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Chapter 165
165 Use of Heavenly Spirit Fruit
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Recently, the courts haven’t been very stable . After having breakfast with Lan You Nian in You Nian Pavilion, Feng Yi Xuan returned to Ming wangfu .

“Master!” An Yi appeared in the study, presenting a letter, “This is the letter sent by the Medical Valley!” Ever since master was aware of the deadly poison in Miss Lan’s body, the letters between the Medical Valley and Ming wangfu has been nonstop since Gui Yi Zi’s return . Master was unfailingly patient as he interrogated Gui Yi Zi if he has yet developed the remaining antidote .

“Hn!” Feng Yi Xuan put down the booklet in his hands and picked up the letter that carried the insignia of Medical Valley to read over . The first words that came into sight were Gui Yi Zi’s furiously wild handwriting, the starting several pages were actually cursing him, not surprisingly, blaming him for the betrothal between him and Nian Nian and abused him for stealing his Nian Nian, rambling on and on with abusing words . Who knows how long Gui Yi Zi has been stifled to be able to write so much abuse .

Feng Yi Xuan knew that he was a little too eager concerning this matter but he really wanted Nian Nian to become his wangfei . He wanted everyone to know Nian Nian is his . But Feng Yi Xuan knew what Gui Yi Zi meant to Nian Nian, he was Nian Nian’s family, Nian Nian’s shifu . Feng Yi Xuan was aware that he was in the wrong .

Feng Yi Xuan continued to read on . The letter mentioned the next time Nian Nian’s poison attacked, they must return to Medical Valley and to bring the Heavenly Spirit Fruit with them . However, Feng Yi Xuan caught a glimpse of good news . Because the letter had written on it if she took the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, Nian Nian’s poison attacks would no longer be so painful, she would only feel very weak . To a great extent, Nian Nian can suffer less, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t wish to see Lan You Nian’s excruciating pain from the relapse of the poison .

Feng Yi Xuan recalled the recent few times of the poison relapse he was with Nian Nian, watching as the girl he wanted to protect and love in such pain that death was better than living yet he couldn’t do a thing .   At that moment, Feng Yi Xuan not only wanted to commit murder but he wanted to kill himself .   That kind of pain as if his heart was being carved into made him wish for death .   He would rather he himself hurt, a thousand, a million times more instead of letting Nian Nian in a hint of pain .

Seeing his master’s mood seemed much better, An Yi ventured to ask, “Master, is there headway on Miss Lan’s poison?”  Usually master was someone who always wore a poker face but if he encountered something that concerned Miss Lan, master will become a normal man .

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Feng Yi Xuan who usually wouldn’t talk nonsense with his subordinates, out of the ordinary answered, “Hn, with the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, Nian Nian will no longer be in so much pain with the relapse of the poison but she will be very weak!” Feng Yi Xuan, on one hand, rejoiced in Lan You Nian can forgo the pain while on the other hand, his heart ached for Lan You Nian’s frail health during the relapse of the poison .

Seeing his master frowning, An Yi pondered for a moment before saying a word of comfort, “Master shouldn’t worry .   Gui Yi Zi’s medical skills can be said to be the best in the world .   Half of the poison in Miss Lan’s body has already been figured out, definitely can cure the poison!”

Feng Yi Xuan raised his eyes to look at An Yi who has followed him since young .   The people beside him were people who were rather inarticulate with words .   These subordinates not only needed to go with him onto the battlefield as well as the court, but they also needed to manage Ghost Realm’s affairs .   Because having followed him for a long time, they carried a cold air around them .   When did the people beside him become so animated?  It must have started with Nian Nian’s appearance .   Nian Nian .   The warmth in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes deepened .   Nian Nian was his little star of fortune .

“Bring all the matters to take care of as quickly as possible then follow benwang to accompany Nian Nian to Medical Valley!” Feng Yi Xuan directed .   In his heart, nothing was more important than Nian Nian .

“Yes!” An Yi knew what Miss Lan meant to his master, probably more important than his own life .   Because last time Miss Lan and fourth wangye returned to the manor and was injured, master’s heart ached .   When he returned to the manor, he used a sword to slit a deep wound on his arm .   The few of them were stunned .   They knew master resented himself for not protecting Miss Lan so he wanted to hurt with Miss Lan .   Such love, who in this world can compare?

Feng Yi Xuan raised the brush to return a letter to Gui Yi Zi .   Thinking, his thoughts ran to the girl in his heart .   Having just been separated this morning, Feng Yi Xuan missed her very much, he really wanted to miniaturize Nian Nian to put her in his heart so he can take her with him wherever he goes .

At this moment, Lan You Nian who Feng Yi Xuan was currently missing walked into the visitor’s palace .

Lan You Nian brought along Lan Wu and Lan Qu to the visitor’s palace to find Bai Lian .   With all she’s heard last night, Lan You Nian thought it best to inform Bai Lian .   Besides, she still had a question to ask Bai Lian .   Due to her current identity as future Ming wangfei, as well as the fact, everyone can tell the two of them got along very well, her coming to find Yue Bai Lian didn’t catch much attention .

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“Nian’er!” Yue Bai Lian sent away all the guards and handmaidens calling out happily .   She didn’t expect master to come here to see her .   Her current identity was an empire’s princess .   Yue Bai Lian thought she and master wouldn’t have any opportunity to spent time alone together .

“Are you well?” Lan You Nian asked .   She knew Yue Bai Lian did a lot of things when she returned to Yue, retaliating against those who hurt her .   Yue Qian Ling who was the only one to escape became like this; it will probably be more painful living than death .

“Hm, pretty well .   But I miss the days in Xiao Jin Pavilion!” Yue Bai Lian faintly smiled .   Perhaps because she has recovered her identity of a princess, with a crowd of guards and handmaidens, only have to hold out her hands to be dressed and open her mouth to be fed but Yue Bai Lian felt extremely empty inside .   She missed the days in Xiao Jin Pavilion when she stood behind master .   She missed the days in Xiao Jin Pavilion where she would wait for master’s arrival .   She missed the days in Xiao Jin Pavilion when she would play the zither and sing for master .   That life she constantly reminisced about .

“With your current identity, you’re destined not to be able to go back to look .   Look forward don’t look back!” Lan You Nian comforted .   She’s always known Bai Lian was a very good woman .   That is why she saved her then .   In Lan You Nian’s heart, the two of them can become good friends .   It’s a pity that fate makes them fools, something like this would happen .

“Mn, I know!” Yue Bai Lian wistfully smiled .   She understood .   She was certain she can put down these things .   She can continue to keep blessing Lan You Nian .   Some love isn’t possession but protecting .

“Right!  Heavenly Spirit Fruit is Emperor of Yue’s highly valued quality medicine .   How did you get it?” Lan you Nian asked .   From the start, she was worried Bai Lian would do something stupid .   Afterwards, after she saw Bai Lian, she didn’t overthink but now Heavenly Spirit Fruit was in her hands, Lan You Nian found things quite odd .

Yue Bai Lian lowered her eyes, avoiding Lan You Nian’s bright eyes .   In reality, when she asked for the Heavenly Spirit Fruit from Imperial Father, Imperial Father refused to hand it over .   Yue Bai Lian knew this would be the result so Yue Bai Lian exchanged something she knew Imperial Father has always wanted .   That was the forces left behind for her by her Consort Mother .   Her Consort Mother was once a well-known accomplished woman, holding in her hands Yue Empire’s one branch of wealth .   It was unfortunate that her Consort Mother fell in love with the world’s most fickle Emperor .   She willingly entered the imperial harem to become a consort .   In the end, she was killed by the other women .

Yue Bai Lian, in fact, understood amongst those who killed her Consort Mother, her Imperial Father was included .   Imperial Father has always wanted the forces in Consort Mother’s hands but Consort Mother secretly gave these forces to her .   Later, Imperial Father watched on the sidelines as those women hurt Consort Mother and in the end, caused Consort Mother’s miserable death .

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She was pursued by those brothers and sisters and forced to escape from the palace .   Fortunately, she encountered master and escaped death .   Bai Lian thought she would never, no matter what, return to that place .   She didn’t expect the poison master suffers from to require the Heavenly Spirit Fruit .   She, without any hesitation, went back, returned to the place she hated .

All these years, Yue Bai Lian didn’t stay in Xiao Jin Pavilion in vain .   She’s learned tricks and to plot .   Thus she quietly got rid of all those who caused her Consort Mother’s death one by one .   Perhaps Imperial Father was aware that it was her doing but without any evidence, he could do nothing .

Heavenly Spirit Fruit was the imperial family’s divine quality medicine .   At first, when Bai Lian asked for it from Imperial Father, she was scolded .   Later, Bai Lian handed over the forces left by Consort Mother to Imperial Father .   In reality, Emperor Yue wasn’t aware that after so many years, that power was already of no use .   It’s a pity that when Bai Lian caught sight of Imperial Father’s look of greed, she didn’t say anything .   Imperial Father even had Bai Lian become the princess sent off for the peace marriage .   Only this way, would he hand the Heavenly Spirit Fruit to her .

Without any thought, Yue Bai Lian agreed .   For her, it was the same to her whoever she married .   Since it was so, why should she care?  Perhaps in other people’s eyes, to become a peace marriage princess was a supreme honor but Yue Bai Lian knew, there was no princess in Yue’s imperial family that was willing to be married off for an alliance because Yue Empire was already restless .   If the two empires started a war, then as the alliance princess, was bound to become the point of resentment for Feng empire’s imperial court .   Forget glory, splendor, wealth or rank, simply living won’t be an easy thing .

“I agreed to the marriage alliance, so Imperial Father gave me the Heavenly Spirit Fruit!” Yue Bai Lian half-lied and half-spoke the truth .   She didn’t want to lie but neither did she want for Lan You Nian to feel guilty .   Doing all this was out of her own free will .   She didn’t wish for Lan You Nian to shoulder any guilt .

“~sigh” Lan You Nian sighed .   How can she not tell that things weren’t as simple as that?  However, with the Heavenly Spirit Fruit already in her hands, things can no longer turn back .   She’ll just protect Bai Lian even more in the future .

 “For the marriage alliance, have you already chosen a candidate?” Lan You Nian asked .   A woman like Bai Lian was well suited to being a wife .   Lan You Nian can tell that many men wanted to marry Bai Lian .   Lan You Nian hoped Bai Lian wouldn’t force herself .

Yue Bai Lian thought for a moment, then shook her head saying, “I don’t have a candidate right now but I’m not in a hurry .   I will be staying in Feng Empire a while to look around then choose who I’ll marry!”

Yue Bai Lian stood to steep tea for Lan You Nian, as if nothing has changed since Xiao Jin Pavilion .

“Bai Lian!” Lan You Nian received the teacup with a rare severity saying, “If you don’t want to marry, I have my way of saving you .   Don’t wrong yourself .   No matter what, you are one of Wu Qing Pavilion’s people .   You can’t let people bully you without cause . ”

Yue Bai Lian’s eyes were a little red and moist .   Her master has never changed .   She was still biased in protecting her own people .   Only such a master, such a Nian’er was worthy of her to love .   Even though she was a woman, Yue Bai Lian has never regretted .

“I know .   I have Young Master Wu Qing behind me .   Who dares to bully me?” Yue Bai Lian furiously rubbed at her eyes .   She hated being so weak .   She wished to become invincible .   Only this way can she protect those she wanted to protect .

Lan You Nian’s heart ached but she couldn’t do anything for Yue Bai Lian .   These feelings she had no way of reciprocating nor could she respond to it .   Her heart was already filled to the brim by Feng Yi Xuan, there was no place left for other people .

“For the Farewell banquet in a few days, you must be careful!” Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with hidden light .

“Is something going to happen?” Yue Bai Lian knew for Lan You Nian to say this, there must be proof .

Lan You Nian and Yue Bai Lian discussed the matters of the farewell banquet .   After the two of them finished their counsel, it was nearly midday .   Lan You Nian thought to herself if she stayed too long, she feared Feng Yi Xuan will eat vinegar .   Thus, she said farewell to Yue Bai Lian and left the visitor’s palace with Lan Wu and Lan Qu .

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