern that wasn’t masked in the girl’s eyes, Feng Yi Xuan felt his heart was sweeter than having eaten honey .   He got on the couch, tucking himself into the blanket and laid down on his side, looking at the girl who was also lying on her wide watching him .   Just like this, the two of them fell asleep facing one another .   It was a night of sweet dreams .

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