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Chapter 139: 139
Chapter 139: Interest

“Excellent!” Emperor Feng Xuan said gaily . He saw this girl wasn’t afraid of a country’s princess and can play the princess in the palm of her hands, it made Feng country’s Emperor want to applaud her, “Let the second princess go together!” . .

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“Subject-daughter obeys!” Feng Yi Shuang curtsied . Her dance was hard to beat, but her music was suppressed by Lan You Nian . Now there is such a good opportunity to come out in the limelight, how can she miss this?

Emperor Feng Xuan didn’t intend to let his daughter be in the limelight . He was afraid Lan You Nian can’t dance . With second princess as support, Feng country wouldn’t lose face .

Yue Qian Ling disdainfully glanced at Feng Yi Shuang then looked at Lan You Nian, her mouth silently saying a few words, “You will lose!”

Lan You Nian wasn’t angry, instead followed the palace maid to go change clothes . Yue Qian Ling and Feng Yi Shuang went down to change into dance clothes as well .

“A’Xuan, can Nian’er meimei dance?” Feng Xia Qi asked his younger brother who started to emit a cold aura ever since Lan You Nian left . He was worried inside . They have never seen Lan You Nian dance . To dance, it required training . They weren’t afraid of Feng country losing face, only that other people will say stuff about Lan You Nian .

Feng Yi Xuan looked at the wine cup in his hand . The entire banquet due to Nian Nian’s departure made Feng Yi Xuan feel monotonous . Hearing his brother’s question, Feng Yi Xuan carefully thought about it . He had never seen Nian Nian dance, nor has he heard Nian Nian can dance .

“So what if she can or cant?” Feng Yi Xuan’s face as handsome as a star in the winter night, emitting a coldness, “Commenters, kill!”

Jing Wu An glanced at the speechless Feng Xia Qi . They seemed to not have seen such a cold, murderous Feng Yi Xuan for a long time . Ever since Lan You Nian came to Feng Yi Xuan’s side, this cold man seemed to have met with spring . He didn’t kill people often anymore . But you can’t forget his cruel temperament . Feng Yi Xuan seemed to have changed, but if someone touches his bottom line, then the consequences were too dreadful to contemplate .

At this time, Lan You Nian was led by a palace maid into a room to change into her dance clothes . Just as Lan You Nian was ready to take off her clothes, suddenly her voice said coldly, “Come out!”

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She knew the person in the shadows had a higher martial arts than her, but Lan You Nian’s intuition was very precise . This was a common problem of the people who lived in the darkness . Lan You Nian could clearly sense there was an unknown gaze observing her in the shadows .

Hua Xiu Yi didn’t think that the vigilance of such a young girl was so high . He only found this girl to be fascinating . On the one hand, it was because of the girl herself . On the other hand, it was because of Feng Yi Xuan’s attention on her . That is why he followed when he saw Lan You Nian came out to change clothes . For Hua Xiu Yi, there wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about . He had countless concubines and has seen a lot of women but women like Lan You Nian, he has never seen . He was waiting to see the body of the disfigured girl but didn’t expect to be discovered so quickly .

Hua Xiu Yi walked out from the shadows and saw that girl in white looking at him without any expression . There was no fear, nor was there any delight towards his face, indeed interesting!

Lan You Nian watched as Hua Xiu Yi undisguisedly walked out . She didn’t expect the person in the shadows to be Hua country’s crown prince . What is the reason for this Hua country’s crown prince to follow her? What are the odds of her winning if she found with him?

Lan You Nian threw her white dance dress to the side, looking at the seductive Hua Xiu Yi asking, “Why has Hua country’s crown prince followed this girl?”

The smile on Hua Xiu Yi’s lips didn’t stop, but Lan You Nian can tell this man was cold to his bones, the gentler his smile, the more cruel .

“Why?”Hua Xiu Yi looked at Lan You Nian who stood a few meters away from him . Even if he can’t see her face, she still attracted other people . For her to be so calm, it was truly rare, “To see the legendary Miss Miao Yin!”

Lan You Nian ignored Hua Xiu Yi who’s masculinity was more seductive than a woman . Although her voice was still soft, the coldness it contained was also real, “Already seen on the banquet!” Meaning that you have seen so you can scram!

How can Hua Xiu Yi not hear the meaning of Lan You Nian’s words? But he didn’t leave . Instead, he slowly walked over to Lan You Nian, then reached out his white hand that was as flawless as a woman’s to touch Lan You Nian’s eyes but suddenly stopped .

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Because his abdomen was being poked by a cleanly cut dagger . Hua Xiu Yi was sure if his hand dared to touch the girl’s eyes, then the dagger will puncture his abdomen .

Hua Xiu Yi thought Lan You Nian was only a talented woman with a different personality but seeing Lan You Nian can easily point a dagger at him, Hua Xiu Yi was sure this girl had some skill .

The smile on Hua Xiu Yi’s lips because even more intense, the hand he reached out didn’t withdraw . Lan You Nian’s dagger didn’t withdraw, her eyes locked on Hua Xiu Yi coldly .

If someone looked at this scene from a distance, they would think this was a romantic scene . The beautiful man reaching out a hand to touch the woman’s face, while the petite girl held the man’s torso, who would think these two have their daggers drawn .

“Rrrip…” The sound of the dagger piercing the flesh sounded in the small room .

Hua Xiu Yi immediately flew away from Lan You Nian’s side, smelling his fingertips, with a look of enjoyment .

Lan You Nian’s eyes revealed a bloodthirsty coldness . That was a coldness from hell . She didn’t expect this man to really dare to touch her . According to rumors, a person like Hua Xiu Yi was a person who only cares about himself, he wouldn’t allow himself to be injured at all .

Hua Xiu Yi didn’t expect this girl to not show any mercy . Fortunately, he dodged quickly; otherwise, he wouldn’t merely have his flesh cut open . Looking at her, it would be normal for her to want his life . But thinking that he caressed those beautiful pair of eyes, Hua Xiu Yi felt it was all worth it .

Hua Xiu Yi glanced at the injury on his abdomen, found it wasn’t severe, but that was only because he dodged quickly! Hua Xiu Yi usually will think of every way to kill the person who injured him or made him suffer losses . However, Hua Xiu Yi didn’t want to kill Lan You Nian . He seemed to have found a novel toy .

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Lan You Nian harshly rubbed her eyes . Because of too much force, her eyes were slightly red . Lan You Nian was very angry . Besides the people who recognized herself, no one can touch her . Lan You Nian felt disgusted .

Hua Xiu Yi didn’t expect to be so blatantly held in disdain . Seeing the girl rub her baby-like skin so harshly, Hua Xiu Yi wondered if there was something wrong with his appearance . Otherwise, how can he be disdained by a woman?

When Lan You Nian felt her eyes were wiped clean, she attacked Hua Xiu Yi with her dagger, her technique was fierce and full of killing intent .

Hua Xiu Yi didn’t expect Lan You Nian’s martial arts to be so fierce as well as strange, he had to expend quite an effort to deal with it . If his martial arts weren’t just a level higher, he would be seriously injured today .

“Miss Lan, have you finished changing?” the voice of the palace maid who was waiting a distance outside traveled into the room .

In the room, Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi who were fighting fiercely flashed . Lan You Nian was aware of where she was at and who this man was . If she killed him, it would bring trouble to Feng country . Although she didn’t feel much of a sense of belonging to Feng country but thinking of Feng Yi Xuan and her brothers were all Feng country’s people, Lan You Nian still took a few steps back .

Hua Xiu Yi didn’t really want to kill Lan You Nian . He hasn’t ever found such person who interested him so much, besides Feng Yi Xuan .

Hua Xiu Yi glanced at Lan You Nian, the interest in his eyes were intense, then flew out of the room .

“I’m almost done! Please wait a moment!” Lan You Nian said to the palace maid .

Lan You Nian wiped away the blood on the dagger and then hid the dagger in her clothes . She almost always had the dagger on the body, besides when she was with Feng Yi Xuan .

Changing into the white dance clothes, which were in fact only more flowing than regular clothes and swept across the floor . What Lan You Nian didn’t expect that there was a large spider lily embroidered on the bottom . Lan You Nian chuckled out loud seeing this . This was definitely prepared by Feng Yi Xuan, only he would be so thoughtful .

After putting on her veil, Lan You Nian walked out of the room . The palace maid waiting outside when she saw Lan You Nian was dazed . Only when Lan You Nian looked at her, she came back to her senses .

The palace maid didn’t know what’s happened to her . She has seen many beautiful ladies in the palace, but this Lan manor’s third miss even if she didn’t show her face, just the aura around her made people feel beautiful and couldn’t help being attracted .

“Crown Prince!” a guard saw the blood on Hua Xiu Yi’s clothes on his abdomen and exclaimed in shock . Who injured the crown prince? All these years the Crown Prince never allowed himself to be injured .

Hua Xiu Yi nodded and then, “Get me a change of clothes!”

The guard heard this and immediately left to get clothes . He didn’t ask who hurt the crown prince . After all, people who hurt the Crown Prince will be taken care of by the Crown Prince . Even if at that time that person wasn’t dealt with, the Crown Prince will kill that person later .

Hua Xiu Yi was currently staying in an inconspicuous room in the palace . Hua Xiu Yi looked at his wound, casually bandaged it . Thinking of that girl who was different from the others, Hua Xiu Yi felt he should compete with Feng Yi Xuan .

The three who finished changing waited behind the windscreen in the great hall . The first to perform was Feng Yi Xuan, the second was Yue Qian Ling, the third was Lan You Nian .

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