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Chapter 162: 162
162 Lan Ya Reap What You Sow

Night fell… .

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“Crown Prince, there is a Miss Lan requesting an audience outside!” the guard came to Hua Xiu Yi’s room to ask .

Limp as if boneless as Hua Xiu Yi laid on the bed suddenly sat up .   That pair of sinful eyes filled with delight, uncertainly asking, “Miss Lan?” Hua Xiu Yi’s first thought was wondering why Lan You Nian came to see him .

“Let her in!” Hua Xiu Yi said then continued to lay down .   He didn’t want that crafty girl to think he wanted her to come .   No matter what, he was a Crown Prince of a country, as well as a rejected crown prince .

When Lan Ya followed the guard into Hua Xiu Yi’s room, Lan Ya’s heart was jumping for joy .   She no longer had her mother, Lan Manor, or An manor’s backing so Lan Ya felt she should make a gamble .   She came to the visitor’s palace of the foreign dignitaries to ask to see Hua country’s crown prince .   Lan Ya believed that with her good looks, she can definitely become the crown prince’s woman .   In that case, she can follow Hua country’s crown prince back to Hua country .   If she can please Hua country’s crown prince and become pregnant with his child, what wouldn’t she have in the future?

As soon as Lan Ya stepped into the room, she saw Hua Xiu Yi who was lying on bed .   Hua Xiu Yi laid down on the massive carved bed, the collar of his top was slightly open revealing a pure white chest .   The strands of hair on his forehead was scattered, black as a raven .   The moment LAn Ya came in, he lifted his head to look at her .   Lan Ya realized he was born with excellent features, thick eyebrows, curved without smiling peach blossom eyes, a straight nose, upturned upper lip had the color of early spring’s cherry blossom pink .   Just one look made Lan Ya’s cheeks flush .

Hua Xiu Yi thought the Miss Lan the guard spoke of was Lan You Nian .   The moment Lan Ya stepped in, Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes flashed with disappointment and disgust .   The eyes that flooded with smiles returned to that ambiguous smile, but if one were to look carefully, they would notice that smile didn’t have any warmth .

Lan Ya wore an emerald print, golden-threaded lotus flower with mandarin ducks in shadow stitch cloud brocade satin dress .   The dress was threaded with gold

emerald patterns, golden thread, lotus flower, mandarin ducks, shadow stitch cloud brocade dress, embellished with round and plump pearls .   A string of red pearl and jade necklace hung over the chest .   Twelve phoenix head hairpins were inserted side by side in her coils, the phoenix mouths held a pearl pendant .   Her whole person seemed overly sumptuous .   Lan Ya can sense the guard who led the way for her couldn’t bear to tear his eyes away so Lan Ya knew for certain that she was extremely stunning today .

“Crown Prince!” Lan Ya deliberately made her voice soft and delicate .   The two words spoken by her were subtle .   Normal men couldn’t stand such a delicate voice .

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Hua Xiu Yi glanced at Lan Ya who was all dressed up, the brazen gaze sized her up as if LAn Ya didn’t wear any clothes .   Lan Ya under Hua Xiu Yi’s gaze couldn’t stand still but secretly felt proud knowing Hua Xiu Yi was moved by her beauty .

Hua Xiu Yi shot the guard a look .   The guard’s body shuddered .   Their Crown Prince’s temper was unpredictable .   It seems he did something that disappointed the Crown Prince’s wishes .   The guard knew what was waiting for him would be inhuman punishment .

“Why has Miss Lan come to find this Crown Prince?” Hua Xiu Yi didn’t get up, his tone indolent .

“I…I…” Lan Ya didn’t know what to answer under Hua Xiu Yi’s gaze but she knew she didn’t there wouldn’t be many more opportunities for her .   Not long after, Hua Xiu Yi will be returning to his countryland .   If she can’t make this man take her, then she won’t have any more chances .

Lan Ya under Hua Xiu Yi’s straightforward gaze, flushed her cheeks and couldn’t force any words out .   After all, she was still an unmarried girl .   The skin of her face was thin, how can she say such shameless words?  However Lan Ya wasn’t willing to let this opportunity go .

Lan Ya sucked in a breath .   Her face was red as an apple then she slowly pulled off the outer clothes on her body .   She believed Hua Xiu Yi will understand her intention .   She came to sleep with him and to offer up her body .

Hua Xiu Yi didn’t utter a sound but neither did he reject as he simply looked at Lan Ya .   Lan Ya was embarrassed and nervous then continued to pull of her clothes until Lan Ya was completely naked standing in front of Hua Xiu Yi .

The development of Lan Ya’s body was very good .   The skin was white making people have a nose-bleed .   However from the start to end, Hua Xiu Yi’s expression didn’t change .   Lan Ya didn’t know what Hua Xiu Yi intended, not stopping her from taking off her clothes nor did he take her .   Lan Ya was so anxious she didn’t know what to do .

“hehe!” Hua Xiu Yi slowly sat up on the bed .   Even though it was any an ordinary action but being enacted by Hua Xiu Yi, there was an allure to it .   Hua Xiu Yi was very frank as he looked up and down Lan Ya’s naked body saying, “Do you know how many women are in this Crown Prince’s harem?  Randomly drag out one and they’re all more beautiful than you!”

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Lan Ya was forced into tears by Hua Xiu Yi’s unfeeling words but this didn’t move Hua Xiu Yi .   Lan Ya slowly walked over to the bed, “I know Crown Prince has a lot of women but Lan Ya doesn’t ask for anything else .   Lan Ya sincerely loves Crown Prince, please ask Crown Prince to fulfill Lan Ya’s infatuated heart!”

“Sincere heart?” Hua Xiu Yi snorted .   A sincere heart or whatever was the funniest joke in the world .   How could the usual woman have a sincere heart?  If there was, probably only a woman like Lan You Nian will have a sincere heart .

“Yes, Lan Ya sincerely loves Crown Prince!” LAn Ya climbed up Hua Xiu Yi’s large bed, reaching out her hand to unfasten Hua Xiu Yi’s clothes but the moment Lan Ya touched Hua Xiu Yi’s clothes, her hand was grabbed by Hua Xiu Yi .

Lan Ya was even more shy thinking Hua Xiu Yi was moved by her .   Thinking of what will happen, Lan Ya looked at Hua Xiu Yi with infatuation but at this moment Lan Ya was thrown off the bed by Hua Xiu Yi .

“Crown Prince?” Lan Ya didn’t know what happened .   She almost attained her target .   How was she suddenly tossed down?

“Someone come!” Hua Xiu Yi shouted at the guards outside .   Just as the voice fell, a few guards entered the room .   Lan Ya looked at the guards who suddenly appeared, hastily climbed up to pick up her own clothes to put on .   How can she put n her clothes in such a hurry?  Instead, the more she dressed, the messier it became .

“Crown Prince!” The several guards knelt in greeting .

“This woman is rewarded to you, have fun!” Hua Xiu Yi didn’t spare a glance to Lan Ya who was hurriedly putting on clothes and said to the guards .

The guards hearing this then looked at Lan Ya who was in the corner only partly covered and baring her skin .   Their eyes flashing with lust .   Lan Ya didn’t expect Hua Xiu Yi to say this, fearfully wanting to run but couldn’t run away .   She hastily kowtowed to Hua Xiu Yi on the bed, “Crown Prince, I beg you no ah!  Lan Ya will serve Crown Prince well!”

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But Hua Xiu Yi didn’t change his mind due to Lan Ya’s weeping and begs for mercy .   Even that warm smile was the exact smile but the words he spat out was, “Since you love this crown prince so much, then how about you serve this crown prince’s subordinates, isn’t that much better?  This crown prince will remember your goodness!”

Hua Xiu Yi waved his hand, the guards dragged Lan Ya out then despairing shrieks and begs for mercy rang in Hua Xiu Yi’s living quarters, as well a male filthy words, weaving into a strange sound in the darkness of night .

Hua Xiu Yi slept peacefully in such a sound as if such sounds pleased him, making him strangely happy .

Tonight for Lan Ya was more painful than death .   She was dragged by many burly guards into the grass of the visitor’s palace then was wantonly humiliated by those men, forcefully taking her body .   One man after another mounted her body .   Her body was manhandled with many wounds .   She was carelessly played with like a lowly prostitute .   One after another, one after another…

More and more humiliation made the hatred in Lan Ya’s heart more intense .   She didn’t hate Hua Xiu Yi the most .   She hated Lan You Nian the most .   If it wasn’t Lan You Nian, how can she lose her identity as Lan manor’s eldest miss?  If it wasn’t Lan You Nian, how could she be held in disdain by grandfather’s family?  If it wasn’t Lan You Nian, how could mother, older brother, and little sister die?  If it wasn’t Lan You Nian, why would she come to provoke Hua Xiu Yi and end up like this?!

Lan Ya laid in the cutting and prickling grass .   The originally pretty face was stained with tears but that pair of eyes emitted a bright light that was horrifying as poison .

The weather was gradually turning cold .   Winter was almost here .   Several guests came to You Nian PAvilion’s courtyard .   Those were Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, and Yu Liu Li .   As for Feng Yi Xuan, he has already considered this place to be his own prince for a long while or that is to say Feng Yi Xuan had already thought about when he can marry into Lan manor when Lan You Nian said she wouldn’t marry .

Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian were currently eating breakfast .   The other three since they came ate breakfast together in You Nian PAvilion .

“What happened?” Lan You Nian asked .   After all, the for them to be so impatient to come at the break of dawn to You Nian Pavilion, it wasn’t common to see .   Lan You Nian was aware that situation in the palace was the most grim at this time so it was inevitable that something would happen .

“Feng Guan Lian is very strange recently .   It seems she has collusions with some of Yue country’s officials!” Feng Xia Qi ranted .   He can tolerate everyone fighting over that spot but couldn’t tolerate them selling out their own country-land, and this person wasn’t even a prince but a princess .

“Feng Guan Lian?” Lan You Nian uttered with surprise .   She always thought Feng Guan Lian this person wasn’t simple .   It can be seen from the cute and pure pretense on the surface that obtained the fondness of so many people, despite not being eye-catching in the palace, but upon careful consideration, she was the one person to live most smoothly in the palace, it shows that her own means wasn’t low .   However Lan You Nian didn’t expect Feng Guan Lian to collude with the officials of the other countries .

“How did you discover this?” Feng Yi Xuan asked .

“My people noticed Feng Guan Lian was sneaking around recently .   At first I didn’t take it to heart but thinking recently the dignitaries of other countries are all in the capital so I sent people to keep an eye on Feng Guan Lian .   I didn’t expect Feng Guan Lian to go to the visitor’s palace at night .   Not only did she go see those Yue country’s officials, she even stayed a night before coming back!” Feng Xia Qi frowned .   He didn’t want something to happen at this crucial point .

“It seems Yue country is ready to make a move ah!” Jing Wu An sipped on the tea Lan You Nian brewed, saying solemnly .

“We don’t know anything right now .   Xuan, how about we go take a look tonight?” Lan You Nian said with some excitement .

“Okay!” Feng Yi Xuan nodded .

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