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Chapter 140: 140

140 Alluring Dance

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Feng Yi Shuang wore a red silk dress with the neckline slightly low, revealing the delicate collarbones . A hibiscus face, willow eyebrows, eyes that were more seductive than peach blossoms, tugging at the heartstrings . Skin white as snow, black hair raised into a beauty hairstyle . All the pearls on her head shined in the glare of the candlelight . The bright red lips were raised slightly, a beautiful woman indeed .

Feng Yi Shuang’s appearance caused many of the young masters present to be unable to tear their eyes away . When Feng Yi Shuang saw so many people looking at her with worshipping eyes, she was pleased . The smile on her face became even more stunning . But she forgot her identity as a princess of a country . She wasn’t a woman of the brothel who sold her smiles .

Hua Xiu Yi glanced at Feng Yi Shuang . Coincidentally, Feng Yi Shuang was also looking at Hua Xiu Yi . Hua Xiu Yi’s appearance was a rare beautiful man . The seductive air emanating around him caused Feng Yi Shuang’s face to flush .

Feng Yi Shuang didn’t see the disgust and disdain in Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes . What kind of beauties hasn’t Hua Xiu Yi seen before? Even though Feng Yi Shuang was truly beautiful, but in Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes, she was just a lowly woman .

The soft music sounded, Feng Yi Shuang’s body twirled around…

The red dance attire was like a blooming flower in the palace hall . Feng Yi Shuang was like a blooming flower dancing to the music, her figure was soft, like a butterfly in dance .

One had to admit that Feng Yi Shuang’s dance was stunning . It was telling that she had a lot of dance training; otherwise, her posture wouldn’t be so flexible and pleasing to the eye .

After Feng Yi Shuang’s dance ended, applause sounded in the hall . Many people felt Feng Yi Shuang danced very well, but the few people in the hall, who had somewhat of a status, didn’t feel anything . Feng Yi Xuan from the start to the end didn’t even look at Feng Yi Shuang’s dance . Instead, he was looking at the vague figure behind the windscreen . He knew that was Nian Nian .

Feng Yi Shuang focused on Hua Xiu Yi after her dance and saw Hua Xiu Yi looking at her . Feng Yi Shuang felt smug inside . She knew that all these years of hard work to learn to dance will make everyone worship and admire her .

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Feng Yi Shuang changed out of the clothes and returned to her seat, thinking that she will be number one . In the future, she won’t only be famous in Feng country, her reputation will spread to the other countries as well .

One had to say that Feng Yi Shuang overthought this . Because each country was participating in this exchange banquet, besides the representatives of each of the nations, also present were some officials as well as some of the young masters who had some fame, although Feng Yi Shuang’s dance was beautiful, but for these people who have seen many beautiful dances, there weren’t any particular feelings .

After everyone quieted, Yue Qian Ling stood in the middle of the hall .

Yue Qian Ling wore a jade green light top, a flowing skirt, shoulders were clean cut, her waist was bound, creamy skin and with an aura of an orchid, enchanting . Even if Lan You Nian disliked Yue Qian Ling very much, she had to admit Yue Qian Ling had a good appearance . Although it can’t compare to Yue Bai Lian, she was equally capable of attracting attention as she stood there .

Yue Qian Ling’s dance was very novel . She used her long whip as she danced . Yue Qian Ling danced as the music started, the whip in her hands followed her light steps . She opened the whip, waving it in the air twice, using force under her feet, she flew into the air, turning two circles in midair, her skirt became a beautiful circle . In addition to that beautiful face, it made people feel a beauty that’s between reality and illusionary . Landing, naturally waving the whip while spinning circles . Once again using qinggong to fly into the sky and immediately descended to the ground .

At the end of the performance, straightening herself, Yue Qian Ling gracefully bowed .

Yue Qian Ling’s dance wasn’t that good, but it won in novelty . The whip’s hardness contrasting with the dance’s softness in combination was a different kind of beauty . With this comparison, Feng Yi Shuang’s dance seemed very ordinary .

Everyone admired Yue Qian Ling, who was able to combine the whip with her dance, so the applause was the same . Yue Qian Ling proudly sat down . She looked at Lan You Nian behind the windscreen . She didn’t believe that Lan You Nian can do any better than her .

“Next is Lan manor’s third miss . Don’t know if Lan manor’s third miss can dance?” Yue Qian Ling muttered sarcastically .

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The first to stand out to speak wasn’t Feng country’s people but Yue Bai Lian who was sitting beside her .

“Third Imperial Sister speak cautiously, this Lan manor’s third miss’s music has no match, so her dance is just the icing on the cake . Is it important if she can or can’t?” Yue Bai Lian said . She didn’t deliberately contradict Yue Qian Ling, but for some reason, she had a good feeling about Lan manor’s legitimate daughter .

Yue Qian Ling glared at Yue Bai Lian . She didn’t expect Yue Bai Lian to not give her any face but knew this wasn’t the place for them to quarrel .

The candlelight in the hall dimmed . When the candles once again brightened, Lan You Nian stood in the middle of the hall . A white flowing dress that can’t be considered a dance attire but they were beautiful when worn by Lan You Nian . She had a unique soft and quiet temperament . The eyes outside the veil were picturesque with skin as white as jade . The most stunning was that pair of clearly distinct limpid eyes . They were slightly curved as they gazed upon you and you would be able to feel her kindness and friendliness, calm as water, gently moving… . but at this moment, there was an enchanting flower drawn around her eyes, adding a demonic quality to the pure aura, making people unable to tear their eyes away .

Feng Yi Xuan saw such a beautiful Nian Nian, his eyes flashed with a gentle pampering, but seeing so many people looking at his person, Feng Yi Xhuan was unhappy… .

The music sounded, but no one saw the one to play the flute was the noble Ming wang .

The flute music that wreaked havoc on one’s heart rose, Lan You Nian danced with her long sleeves . Lan You Nian, beautiful as a celestial maiden, a girl dressed in white, appearing like an orchid in the valley . Following her lithe and graceful, her dance posture fleeting as a celestial being, her wide sleeves opened and closed, setting off her countless expressions .

Everyone was intoxicated as they watched her graceful dance, almost forgetting how to breathe . Lan You Nian’s beautiful eyes wandered away, the hearts of all the people present beat rapidly . They all happen to be thinking that she was looking at them . At this time, the flute quickly turned, the girl with her right foot as an axis, smoothing out the sleeves, delicate body rotating, faster and faster .

Lan You Nian suddenly from up from the ground, her jade hand waved, the white ribbon in her sleeves fluttered out . The hall seemed to be emitting white waves . Lan You Nian landed on that ribbon, her feet lightly tapped against it, her clothes fluttering, like a celestial maiden riding the waves in dance .

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Feng Yi Xuan saw such a Lan You Nian . For some reason, he had a feeling of unable to grasp her, so Feng Yi Xuan’s flute became more urgent . Her figure danced faster and faster, her jade hands following suit, her skirt fluttering, a pair of watery and smoky eyes with unspoken words, steams of light danced around . She was like a flower in the mist, hazy and fleeting, flashing with beautiful colors, but yet so far away… .

The flute stopped, and the dance was finished, but everyone was still immersed in Lan You Nian’s dance then it was thunderous applause and praise .

Lan You Nian was neither haughty or humble, took her bow without any arrogance . But her appearance in certain people’s eyes was extremely odious . Yue Qian Ling didn’t expect Lan You Nian not only can she dance, but she could also dance so well . No one can compare . Seeing Lan You Nian’s indifferent look, it was a huge blow for Yue Qian Ling .

Yue Qian Ling maliciously looked at Lan You Nian . Suddenly she remembered, so what if Lan You Nian danced well? So what her music was good? As long as people saw her face that was rumored to be horrifying, who will like her?

“Miss Lan danced well!” Yue Qian Ling stood up and walked over to Lan You Nian .

Although everyone couldn’t understand what Yue Qian Ling wanted to do, they agreed with Yue Qian Ling’s words .

“haha, Lan girl is very good!” Emperor Feng Xuan praised in joy, “Since everyone has seen the performances, everyone should know who the winner is!”

“Of course it is Lan third miss!” everyone agreed . There was no way to deny it .

“Lan girl, since you won, what do you want as a reward?” Emperor Feng Xuan asked . Lan You Nian is the pride of Feng country .

Lan You Nian’s eyes brightened . From the very beginning, when she agreed to Yue Qian Ling’s unreasonable troublemaking, there was a reason . Now she achieved her purpose, she wanted a reward from the Emperor .

“Answering Your Majesty, this girl wishes Your Majesty can grant this girl to forgo formal bowing!” Lan You Nian said .

Many people were surprised by this statement . In this world, there was actually a woman who didn’t want to bow to the Emperor, isn’t she crazy? Many people thought Lan You Nian will be rebuked by Emperor Feng Xuan .

Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan sat there without any expression . From the first time Lan You Nian attended the banquets, superficially bowing, Feng Yi Xuan knew Lan You Nian hated this formal etiquette .

The Emperor was stunned for a moment . The average women when she heard these don’t they all feign to decline? Why is the woman his son took a liking to different from everyone else? But Emperor Feng Xuan felt she was worthy of being liked by his son because Feng Yi Xuan doesn’t formally bow to him either, the two were a match .

“In this case, this emperor grants!” Emperor Feng Xuan straightforwardly answered . Lan You Nian became Feng country’s second person who didn’t need to bow to the Emperor .

“Isn’t Nian’er meimei a little too bold?” Hua Mu Qing looked at Lan Mo Xian beside her . There has never been a woman who dared to ask this of the Emperor, Lan You Nian was the first .

Lan Mo Xian looked at the eye-catching sister standing in the hall, proudly declaring, “How can my Lan family’s female be cowardly?”

When Lan Jian Jun heard his son’s words, he felt proud himself . At first, he was scared, afraid the Emperor will place blame .

“This girl thanks Your Majesty!” Lan You Nian finished and was going to return to her seat but who would think Yue Qian Ling so straightforwardly ripped off the veil on Lan You Nian’s face . Instantly, the entire hall was quiet .

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