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Chapter 152: 152

152 Hunting

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Feng Yi Xuan rode his imperial brother’s steed to catch up with Lan You Nian who was enjoying the breeze on the horse . Seeing the little girl’s curved eyebrows, Feng Yi Xuan decided to bring Nian Nian into the wild more often . It won’t be good to get cabin fever .

“Like it?” Feng Yi Xuan’s clean-cut angular face had a gentle, indulgent smile .

“En!” Lan You Nian nodded looking back to beam at Feng Yi Xuan . Those eyes that were sparkling ripples of water radiantly smiled as if the majestic proud sun scorching Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes . Feng Yi Xuan’s heart suddenly pulsated intensely like a drum even his chest trembled .

Feng Yi Xuan almost couldn’t control himself from stealing a kiss, but at this time, an eyesore appeared once again…

“Nian’er meimei, you’re amazing! Such a mighty steed like Zui Feng you can even tame, you’re indeed a hero amongst women!” Feng Xia Qi rode a horse that he searched for a while on the ranch that was passable to chase up to Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan .

“Yeah, I once wanted to try to ride Zui Feng, but every time I was thrown off . Nian’er meimei, is there nothing you can’t do?” Jing Wu An voiced his agreement . Up until now, Lan You Nian’s performance was simply too amazing . Besides Feng Yi Xuan, there probably wasn’t another person who was a match for her .

Lan You Nian drew the reigns back to stop on the spot and took a look at the two people who rode beside her . The four people on their hunting team were Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An and herself . When the guards announced the list of names, Lan You Nian could see the eyes of the other women on fire . These three men, besides the frosty Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An were favorites . Many women hoped to team with the two of them, while she monopolized two of them all at once .

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“I was just lucky . Don’t look at me as if I’m omnipotent ah!” Lan You Nian mischievously shrugged her shoulders . All she said was the truth . Although she had confidence she could tame Zui Feng, it wouldn’t be in under such a short time . It was mainly because she was frequently together with Feng Yi Xuan, at night Feng Yi Xuan fell asleep holding her many times, so there was inevitably Feng Yi Xuan’s scent on her . Animals were sensitive towards these scents, so that is why it was so easily tamed .

Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An rolled their eyes and felt that Lan You Nian was merely modest . They had to admire Lan You Nian’s intelligence and indifferent temperament at such a young age . If it was another woman, who knows how proud they would be .

The few people jested as they rode their horses into the depths of the forest . After all, their prey wouldn’t stupidly wait there for them . Though they didn’t have the desire to take first place, since they’re out here, they might as well have fun .

Suddenly, from the forest, a white rabbit hopped out eating grass . The group all inaudibly picked up their bow and arrow to hunt .

Lan You Nian held her breath, concentrating her attention to point the arrow at the prey, “Thunk——“ Two arrows shot whipped out simultaneously, followed by two other arrows . Four arrows shot at the unaware prey .

The prey was shot down by a black arrow, instantly losing its life . Lan You Nian was speechless looking at Feng Yi Xuan because that arrow was shot out by Feng Yi Xuan . Lan You Nian’s archery skills have always been decent but compared to Feng Yi Xuan, it was severely lacking . In speed alone, it was inferior .

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian who was slightly sulking, lovingly patting Lan You Nian’s hair, “Your archery skills are already excellent . It’s just your physical strength isn’t as big as mine, so it’s slower!”

Lan You Nian pouted with her small mouth . She knew there was some disparity between her and Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan was a man baptized through the battlefield, so inevitably his speed was much faster than her own, “I know ah . My man is amazing!”

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“As long as you know!” Feng Yi Xuan was pleased by Lan You Nian’s praise, “So if Nian Nian needs anything, just tell me, don’t work too hard yourself!” Feng Yi Xuan knew that although Lan You Nian has learned to rely on him, many times, the girl in his heart still liked to take on many things alone . Feng Yi Xuan’s heart ached to see this .

Lan You Nian smiled at Feng Yi Xuan but didn’t answer, not that she didn’t want to answer but didn’t know how… .

Feng Yi Xuan and the others hunted a lot of prey after a while . It wasn’t to compete for first place, but rather everyone had fun playing so took it seriously . Feng Yi Xuan was the god of war on the battlefield, so it was as simple as reaching out a hand for the prey to fall into it . Though Lan You Nian was a girl, her archery can’t be underestimated . Though Feng Xia Qi can’t compare to Feng Yi Xuan how can he, a proper wangye, be just for show? Jing Wu An though he is only a military advisor, he has also been on the battlefield . His archery is accurate with each shot .

As they were playing merrily, Lan You Nian set her sights on prey that was running away, picking up her bow and arrow ready to shoot . Feng Yi Xuan and the others indulged Lan You Nian, so they all held back, but Lan You Nian didn’t get to shoot at that prey before it was shot down by another arrow .

Lan You Nian’s eyes cooled, putting down the bow and arrow . She wasn’t as fast as the other so Lan you Nian didn’t blame the other person . She turned back and saw Hua Xiu Yi holding a bow and the female in their group, Lan Ya . Hua Xiu Yi eyed the prey he shot down, his gaze had a slight provocation as he looked at Lan You Nian, as if Lan You Nian was that prey .

When Feng Yi Xuan spotted this person, his face frosted over, or in other words, Feng Yi Xuan was usually like this . Feng Yi Xuan urged his horse over to Lan You Nian’s side, blocking Hua Xiu Yi’s gaze, that stunning face emitted a secluded from the world kind of indifference .

Following behind, Lan Ya swayed as she sat atop the tall steed . Her entire body was suffering from the jolts and bumps . But in order to hug Hua Xiu Yi’s big thigh, so she insisted on bearing with the fact she can’t ride . Lan Ya’s makeup was a little smudged, and because of the bumps, her hair was a lot more disheveled, making people unable to feel any fondness for .

Lan Ya at the start of the hunt wanted to ride the same horse as Hua Xiu Yi . However, Hua Xiu Yi didn’t show any tenderness and pity for women . To say it bluntly, if she can’t, then don’t follow . How could Lan Ya be willing to simply follow behind Hua Xiu Yi? But Hua Xiu Yi didn’t even spare her a glance . But just then when they spotted Lan you Nian from afar, Lan Ya clearly glimpsed the focus and fervor in Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes . That was a man’s regard for a woman . How could Lan Ya have expected that the man she wanted to curry favor with liked Lan You Nian that slut?

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“Third sister!” Lan Ya deliberately shouted intimately, but that dense hatred in her eyes seemed like the eyes of Death, emitting a madness of evil and suffocating darkness .

Lan Ya thought that her resentful eyes were well-hidden but didn’t know that her thoughts were perfectly clear to Lan You Nian . Lan You Nian was surprised that Lan Ya still had some brains . Otherwise, she wouldn’t know she needed to grab onto a big tree . It’s a pity that Lan Ya found the wrong person . Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t the easy-going person he seemed like on the surface .

“Miss Lan Ya must be careful with your words . My Lan manor only has on legitimate son and daughter . I don’t have any sister! Miss Lan Ya can’t randomly claim relatives!” Lan You Nian sat properly on the entirely black Zui Feng’s back, her aura was faint as an immortal, but the words spoken made Lan Ya’s cheeks pale .

“Yeah, Nian’er meimei only has one brother, as well as us brothers . Who does this young lady think you are?” Jing Wu An treats Lan You Nian like his own biological sister, adding to the fact Lan You Nian helped him and Yu Liu Li get together, now he can’t bear to see other people bully Lan You Nian .

Lan Ya saw one after another taking Lan You Nian’s side, even Hua Xiu Yi ignored her, Lan Ya resented Lan You Nian even more . She vowed she will humiliate Lan You Nian! Lan Ya’s venomous eyes weren’t only noticed by Lan You Nian them, Hua Xiu Yi also spotted it . Though Hua Xiu Yi didn’t understand what his feelings towards Lan You Nian were, he didn’t want to see other people hurt Lan You Nian, so Hua Xiu Yi’s gaze on Lan Ya became even gentler, so gentle it was weird .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t like people coveting his Nian Nian, so he rode away with Lan you Nian . It wasn’t that he was afraid of Hua Xiu Yi . He just didn’t like other men using that kind of gaze to look at his Nian Nian . In fact, many times, Feng Yi Xuan wanted to hide Nian Nian away, but he was afraid Nian Nian would be unhappy . He can’t bear the thought .

Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan who were departing didn’t see the confusion and trace of possessiveness in Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes, as well as the trace of sincere gentleness towards Lan You Nian’s back . That gentleness wasn’t Hua Xiu Yi’s usual gentle mask, but a feeling emanating from his heart .

Lan Ya saw the people have already left yet Hua Xiu Yi has yet to withdraw his gaze . Lan Ya coincidentally caught that hint of gentleness . Lan Ya instantly became silly . Hua Xiu Yi’s looks were already exquisite now that flower-like face bloomed with a gentle smile, truly more beautiful than a rose . Lan Ya’s heart suddenly gave birth to an unstoppable madness . She wanted this man’s gentleness for herself!

Hua Xiu Yi turned back and saw Lan Ya’s disgusting obsessiveness . Hua Xiu Yi extended his hands that were more lovely than a woman’s to choke Lan Ya’s neck, his eyes were like a poisonous rose “Really a disobedient beauty . ”

Lan Ya gave a bloodcurdling scream, the pain in her neck made Lan Ya a bit of afraid of this man who always wore a smile . Her eyes brimmed with tears but she didn’t draw any sympathy from Hua Xiu Yi, as if he didn’t hear Lan Ya’s scream .

“Don’t have any delusions . Otherwise, this crown prince loves to destroy flowers!” Hua Xiu Yi’s voice was sinister, his words towards the end were even more indifferent and heartless . That exquisite face was as cold as frost, his black eyes were as deep as an ancient well, unfathomable .

Lan Ya nodded in horror, afraid if she were any slower her neck would be squeezed in half .

“Now this is obedient!” Hua Xiu Yi was satisfied looking at the fearful Lan Ya as if Lan Ya’s fear and horror pleased him . Hua Xiu Yi released the hand gripping Lan Ya’s neck .

Lan Ya immediately fell down from the horse, her entire person was haggard, but Hua Xiu Yi seemed to have seen some funny joke booming with laughter . The two officials of Hua country following Hua Xiu Yi didn’t dare to utter a sound . They have long since known that the Crown Prince’s temper was unpredictable . They didn’t dare provoke him, afraid the next one would be them .

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