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Chapter 161: 161
161 Domineering Lan You Nian

“What does this young lady wants to do?” Yue country’s military officer asked Lan You Nian .   Currently, Lan You Nian had the title of Ming wangfei .   Ming wang’s name was acclaimed .   This military officer can discern Ming wang’s value of the little Ming wangfei who hasn’t come of age yet so he didn’t dare lightly offend .

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“I already stepped on stage .   What do you think I want to do?” Lan You Nian laughed in reply .

At this, people were alarmed .   Many of them weren’t aware that Lan You Nian knew martial arts .   Besides even if Lan You Nian knew martial arts, how can it compare to a man’s?  Everyone carefully looked at Lan You Nian who was on stage, as if they wanted to make certain they weren’t hallucinating .

However, on stage the girl’s raven black eyes gleamed with brilliance, soul-stirring .   The spirited fleeting gaze transmitted a seductive and shrewd luster .   Her whole person was pure like the lotus that emerged from the water .   But that smile that didn’t reach the eyes seemed like it kept people at arm’s length, professing a bit of cold beauty and nobility .   Treading slowly, the clothes fluttered with movement, a brilliance shrouded her, the radiance blinding, making people couldn’t help fall deep down into its trap .

“Is Miss Lan playing a joke?” the man tossed an ugly expression at Lan you Nian .   In the man’s opinion, Lan You Nian relies on Ming wang’s pampering to make trouble out of nothing .

Lan You Nian chuckled, then looked at the man in front of her, “Do I look like I’m playing a joke?  Or do you not dare to compete?”

The man was angered by Lan You Nian’s words that he wanted to curse someone but looking at Ming wang who was glaring fiercely like a tiger as if he wanted to chomp on him, the man didn’t dare to curse in front of the girl .   The man could only look at the host Feng Xia Qi, “Feng country’s fourth wangye, shouldn’t you take charge of this?  This one isn’t someone who has a tender heart for the fairer sex .   If I hurt your noble country’s future Ming wangfei, that wouldn’t be good!”

Feng Xia Qi looked at the man on stage with sympathy .   The one to be injured in the end definitely wouldn’t be LAn You Nian .   How can this man be so stupid?  Feng Yi Xuan won’t admit that he wanted to see a joke .

“Since Nian’er meimei stands on stage, then she wants to have a match with you .   Is this young master afraid?” Feng Xia Qi used Lan You Nian’s words to continue to make fun of the man .

The man was truly enraged .   He saw Feng country’s people actually allowed a woman to come up to play such a joke .   The man felt that since Lan You Nian stepped onto this stage herself, then even if he attacked and hurt the girl, what could they do!

“Grandfather, Nian’er meimei she…” He Chu Yang looked worriedly at the stage .   Seeing such a protective cousin sister, he felt joy inside .   This was the ties of blood, this was family .   This was his He Chu Yang’s little sister .

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“Hmph!” Tutor He glared at his grandson, “Isn’t because of you brat disappoints expectations?  Now my granddaughter live up to grandfather’s expectations .   You pay attention, save from humiliation in the future!”  Though Tutor He didn’t seem worried on the surface but his eyes kept flicking at the stage, afraid someone would hurt Lan You Nian .

The match on stage has already begun but Lan You Nian didn’t make a move .   That man didn’t have the face to make the first move with so many eyes watching .   Neither of them moved .   However Lan You Nian used extremely deep and serene eyes to penetrate the man on the opposite end of her .   Below the stage, Feng Yi Xuan used a piercing gaze on the man .   The man didn’t attack before he turned pale and drenched with cold sweat by these two people’s gazes .   The crowd watching this was bewildered .   They didn’t understand how it became like this without any fighting .

The man could no longer stand it under the two’s line of sight .   He shot forward, charging at Lan You Nian, throwing a punch at Lan You Nian .   If this punch landed on Lan You Nian, there was more than enough for her to suffer!

Some timid girls already squeezed their eyes shut in fear .   Many young masters gaped with wide eyes, staring without blinking .   Below stage, both of Feng Yi Xuan’s hands were tightly clenched .   Even though he knew these little tricks couldn’t hurt Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan’s entire body was tensed to rush up any time .

Just as everyone held their breaths, no one expected Lan You Nian easily dodged!  She shifted aside, single-handedly caught the man’s punch .   Following everyone’s gasps, Lan You Nian nimbly lifted her leg, a kick landing hard on the man’s knee bone .   Just with a “crack” the man’s bone was shattered!

The man roared from the sudden pain but Lan You Nian didn’t let go .   Immediately following, Lan You Nian’s hand that clenched the man’s wrist twisted, another bone-breaking sound echoed, followed by the man’s miserable wail .   His knee bone and wrist were both incapacitated!

When people heard the crunch of the bones, they were staggered .   They looked at Lan You Nian’s whose expression didn’t change, suddenly realizing, the girl they thought they knew didn’t just simply know to play the zither and compose songs .   Instead, she was the Ming wangfei able to stand side by side with Ming wang to manipulate a person’s life and death .

The man vehemently wanted to use poison again .   The hand that hasn’t been fractured swung in front of Lan You Nian, a misty poison descended upon LAn You Nian .

“Careful!” Everyone couldn’t help gasp, afraid Lan You Nian will be poisoned like He Chu Yang .   However with a swing of her sleeve, she swept the poison back to the man himself .   Lan You Nian let go of the man, seeing the man being infected by his own poison, a sneer curled on her lips .   Playing poison with her was simply laughable .   Let’s not talk about her body which ordinary poisons can’t harm her, just based on her identity as Medical Valley’s direct disciple, she wouldn’t easily be poisoned .   It was basically showing off before the expert .

Lan You Nian was going to continue when the man lying on the ground shouted, “I yield!  I yield!” For the man, this was truly humiliating .   He couldn’t even win against a girl .   He also had his knee and wrist incapacitated .   The man was afraid to die .   He sensed this girl’s killing intent towards him .

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Just as the man’s voice died away, Feng Yi Xuan flew up the platform, dragged Lan You Nian into his arms and returned to his seat .   Taking the handkerchief handed over by An Yi, Feng Yi Xuan attentively wiped Lan You Nian’s hand that touched the other man .

“Xuan?” Lan You Nian couldn’t help uttering as she looked at her hand that was being wiped over and over .

Feng Yi Xuan again wiped two more times before destroying the handkerchief .   Then holding Lan You Nian’s little hand, he said with a straight face, “That person is too dirty!”  Not only due to his mysophobia but also because he was extremely possessive, he can’t bear to see Nian Nian to lay a finger on other men .

“Oh!” Lan You Nian nodded .   In fact she didn’t want to touch the other person either but it was inevitable that there would be some contact during the fight .   She will pay more attention in the future or who knows what this petty man would do .

“This is too satisfying!” He Chu Yang looked at the man who was carried off the platform .   The anger that was stifled finally dispersed .   It’s true that he was injured but that man wasn’t as simple as being injured .   He has been crippled .   Indeed, it was great to have a little sister!

Tutor He shot his grandson a eye-dagger, “Are you not embarrassed!?  Haven’t you stayed in the military camps for a while?  You can’t even compare to your little sister!  Learn from Nian’er understand?” Tutor He instructed .   In Tutor He’s eyes, his granddaughter was great everywhere .   If other girls were like this, who knew what Tutor He will say .

“I know grandfather!” He Chu Yang didn’t get angry .   He knew his cousin sister was indeed much stronger than him .   Though as the older brother, he felt helpless, but at the same time, he was filled with pride .

“Mo Xian, and you said this junzhu is violent .   Look at Nian’er meimei!” Hua Mu Qing slapped Lan Mo Xian’s  arm then turned her bright eyes on Lan You Nian, “Nian’er meimei is indeed Nian’er meimei .   No one can compare!”

Lan Mo Xian looked at Hua Mu Qing who was rambling on, his lips curled with a smile .   His two most important women were both by his side .   So wonderful!  He must protect his little sister and love and protect his own woman .

“Princess!” Yue country’s official came over to Yue Bai Lian, saying with fury, “This Feng country’s Miss Lan is too arrogant!”

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Yue Bai Lian coldly glanced at the official who spoke, “Arrogant?  Who let him use poison?  Do you disdain that we haven’t lost enough face?  This princess wasn’t aware that you people have such skill, to be able to employ such lowly measures!”

With Yue Bai Lian’s words, Yue country’s officials hung their heads and didn’t utter another word .   In this matter they already felt they lost face .   Princess Qian Ling was also under house arrest .   The one to take charge was only left with Princess Bai Lian .   No one dared to go against her .

Yue Bai Lian after scolding the officials, looked at Lan You Nian who was sitting there, her eyes filled with worship and warmth .   Just like this following behind her to protect her, for her, she was already very happy .   She can’t be too greedy .   Ming wang truly loved master .   This was good, this was very good already!

Meanwhile Hua Xiu Yi was heavily interested as he looked at Lan You Nian who was sitting there like an immortal .   Who would have imagined that she just moments ago without batting an eyelash crippled a man’s knee and wrists .   Her measure was merciless and didn’t lose to a man .   Hua Xiu Yi from the start knew Lan You Nian wasn’t someone to be trifled with .   However, it seems to Hua Xiu Yi the more he looked, the more he felt this was suited his taste?  He really wanted to bring that girl back ah!  Then life wouldn’t be so boring .

Towards people’s nearly indiscernible scrutiny of his Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan felt displeased .   Lan You Nian didn’t like to be spectated like a monkey .   So the two left the imperial palace .   Fortunately, Feng Yi Xuan’s identity was there so no one dared to say anything .

Lan You Nian was going to return to Lan manor but Feng Yi Xuan dragged Lan You Nian back to Ming wangfu .   The carriage entered Ming wangfu directly .   Lan You Nian looked at the enormous Ming wangfu that seemed especially cheerless just like the man sitting beside her .

Bringing Lan You Nian to his room, Feng Yi Xuan took out a box and handed it over to Lan You Nian .   Lan You Nian didn’t expect this and didn’t know what was inside so she opened it .   The moment she saw the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, Lan You Nian was pleasantly surprised .   She thought Yue Bai Lian didn’t get the Heavenly Spirit Fruit so she didn’t mention it to her .   Lan You Nian didn’t have any other ideas and wanted to go to Yue country herself to steal it .   She didn’t expect the Heavenly Spirit Fruit will end up in her hands .

“Xuan, how come the Heavenly Spirit Fruit is in your hands?” Lan You Nian asked cheerfully .   In the past, though she wanted to cure the poison, but she didn’t have any intense feelings but now that she had Xuan who loved her very much, as well as those family, and friends, Lan You Nian didn’t want to leave at all .

Feng Yi Xuan humphed, “Yue Bai Lian gave it to me!”  Evidently, he was bothered by the fact the thing wasn’t taken by him .   In Feng Yi Xuan’s heart, whatever Nian Nian wanted, he should take it or steal it, not let other people obtain her favor .

“Eh?” Lan You Nian was surprised .   According to Bai Lian’s temperament, she should bring it to her .   How come she gave it to Feng Yi Xuan?  Feng Yi Xuan’s face looked unhappy .   Has something happened?

Lan You Nian put down the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, asking, “Xuan, what happened?”

Concerning Lan You Nian’s inquiry, Feng Yi Xuan won’t conceal at all so Feng Yi Xuan related in full detail what happened the day Yue Bai Lian came to his tent, then with displeasure he said to Lan You Nian, “She said she likes you!”

Lan You Nian was surprised for a moment hearing this .   She didn’t expect Bai Lian to say this .   She’s probably afraid Feng Yi Xuan won’t treat her well so wanted to test Feng Yi Xuan .   However, Lan You Nian towards Bai Lian’s protectiveness felt a hint of guilt and a loss at what to do .

“Not allowed to think about her!” Feng yi Xuan buckled Lan You Nian’s shoulders, overbearingly declared, “Nor allowed to like her!”

“Okay, I only will like Xuan!” Lan You Nian docilely answered .   After all, to a man eating vinegar, no reason can be said, especially a man who particularly loves to eat vinegar .

“If you want something, just tell me!” Feng Yi Xuan was still upset by this .   Nian Nian needed such precious things yet she didn’t tell him nor did he do anything .   For Feng Yi xuan, he felt extremely out of sorts .

“Okay!” Lan You Nian promised .   At the time when she needed the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, she hasn’t ascertained her feelings with Feng Yi Xuan .   Later she felt there was no need to mention it .   But seeing Feng Yi Xuan’s depressed look, Lan You Nian felt she needed to tell this man .   She didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings between them .

Obtaining Lan You Nian’s promise, Feng Yi Xuan was contented and his good mood was restored…

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