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Chapter 160
160 Injured He Chu Yang
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“Then Ming wang really doesn’t want the Heavenly Spirit Fruit? What if something happens to Nian’er?” Yue Bai Lian asked but her tone was much better .

    “If benwang wants it, then I will get it! If something happens to Nian Nian, whether it’s in heaven or hell, benwang will follow!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice rose, containing an inexpressible coldness and brutality .

Yue Bai Lian regarded him for a moment then retrieved the box in her and placed it on the table, saying, “This is the Heavenly Spirit Fruit!”  After saying this, she pulled up the collar, seeming to be more comfortable like this .

Feng Xia Qi shot Yue Bai Lian a look of surprise . He didn’t understand why Yue Bai Lian would do this .

This princess can tell Nian’er like Ming wang very much .   I had my doubts about what was so great about Ming wang that it can make Nian’er like you .   Now this princess understands… . ” Yue Bai Lian seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, “If Ming wang had agreed to this princess’s request then Ming wang isn’t worthy of having Nian’er .   The love Nian’er needs must be clean .   I have to say Ming wang is most worthy of Nian’er!”

There wasn’t any expression on Feng Yi Xuan’s face .   Even though Yue Bai Lian was praising him, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel anything .   But in regards to Yue Bai Lian saying he and Nian Nian was perfectly matched, Feng Yi Xuan felt delightfully pleased .

“Princess Bai Lian why are you doing this?” Feng Xia Qi asked,

“Because I like Nian’er!” A smile graced Yue Bai Lian’s lips, as if not afraid of others’ weird looks, “So Ming wang please treat Nian’er well, otherwise even if this princess ends up losing my life, this princess will make you pay the price!”

Yue Bai Lian then strode with dignified steps out of the tent, as if she was still that untouchable princess, as if the grief that flashed by didn’t exist at all .

Feng Yi Xuan opened the box and saw that indeed there was the Heavenly Spirit Fruit that couldn’t be bought with a thousand gold .   His heart was reassured .

Feng Xia Qi was shocked by Yue Bai Lian’s words .   Though he accepted Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li’s love, he didn’t expect Lan You Nian to be popular with both male and female .   Yue Bai Lian was very admirable .   Yue Bai Lian’s feelings was very chaste, making people unable to scorn .

“Treat Nian’er meimei well!” Feng Xia Qi slapped Feng Yi Xuan’s shoulder .   That Lan You Nian who was loved by many chose his younger brother, he gave his blessings and also hoped Feng Yi Xuan would cherish it .

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“Hn!” Feng Yi Xuan nodded .   There was no need for others to remind him, he knew how wonderful Nian Nian was .   He will exhaust all avenues to love Nian Nian .


Having stayed at the hunting grounds for five days, many of the officials brought their sons and daughters back to the manor .   Lan You Nian was no exception… .

“Young miss!  An yiniang was taken by Ming wangfu’s people!” Zhang Lin stood outside You Nian Pavilion saying .   He regarded Lan You Nian as the master whom he felt heartfelt admiration for .   Zhang Lin led the previous more than ten more and managed You Nian Pavilion very well .   Sometimes Lan You Nian will let them do some other things, not burying a man’s lofty aspiration .

“I know .   Return to your post!” Lan You Nian said .   After Zhang Lin left, Lan You Nian got ready to leave the pavilion tower .

“Young miss?” Lan Qu looked at Lan You Nian with bewilderment .   She naturally heard what Zhang Lin said .   However, Lan Qu didn’t have any sympathy for An yiniang .   In Lan Qu’s heart, she hoped Ming wang will mercilessly torture An yiniang .

“I’m only going to take a look .   Relax, I won’t become soft-hearted!” Lan You Nian was at the mercy of Lan Qu who enfolded her in a cloak then she used qinggong to leave You Nian Pavilion .   Just like Lan You Nian said herself, she didn’t care at all about whether An yiniang lived or died .   However since this matter was carried out by Feng Yi Xuan, she wanted to see what he wanted to do .

Lan You Nian didn’t enter Ming wangfu from the front gates .   Though all of the capital knew she was Feng Yi Xuan’s fiancee, the future Ming wangfei, Lan You Nian preferred to fly into Ming wangfu from the wall .   From the beginning when the shadow guards were shocked to the present that Lan You Nian entered Ming wangfu just like she was entering her own residence, however, what was different was that those shadow guards’, guards’, and manservants’ respectful greeting .

“Where’s Xuan?” Lan You Nian just happened to see An San who was currently handling affairs, asking frankly .

An San seeing Lan You Nian was stirred with emotion .   She already considered Lan You Nian their wangfei .   An San also liked Lan You Nian’s personality .

“Wangye went to the hidden prison .   Does Miss Lan want to see wangye?” An San asked .   She knew what wangye was doing in the secret prison .   An yiniang was seized by her .   An San was worried that wangfei will be frightened of wangye after what was going on inside .

Despite knowing very well Lan You Nian’s disposition and martial arts, it was also telling that Lan You Nian can be extremely cruel and merciless, but no matter how powerful Lan You Nian presented her as, in everyone’s eyes, she was still a delicate girl, especially a girl who just turned 14 .

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“I’ll take a look!  You do your thing!” Lan You Nian headed towards the secret prison .   Many of the places in Ming wangfu was showed to Lan You Nian by Feng Yi Xuan .   For instance, this secret prison that wasn’t known by outsiders was also told to Lan You Nian by Feng Yi Xuan .   In Feng Yi Xuan’s heart, there was nothing that needed to be concealed .   As long as Nian Nian wanted to know, he will tell her all .

The secret prison was underneath Ming wangfu .   It was an underground prison .   At the entrance, there were guards patrolling as well as many hidden guards in the shadows .   As Lan You Nian approached the secret prison, there was a fluctuation in the air that indicated the hidden guard’s vigilance .   When they saw who the intruder was, everyone calmed down .   In Ming wangfu or in Ghost Realm, everyone was aware of how much master pampered this Miss Lan .   Master has already instructed that seeing Miss Lan was like seeing master .   One can imagine what position Miss Lan had in master’s heart .

“Miss Lan!” A guard came over to Lan You Nian and greeted her respectfully then led Lan You Nian into the secret prison .

Upon entering the secret prison, Lan You Nian sensed a burst of gloomy mixed with bloodthirsty air flooding her nostrils .   Lan you Nian didn’t like this smell .   However, she was also someone who climbed out from those darkness so there wasn’t any discomfort .

The inside of the secret prison was gloomy and damp .   In the candlelight, there was a hint of decay .    The mottled traces on the wall seemed to be a warning to people .   On the walls of the secret prison, displayed on the iron shelves: scimitar, chain, knife, dagger, whip .   All torture devices that one expects to find were all there .   In the dim candlelight, there was a hint of strangeness and chill .

Lan You Nian walked into one of the prisons and saw Feng Yi xuan .   Meanwhile An yiniang who was sprawled on the ground was ignored by Lan You Nian .

“Nian Nian?” Feng Yi xuan immediately came to Lan You Nian’s side, picking up Lan You Nian from the icy cold prison cement floor .   He saw the girl’s pure white embroidered shoes were soiled with dust as well as damp traces of blood .   Feng Yi xuan felt an ache in his heart .

Lan You Nian was being held by Feng Yi Xuan in his arms like a child .   She sat on his sturdy and long arm .   Only now did Lan You Nian have time to look at An yiniang who was sprawled on the ground .   An yiniang could no longer be called a human being .   Her eyes were dug out by something, only leaving behind two bloody holes, looking a little repugnant .   Her ears were also hacked off .   Lan You Nian knew the pair of ears were hacked off by An Yi who was holding a dagger .   Her tongue was also yanked out .   An yiniang looked like a disgusting animal .

“Don’t look!” Feng Yi xuan forced LAn You Nian to shift her gaze .   Though he knows in some aspects that Nian Nian wasn’t afraid of these, he didn’t care his cruelty was known by Nian Nian, but Feng Yi Xuan hoped what Nian Nian saw was all beautiful scenery and felt only warmth .   These dirty unseemly things just let him see and do it .

Feng Yi xuan shot An Yi a look .   An Yi nodded understanding .   His family’s master’s meaning was to mercilessly torture An yiniang .   It was this woman who cruelly hurt Ming wangfei in the past .   She also made wangfei suffer such toxic poisons .   Master hated he couldn’t drag An yiniang into hell to torment every day .

Feng Yi Xuan hugged Lan You Nian to quickly leave the secret dungeon .   The air in the secret dungeon was damp and cold .   Feng Yi xuan was afraid LAn You Nian was in any discomfort .   After they stepped out of the hidden dungeons, he slightly loosened his arms around Lan You Nian, uneasily asking, “Nian Nian, I…”

Feng Yi Xuan knew Lan You Nian wasn’t a little woman .   She had her own thoughts and her own resolve .   A lot of times, Feng Yi xuan was willing to indulge Nian Nian and not interfere with her .   But concerning An yiniang, he really couldn’t tolerate it .   Just thinking about Nian Nian suffering so much when she was little, he wanted to commit murder and had bloodthirsty impulse .   So Feng Yi Xuan must torture An yiniang!

Lan You Nian embraced Feng Yi Xuan, smiling, “Xuan, I understand!”  Lan You Nian understood Feng Yi Xuan’s good to her .   Her heart ached for Feng Yi xuan’s care for her .   It seems as long it concerned her matters, Feng Yi Xuan was always mindful of personal gains and losses .   She hasn’t done good enough .

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Feng Yi Xuan hearing LAn You Nian’s words, happily kissed Lan You Nian’s forehead .   In the shadows, the hidden guards and imperial guards lowered their heads very low .   Honestly their master’s current appearance, how can it be considered brilliant and mighty ah?  It was completely the look of a henpecked husband .

Lan You Nian saw so many people curiously looked at Feng yi xuan who kissed her forehead, and changed the topic, “Go to the palace together?” Profound phoenix eyes fluttered lightly, a pure starlight flashed within her eyes, extremely animated and cute, a little girl’s bashful and gentleness taken in on first glance .

Feng Yi Xuan knew the girl was shy but didn’t expose her .   Slightly nodding his head, the two left Ming wangfu together .   When the two left Ming wangfu, instantly the pot boiled over, achieving a noise level that has never been breached .   All of them were debating how henpecked their master would be in the future .

There wasn’t a palace feast held tonight .   Instead, the foreign dignitaries were comparing artistic talents and martial skills .   Nearly all the court officials, their children and family members showed up .   Those who could attend all attended .   If they honored with a title, then they will rise above the others .   Those who couldn’t participate of course regarded this as some entertainment .   Such a spectacle was rare to see .   It can only be seen every time the exchange meeting between each country was held .

When Feng Yi Xuan and Lan you Nian arrived at the place where the competition was held, the artistic talent competition has already ended .   Perhaps due to the two’s bearing, when Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian’s hand to the competition, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but notice the two of them .

Hua Xiu Yi noticed Lan You Nian the moment she came .   Hua Xiu Yi gazed at Lan You Nian from a distance .   A slight breeze caressed the exquisite face .   A few strands of silky black hair danced with the wind in the air, brushing over the delicate skin, shrouding a section of the exquisite face .   The white one-peice dress danced with the wind, so flawlessly pure that just standing there made people have the illusion of being in the land of the immortals .

“Really not willing to give up ah!” Hua Xiu Yi chuckled to himself as he looked at Lan You Nian .

Perhaps due to Lan You Nian, the air around Feng Yi Xuan was much warmer .   Feng Yi Xuan wore a navy blue full body robe, embroidered with golden thread coiling dragon patterns on the sleeves .   A jade coronet tied up his hair, sword eyebrows and bright eyes, the gaze was deep and forbidding, thin lips slightly pursed, completely natural domineering that made people keep a wide berth .   At this glance, everyone noticed that Ming wang’s looks was so handsome, probably the most good looking man in Feng country .

Compared with Hua country’s Crown Prince, he wasn’t found any lacking . Some women who once feared Feng Yi Xuan after a more detailed look, their cheeks reddened .

Feng Yi Xuan pulled Feng Yi Xuan to the seat belonging to Ming wangfu . The Emperor didn’t attend today’s competition . The one to preside over the proceedings was fourth wangye Feng Xia Qi .

At this time, the one on stage competing was He Chu Yang and Yue country’s military officer . Speaking of which, He Chu Yang’s martial arts wasn’t particularly high but amongst the officials or amongst the young masters, it was pretty decent .

He Chu Yang had the upper hand . Just as He Chu Yang was about to obtain victory, that Yue country’s military officer used poison, scattering the poison in his hand into the air . He Chu Yang caught unprepared sucked it in . His whole body staggered a step . Because they were not allowed to use weapons, so that military officer exploited the victory and pursued with a fist at He Chu Yang . He Chu Yang spat out a mouthful of blood .

Everyone was angered by this military officer’s shamelessness . Lan Mo xian suddenly stood up to step on stage, he was stopped by Lan You Nian .

“Little sisteR?” Lan Mo Xian wondered in confusion .   Looking at the injured He Chu Yang on stage, Lan Mo Xian was worried .   The two weren’t only relatives but also friends .   Seeing his good friend being hurt by such means on stage, Lan Mo Xian hated he couldn’t go up immediately to teach that Yue country’s military officer a lesson!

“Don’t act rashly!” Lan You Nian said then continued to watch .   Lan Mo Xian knew his little sister was usually someone with her own ideas so he sat back down .

Feng Xia Qi who was presiding over this competition frowned but didn’t interfere .   In this martial competition, it was clearly stated that no weapons were allowed but didn’t say that poison wasn’t allowed .   Feng Xia Qi knew even if he took action, there was nothing he could do .   So Feng Xia Qi shot He Chu Yang a look, telling him he could just admit defeat at the right time and depart from the stage .   Feng country’s face, though important, but in Feng Xia Qi’s eyes, friends were more important .

Although the smile on Lan You Nian’s lips hasn’t changed its angle, but Feng Yi Xuan who sat closest to her knew Nian Nian was angry .   Feng Yi Xuan raised his hand to kill that man on stage .   In Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes there wasn’t right or wrong .   Making Nian Nian unhappy was wrong, simple as that .

“Xuan!” Lan You Nian shook her head then smiled, “I will vent my anger myself!”

Feng Yi Xuan considered it .   Though he was reluctant to let Nian Nian tire herself, Feng Yi Xuan knew if Nian Nian didn’t vent her anger herself, then she would be in a bad mood .   So feng Yi xuan nodded, retracting his hand .   Then he looked at that Yue country’s military officer on stage as if looking at a dead person .   The man on stage suddenly shuddered with a cold chill .

He Chu Yang has already been beaten up with a bloody nose and swollen face yet he wasn’t willing to admit defeat .   Lan You Nian couldn’t watch it anymore .   She shot Feng Xia Qi a look .   Feng Xia Qi after receiving it directly admitted defeat on He Chu Yang’s behalf .   He Chu Yang looked at Feng Xia Qi with fury as he was carried down the stage .   However Feng Xia Qi only threw up his hands then pointed at Lan You Nian .

He Chu Yang saw it was his cousin sister who had fourth wangye do this .   He couldn’t say any harsh words but his mood was very down .   Meanwhile, Tutor He and He Chu Yang’s father He Chun didn’t feel that they lost face .   They were grateful for what Lan You Nian did .   Lost face can be earned back but if the person had any accidents, there weren’t any more chances .

“Brother Chu Yang, to act impulsively is the most asinine .   You’re already poisoned .   If you don’t step down to cure the poison, are you certain you won’t lose all your martial arts?” Lan You Nian gave He Chu Yang a few pills and had the guards help him take the medicine .

He Chu Yang hung his head, embarrassedly said to Lan You Nian, “Sorry Nian’er meimei .   Cousin brother was just angry in the moment .   You are right!” He Chu Yang wasn’t stupid nor did he not know what’s good for him .   Of course he knew what were Lan You Nian’s intentions .   He didn’t think clearly in his rage .   Now he was thinking clearly, he was no longer angry .

“Alright, Nian’er will avenge you in a moment!” Lan You Nian shot Feng Yi Xuan a reassuring look then stepped onto the platform .

“Heavens!  Look!” Everyone was astonished as they watched Lan You Nian head up the stage .   They couldn’t imagine what Lan You Nian wanted to do .   There were many more people who wondered if Lan You Nian was stupid .   This wasn’t a place to play the zither and dance .

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