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Chapter 151: 151
151 Zui Feng

“Today, beloved subjects came here to participate in this summer’s hunting, you must return with the fruits of your labors!” Emperor Feng Xuan picked up the golden wine goblet, speaking to the people below .

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Everyone stood up, leaning over to pick up the wine and downing it, “Subject will make an effort!”

After that, Eunuch Lu announced the rules for this year’s hunting .   It had to be said that Feng country was very open in some respects .   For instance, females were allowed to participate during the hunt .  Each team had for people, three men and one female, whoever hunted the most prey in the predetermined time wins .

Feng country had many women who can ride horses, but it’s just for show .   There were even fewer women who knew how to hunt .   There was such an excellent opportunity to show off, as well as a chance to get close to people like the wangyes, many women were eager to sign up .

Many men wanted to invite the woman they liked to join their own team .   Lan You Nian knew she was definitely teaming up with Feng Yi Xuan’s group, so she didn’t hurry to choose a team .   Although many men wanted to invite Lan You Nian but seeing Lan Jian Jun’s glaring eyes, they didn’t dare to move forward .   Lan Jian Jun didn’t like those men who were having ideas about his daughter, including Feng Yi Xuan .   Although he admired Feng Yi Xuan’s bearing and character, seeing this man’s nefarious thoughts about his daughter, Lan Jian Jun wanted to object .   But he knew he wasn’t in the position to manage daughter’s affairs .   He can tell his daughter liked Ming wang .   Lan Jian Jun could only turn a blind eye to it .

“Is Miss Lan willing to team up with this crown prince?” Hua Xiu Yi walked over to Lan You Nian, a smile tugging on the corners of his eyes and mouth .

Many women present shot Lan You Nian resentful looks .   Many of the women wanted to team up with Hua Xiu Yi but were refused by Hua Xiu Yi .   Now that Hua country’s crown prince personally came to invite Lan You Nian to his team, many of them looked at Lan You Nian’s beautiful face secretly cursing slut!  But no one dared to say this on the surface .   Lan You Nian’s backing in Feng country ordinary people didn’t dare offend .

Just as Lan You Nian prepared to refuse, a cold voice sounded .

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“She and this wang is one team!” Feng Yi Xuan walked over to Lan You Nian’s side, his eyes looking at Hua Xiu Yi sharply, like an ice-cold sword without any warmth, cold as frost, making people feel the icy cold from within their bones, his posture was as unfaltering as Mount Tai .

Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t an ordinary person .   Under Feng Yi Xuan’s imposing manner, there was no feeling of discomfort .   The smile on the corner of his lips became more wicked along with provocation towards Feng Yi Xuan, “Ming wang is too unreasonable, this matter let Miss Lan answer for herself . ”

In fact, Hua Xiu Yi knew very well that Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan had romantic feelings between them .   It is because of this that Hua Xiu Yi was amused .   How could there be sincere feelings in this world?  Although this Lan You Nian was somewhat different, she can’t be the exemption .   On the one hand, Hua Xiu Yi hoped in his heart that Lan You Nian was a superficial woman, so he can snatch away Lan You Nian and give Feng Yi Xuan a considerable blow but on the other hand he hoped Lan You Nian was different than those other women and is a girl who values affection and loyalty .   Hua Xiu Yi felt he was very contradictory .

“This girl of course…” Everyone held their breath to wait for Lan You Nian’s answer .   Many people thought Lan You Nian will pick Hua Xiu Yi .   Feng Yi Xuan’s daunting aura and the terrifying rumors made women stay away from him, “with Ming wang’s team!”  Lan You Nian smiled in reply .

No one expected Lan You Nian’s answer, but Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed with a smile while Hua Xiu Yi’s mouth stiffened before smoothing his sleeves, “Since Miss Lan chose to team with Ming wang, this crown prince won’t force people against their will!”

Hua Xiu Yi turned back to his seat as if there wasn’t any dissatisfaction from Lan You Nian’s rejection .   But if you looked carefully, you would see Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes flashing with dejection .

Lan Ya saw Hua Xiu Yi who lost face due to Lan You Nian, her eyes flashing with calculation .   Recently in Lan manor, she was cautious not to attract anyone’s attention .   She no longer had Lan manor’s illegitimate daughter’s identity .   She has been thinking about which big tree to climb up .   At first, Lan Ya hoped to catch fourth wangye, this handsome man but Lan Ya saw that fourth wangye and Lan You Nian that slut’s relationship was really good, she didn’t have the chance .   Lan Ya thought of fourth wangye Feng Shao Chu who was also her cousin-brother, but the Empress pays no attention to her at all, nor does she care about this nice of hers, let alone second wangye needed a woman with status who can help him .   She can only become a concubine, so Lan Ya gave up on this idea .

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Now that Lan Ya such a good-looking Hua Xiu Yi as well as the fact Hua Xiu Yi has the status of the crown prince, and to her delight, she saw Lan You Nian treat Crown Prince Hua like this, if she can enter Crown Prince Hua’s eye, she can have Crown Prince Hua avenge her .   Lan Ya’s eyes flashed with imagined malice .

“Crown Prince Hua, can this girl team with Crown Prince?” Lan Ya walked over to Hua Xiu Yi asking shyly .   Today Lan Ya wore a pink riding attire, looking up with a red face at Hua Xiu Yi .   The pretty face looked like the little sister next door, her attitude deliberately pretending to be languid .

Many women held Lan Ya in contempt for her actions .   Lan Ya was no longer LAn manor’s young miss .   Her mother also did something like that .   Those young misses who once flattered her all laughed at her behind her back .   Seeing Lan Ya boldly volunteer herself, many people were disgusted by it .

Hua Xiu Yi extended his index finger to lift up Lan Ya’s chin, such a move made Lan Ya even shyer, but even more certain she must get this man .   How can Hua Xiu Yi not be able to see the disgusting pretentiousness in Lan Ya’s eyes but Hua Xiu Yi still teasingly smirked, “Who’s family’s beauty is this?”

Lan Ya thought Hua Xiu Yi took a liking to her beauty .   She didn’t dare say she no longer had any status, so demurely replied, “This girl is Lan manor’s eldest miss!”

Hua Xiu Yi was surprised to hear this .   He didn’t expect such a woman was of the same manor as Lan You Nian .   Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes flickered to Lan You Nian who was sitting there leisurely and then back at the affectatious Lan Ya .   The more he compared them, the more it brought out how different Lan You Nian was from everyone else .

However, Hua Xiu Yi didn’t show any disdain .   Instead, he teasingly smirked, “Since beauty says so, this crown prince can’t bear for beauty to be sad!”  Everyone can only envy Lan Ya really obtained Hua Xiu Yi’s favor .   They didn’t see Hua Xiu Yi’s finger wiping off on the handkerchief he took out .

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“Thank you, Crown Prince Hua!” Lan Ya curtsied in pleasure .   She finally can take the first step .   Lan Ya looked at Lan You Nian who was protected by others in the distance, mumbling in her heart, Lan You Nian, just you wait, I will make you beg me on your knees!

Lan Ya’s side didn’t attract Lan You Nian’s attention .   Lan You Nian was thinking of going to the horse ranch to choose a horse since she didn’t bring her own horse to the hunting grounds .   Lan You Nian didn’t like those horses that weren’t good .

Suddenly, An Yi led a completely black horse to Lan you Nian, respectfully saying, “Miss Lan, this is the horse master chose for Miss Lan .   It is also master’s mount, Zui Feng!”

Lan You Nian carefully looked over Feng Yi Xuan’s tall and massive horse .   Every part of the body was matched well, every muscle showed its strength, making people who see it feel soft, so vigorous and graceful .   Seeing Lan You Nian wasn’t its master, lifting its head proudly, shaking the beautiful mane .

Lan You Nian saw such a sentient horse, her face showed a pleased and excited grin, the pleasure on that peerless face, with the sunlight behind her covering up the sky, burning the white clouds red, while she was like a phoenix reborn of the fire, bright and magnificent, comparable to perfection .

Everyone was puzzled looking at Lan You Nian who was laughing happily .   Ming wang’s mount was known by many .   It was the best prized steed that can’t be found within a thousand miles .   Not only can it cross a thousand miles in a day, more importantly, this horse only recognizes its master .   If other people dared to ride it, that steed will become extremely violent and hurt people .   Ming wang’s steed has never allowed other people to ride it .   Many people saw Feng Yi Xuan give the horse for Lan You Nian to ride, all believing Feng Yi Xuan is bullying Lan You Nian .   Many people felt it was a pity that such a stunning girl offended Ming wang .

Lan You Nian didn’t think so .   She knew this was Feng Yi Xuan’s good towards her .   If it weren’t her, Feng Yi Xuan wouldn’t let other people ride his steed .

Feng Yi Xuan, from the start, saw Nian Nian didn’t bring her own horse, so he gave Zui Feng for Nian Nian to ride .   It wasn’t that he didn’t know that besides him Zui Feng’s treatment of outsiders was like .   But Feng Yi Xuan understood Nian Nian liked to subdue such a violent steed .   Of course, he wouldn’t neglect her, if Nian Nian can’t tame Zui Feng, he will help .

As everyone was stunned and speechless, Lan You Nian flipped onto the horse, her movement was smooth and clean .   That flying skirt and the long hair blown by the wind made Lan You Nian look heroic .   The black horse and the beauty in white composed the most beautiful painting .

As soon as Lan You Nian settled down, Zui Feng instantly became violent, his four hooves stamping, tail whipping, to toss Lan You Nian off the horse .   Everyone exclaimed, even Lan Jian Jun and the others were frightened as they prepared to save Lan You Nian .

But Lan You Nian gripped Zui Feng’s mane, refusing to fall off .   One person and one horse dragged on like this .   Zui Feng was like a sea swallow rigorously flying in the storm .   Lifting up bellowing, the sound of the horse that causes one’s heart to tremble rang in the fields .   Lan You Nian, no matter how agitated and dangerously bucking Zui Feng was, she didn’t move an inch .

After a long time, Zui Feng was a little tired .   Zui Feng also noticed Lan you Nian had Feng Yi Xuan’s smell .   Zui Feng calmed slightly .   Lan You Nian looked into Zui Feng’s dark eyes, closing in on Zui Feng’s ear whispering, “Behave!”

The confrontation between one person and one horse took a moment, Zui Feng really listened .   Zui Feng’s long mane was scattered, driven by Lan You Nian into a gallop, four hooves looked like they didn’t touch the ground .   Zui Feng, in Lan You Nian’s hands, seems to have found his master, galloping more smug and proud, no matter how many horses were in front, it will whirl by them in a blast .

Feng Yi Xuan saw his little woman subdue his mighty steed and felt proud, directly snatching Feng Yi Xuan’s steed to chase after them .

“Hey!” Feng Xia Qi glared at the Feng Yi Xuan who was getting farther away .   He didn’t know how he had such a brother who didn’t even show some concern for his older brother .

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