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Published at 12th of September 2019 10:37:54 PM
Chapter 163
163 Duplicitous Feng Guan Lian
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When night fell, Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian after dinner rushed over to the visitor’s palace .

Because they’re going to snoop around, Lan You Nian for the first time ever changed into a black cross collar long dress, matched with a goose yellow short jacket .   Her waist was tied with a rambler rose pink girdle embroidered with daffodils, glorious and poised, dainty yet not lacking in gracefulness, dazzling one’s eyes .   Feng Yi Xuan since knowing Lan You Nian has only seen Lan You Nian wear white .   This was the first time he saw Lan You Nian wear clothing of another color .   If white clothes made Lan You Nian exude the aura of a celestial fairy, then black clothes made Lan You Nian full of mystery, similarly stunning in its beauty .

Feng Yi Xuan also changed his clothes in You Nian Pavilion .   You Nian Pavilion’s wardrobe stored Feng Yi Xuan’s clothes .   Fortunately the people in You Nian Pavilion were trustworthy people otherwise if other people knew that the two of them resided in the same room, even if nothing happened between them, Lan You Nian will be censured by others .

Lan You Nian after coming out from behind the windscreen saw Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes brighten .   Feng Yi Xuan’s ink black hair was tied up, a black stealth outfit outlined Feng Yi Xuan lean muscular body .   At the same time, it highlighted his white jade skin was crystal clear .   His eyes without any concealment flashed brilliantly, as if a completely different person, two completely appearances from his usual indolent attitude he displayed in front of Lan You Nian .   His entire person appeared as vigorous as a cheetah .

“Nian Nian, let me prepare many more different clothes for you okay?” Feng Yi Xuan tugged Lan You Nian over to him, caressing Lan You Nian’s cheeks .

Lan You Nian instantly understood what Feng Yi Xuan meant .   As a matter of fact, ever since she came to this different world, she only wore white clothes .   It’s already become a habit .   Lan You Nian didn’t do it deliberately .   It was only in the past Lan You Nian believed white to be clean .   Only this way, it can conceal her bloody heart .   Now she has Feng Yi Xuan with her, Lan You Nian’s bleeding heart was already mended .   There was nothing that needed to be concealed anymore .

“I don’t look good in white clothes?” Lan You Nian glared at Feng Yi Xuan, as if Feng Yi Xuan dares to answer yes she will flip faces .

“No, Nian Nian is pretty in anything!” Feng Yi Xuan immediately answered, afraid if he answered too slowly it will make Lan You Nian angry then with the tips of his ears red, he said, “I very much want to see Nian Nian wear different colored clothes .   It must be beautiful!”

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What Feng Yi Xuan didn’t say is that he has fantasized about Lan You Nian wearing different colored clothes standing beside him in the past .   Just some time ago, he had a beautiful dream .   In the dream, Nian Nian wore a red wedding dress and married him .   After waking from the dream, for the whole day, Feng Yi Xuan was overjoyed .

Under Feng Yi Xuan’s loyal dog longing gaze, Lan You Nian didn’t have any backbone and nodded in agreement .   Feng Yi Xuan’s mind was was already fantasizing about LAn You Nian wearing different clothing .   As he kept on thinking, Feng Yi Xuan suddenly remembered seeing Nian Nian bathing that day .   Feng Yi Xuan immediately interrupted his own thoughts, afraid he would once again have a nose bleed .   He didn’t want to lose face in front of Nian Nian once more .

Lan You Nian hadn’t the chance to react before she was carried by Feng Yi Xuan out of You Nian Pavilion .   Lan You Nian can feel Feng Yi Xuan’s inexplicable agitation and rapidly beating heart .   What was even more unexpected for Lan You Nian was that she noticed Feng Yi Xuan, not only were the tips of his ears red, but the entire ear was red!

“Xuan, what’s wrong with you?” Though Lan You Nian wanted to go see what Feng Guan Lian was doing, compared to this, she was more worried about Feng Yi Xuan .   She feared Feng Yi Xuan felt any discomfort .

With Lan You Nian’s concerned questioning, Feng Yi Xuan felt even more embarrassed .   His Nian Nian was still small .   How can he have such wicked thoughts?  Feng Yi Xuan, on one hand spurns his lecherous thoughts, on the other hand, he couldn’t stop from fantasizing, truly suffering from his own actions .

“Nothing .   We should hurry over to the visitor’s palace!” Feng Yi Xuan said a little awkwardly, fearing LAn You Nian would detect his inner thoughts .

When the two arrived at the visitor’s palace, Feng Guan Lian had yet to appear .   The two found a concealed rooftop and sat side by side gazing at the sky .   The curtain of darkness was like a boundless blanket .   The sky of stars were seemingly sparkling gemstones sewn onto the blanket .   The moon in the sky slowly transformed from a willow leaf into a sickle, proceeding to morph into a small boat quietly sailing on the boundless vast sea .   Following the passage of time, the gorgeous moon as bright as a white jade plate finally emerged before the two’s eyes .

Just as the two people were engrossed in the beauty of the night, a sneaking figure walked into the visitor’s palace .   Feng Yi Xuan and Lan you Nian’s eyes met .   The two knew Feng Guan Lian who they’ve been waiting for has finally appeared .

Feng Guan Lian from head to toe was covered tightly, only revealing a pair of eyes .   If one didn’t look carefully, who would have thought that this was Feng Empire’s most naive and lovely third princess?  Feng Guan Lian took out a stamped token then under the guidance of a guard, she was led into Yue Empire’s delegate’s residence palace .

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Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian followed behind quietly, then watched as Feng Guan Lian entered the room of one of Yue Empire’s court officials .   The two of them landed on the rooftop of the room and covertly removed a tile on the roof .   They could see clearly what was happening inside .

“Lin daren!” Feng Guan Lian walked into the room, curtsying to the man sitting at the table .   Lan You Nian narrowed her eyes to see the man’s looks clearly .   This Lin daren was a marquis in Yue Empire .   The power in his hands isn’t small and was relied on heavily by the Emperor .

This Lin daren was a man in his thirties .   His looks was tolerable but the lust in his eyes directed at Feng Guan Lian made Lan You Nian feel disgust .   The grayish color under his eyes, just with one look, it’s obvious it’s caused by overindulgence of sexual activity .

“Third princess came late hm?” Ling daren stood up and wrapped Feng Guan Lian into his arms .   Feng Guan Lian giggled coquettishly as she feigned rejection as she sat down in Lin daren’s arms .   Lin daren, at this time, ripped off the black robes that Feng Guan Lian’s body was wrapped in .

Good heavens!  Lan You Nian only now did she see clearly what Feng Guan Lian was wearing .   It was a barely concealing transparent outfit, wearing was more tempting than not wearing anything .   You could even see Feng Guan Lian’s rose-pink dudou and pure white skin .   As soon as Lin daren saw this, lust clouded his head .

Lan You Nian, seeing Feng Guan Lian dressed like this, hastily slapped a hand over Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes .   Even if the person below was Feng Yi Xuan’s younger sister born of the same father but different mother, Lan You Nian still didn’t want to let Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes see another woman’s body .   You have to admit sometimes Lan You Nian was similarly domineering .

In regards to Lan You Nian’s action, Feng Yi Xuan’s mouth was split open .   He liked seeing Nian Nian eating vinegar for him .   This made him feel that he was the man Nian Nian held in her heart .   This proves Nian Nian cared about him .

In the room below, Lin daren reached out his finger to stroke Feng Guan Lian’s skin .   Feng Guan Lian pinned down Lin daren’s palm, simpering her voice, “Aiya, Lin daren don’t rush!  Today Lian’er came to see daren because second imperial brother has instructions . ”

Hearing this, Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian realized that Feng Guan Lian actually belonged to the Empress’s faction, truly hidden very deeply .   Lan You Nian always thought Feng Guan Lian was dependent on Noble Consort Lin .   She didn’t expect Feng Guan Lian to be part of Noble Consort Lin’s faction on the surface but in secret, she was the Empress’s faction .   No wonder all these years Noble Consort Lin hasn’t triumphed over the Empress .   With such a chess piece by her side, Noble Consort Lin hasn’t discovered, truly died unjustly .

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“First let this daren have a taste .   Business can be discussed later!” Lin daren didn’t care about Feng Guan Lian’s thoughts and directly pinned Feng guan Lian on the ice cold table and started tearing at Feng Guan Lian’s clothes .    Then eagerly cast off his own clothes .

Lan You Nian was going to continue to watch the live show when her eyes were covered up .   She then heard Feng Yi Xuan lean into her ear, whispering, “Don’t look .   Not as good looking as me!”

Lan You Nian, of course, knew this old man wasn’t as good looking as Feng Yi Xuan .    Not to mention this Lin daren, even all the men in the world, there probably wasn’t one that was as good looking as Feng Yi Xuan .   Lan You Nian didn’t expect there to be a time when Feng Yi Xuan was narcissistic like this .

Towards the lack of reply from the girl beside him, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel any displeasure .   However he knew this wasn’t the time to talk but Feng Yi Xuan already had a plan in his mind .   It was this plan that made Lan You Nian… .

The two mutually covered up each other’s eyes .   From below, the sweet feminine moans and hoarse masculine roar drifted out, making the people who heard it blush from their face and ears .   Lan You Nian even can feel Feng Yi Xuan’s hand covering her eyes was already sweating .

It was just as Lan You Nian guessed, Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t feeling all that good .   In the past, he, not to mention listening to this, even seeing people performing a live show in front of him, he didn’t have any fluctuation .   In the past, like everyone else, Feng Yi Xuan wondered if he had some unmentionable disease .   After all, he has never felt any urges towards women .   But ever since meeting Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan knew he was a man with sexual desire .   But different from everyone else, he only felt desire for Nian Nian .    Hearing the sounds below, sensing Nian Nian breathing beside him, Feng Yi Xuan only felt his breathing becoming heavy .   He had an urge to kiss Nian Nian .

The man’s breathing beside her puffed on LAn You Nian’s cheeks with searing heat .   Lan You Nian felt her own cheeks were rapidly scalding . It wasn’t that she was unaware of Feng Yi Xuan’s desire for her .   A lot of times when the two slept together on the same bed, she can feel the difference in Feng Yi Xuan’s body .   Lan You Nian can only laugh it off .   After all, her current age was truly too young .   In any case, Lan You Nian was a little fearful .   Whether it was in the previous life or in this life, she has never done this kind of thing .   She’s afraid that if Feng Yi Xuan held back too long, when the time came for their wedding night, she would be done to death .   One had to say Lan You Nian hit the mark!

Just as Lan You Nian was debating whether she should go down and kill people, the two people finally stopped .   Feng Yi Xuan also released the hand that was covering up Lan You Nian’s eyes .   He had an urge to commit murder!  Feng Yi Xuan didn’t hope for Nian Nian to hear these .   In Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, Nian Nian on one hand was his woman, on the other, she was the child he wanted to spoil .

“Lin daren, how is Lian’er’s service?” Feng Guan Lian was dressed as her voice asked flirtatiously .   Where was the appearance of a country’s princess?  Was Feng Guan Lian any different than the prostitutes in the brothel?  At least the prostitutes didn’t have Feng Guan Lian’s deceptive mannerism!

“Princess is the most beautiful woman this official has ever seen!” Lin daren said falsely .   Such a man had a chasm of difference when on the bed and off the bed .   Taking off his clothes, he was an animal .   Putting his clothes on, he was was no better than an animal .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t look at Feng Guan Lian below with any feelings .   For Feng Yi Xuan, the princes and princesses in the imperial palace, only Feng Xia Qi was his family .   The other people were enemies who couldn’t compare to strangers .   So in regards to Feng Guan Lian’s actions, Feng Yi Xuan, besides contempt, didn’t feel any anger .

“Lin daren, what about the matter that second imperial brother wants Lin daren to do at the farewell banquet?” Feng Guan Lian asked .

Some time later, the farewell banquet was the banquet bidding farewell to the dignitaries of the other countries .   It seem Feng Shao Chu intended to make a move during the farewell banquet .

“Don’t know what noble country’s second wangye wants this official to do?” Lin daren smiling said .   He and Feng Shao Chu has had contact with each other for a while already .   They were merely taking what each of them needs .   At certain times, he still needed to rely on Feng Shao Chu .   After all, feng Shao Chu gave him many benefits .

“Second imperial brother knows Yue country comes to the capital is to let Yue country’s Princess Bai Lian to form a marriage alliance .   Second imperial brother likes Princess Bai Lian very much, so…” Feng Guan Lian stood up .   It was already pretty late .   She should go back otherwise if she was discovered, she was done for .

“Rest assured, the business second wangye is talking about will be settled by this official!  At that time, second wangye will return with the beauty in his arms!” Lin daren said directly .   This matter wasn’t difficult .   The original intention of Princess Bai Lian coming to Feng country was for a peace marriage .   Though the candidate for peace marriage wasn’t certain but as long as the rice is already cooked, even if Princess Bai Lian doesn’t want to marry, she will have to marry .

“That’s good .   Then Lian’er will go back .   I will patiently await Lin daren’s good tidings!” Feng Guan Lian finished saying this then bundled up in the black robe left the visitor’s palace .

Feng Yi Xuan also left the visitor’s palace with Lan You Nian, returning to You Nian Pavilion, however… .

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